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Psalms 119:128 Which Way Do I Go

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 22, 2022 7:56 am

Psalms 119:128 Which Way Do I Go

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 22, 2022 7:56 am

Psalms 119:128 Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way.

The Miracle Verse of the Ayin section is if we see (Eyes/Ayin) through God's eyes the right way and here the Psalmist tells us that it is through these Piquidem -which are In my view meetings with God,  in prayer, in His word, and even with other folks with God in them, that He gives us the right way to go. I have a story to go with that.

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My view of the IM section verse 128 and as we talked about yesterday there's a couple of therefore's like verse 126 laid this out. It's time for the Lord to work for. They have made void that law. And then there's two therefore is because of that statement.

And so the first. Therefore, we said yesterday which was therefore I love thy commandments above goal J above Feingold and today, which would be the miracle verse in the ion section as we begin the review. This he says therefore I esteem all by precepts concerning all things to be right and I hate every false way so if you could just climb the 10,000 ft./m and okay what's God's vision here is that we go his way, and not the bad way and if we could do that that would be a miracle and I accorded be if we could catch his vision and take his path, so to speak, and what is the secret of that path relates to precepts and so you're left with that never-ending question is whether the world is a precept and and so if we dig into this for a minute I love the beginning that where it says therefore, because it's time for God to work it. You know the stakes are high, you know, things are coming to a head.

We need to engage what part of engaging is clearly these precepts and and and there is no therefore but he saying here than in his heart he sees easy steaming needs to be right, which is in Hebrew and of this this verse only has about 10 words were in English is about 20 70 it's it's kind of neat. Really, when you when you condense it down the way they do in Hebrew because the word esteem right is actually the word that's used with rather than esteem. All things to be right, but esteem right all by precepts with ideas in my heart being and again this is my view of what precepts are is that they are these essentially meetings with God.

In other words, were your consulting God in his word often or you might be just consulting him in prayer.

This is where you're going to find out what direction to go through the Holy Spirit. All this is if if you need to know the right way to go.

You're going to get that from God. And you gotta meet with God and you gotta be close to God. In order for all that to happen, and that again would be a miracle if we did, you know, get going in the right direction all the time so you know, because this one says all things.

In other words, we want to not just go the right way.

Sometimes we want to go the right way all the time and so it's beautiful that we can ask for that in this verse and in this I am idea of having the vision to see the right way to go.

Every single time I really beautiful and then you know the backside of that is I hate the false ways.

I hate those that are you know that the disguise did take me some direction as to give me life and it doesn't and and so here we have just clearly this idea of discernment and in a what is this look like II actually go back and maybe you've heard me talk about this before the that I had in my early walk with Christ.

The five slammer JAMA Pajama prayer which that was just essentially taught to me by the pastor of the first sermon I ever heard that I was actually paying attention. You know after I married my wife and he said that you're supposed to sit and listen.

Prayer has to do with listening twice as much as hearing. To me this is beaucoup them on a stick. It's like yes that's it.

When we can hear from God, often through his word, but sometimes just in every case on the explainer in a minute. This wasn't from his word it is gave me a he gave me a word in my consciousness of the right way to go or something and it made a huge difference in my life. Let me explain. So when I first married my wife Tammy. I've been married previously and that you made heard me talk about my wife who was mentally ill. She was schizophrenic and we she had a son that I raised is my own has my name.

Actually, Leslie does and that son stayed with me. It is as I had custody of him. After I divorced his mother and I started to do the update Tammy. And as you might imagine this happen.

Families that from Leslie's point of view in all of sudden dad who had all his attention didn't have all his attention anymore and so you know there was difficulties between her him and Tammy almost immediately and in his attitude. Tammy took offense and so we had a bad situation and that situation grew worse and worse and so I remember it got to a boiling point were actually in the same week I had both of them come to me and say it's either chemistry.

She says either him or me. Either he goes or I go and Leslie came to me and said the same thing. Either she goes or I go, and he'd run away a couple times as we talked about before something very capable of finding a way to go and I felt like all my goodness, I was in the in such a predicament because here the two people I love the most in all my life and they are telling me I need to choose an and I felt that obligation. And so I went to God with five slammer like what do I do what I can remember sitting in my room, praying, praying, praying, God, I just don't know what you got to help me here.

This is beyond my ability to choose between the two people that I love the most in life and people that know me well know me. That is faithful and exists is not in my wheelhouse that I would make this kind of choice. I just couldn't and so what God gave me that I'll never forget it. Like lifted 40 million bricks off my shoulders. Scott just told me very clearly.

Robbie, you don't have to choose.

This is not your choice.

You choose him. Both you love them both as best you can and if one of them decides to make a choice. They will make it and Leslie did make that choice. Unfortunately, but it was probably two or three years later after my son Robbie was born for. Maybe other circumstances, and other things you know will never know. Leslie and I still have relationship to this day as close as it once wasn't. Which was of course my wife and I've been married now for almost 35 years in an delighting in each other and I'm so grateful for what God gave me that day. I didn't have to make a choice and I didn't want to make an and that the reason I know that he gave me that word.

You might say or August is logical. What was logical because I completely believe that I had to make a choice, but then all the sudden I heard something that was clearly not something I ever would've thought of it was just like wow, where did that come from where did that thought come from, why clearly knew because I was praying, where games came from the Holy Spirit coming came from God telling me. Here's what you gotta do again.

You know, it's hard to pray like that. When the pressure is on and when you feel all the heat and all that other stuff but to me this is what this home to set it right. I esteem my meetings with you where you will tell me which way to go is the right way to go and I hate ways that that lead to death, which my choosing would've would've led to a horrible stuff at the never happen because God gave me this, in my view, beaucoup them in the moment of truth.

When I desperately desperately needed so hope that that at some point in your life. You know maybe it happened yesterday, it happened 10 times. I hope it does you just have the pure joy of meeting with God and and having him show you, you know the way to go and and and being able to see it. Also able to hate the false that's America.

Thanks for listening

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