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Psalms 119:122 God's Vision For Our Good

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 14, 2022 9:48 am

Psalms 119:122 God's Vision For Our Good

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 14, 2022 9:48 am

Psalms 119:122 Be surety for thy servant for good: let not the proud oppress me.

Amazing love how can it be, that our King would die for us so we would be good at the Judgement? This verse is the amazing Ayin vision of God if it can only come to our understanding

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Treasurers, like all as they are all an expression of God. And so here we are in the iron section we get 122 today and it would be the understanding of this idea of God's providence of God's vision for us and it was spectacular in the way that it relates to that first verse. We talked about last time which is I've done justice and judgment lead me not to my oppressors. We talked about the order that that's found in and we talked about how Jesus taught on this and so how can we understand this is fascinating because obviously we are going to face that judgment and judgment.

I used to think of is really difficult thing that the more you study this topic or Psalm.

The more you get to know God, the more you realize the judgment as a matter refining and getting out all the bad so that we can have the good and oh is God so good and so as we face his judgment. We weaned we are short of goodness. So when you reread this idea here of understanding what the psalmist knew is just absolutely phenomenal. So 122 in English again. Every verse in the iron section is gonna start with and I and give us a better vision of what God's vision and so we go. These surety for thy servant for good.

Let the let not the proud oppressed me.

So we got this idea here that really just speaks to the whole try to join the tribe of Judah. It speaks to.

Obviously Jacob and Judah because the first time that we see this word, surety, which you know honestly that word is not used very often anymore, but the ideas like that of a cosigner. Somebody is no way their line out life out and in Genesis when you might remember Joseph got sent into slavery by his brothers, one of which was Judah at and then you know ended up in prison and through a lot of things that happen ended up over all of Egypt for the same time, a great drought had happened in Egypt and so many sees me in all of that area including Egypt and Israel and and so Jacob's family was without and they had to go right get food from Egypt and who would they get it from is actually Joseph to bring the prophecy the Joseph himself and said that you know that he would be. Overall, his brother and so when he comes a you know, obviously he is got got all these brothers have different mothers and his mother only had two of them which were Joseph and Benjamin, so he was very, very close to losing a brother Benjamin because they had the same mother and of course Benjamin was the son of his father's right hand. And so this is awkward because Joseph wants to see him, but Jacob is on the let go of him and so here's this impasse and this is where all the sudden we see this idea of surety because Judah the big brother here the meaning of the namesake of the tribe of Judah.

He steps in and all of a sudden puts the father's interest above his own. He and he says I'm to be surety that Joseph is going to come back safe and affect him to put his blood on my head so to speak, and if he gets in any trouble, you can you know I'll be cursed for whatever and so he literally took combat idea of of goodness he was going to take and put on his own head to make sure that his brother got got there safe and the reason he did that again was to be surety as the father is all we talked about last episode. This is something that was continued as a is an idea in the tribe of Judah as we see David stepping ahead and making surety for all the people that he was judging right knee was connected.

Justice done after he judge them, but I'm often it would say in the midriff, that he would pay their fines just is.

Judah was really doing in this case for his brother and and in so many different ways it it was the way that we we begin to see that Judah walked into his blessing.

If you read the blessing of Judah and Jacob gave him after this you can see how this whole tribe would be blessed in this way, and this idea that really is so beautiful is unbelievable that because of Jesus's goodness. When we accept him and we take on his penalty. We know where he he cosigned for us for good. Then we face judgment. All sins were already right made right by Jesus then the judgment part is wonderful because we get to spend eternity. That's God's vision. If God's vision. You see, this idea of the IN, which is also the idea of the eye, but it's kind of like the idea of God.

And so God's eyes on this idea of surety's is on this idea that Jesus would pay our penalty like oh my goodness, so I did my share last Saturday on in a winded you go front sign for somebody winded. Somebody cosigned for you and and you know it's an amazing thing.

How many times as we walk through this life. Somebody steps up and does that for the father. They step up they pay our bill, whatever that may look like.

But don't miss it that this was this was a blessing of the tribe of Judah and a picture of what God knew would happen as we try to get God's eyes.

In this iron section right, it's just amazing that here is the art in all and is far as to do right God's will is is is the idea of the original wisdom that we saw in the first verse, but here the understanding of that is we can't do enough. Oh we need we need a cosigner and who is there for us but Jesus in this and so to to share another story.

You know I remember one of the most terrifying things that we went through when we lost in all our money which again Reno had to do with that what God was afflicting us with at the time, which we know through his judgment. Things are being made right and we don't always understand all the affliction it's coming on. But just like we had talked about in that verse that is back in the unit section that says I know that thy judgments are right and in faithfulness that was inflicted this well. I know his judgment was right and then faithfully afflicted us, and we had no money and we were desperate because my wife was at the time on some very important medicine and we don't have the money for the medicine and I don't even know how my friend Jerry was a good race body shop got a hold of two or three other people and they put together very quickly.

A package with whatever pharmacy where they just called me and said you know we got this handled for you and you know when you when you're just wondering how in the world you're gonna make it and all of a sudden somebody pays your bill you somebody however they go about doing it. It's this absolutely spectacular thing and so since you know it it's it's kind of late.

When God gives you the opportunity to see and need and and and meet it and and that's really what the Jesus labor. Love is okay for us like as we get a chance to see single moms widows families in crisis in need and they can't pay their bill they don't they don't know what to do. Many times they don't get to works a lot of times have children that have medical needs and they need to get in the doctrine that kind of thing and through your prayers and and through what you give to the Jesus labor. Love your Christian car Of course, is the way that all that gets done because it's really fulfilling this verse because it in fact you know I love how God named this morning when he gave me the idea of the ministry's call it the Jesus so that there's no doubt always for the applicant is getting help. Where did this come from the Jesus labor day.

Where did I get this money to fix his car where like this are aware, whatever happened I don't want anybody to miss the point that they surety for good common and as is the whole vision of God here in the understanding of the letter I

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