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The Ultimate Co-Signer

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 12, 2022 5:15 pm

The Ultimate Co-Signer

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 12, 2022 5:15 pm

Robby and Scott form Jesus Labor of Love talk about how co-signing for people started in the bible and how it is good to help someone in the name of God. Also Robby asks his listener’s about a time they co-signed for someone.

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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris shoes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds.

So enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network I how do we make things right.

Well, I would suggest the ultimate cosigner you might understand motives we do through you show and also very fond of is our Jesus labor love weeks.

We've got our chief volunteer Scott with us. And speaking of making things right Scott, we get an opportunity all the time and single moms widows and families in crisis with their cars contact us. In this course is a busy season after Christmas. A lot of folks have financial needs and sure is. And so we've had lots of opportunities, and so in a way we can't cosign for people when we do that you might understand that so if you listen to those that music the time. You know, I spent some time. I love doing that so that that original song was truth, justice, and its songs that are key from Disney's high school musical centers, truth and justice so next you heard make things right mess by the lax. Never heard of them but they do that well and then of course Matthew West would do something so what is doing something have to do with the cosigner and what is it have to do with making things right. All I think see how we can put these things together so much fun think is the word actually purifies us in so many different ways so something does need to be done so today show is brought you by the Hebrew letter. I am so so what a beautiful letter. It is in the course hundred 19 Psalm we get eight verses that give us an idea of the different anointing's are faces of this letter. Let me to share some ideas with you before we get into this, you can kinda see why we talk about doing something okay because the first letter in the word servant is and I am in. The idea is a servant would have God's vision right once you catch the vision to an extent.

We look at I and it kind of looks like a yoke, but it also looks like two eyes that are in optic nerve to it so that idea is being yoked to glut what God's vision is Michael yeah and so when you're yoked like that, then you're going to do what God has in mind. So next as 19. Eight. There's a very famous verse. The Jews really put a lot of emphasis on and the emphasis is on this letter. I am an obviously King David as he went to Dick as he went to start these verses on the letter I am.

He was good to highlight this because Moses had gone to all the people and said look I want to make a covenant with you and what he wants to make a deal and this is going to be awesome, then this could change everything. And the people responded to Moses. Tell God we will do everything he asked in eBay use that word do, which has to do with his this idea of being a servant. You see, and so before I did and all that I have a lot to do with that.

Because it's going lineup of Jesus labor and all that love kind of thing. But last week we do show one as last time you had a really good cry with all your heart, and there were two calls at least hundred and three that we never got to. And so I said last week that if you wanted to get in with your private you did get a chance to last week by all means you call us 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth.

So what is cosigning have to do with doing well.

This okay so when the 12 families of Jacob faced starvation. It was, you know, essentially on Benjamin's life was on the line because if they didn't send Benjamin right then and then they were going to get any food or right at that moment, a blessing came that in my opinion changed everything to change the world forever because Jacobs son Judah Benjamin's brother stepped into his blessing. He stepped into who he really was and he made surety he cosigned. If you look in the Scriptures exactly what it says he cosigned for his brother's life and the way he did it was for the benefit of the father. Okay so just follow this this is Judah. This is the from the tribe of Judah right in all this is going to come down and he is here he is going to cosign for his brother's life for his father.

So when King David starts out this IN section.

He first says I'm a do justice, and justice. Excuse me judgment and justice like the blessing of Abraham and the many prophecies of Christ. But interestingly, when comes the second verse which should be wisdom. He says be surety for thy servant for good.

Let the proud not oppress me. So here he's saying, do these things but I want you to be my cosigner for good because therein lies the opportunity well anything about. It's very important that from my perspective that we take a hard look at that word judgment and then justice in the order that they are in right that normally is your to go to court. There's gonna be judgment and be found guilty or not guilty and then you have to pay a fine, well that that the midrash teaches of the oral tradition of the Jews teach the King David when he had to lay a fine on somebody that they couldn't pay, and he could see that they were in and made guess who pay the fine.

Hated Allied King David made surety and, in other words, he knew all about this concept because he did it all the time. In fact, they said that the reason that he put on the end of that verse. Let the proud not oppress me because some of these people figured out he would do that and then started to make schemes to take David's wealth because they knew he would pay the fine.

