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Useless Gas Wasters

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 26, 2022 2:01 pm

Useless Gas Wasters

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 26, 2022 2:01 pm

The Christian Car Guy himself tells us what the biggest contributors to gas waste are in a car. One of them Spoiler, is going the wrong way. Listeners Call in to tell us the stories of when they went the wrong way in life and how they turned it around.  

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This is the Truth Network I radio show on the useless gas wasters today on the Christian ritual and how that comes useless just wasters today as it seems based on oh my goodness.

If you've filled up recently noticed that gas is just not what it once was and so you know is part of what we get to do it on the Christian card I show even in troubled times in certainly my heart somewhat heavy in in in the event mentioning this but it is something is practical like man we it's it's it's good time to be a good steward, so we will talk about useless gas wasting and so you heard one useless gas waster right from planes, trains and automobiles are going the wrong way in. Certainly anybody's ever seen that movie is going to get a laugh out of that particular clip so you don't know why talk a lot about a particular idea. It has so many really ramifications and then you heard Jackson Brown with running on empty. Which, you know, honestly, I never knew the lyrics and that song Carmen did you ever. I always thought he said running low, but he doesn't say run and let it doesn't say run them on the first line is running on and so when you really understand what he was saying as I read through lyrics on oh he's going the wrong way. It's he's like running on running on empty. This is running blind right that's gonna wrong way when you agree, yeah, that's what he says and he is running into the sun.

Well, I will make you blind but not if you running to the sun different son but it's okay, but you know, it sounded to me like he's running behind is what it said so right going the wrong way it causes time and gas rights at work and talk a lot about lot, about that today and then the start of something new from Disney's high school musical, and so wow way to get to hear what that's about. Being starting off in the right direction has a lot to do with not wasting gas.

So today show as you might imagine, is brought I brought you a Hebrew letter like Sesame Street right answer today show is brought you by the Hebrew letter rage. Some people might say Ross because it has to do with beginnings. It has to do with the headship so beginning from a standpoint of like the headwaters of a river, like if you had in the right direction. That be good if you had off in the wrong direction you're going the wrong idea.

So, this useless gas wasters.

I actually done several shows of the room. As you might imagine, of the years I have 20 tips I have 10 tips, but I doubt it is for want to talk about today going the wrong way which we just talked about junk in the trunk. Okay, speeding and low air pressure. Now if you really consider those for minute. They are also life wasters. Okay you want to waste your life the wrong way and has to do it there. It has to do with that right you want to waste your life junk in the trunk right your your your your carrying around too much baggage. Emotionally you're carrying around too much baggage in your app where you got it. Believe me, too much junk in the trunk.

This is definitely something that is a life waster and then stating wow I mean we just had off running on the sun, blind, and the faster you go in the wrong direction ripen further behind.

You get so speeding is certainly also a life waster and then low on air pressure or if you're thinking spiritually low on the spirit right because it is air pressure and in and we don't have that in our tires we were wasting our life so a writer once said this, I think it's really neat thing to consider that a plane is headed towards Hawaii is off course. 99% of the time it's on course and course he got a lot dealing a lot of people to scream and yell at them over that because it bit you know there there's different ways to look at it based on how far off course you are fit to millimeter a meter but if you really take it very technically, I believe is right. And if you've ever tried to steer a boat right every little wave. You gotta turn the steering wheel.

Every little thing is you just continually get off course. So by constantly adjusting right you're trying to get encore so if you think about, here's an airplane. Our abode and you just simply making one trip well if you think about your life is a whole lot more complex than that idea of air pressure or water pressure, or you don't. Currents are all that stuff so you know how often are we off course and unfortunately most worldly maps that we would might check on our lot less reliable than those maps that the airplanes are usually both trees and so going the wrong way. It has been one of the wasters really in my life and I wonder about your sleigh is it. It takes a huge toll right. Oh you know is is I was considering all this to me. You might not be terribly shocked that I started to ponder beyond cool is this Hebrew letter rage is reset. It has to do with beginnings.

