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Christian Car Guy Theater's Pilot

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 13, 2022 5:00 am

Christian Car Guy Theater's Pilot

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 13, 2022 5:00 am

The Episode that started it all for Christian Car Guy Theater. Robby was angry with God over the Museum of The Bible turning down his pilot for a Radio Drama called Passages where kids went back in time to see how God protected His word. In prayer God told Robby he had a show if he wanted to do a Radio Drama. So he wrote this Pilot did all the voices himself since he had no budget to hire actors.

The miracle was that Adventures in Odyssey's actress Ann Ault heard the episode called Robby and asked if he would write her into the next episode. Ann then began to invite more and more amazing actors to the cast.

Focus on the Family
Jim Daly
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Christian heading towards Beaverbrook the chief Flagler was furiously navigating the Mountjoy. The rain pointed out last floods of these parts gully washer what they call it the rain on the soft top pop round and wind will drive low gear no more than 2 miles an hour's windshield wipers were no match. It was a slippery treacherous mountain road for sure and add the adventure, you could hardly see under the hood.

There was quite a rumble arguing even firing off at one parent who was the most important under the hood camshaft lobbed his complaint that we keep you every second round. He is going to get the wrong time. Plus, I do my round never break like that lazy families, he does is that you guys would never have the power you have without my cranky old dude you know we wipe our goal the hole in the crank out will listen. His pranks are just the main course around the ring went on under the hood made its way back to the bank. Beaverbrook Jimmy drivers among the soft top door open to see the depth of the brook since he couldn't see through the windshield.

It looks safe enough no more than 6 inches or so. Jimmy's focus was what if he could make it home at night, totally removed from the dispute and you need to stop blowing smoke. Jeremiah manifold which are famous wheels for a few seconds and he got.

Exhausted. Yes, the diverse family. It's always the boys been hanging out some but you get pulled over you. I hear talk of firepower.

No one moves around here when I was in the ignition without the market would be forced upon her way all day, not lame started in so sputtered dependability piston. He responded with his charges.

While you have no idea how to conduct used by one for my I believe I thought about all especially families daughter.

He never teach those words were hardly out of Arnold mouth when the water came crashing through the radiator report will well now Jimmy was floorboard the wheel and the sound of what I going in every side.

Jimmy wondered they felt it in brown try to swim for 40 made the fall over breakdown that is worth Ray don't panic Jimmy's great Mr. simply prayed Lord help. I don't know what to her come out of his mouth and he remembered since this is a manual for my Jeep forward just using the starter Jimmy pulled it down and ranting about the question on the move. In spite of all this negativity Bernie battery remain. This was certainly the acid test the train for all his life work. Sammy started having them grounded action.

Never having this kind with that he kept turning with all the battery was shocking. Sammy seemed to be waning, just something or no exhaust shouting come all followed by Cameron crankshaft all day. No amateur on the whole engine. Jimmy, you know, just another couple will be up on the hill. Bernie and Sammy gave the last Jeep lurched up on the hillside escaping the oncoming wall of water we did it. Sammy yelled no we did protest you and the rest of it uses the Sammy smiled and said I know what you mean, that's what I was really hard. I was doing I was idling you guys were doing then design engineer came to me when I was totally discouraged felt like I deserved the lazy shared how we eat designed deep inside us and one day he would call on me to do something right something that only because I have a little piece of him inside, something that no one else he knew I could. No one else could long as I reflected his love is his then my time came told me he'd been preparing me all my life. His marvelous coolest thing that alone I would be all he told me that I would need all of and all of your hopes and prayers and counts explained that the glorious beauty of his design would begin to take shape. Only one all of us reflected what exploded Lori what he the great engineer design in each. So I began to see what each of you. The thing that he does not compare myself with you some great engineer I love saw his reflection in you then pure joy when I turned back to the great engineers understand my role in what you the moment you guys started to cheer for me. I felt engineer smiling down is his designs.

Sammy smiled and spun one more time

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