If somebody get out was hurting to take advantage of right and in and I'm sure you can relate to this guy because there's been times of Jesus labor love where we've had to go our somebody take advantage of this opportunity for free. Whatever when they actually have the means to do it when we really want to use this for for charity is the same kind of thing. But let's leave that see what's going on there is very interesting. I can't believe how God showed me this, I went to Bible study on John chapter 16 and King, and Jesus himself teaches on this idea, but he puts it backwards, and he says when the Holy Spirit comes because you talk about after he leaves the Holy Spirit to come and then he's going to convict the world of sin and then righteousness, which is the same thing as justice. In Hebrew, by the way, then righteousness and then judgment is on order is usually to have the judgment before you get to the justice arrived is the same of the but then when you think about it because the Holy Spirit can I convict you of your sins so that you will as Jesus for his for that long. You did it get in the cosigned for you give me your righteousness. Lord, I'm on the believe that you are God's son when you believe that. Guess what, then you get made just before you get judged.

Absolutely. And I mean how cool is that. I mean that. That's what happens to every Christian with an end, by the way they give Satan know sin against you anymore because you you you can make just unclear what sin you got right right that I and so the idea is that Jesus stepped into the same role of his great-grandfather and a great great great great grandfather all that in that idea of paying somebody else's find the ultimate cosigner right right so there you go. So the question for today show that I would love to hear is when did you pay someone else's fine especially when you did it for the benefit of the father right by it.

You stepped in and you said wow I can see this person Is fine I and so alike are right for Jesus's brothers were related to her. We got that same showed at that same tendency to want to step in and pay that fine. I still you have to have a dear friend who's actually vigils window. It was my original Jesus labor love volunteer names Edith you and she tells me all the time. Probably one of my favorite things to do. My favorite things to do is to go into Chick-fil-A and pay for the person's food behind me right side and I found a lot of people do that right of their pay in the fine forcibly on the dresser. When you obey someone else's 58663487884 will be right that we would love to hear from you or the good cry we can get to last time 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the truth and Billy Graham evangelistic Association, the pay the fine for the good of the father wanted that look like again. This is the Jesus labor love week so I've got my lead volunteer Scott with us were talking about how you know and in these opportunities that God has given us right in and again. The interesting thing is really the middle and completely like right. The Lord provides these all the donations and all these different things and then he provides a people have the need and we just bring them together and somehow another God makes all that right and so we have no no question on who made it right because we didn't have the resources not societies there you go.

So yeah, Jaclyn Ward is calling Jack Lanier on the Christian card. I morning Jackie I'm great I am wonderful and so grateful for your call this well I got I wanted to get out money on you calling about that and I'm getting it very very well. You've done your part done. The Paris independent patient, you did everything you were supposed to do so is there are. We didn't go live my eye.

My aunt on that night there and I'm usually in file. Simply drinking in here only 800 bottle down NBM and put in a bag in the restaurant and security guard came through the annual take the children that you've been given out quickly giving out plated over the weekend and I ran that way had that whatever that one mind. I think the rapport that's not my back and I have to go to night when I got will begin to my mom and I doubt the first step. The thing that I did that I can remember long time utility the cosigner and I didn't die right after I got back about a really great how when this happened Jaclyn allow dangling and fighting like that going on. Then, I happen to think that God brought me out of that look crazy down my guy peaked above, I have come a long get line that day you not walking around delaying the great God while me to come wanted to tell you something it for me. Every Of the way from that point on left in my life. I want to mention all the children that you contact every day when you draw that bus and got me a different number at all. My whole life got around to going to greatly. I love driving the band I really like that night. My thinking Apple iLife and so that's a loss of any right Scott that we have it Explorer that was donated to try and we've gotten it to the point. Now I understand it's going to pass inspection and is ready to go and is and and and the Lord is blessed Jackie Jaclyn to get that answer and then awesome.

She waited it out and was fifth in line for two-way attrition rate patients and their members back member and fourth on the list, man.

Well it's it's it's amazing thing again were so grateful you for the people that are praying out there that's really how it all works out. So grateful for the people to donate were so grateful for the people that have the courage to admit they need help client rights. Not his best to humility part right that that says hey I need a cosigner.