It has to do with headwaters in roots and so in the hundred 19 Psalm as you might imagine because you got eight persons are all talking about this idea of rage starting off in the right direction. You might find it beautiful and I really to just beyond beautiful that the psalmist mentions born-again not once, not twice but three different times and in three different ways in the eight versus on the letter rage because the beginning, stepping off in the right direction to be if you know is one way that you might find her way.

In fact if you look at the hundred and 60 adverse it tells you what the whole things about it says die word is true from the beginning and every one of thy righteous judgments endures forever. In fact, that is the verse that the Jews," right before they blow the shofar on Rosh Hashanah. Why, because at the head of the year. The beginning of the year you want to get off going in the right direction. And so the idea is God's word is very true from the beginning so it's exactly it's it's like you don't have to wonder if it's a millimeter off course or half is that you know the thing is right dead on and because of that everyone of his righteous judgments or true. So along those lines of the righteous judgments.

I wanted to speak to that a minute is the idea of God's judgment is that of purification. So what's happening in all the world all the time is God is getting rid of the draws right he's purifying you know keeping what's good and get rid of what's bad and so is judgments is it is the is the truth keeps marching on. As we heard of Mallow in the Battle hymn of the Republic right is truth keeps marching on is that truth marches on it. It does the they act.

If this purification which is the idea if you start well you know your your chances are you can finish well so I really think as as we process this and talk about saving gas now that it's it's a good idea to take a hard look and really take a study of what are these three born-again statements right because the psalmist within this letter is to give us eight different facets of God's face through this idea of beginning in the right place and starting off the right place and so when we look at these three I mean it's just beyond cool to me like oh my goodness this is through the first couple verses. This is consider mine affliction right which has to do with God start thinking about he wants God to begin to look at his situation. Deliver me, for I different and forget not by law. In other words I'm trying to be. Of course, your God, he said please Mike plead my cause and deliver me and then he comes his first of the three at opportunities to be asked to be quick and so that word Quicken is really cool word because it really means born-again put me back at the beginning, innocent and pure right so I'm get me back there and so he said please my cause delivery quicker me according to thy word. In other words, in this I was be the understanding verse like if we could get go back to the beginning to where we could understand purely what the word of God says we would now have a pretty good map like if I want understanding I can tell you a great way to get it is to spend time right here in his word, and so we come back with. Take a look at these other two, it is not a lot of about gas wasters, but when you have in the wrong direction. All is 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and I know McKusick shows so you know when were you wasting your life going the wrong way and you got a new beginning a new headwater.

We would love for you to call ensure those stories would really would, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and I want to mention that you know again when we talk about these useless gas wasters, but I got a show from 2014. I did that is going to be on the podcast tomorrow if you want to hear more on not wasting gas.

So that was a classic show a minute. As always our podcast every day during the week is on the hundred 19 Psalm so she liked this study about these individual versus ideal verse every day and have for some time. In fact for clear up. I think the verse 132 or something like that in the podcast that you can you can hear every day so dinner or right before I went to break week we got to the very first of the quickening ideas. Another word start me against Army fresh start me pure in your word, what a neat thing to ask, mean, like I could use it every single day like that. Lord Quicken me in your word because if if I can get that and then I can see such amazing things about you and understand some amazing things about you all understand some things about me. So we got Jacqueline Ward she has a story for us Jack Linder on the Christian card I show good morning. I'm excited to hear your story, no doubt that we are about anything you can count about you and Micah forming while marrying the wrong thing and down the minister at the gate of premarital thing is very short and ill In Iraq.

