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Psalms 119:130 Easily Decieved

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 24, 2022 11:06 am

Psalms 119:130 Easily Decieved

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 24, 2022 11:06 am

Psalms 119:130 The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.

This was me the simple or easily deceived and I desperately needed this understanding but to get it I needed the PEH the Face of God that brings light. That comes through reading His word. Exactly my story and I would guess yours.

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Treasurers of letter.

As we were in the second of the pay section of the hundred 19 Psalm which the pay as we talked about last episode is this idea of the presence of God is the idea of the face of God. The utterances of God and and of you know we talked about yesterday the wisdom which thy testimonies are wonderful that that is so amazing. Our souls just meant to believe them and and as you may know that the pay the face of God spoke things into existence in the very first thing he said, which is given some understanding is today's verse with verse 130, which would be the understanding of the wisdom that we talked about yesterday so here it is in English. The entrance of thy words giveth light it different understanding onto the simple and so in this whole idea we talk about yesterday that our souls keep the testimonies because they're wonderful and our souls right as it says thy word is a lamp about the whole idea of the Nefesh is our souls and they desperately need light to find their way the entrance of thy words and is such a neat thing that that word entrance has to do with the letter pay and so is God turns his face towards us in whatever way shape or form. You know that is the blessing, but it also brings light as that light reflecting off Moses's face was so bright that obviously he had where is it started to fade.

You know he had to cover over that all ideas amazing so the entrance of thy words. And again that the idea of God's word itself is going to give light and give understanding which is the again, this being the understanding regular wisdom in the first verse understanding onto the simple and the neat thing about this verse is. It's a word play completely like he often does, that the word entrance is the root of the word simple and you might wonder how that possible when the idea is that the entrance is an opening and the simple, from the standpoint in Hebrew is those who have an open mind there easily deceived that that that that there stumble around in the dark's a little bit light and they think they know their way and so you know as God gives light by his word right we get understanding and and so that we can our souls right begin not to be deceived by darkness because you might remember, Jesus talked about you know the eyes lamp of the body and and Manny don't want darkness because that how great is that darkness, you need the light which is only God's face in order for our souls to begin to get this understanding of the again the way that we regret were going to go and how we can get God to turn his face towards us as we titrate yesterday and 13 so.

And the idea of the simple. Here it is again is the very naÔve people are easily deceived and and course you know I work with special needs so to some extent because they're so wonderfully pure. In fact, we used to call it pure ministries because there's a wonderfully pure and was easy. Unfortunately for people to deceive them, but you know it's hard for me to see myself there, but all it so true. It's so true on how easy it is that I am to see and so in today's story that would illustrate this that you know his words giveth light to give understanding to the simple so where was Robbie deceived well. The worst place I was to see. Probably my life is when I got involved in the church of Scientology, and you may have heard me talk about that before that home you know I studied under Ron Hubbard bearing the dynamics of modern science of mental health on in the Scientology for about a three year period. When I met my wife. I was still very much a Scientologist as far as my world view was concerned, you know that I had been deceived and and from my standpoint, you know, that was where the answers were were in the mind, which is very much what Scientologist leave that you know if we can get our mind straight than than in a week and work our way to heaven is just a matter of getting your mind clear of all the.

The clutter that they call in grams and then once that's totally straight than you could become like God and and that was my understanding and I had been totally deceived because honestly I did not spend any time in the Bible, or I didn't spend enough time in the bridal Bible to get the light necessary to give me understanding and the understanding that I needed desperately needed was Robbie you're not God but God knew that and and so you know I give may have heard my testimony that I bought the tape set on the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent PO and when I got into the goodness that it said you know the best way to get a positive mental attitude was to get up every morning an hour early and begin to read the Bible, which made no sense to me at the time, but that was the entrance that was of how you know the opening of light that got into my soul so I can begin to believe, so I can begin to get some understanding of who was not God was Robbie, and it may seem simple to you but that was a profound understanding and it came to me in the book of Job and and so as I was reading through the Bible and I've often said it canonized because it hits you again about some point time and here's how it hit me because I was so angry at God. As I read through the Bible is angry that he was so judgmental and that he is so many people have been smote throughout the thing I was getting madder and madder and when I started to read all the stuff about Job and how he lost his kids and his family and then these comforters, you know, just know wore them out there for you know 25 chapters rather long. It is in the book of Job. It was just making me madder and madder and madder and then all the sudden God shows up if I'm not mistaken in the 38th verse 38 chapter where he says Joe, you know, since you're so smart and he was of course speaking right to me.

Robbie Delmore, the person he was so simple had no idea been totally deceived. Since you're so smart. Robbie and since your God. You know, why don't you make it snow that you show me how smart you are. Robbie make the tide come in or you know if you if you really good you can stick a hook in about home with which I had no idea what that was and so I went out and bought a Matthew made Henry commentary will port some more light in the my soul to show me what that might be at and at the end, you know, as God showed up in that whirlwind to Joby showed up in the world wind for me to give me an understanding that was critical that I was not God wise, it is important because if I'm not God I clearly need one and so I also knew that the God that I had read about had a very high standard of what was right to us and didn't really even like that word so I desperately needed to make my way to the New Testament so I can begin to understand what I needed for salvation, but again the entrance of that light. You see Dave you know what the understanding of how you know I could get into a relationship with God me it was all so beautiful. As he began to get light but there you go. The presence of God is there in the Bible. And so, of course, if the very beginning, let there be light in and so as people get into that and they begin to open that the presence of God brings life making simple have an understanding. Thank you for this in the Council versus letter pain next time that you listen

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