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Psalms 119:134 - Extorsion Redemption

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 2, 2022 9:35 am

Psalms 119:134 - Extorsion Redemption

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 2, 2022 9:35 am

Psalms 119:134 Deliver me from the oppression of man: so will I keep thy precepts.

The sixth verse of the Peh God's Presence delivered or redeemed Israel from the Bondage of Egypt so they could what? Go have a feast to God in the Wilderness - Yes a Precept. I share a story how God did that for me.


This is the Truth Network treasurers of the six verse Emma pays section around the map today.

As you know, in our anointing that we always talk about Isaiah chapter 11, the sixth anointing of Jesus that was talked about in that chapter would be the fear of the Lord employ. I mean you can clearly see that in this verse is just absolutely wonderful is in the pay section verse 134 you know this is the idea of the presence of God and what a cool verse. This is verse 134 and English says deliver me from the oppression of man so will I keep thy precepts and that word deliver has to do with the presence of God the face of God and you know very cool that this is the word redeem and, in as far as I'm surprised actually that they didn't translate it that way because it's usually translated redeem so that idea of Jesus redeeming especially from the psalmist point of view.

The way he redeemed Israel from the Egyptian oppression right. This is very closely obviously related. What he's talking about here, and it's really cool that if you think about from my standpoint.

When God told Moses that you know to go tell Pharaoh to let you go to do what to keep a precept.

In other words, there was supposed to go. Keep a feast out in the wilderness to God and that is again a meeting with God. He was axing asking that they would be delivered right or redeem so that they could go and worship God out of the wilderness. Hello you ever thought about that political question to ask to be redeemed so that right because his people are processed, they take our time in so many different ways or they take our money or they take our resources ever they go about it. But when they are in that position. It's really cool that God is in a position to deliver us from that kind of oppression and in determining to him realizing that right it's the Lord that's going to save our bacon just like he saved the Israelites in that situation so I was thinking about you know where my experiences, slavery, and because that word oppression has to do with extortion with being lied to treated you know essentially held hostage in instantly different ways and so for me when that happened in my life and it happened a lot when I was in the car business is that Chrysler or Chrysler Financial some combination of the two they would discover all these projects are the actually scheme. There's no doubt my mind they schemed in order to hold the dealers hostage to certain things like, you know, we will give you a big amount of money back if you order so many cars because their problem was. Usually they had too much inventory, and they needed to move cars they needed to get them off their lots.

Consider paying interest on those and that the quicker that they could turn their money and obviously the more profitable he could be in the whole idea was to get dealers to take as many cars as possible and by loading you up in inventory. If you're a dealer I don't think a lot of people realize that kind of pressure that puts on the dealer in that now your like we were always paying floor plan interest on all those cars and so if you have a $3 million inventory. You can imagine the amount of money you got a forgot every single month because you've taken all these cars. So what they would do is they would offer you reduced interest, they would offer you a certain amount of money back. There were all sort of assent. Essentially, extortion schemes, which a lot of them were actually illegal, but it didn't change the fact that Chrysler would put these on you in the scheme was to get you to take more cars than you needed so that essentially you ended up footing the bill for Chrysler for their inventory problems because you can only sell so many cars in a given month, and if you had an inventory you know of 700 cars and you are only selling 100 a month. I mean, Juergen, and the pain the interest on all those cars for all that time of the result of that slavery to would be involved in would be that you had to work work work to sell cars because you had to get them off your lot and sometimes to take really low profit margins which Chrysler could care less about. But the idea was that you were desperate to move cars because if you didn't your business you can afford to continue to pay the interest of living care there idea was that if you're going to be competitive and keep your prices it in a way that that you could compete with your fellow dealers you need the lower interest rate or you needed the money back or you needed the rebate or whatever it was that they were doing in order for you to stay competitive and be able to maintain a certain volume of new car sales. The bottom line is that, guess what that did to you now extended hours all the anguish and I and and and so many different ways. I was definitely under the oppression of man for all those years in the car business and so I thought perfectly amazingly grateful really that God gave me this this wonderful wonderful calling into radio where I don't have that oppression anymore. I'll have the nightmares and involved with it and I literally had nightmares for years because God knew that my heart just wasn't made for that kind of oppression and it caused me not be able to have my present my times with him that I would like to have had steel he made away were there seem to be no way and I'm so amazingly grateful that he did deliver me and it was him that delivered me from the oppression of man and I see it so clearly that I could go out into the wilderness and have fees all the time and arrears this absolutely wonderful that we can have these fees on the Lord these times with him right every time we take computer communion every time we take communion. We are having Lord deliver us from the oppression of man so that we may keep your precepts

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