And we can't yet I yet got an element like really act that Maggie got detracted take my life. He try to take your life. I die one day. This is your scouting event. David and letting Lillian Minto start coming at the look on my and I had been struggling and going to calculate time for that and I did kinda like about making real estate: I wrote about it by SOS into the collection that I had and I like it at LM. I listened last week Jacqueline sent me several of her poems and some of their their Christian Car if you'd like to see them and then you know you had a big LinkedIn you Jacqueline and my dad. My mom, but no wonderful yet get wind of I'm so excited that I got you give me a little bit what kind where you know that I had been going the wrong way but here I hate you, mom and that the poem and now my life. It didn't go continuing on making the old thing over and over again the Debbie I want anything. Are you not get the dinner: that that life is like a okay but not by myself. I was talking to Lynn Valley got of the media, go head-on and share your testimony in open field that humankind is doing a melodic and I know a definite minute because I'm always down staring back there. I find so I wonder, Jacqueline, since we had such wonderful blessing last week for your mom and our prayer that we might not.

You and I and and whoever's listing pray with us for what's going on in the Ukraine client is because it has really put this on my heart and and and I would love to pray with you home. Lord, thank you for Jacqueline and in and while we are so thankful for the relationship that's been born again. That started new with her mother were so thankful for her health and a chance to to get into this chemotherapy and all that you did that you've given her strength for butlers along the idea of you know going the Wrong Way, Lord, we pray that you would help the Russians to see that going the wrong way. I pray that you would you would help them to turn back and get in and get going, and that in a in a direction that make some kind of sensor pray for the safety of those were being attacked Lord innocent people. Lord, protect them, guard them, and we know that that that that all these things are in your hands, Lord.

We trust you and we know that that this is all going to be for your purification, which is pray that you would help us to do our part in praying or helping in any way that we can and and we ask this in Jesus name. Thank you for praying with me, Jacqueline and I call in today and sharing your story again. Her poems of their Christian card. God bless you have a great day Jacqueline, a great another week. I am praying for ARV ethereal but I know that I could do it to the go there and be near week with my mom, wound anchor back and forth to chemotherapy. You know I can't dial the desire.

I know he died how indicting of the backyard and I have it borrow rant or whatever donate, but it now still needed to put above the landing program, but the one in Costilla Road where they would take to constitute sophistry and your warm blanket around and give them a rose in a hot cup with Dr. got started with the restoration was a lot better great and only got Jacqueline again.

We would love to hear your story.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 when were you going the wrong way and God help you get a new beginning.

866-34-TRUTH 8788. You're listening to the Truth Network and being gas wasters today on the show.

In the course.

If you start in the right direction. If you born again, like me, how fun is that.

And I had never really examine the idea of being born again in different ways, but the psalmist does that in mind in 19 Psalm in the verses on the race section because he asked for three different NII you cannot but find it fascinating to me. I do that that Peter was restored three times and here we have three different ways that this psalmist is asking to be quickened as we talked about in my segment, but he was asked to be quickened in my word.

In other words, have this crown of the word of God like oh my goodness how wonderful that be and then his next one is in verse 156. He says great are thy tender mercies of the Lord. Great way to start a safe, quickened me according to thy judgments.

And so, wow. I mean that's just lay it out there like God. You know me and you know what is in my life that needs purification. You know where the dross is in you know where the gold is in the Lord. You do what you need to do to get me back to where I'm pure right that purification process. What a courageous thing to do and now along those lines of trying to save gas to say in you know it's really a cool thing I've said for years.

You want to save gas. Pray and ask God, my God, what am I doing room going the wrong way. You know, sometimes going the wrong way may be that you need to make the trip at all, or maybe are taken of the wrong time of day.

Like if you leave 15 minutes earlier. You might just escape tons of traffic and get their dinner 20 minutes earlier and and not use near the gas and so you know if the idea purification when it comes to driving that there are so many different ways that that works and what a phenomenal thing to ask God to do it is to is to get in there and and make me put me on the right executive at me start fresh. Get me exactly where I need to be when it comes to this idea of judgment so the third that that I want to get to and just blows my mind that he asks in verse 159. He says consider how I love thy precepts quickened me according to thy lovingkindness so that third time he asked to be quickened in his relationship with God except the words you want to be quickened in lovingkindness.