I found that in my life really is Apparently to gain and I know that you don't break the ice cube out of the times of the little guy did not all, but I like the letter right now. You do not guarantee I know you really afford God bless you Jaclyn thank you so much for your call in eggs and for like step in and for your sister that time. I need asked another question of the foliage. Go do you think your sister did she repent to some extent over drinking from a list just pray for her name field. Thank you Lord, thank you for Deborah and I thank you that her sister's heart wanted us pay her Feynman only noted that you want to pay that fine.

We pray that she would turn to you and then you can start knocking the ice cubes out where we just pray for her so that she would turn to you for that cosigner.

My she got from her sister years ago and we pray this in Jesus name, amen.

This will be right back when nature collates a safety 3487884866348788 when you pay someone I stand in the gap, however, that looked we would love to hear your story. I love the stars of God will be right so many cosigners you're listening to the truth and somebody's fine, whatever that may have been like we just heard from Jacqueline or you know your story was that we didn't get to last time on the on the heartfelt cry would love to hear those we would love to hear from you guys are the ones make the show great 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH so we talked about beginning a show. This shows brought you by the Hebrew letter I and and I I do a daily podcast, by the way, if you want. If you like this stuff.

You can listen to it every single day. If it's go to my website Christian card. you can see my podcast capture notes on all these things because I really do a verse every single day in the hundred 19 somehow furled since last summer so.

But when you get this IN section.

I thought I would because it is so amazing that here's a letter in every letter in Hebrews a picture and so it's it's a picture is a picture of, to an extent God's providence at the picture to ascent of God's vision.

This is a letter that represents these things. Seeing things like who wouldn't want God's eyes right and so here we have King David who had obviously been an unbelievable Torah scholar giving us his idea of the eight different anointing's of this letter from the standpoint of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear the Lord in the light mature Lord.

Here the aspects of this letter and then the miracle verse which would be the eighth verse so when you do that you go. Here's the wisdom of it and we sent it already.

I have done judgment and justice. Leave me not to my oppressors. In other words, if I've got God's vision.

I'm in a do something right. And if you know him in a course.

James wrote all the stuff you know you want to see pure religion is people to do some writing that the you know where is your faith without your works, because you know you the fruit of fertilizer like there is that you go down where's the beef, but that leaves you with a big hole when you when you just go there because if you know you just work on your works, then you end up with this second which is the understanding of the first verse. So here we have the understanding verse which says be surety for thy servant for good. Let the proud not oppressing I hear you saying look I can do it. I made a cosigner idea cosigner every medical and and so then you get to the third verse, which is the Council which is how I get on the right track. So here he says my eyes right when you think about the I am right as God divisions what is he saying my eyes fail for salvation, which by the way, in Hebrew, that's Yeshua I'm is that I just love that old concept of like my eyes fail for you Sheila okay and for thy word of righteousness is asked for salvation. He wants things to be right right is just it's amazing.

And then of course we talked about that.

The I am had to do with doing. It has to do with the word servant so you get to you yet, wisdom, understanding, counsel now.

We got Mike so where's the strength of this letter, what's the might well deal with thy servant according unto thy mercy and teach me your statutes. In other words, the idea of being a servant is where the might is right this idea of a servant is somebody that's doing things right and is asking them to deal with me mercifully because I'm doing what I can, but it's not just you know things don't always have your nose at Scott place to step out and out exactly as you know, so be merciful and then teach me your statutes with the statutes are the really difficult to understand holy things that are God's vision to Christie's law with the statutes or the really cool but that they don't want to those is love.

The God love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul all your strengths is truly so the psalmist is asking that Soviet wisdom counsel right and so then here comes the knowledge I am thy servant.

Give me understanding that I may know thy testimonies for the test. I need to know the Bible that the stories of of Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob.

I need to know all these things because I'm part of that story and I need to know in order to know your vision, where I fit into that and in what is the blessing and what are all these things right. How do they fit in, so I can help you out.

You know where I'm supposed to take my place in the story you know it's it's beautiful so there's the knowledge of the letter I and then I love verse 126 is is here we have the first the fear the Lord and it says it's time Lord to work well you say about God. You do some think they clearly says it is.

Is he gives God. The reason for they have made Voyager law. Another words are there not it's time to do some God because people are not seeing how cool you are.

I met, it sounds like you're not keeping what is man, God, you are so cool.

People need to know this is time we got a very close this time to work, which again I do again that whole idea of God's vision is is to do. I mean how cool is that.

