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Psalms 119:120 Scared Straight

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 10, 2022 11:43 am

Psalms 119:120 Scared Straight

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 10, 2022 11:43 am

Psalms 119:120 My flesh trembleth for fear of thee; and I am afraid of thy judgments.

This the eighth or miracle verse of the Samech section shares the miracle of how we can actually sense the presence of God in dread and fear and yet be completely delighted... Robby shares a story

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Treasurers miracle versus eight verse in the sonic section and this is a really, unique miracle and I hope you'll see it is ideal. Our baby, I hope you see I really do pray you feel better that I do. But verse 120.

If you read it in English again.

Realizing this is the sonic section which which has to do with the surrounding love of God, to some extent in the how that hold this up, but also it it's the depart, you evildoers is a lot of power behind it and the fear the Lord behind it and so here we have the hundred and 20 of verse my flesh tremble for fear of the and I am afraid of thy judgments and a you know I don't know if you've ever had an experience. I hope you have with actual fear of the Lord like you realize that you are in his presence and it just scared you a lot and and you think about it. It's easy for us in attempt to love on Jesus and in the water's presence here of and the and there's a sense of that but you might remember in Exodus 20 where you know we have the 10 utterances of God. What we do a lot of people say are the 10 Commandments, but what happened there.

Is there at Mount Sinai. God literally talked to all the people in it scared him so bad that there like no you talk to Moses.

We know that it's it's a scary thing to actually you know being in his presence is as Peter saw that Nana begin away from the Lord up, sinner is Isaiah talked about when he came in the throne of God.

There's this idea there that it makes your hair stand on end. So when that word tremble.

If there is a sonic as you might imagine, is this verse would start with a sonic and and he's quoting actually. The psalmist can David is quoting a Job of verse talks about his hair standing on end and and so when he says his flesh tremble at this is flesh is literally standing on end. The way that you might get goosebumps on steroids that sodas have so he's talking about a gigantic fear right and actually a dread. This this word fear is not the year of that word that you that you normally would hear with fear the Lord, because when he says, for fear of the that word fear. There has a sense because there's a pay in it of literally God's presence and and when you are actually in dread like in a you might remember that God put the dread of the people and in different countries because you know he's got that or you know how an animal dreads humans and they run from him and that kind of thing it's it's a different kind of fear than the fear of the Lord are that all sense of fear and this is what David is saying he's experienced and that's a miracle in it is God is always there, but I really think if we really knew how much he was surrounding us. If we really understood the sonic of God, the surrounding love of God. It it is of something of unbelievable power and magnitude.

That really is is beyond our understanding, and so I think it's a complete miracle that he had a sense of that and then he said I'm afraid of thy judgments. And there he does use the word euro and and that idea of of judgment and and so you know, this idea of the fear of the Lord leads at some point in time. But you know you when you get there to realize that God knows so much more than I do.

And there's so much more going on in there so much power more than I understand. Just think of the power of what it takes to rotate the earth one time.

I mean, and that idea of the sonic is right the number 60 which another 60 seconds.

All these things are going round and round and the idea of the circle is all over the place and in the amount of power that is involved in all that is is really a lot the grass so I talked about it before, but I could never think about it again that my one experience with this was actually in the fall of 19 excuse me in the fall of 2005 because I have a journal entry of the next morning when I wrote about it what it happened. I was praying about a lot of things that had to do with the car dealership at the time and in my life at the time and am so grateful actually have this all documented in my journal because it's it's it's unbelievable to look back like your you're going to go right back to the next morning after this experience, but I'm I am praying and all the sudden just exactly what this miracle that did that King David described my flesh tremble at like I was aware of her presence and a presence that was that was. I like that word dread. I mean it was like oh my gosh, you know, like this almost terror that that came upon me but I knew that it was the Lord and I and I knew that it was Jesus essentially and he said to me, robbing what you want and I sensed it is a very sincere robbing what you want, but because I was so terrified and I was so terrified. It was like I'm in a follow my face terrified him that I answered glibly to some extent, and said I just want to serve your Lord and and when the when I did. You might remember that that he started to flash all these different things that he'd asked me to do that I hadn't done and there wasn't condemnation and is fascinating that the dread in the fear and all that I that I had gone on was not connected to the conversation that I was having.

It had to do with just this. The presence that I sense that was there and I think I completely relate to, you know what the Israelites experience there at Mount Sinai because it is a really terrifying thing. But then that you think about the courage of Moses to go up there and confront that and then then the joy of what he experienced as it is really experiencing that on a level that that that only he can understand. It is unbelievable that came back with a face that was glowing and and so you know anything about what Moses faced was that very judgment idea. In other words, he's right there and when you're in his presence right if you're able to stand and then there you go. If you're able to stand in his presence. The only way that's going to happen is if you have Jesus. Okay I mean there's no way that we can be in the presence of the father unless we are covered in his blood and and so that idea of judgment for us. Yes, we get to do it and I'm really looking forward to seeing his face and present all that but the only way that we do that is is is the way he made that we can actually be able to do that because given her or understood this before because Jesus died right he became my sin, so that I would be made perfect with just like the song begins a very, very first verse says blessed are the undefiled in the way okay was the very first words were the only way you can be undefiled and in the way in the way meaning here. You are standing in the way of God. The only way you can be perfect and in the way of God is to be in Christ because he didn't die for someone we accept that he was the son of God, that he really did die for our sins, and he really was put up on the cross. Just like the serpent was lifted up in the desert for our sin. For my personal sin. You see what I except that believe that then right. I can actually not only look at this verse realize the dread that I felt realize the fear. This involved but at the same time absolute delight to know that all my goodness, the whole earth is going to be perfect. Because of this refining of this sonic that that all the crosses can be gone. We live in a world that is without blemish to be unbelievable. Thank you for listening into this, we get a chance to transfer transition from the sonic I own a lot of fun ride. And I have coming up today to

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