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Psalms 119:118 Weighed And Found Wanting

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 8, 2022 9:55 am

Psalms 119:118 Weighed And Found Wanting

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 8, 2022 9:55 am

Psalms 119:118 Thou hast trodden down all them that err from thy statutes: for their deceit is falsehood.

The sixth verse lined up with the sixth anointing of the Holy Spirit from Isiah 11 is the fear of the Lord and you can see this here as Robby shares the Hebrew of the verse and its connection to Matthew 5:13 and Daniel 5

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19. How about some fear of the Lord today in the hundred 19 Psalm as we got to verse 81 1818. It is the sixth verse in the stomach section, which would be the anointing of the fear the Lord and I'm sure you're gonna feel that it is there is much to be feared. When it comes to the sonic and it's it's fascinating to me. The power that's that's in this letter that will get all that in the second.

Let's just read in English verse 118 is thou has trodden down all them that air from my statutes for their deceit is falsehood and so you know. Here the psalmist is is is sharing what happens when you innovate it when it comes to keeping God's statutes and most attitudes those who come are the most sacred of the bunch and so and the interesting thing about the way that that reads in Hebrew is it says that air from their statutes. It's like they wanted from the statutes but it's saying that is more than that because their deceit is falsehood and so, as you know, the first letter in all these verses the hundred 19 Psalm of the sections is gonna be that sonic and mostly you can key in on that word to get a real feel for that particular verse and so this word in Hebrew is that sonic and alarm.

It and a hey and in this case it has to do with yes something that's been weighed in, trodden down because it's it's worthless. But the idea that there of that word is this concept of weighing something to see what its value, and again when we think about the word sonic if it isn't going away enough, it's going to be a broken off branch which we know from the very first verse to be those vain thoughts are those vain people that we hate.

What's fascinating is that God shares this concept in several different places. The first when it comes to mind for me is in Matthew 513 when Jesus says you are the salt of the earth, but you know if the salt loses its savor right it's it's cast to the ground and trodden underfoot same idea and also at just about as scary.

Maybe scarier is in Daniel chapter 5.

You might remember the many many tech are you Farson. You know you've been weighed and found wanting is the same idea and actually if you look in those letters that are is in that many many tech are you Farson you going to see that sonic in there, showing that this is part of that process that the sonic does for those who don't measure up.

And so that word trodden has to do with how much something weighs and how much I suppose that gold weighs more than that, then maybe what sparkles so to speak.

So the idea here is there something to be afraid of when it comes to God that he is looking to see the falls gold from the real goal and it is or the real salt from the fall salt and so I just focus back on that idea of Thursday right but salt that has its flavor makes people thirsty and and so the whole idea here, I believe as we look back to the wisdom of the sonic and we get down to this to try to understand it is back to the broken off branches and you know you can see whole study on broken off branches. By the way, in Romans 11. Being that that that those who don't abide like in John 15, then they did, they don't have the sap and so they get broken off like the wind blows and that they're gonna be the branches that are found wanting and and so God being the gardener that he is is gonna prune those branches and of course that something to be afraid of, but it's also something really really good because the he prunes us so that we can be more fruitful. In other words, as we have branches that are not in the vine. If we have thoughts or we have things in our life that are not connected right. The good news is, God is going to snipped them off and they're gonna be trodden underfoot because if it's not in the vine, apart from us. You can do nothing. And so when you look at this you know in your own life you know what it what in your life is connected to the vine, and if so, that is the stuff that's not going to get on broken off or trodden underfoot or lose it saltiness and and so the idea of like I was just thinking about people that I know and and those that are clearly connected to the vine, like I know this is dear friend who's a widow. She lost her husband maybe six years ago. Her husband was my best friend and so I talked to her every week and she is one of those people that is just what I would call the salt of the earth.

I mean she brings out the best in anybody I've ever seen. Like if in her children if they're around her or friends when they're around or she's just plain this all the earth, and she makes you thirsty because she is going to bring out that which is connected to the vine that which you know seems to bear fruit right good, since the only way we can bear fruit is we can stay connected so to get this whole idea of the sonic and I believe the fear of the Lord here is that if we will stay connected to the vine or allow him to prune those things that are not connected to the fine so that we can do what produces fruit and and you know that the question that I want to ask myself and Mike doing stuff that brings out the best in other people in my thinking about God. What can I do to bring out the best in others because in that I don't want my salt to lose it, saltiness, and I certainly don't want to be like was a Baltasar there in Daniel who was in all been weighed in five wanting you know, that's about the last thing we want. But the good news is that God is is is doing math so that the kingdom will be pure and kingdom will be fruitful in the kingdom will be luscious and all those things come from good branches that are connected to that won't be broken off, trodden underfoot

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