And then in verse 127 then would be the delight in the fear the Lord, which it says therefore I'd love thy commandments above goal J above Mongol like man and wanted time I commandments hear their tongue that from a Jewish standpoint from King David standpoint.

Probably that's the Mets fans there like 613 of the things that were going to do that they, interestingly, when they say the word commandments and we think of the 10 Commandments but that's a little bit of a misnomer because there were 10 utterances there commandments hear their talking about these other things that God ordered that are generally what you would call good deeds like wind your neighbors boxes in the ditch go in there and help them get it out right. This is when were. This is when we are cosigning. I mean, here's the idea of this of the idea of these commandments so you know I love those ideas.

I love to be put in the position to help, and we all do you know I've seen. I don't know how many people in my life that seem like they were ardent characters until somebody says, can you help me and you could see that they only really wanted help you and that all is said and servitude right and also they just melt in the next thing you know they're trying to help you know the situation. I think most men are that way and women. It's a deal that that's it's it's so cool that then while you get to the miracle verse like if you if you got this idea of God's vision and you and you you've done these other seven right to get then there's this point that that when you look in the eighth day. That's the day that the contends that the temple was cleansed right. That's the day that literally the eighth day from when Jesus rode in on the firefly. That was the day of the resurrection from the standpoint of the eight ring foamy or the day that a Jewish boy and his heart would be made alive through circumcision to accept Christ as of the miracle verse of that letter IN writing is made.

It's just the more I think about this when dislike will it says. Therefore, I esteem those I hold in high regard all thy precepts concerning all things to be right and I hate every false way so it gets back to righteousness. You see it coming back on is that that will divert that what he's wanting is the kingdom to come. I mean, is he really is Betty. He's saying I want to come to those precepts that is actually a matter of relationship, because that's the precepts our meetings with God its meetings with like you came in today weird you when you know you're supposed to be here that's preset you because you're coming in your meeting at church. Your meeting with God and other people in the format of putting God first in its interrelationship that we really experience God to some level that we can only get interrelationship in community, especially with God himself because he is relationship so that structured this idea of esteeming these meetings with God and with other people to the point that everything can get right because, as we come together right. The closer that we get to God the closer we get together, you may have seen that wheel will hear you saying that this is what King David is saying if we can get together God will get closer to you and then will hate every false way and wouldn't be good.

I mean out of you, but there must be about 400 times a day that my soul wants to take the false way of I mean that literally sets the offer.

You know you get that bank charge that what the heck it all is said that takes you someplace where you'd like man I did I get here because you you've gone down the false way, whether it's a miracle if we don't go there.

I really is and it would be absolutely amazing. So meanwhile we got one whole segment left. I know that you got a great story about when you paid the fine. We don't want to Ms. that the rest of the world and hurt Tom's chair, please, 86634878848 a call 634 truth will be right back your listening to the truth and did a backward step in and pay for you rather than one that you step in and pay for somebody else loved everything about that during the break. The big note might be easier to think of those we would love to hear your story, 866 wanted to be cosigned for you or when did you cosign for anybody the way, 866-348-7884 so I was think about that in my own case that I can remember when we were losing everything in our lives the dealership and we actually had taken a paycheck for several months trying to save everybody stop is that all these employees, yet Carmen I don't. I'm not here Scott this is Micah Dragon Scott. Those were some dark days.

This is yet another you get wet IN them. So yeah they were dark and some are another. This friend of ours and church. Not all that close a friend but knew of rhino very highly highly respected person in significantly younger than me actually.

He came to my office when anything to my computer, talk to a scribe you have heard of your distress and I don't know why my wife and I prayed about it. We feel like you probably haven't paid your mortgage for some period of time.

Can we pay that and this was no small amount of money because the timely yeah wow he said that more importantly that I want to give you my life verse and honestly at that point in my life I've never really spent a lot of time on this first. I have since spent a lot of time on his first and the verses second Corinthians 12 nine but he said right under me, my grace is sufficient for you, because my strength is made perfect in your weakness and is as I realized how weak I was at that moment right. I was able to pay anything right in any here.

This is wonderful man was coming in and pay in my deal right but who was a hero. It was the father.

It was Jesus. It was it was dumb it was.