So not only do we get God's love. But what a cool thing to be able to have God's love for other people at the start fresh in how many relationships would you like to just go back to the point where you would both be in a that place of the new beginning like what what you just heard from this group of people and I school musical right to a man that you they are so excited because it started off in his new relationship and I can remember I first started dating Tammy, my wife, oh my gosh couldn't ever, ever get off mind is just constantly thinking like that like in this is what a great place to start with God and and and start with other people and even with your car okay right get to some extent you love your car. You went about it. To begin with, and so man got take me back. They are, because if you love your car you to take care of and guess what, it will get better gas mileage. If you quit annoying, you know that the check engine light or that other thing that's been flash and Tony got some to do all those things you know is you fall more in love with your car, name it, etc. etc. tend to take better care of it and it all comes together in lovingkindness is that is that the light in the fear Lord five Clay is my good friend in Durham. I'm so glad he called into the player on the Christian card I show going by your own name today like you are the Palmdale you know I would not only or you not be awarded with everything award call in a a break I will you and you know will come of years ago that you started talking is true, as Tran so lucky will play a long way all at the beach. Think about the problem would've been shared with people we just got a remember that we are born that we came out of the know our mothers, God the father had a plan For our life and update you know also stated that it was certainly very well.

I don't need to build but you know the father that there is no okay I'll let you go due to need to do that at some point I need to come back to me so just think going on that provide you going a long way feel better. People don't have faith that they will be in. This is something that will involve started that I've been able to go back on Thursday. This will talk about either have no faith, you have little girl.

You have a lot of great and you know the terms in the New Testament that Jesus cares to his disciples, oh ye of little faith or you know you don't have that much great so that you will and in the book of you know, Hebrews, and there and talk about and just think about that little word and you know I looked out well. How about we talk about that I would get up and work a has a lot to do with confidence and story.

What you know your heart and all the other stuff so that got ye be bringing in that covenant could have a copy of the nominee.

You gotta have the belief in your heart and as I said listen to you, Clay. I can't help but note, and I because I know you. It's how you get that faith is his faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God right so you went to Bible study this a perfect opportunity right to increase that in in so many different ways because for in my case, you know, I know completely.

I was saved by actually reading the Bible.

That's my story, but it came from hearing and and and hearing only reason I got was able to hear it all. Right is because I was using the map that was had me in the right direction, which was to God right.

I people that you know our artist. We are so lucrative. The goal of adolescent geography out there and argue no Kari what's going on. This situation in need to pray for that because you know just to hear within the last week I've heard three different people talk about you. Ezekiel chapter 38 and you know that they used to be afraid that where it's going to be falling in line with what the Bible said you know I didn't hear me being that yet you test Don MacArthur curriculum something or you can hear you talk about the study began in your at the date of your about our know that when we can have the faith that the Lord provide not losing it but it being that objectively there and we don't have to ever doubt or question what is going on, Lord, what what what we can learn from what is going to work so I'm sprinkle better at what one thing LCB Mr. or anybody directly or prayerfully within the mix, 34 day event will figure out where going to going out and was going to get a little at the, that her sister would not allow it and made it known. Right now I can clarify little bit of that. Unfortunately, Clay's aunt died and his mother died within the last three or four months. And so the house he was living in wasn't finance and housing is a little bit tough right now and fortunately we have some financial resources but finding housing right now is Tessa will be praying for you Clay, thank you so much for calling in today and for your friendship and entry words of encouragement brother love you despite your everybody you know that it alluded to molded the group in the afternoon or evening and how lucky are we that we get to hear the truth and so many different ways God provides. And thank you Mike, my friend. We will talk to send.

I bless you to find so we would love your story is one where you headed in the wrong direction. Maybe you saved a lot of gas but come on the right way. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH. We would love your story or your comments again.

