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Psalms 119:123 Eyes For God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 15, 2022 8:44 am

Psalms 119:123 Eyes For God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 15, 2022 8:44 am

Psalms 119:123 Mine eyes fail for thy salvation, and for the word of thy righteousness.

The counsel verse of the letter ayin is beyond amazing and outlines how the Hebrew is a EYEFUL . Robby shares a dream to make the point.

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 1901. Amazing, beautiful song were continuing in the iron section and I think when you get a good look at this. You can see with the IMB and the idea of our eyes, and it certainly is the idea of God's vision, I think you're going to see the beauty in this verse. In the course to read in the neighbor was absolutely amazing, but I'm a disk start off as verse 123 and it being with third verse in the ion section would be the Council of the IM and so here we go mine eyes fail for thy salvation and for the word of thy righteousness.

So like, man. There's so much year to begin with, the verse starts with and I am like you might imagine, because were in the ion section and the beautiful thing about this trigger verse is it actually be IN the word I in in the letter I in both in of the word ion means eyes and so the idea vision is there certainly is God's providence. When you really really study it, but is really really cool to me that this verse on the Council talks about what we do with our eyes right and the need that second words that ion is very cool and by the way, when you look at the word I am you might have heard that if it's originally hired in the Santa Claus movie, but it means that much more when you really understand what faith is and so here you go. The ion is this idea of the vision of God and then a good which is the God spark and then a nun which means faith and so when you back it up. You can say that believing is seeing. He knows he told Matthew and CV as he told Thomas when he stuck his fingers inside that you know Blessed are those who believe who sick believe and then they see right and so the idea here is that when we look at the letter and the word IN the idea is so much that if we believe were going to see, and so the word fail here so mine eyes fail. That's a really cool word in Hebrew consisted and we studied the letter hoof and we started the letter lamented vomit, so that hoof is the strong strong longing, and then the alarm. It is your heart and it ends with an expression so here's what's an expression of the strong strong longing of our heart and it is it is finished. In other words, this word fail is the word that when God finished. You know the making the world in seven days.

He rested that idea of finished it so beautiful, so my eyes are finished, like when you look at look and look and you finally get what you're looking for. Now there finished okay when you put a fine finished. I am working on a piece of wood right now for my sailboat and and you put on coats and coats and coats of varnish so that it will be finished and like it's the delight of your heart when you see it. In fact, the name of the varnish is called lust. If you get the idea of my eyes are finished like managers beaten this tremendous meal well. Then comes the next word in Hebrew well is salvation in English, but the word salvation is almost exactly like the word Yeshua in fact it's pronounced the same way because it starts with you would like the hand of God vanish in and then above and then and I and so inside of Jesus's name is. This vision is this God of vision is this idea of the providence of God, and in salvation of courses is what were looking for or looking for Jesus at all. Visited same thing so it's got a call that my eyes are just like man they have got this wonderful finish on them because they're looking for their silent diets you know you show up title not to say that any better than this. All methods is unbelievable and then patch is so cool because the next word is and for thy word, Amira, and so you got Yeshua and you know Jesus is the word, and so here is eyes are faith or finishing right looking for salvation and the word which Jesus is the word and then the last word in the verse again is in in Hebrew there is only five words right IN fail.

Salvation Amira which is the word word and then Saturday is that it means righteousness like the work of righteousness.

I mean, here it is that when we are made right we get to spend eternity in heaven and so and if this isn't counsel like the wheat we talk about all the time that in Isaiah 11 we get the seven anointing's of the Holy Spirit will the third one is counseling the idea of counsel is to get you on the right path on the right. Derek and so man may not could you be on the better path and have your eyes finished right with the salvation and Amira the word of God itself, which is Jesus again and then righteousness. Oh my goodness, what an amazing and amazing thing.

This is when you just look at the Hebrew of it because there were so many llamas in there which has to do with your heart and so many ion's in it which hefted with God's vision and and then this righteousness is idea and and righteousness starts with us at it when you get to that when we when we study this daddy O it's amazing so much goodies in this person's uncle capable but you know I was thinking about this.

Just this morning I had, you know, as I was preparing to get up. I had a dream and supply Gothic Escott was give me an example of this in that in this dream and it may not sound connected but it very much is God showed it to me. I in this dream I allow how it was that we were in the sort of apartment and I don't even know who was with me. I don't remember but is know I was in this apartment and for some reason there was this huge battle outside of all these big drug lords that were trying to take over the area and the police and some are another. The drug lords were on one side of police from the other of these two windows that were in this room and somehow or another the drug lords got into the room with me and the other people that were in the room and once they were in there than the police couldn't shoot because they don't want to shoot us in mistaken.

So these drug lords had a sword like ransom and they were going to kill the enemy and that they had this knife and they were playing around and all this stuff and then they decided to just mark me for something that I didn't know what that man but they essentially took this jelly that this red jelly and they put it on me. Amounting to know what it meant that have to think through that but nonetheless all the sudden I remit you remember that verse in the Zion section which said you know I remembered your name in the night Lord and By law. While I remembered his name up with them and went. God help me, like Jesus, help me.

I didn't know in all the sudden my eyes you see my eyes.

The whole time. It been while I was in this horrible situation with these horrible people. They were hunting for, so I was trying to find my way out of this deal and it just seemed like I was looking for it to be made right you see the idea. My whole eyes, my everything was was searching every possible possibility of ways that I could be saved and I couldn't find one, and then all of a sudden they got finished because it was like I remember his name and the nightmare called on God and immediately right everything just went the whole O is just where all good you know if this is a dream and I'm fine and Jesus you right here with me and so I you know I am so delighted that I have been studying this God has given me is seeing what it is that we can see in these Hebrew letters is like looking in the face of so many ways your studying it with me. I look so forward to talking with

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