God was there to destroy because it was through his strength right but if I hadn't been week that you know I would've understood how much I needed him right and I was just a financial thing and obviously I need them way more spiritually than I needed him financially and is not about his hand them all in interest as much as I'm interested in his heart. I'm sure like you that that that those are the things that when we experience in know what is that feel like because for me as I watch this over the years with Jesus later love Ryan absolutely the pure bravery the pure, you know humility of saying hey I can get my car fixed. I need to work on want, take care my kids and and you get a chance to share that takes a lot of courage.

It really does and so is in one of those it sticks out for you Scott in the last couple weeks that you can stop man this is hard will not a particularly bitter when you brought up your situation.

It reminded me of something I went through about 11 years ago when I was in between jobs that I think between Baptists in the Lawton and I didn't really share what I was going through with anybody except in my small group and I got a call one day I guess from somebody at the church office and they said it was up envelope for me at the welcome Center to come get it or not I thought what must be a card or something or are Booker or something. They want me to sign up for teacher something so I said I'll be up there Wednesday because that's when our small group meets and I cannot believe it open that envelope and divorced five $100 bills and at the time my gas bill.

Think had already been cut off.

I was eaten by other means, but I was staying more myosin some of those real nice radiator type heaters so I wasn't really worried about that, but I just hit my knees. I couldn't believe it. And so I shared that with the people in our group that evening and I never did find out who put it there. I guess it doesn't matter, but I only know who put their head that was the point of the person that did it anonymously right and they wanted you to know this income from this is, you know, the whole idea of the letter doll and since were talking is that is the it that it is the poor person, like the gimbal that is running after the poor person to give them back. What's been stolen right and so God gives us all these resources to store to some whatever reason we gotta do whatever he has in mind. His vision is to give back an answer to some extent I don't know how it all works. He does but essentially God knew that that had been stolen from you somehow, and that this was something that you needed and and when he comes at me and I was absolutely a beautiful thing and but as a result, right. It's amazing how when we get ourselves in the situations, how broken we feel right.

Our soul describes out a calculated piece of so inapt. How can I be so unable to take care myself. How could I be so you know. And those are hard things to to do it and so again I you know is when it comes to cars I thought told people for years and I'm right did a number shows only for start of this Christian car guy on be very careful who you cosign for exactly is this idea of cosigning carries huge ramifications. I can't tell you how many people's credit I you know I can memorize the car business had been destroyed because the cosign for somebody initially family that that it wasn't able to pay.

But here's the deal. If you want to do it and I think you should okay not say don't go sign on to say, and if you're cosign you better be prepared to make all the payments and take total responsibility as if you put that there. You're saying okay. It could centered on leadership Ambien surety for this person and and so guess what that that's you, you, that's your you have the right perspective so yeah it's okay to expect but you know Robbie's book.

I love it when I see people really cosigning for some because Lily really doing and being surety for the brother forget I mean that there's a bullet, take the bullet but when the bullet comes, you got enough that further the hell you know it's been an issue in armor, you know it's one of those that's one of those things. So again it's it's an interesting idea. This whole idea surety and it's it's all throughout the Bible very very neat I'm study we know the ultimate cosigner is and not only was he will and to take a lot more than a bullet.

He took a crown of thorns. He was stripped naked. If you've ever heard Corrie 10 boom and talk about when they strip them down as she went into the concentration camp and how humiliating she was. Her sister, who must've been quite a saint said no they strip Jesus and that gave her the strength of what the law and when you think about that that man. He was is the ultimate cosigner so I thank you for listening and I thank you for all the donations all things we do that thank you Sauvage Jesus labor law that evil thank you Scott. And so, remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went, then in 33 years and you know look into the ultimate cosigner today I this is a love language minute with Dr. Gary Chapman this neuritis during which the proper way to confront someone if you suspect them of cheating the first of all I think you have to be honest you want to do it in a positive way to say that honey I hope you know that I really love you and I'm having some feelings some thoughts going through my mind. Maybe around but I have to ask the question, are you and someone else.

It is straightforward with which you do in a kind way, not in an angry way now with an angry voice with a lot of kindness communicated, and that you love them. That's why you're confronting them. That's why you're sharing with them your thoughts.

Keep in mind your feelings and your thoughts may be wrong, and I think initially you have to accept what they say and then wait if I say none of you will because if they are to become a person for more help go to five love

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