I just want to talk to you call us will be right back your listening to the Truth Network and I know just so you know one of those being going the wrong way instantly different ways and so we are so grateful for your call today in your stories and so are you get right to them because we got some calls I we got Sarah. Linda is in or out of Portland know I'm sorry only say this from Snohomish maybe. Port Orchard in Washington. Okay, I get I get my my onions on the links that yeah my organic stuff with my Washington so anyway: oh, and you know I know I'm I met a man that I am a little bit you know and anyway I gotta be careful how I am traveling. I'm sure I'm sure so boring. I got a little Anyway and you got me. Anyway I'm here went up on and I'll just give it to you.

Okay please get me back in the beginning going creation began your course bring me to that. Where are you a river or creek email father to let me care your work, so I may guide my life only with what you have heard casting flyaway all the things that causes strength that I may take my dear neighbor, anyway. No, I thought that that you provided for that state that stated like that show the best way to travel in the manner that only gives you a how I got to because you just write that for those who never heard Sir Linda before, not that familiar with Sarah Linda's struggles with with speaking but God gave her the ability to write these poems that allows her to express herself and all my goodness is just unbelievable that you put that but it I mean I was just touching my heart because it was right on right on target for how I feel this morning will that is so wonderful and I gotta get you another call, but I am so glad to hear from my friend this morning I wake up there early and what a poem actually a song I am telling amen amen thank you so much Sarah limit. Think about that all day. I left to go back listed again on the project. Thank you for Linda God bless bye-bye wow that's unbelievable. So we have anonymous calling in the Raleigh anonymous hi John, the Christian card I show what you got for us that when I was born won't tell a lot. Anyway good morning Mark. Dolly is a lot going on right now in an increase in a lowering dangle and how it is a delight to hear. If he always no matter what we do not ever again and help it.

It's good to hear about your uplifting hi, okay, I will make help from my heavenly involved. There are four dollars.8 that and make alcohol and I get that it caused a lot of before now. I can come sobriety and it only came and went to many treatment centers I'LL make it which court will only thing that taken it from me to spend the Lord. If the only thing I'm not saying that that's the only way I know, but in that in that I mean in the neat thing is that not only you get sober you get him.

I think in my eyes. You're not only open legacy will clear gate that I'm not a cost of the net long with the Holy Spirit in my life. I will experimented. I can hear the children that's in there that he's he's click and you know that's that that's the thinking man is like I don't know how he did it like you took all my stuff that I did so horrible all these horrible choices and he put me right there fresh and pure and clean right to that place of that new beginning. Like I could fall is totally in love as I ever could. As a result of of of him making me clean and it's really great and likely candidate. Not good, but I have an is like painting now remember that the wife's like my say I love that you brought that up is one of my favorite things to do when the accuser likes to bring up stuff to me is I always remember what Jesus told the lady that was caught in adultery.

You know where your accusers right if I can get in here I if I can get in his presence methods take a quick he's gotta get gone right and so hot like Jesus. I know that your your that I just need to get closer to you because as I get closer to you in a where your accusers because you know it's not exactly like you just said Jesus doesn't have any that that's all gone. That's clean is coming clean is the day you were born anonymous all people are the same anonymous that called last week about losing somebody against anyway, I'll translate thank you, God is they are that you can do it to Christ. All think it can't. Some true. I got thanks combine our rights 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you want to get in something real quick that you know those those gas savers there lifesavers man and God wants us to get if we could get totally clean right he gets rid of our junk in the trunk gets rid of the need to speed right we don't need to speed when we want to stay well. I want to go anywhere with you right we get tire pressure all the same stuff all happens if we can get back right to that place of quickening and how fun you might look at those verses 919 Solomon asked to be made new in his word, made new in his judgment and his purification made new in his is having kindness like tested like man I would love that. So thank you so much for Liston today and and is always a slowdown right if you hang around Jesus. The reason the speed slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years and I'm so so so grateful for you Liston and taken part in the show today. God bless your listening to the

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