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NRB Chronicles - Missions To Utah

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 13, 2022 8:00 am

NRB Chronicles - Missions To Utah

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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So excited we are here live right on the convention floor and I came across one of the more unique folks here at the RB today course world Mission report, we often hear from missionaries around the world, but if you ever met a missionary to Mormons. Somebody actually lives in Salt Lake City will were so blessed to have her own true station manager recipes with us today our world Mission report will privileged be with you and you have a unique ministry of being able to witness to people that you once were in a Mormon yourself right.

I was saved out of a fourth-generation Mormon home and I was 14 years old, Lord save me with went to go visit Santa Rosa Bible church heard the gospel presented an alert touched my heart and I was saved and started on a mission trip to Utah my Facebook group and the Lord open the door for me to move to Utah and do some work in Christian radio. Hey guys and been a blessing and you know you mentioned about being a missionary in Utah. You know, one of the things we do is we bring these mission teams to Utah we got a place called Temple Square.

And there are 35 acres of Mormon propaganda. There there there are people there from all around the world that serve as tour guides or missionaries for the Mormon church thereon site in Utah and so when you come to Utah on a mission trip.

Then you can talk with these people representing countries all around the world.

They they are there for over a year and 1/2 two years and they are trying to recruit people into Mormonism as they take the tours of this place called Temple Square.

So it's quite an impressive place little intimidating for any any first-time visitor but we recounted a real joy to be there and we have similar stirfries that are you know they have some good friends that are in the LDS faith. What would you suggest how would you what I how would you counsel them to reach their friend for current why think first about it's important to ask that Mormon friend of theirs to share with you a little bit about how they became Mormon. How did they become LDS and just get a feel for their help.

How serious they are in the Mormon church and what happened to them without born into it with a converted later in life. What is it they find so important that's drawn them in the Mormon church and really what you want to do is show them how that Jesus alone can meet that need. They have found in the Mormon church and if you can.

If you can go in that order. If you can ask them to share their story. Ask them what's most important of them, then I think you've earned the right to say thanks for sharing that with me in mind if I share my testimony with you real quick, and if you go about in that kind of manner with a prayerful spirit with a humble spirit of grace and truth, gentleness, kindness can go wrong in your planting a seed. Now you show your story very simple, you just shut your life was like before Christ. You share what happened at salvation for you and then maybe it be vulnerable and to ensure something how God's got you through something your walk is a Christian and then there's always room for maybe one or two areas of conflict of contradiction of inconsistencies within Mormonism itself that we can help you understand so that you can gently share that with a Mormon and then that gives them a chance to maybe examine really what it is they believe that maybe a lot of Mormons don't really know why they believe what they believe and you can help them wait through the holes in Mormonism and there's lots but but it's it is important to focus. First of all on the gospel. I think, and then balancing that out with something that might create a little bit of doubt for them because they're told that they can't trust the Bible are told that they are the one true church. So you see there are things the Bible is it enough so that he is careful enough that you replacing what they have with something better, usually with you go in confrontation with somebody. I know this from the five colleges that psychologist if you go in there and tell them that all that's crazy. Is this how could you think something like that is no way what you do is you share like you say, here's what my relationship like with Jesus. Here's what I'm getting for my faith right and you replacing what they have with something, some of it and it right and it is not balance those go into oblivion as it as an agnostic or just they will just want to check out if anything has any hint of God whatsoever and then they'll just sit in that state and sadly that's where a lot of Mormons.

That's where a lot of Mormons go and so now we have to reach them in that state.

And so it's challenge. The challenge, but it's it's a fight worth fighting for and were out Utah with him his brother for about 20 years and is great to be at the full resources it wants to find out more about how to reach more. How would what would you directed your sure what you want to just Google Utah partnerships for Christ.

Our website will come up there and you can find my cell phone numbers on their email address. I'd be privileged and honored if you call me email me.

We had that happen to us are a quick story like a Cheshire center.

I got a phone call from a lady whose daughter had met a young man in college and this this young lady grew up in a Christian home, but she met this young Mormon man in a public college and and before you know it there's a little romance gone and she's on the docket to get baptized. Believe or not, and you can imagine the mom debtor just just appalled.

They're shocked I can't believe itself heard about our ministry on the throw friend radio broadcast in Utah and then heard about our ministry and so the Lord open the door for me to meet at McDonald's with this young lady spent some time and then through a course of events God working in the life of this young college girl freshman. She ended up not becoming Mormon.

And so, but it came close it, Ruth. I mean, that the enemy just wanted her so bad, just wanted to end and just the clause I had even call one of the LDS leaders to tell them to back off because she had said to him to their missionaries.

She's not inch. I'm not interested but they kept pursuing her pursuing her so praise God, you know that there are amazing things happening every time you turn around and maybe God wants to use you to reach a Mormon who maybe knocks on the door of your that doorknocking there's two guys out there with the suits and ties and you know what to say but you know I'd love to come to your church and do a workshop and will make it fun and will do some role-playing and I'll pretend that I'm LDS and will Google practice in the will talk about some things and share some great story true stories of people come out of Mormonism and will encourage you and you won't want to just you know better. Down the hatches and pretend like you're not home you'll want to reach those guys because if you don't go to your neighbor, and who knows, they might be in a bad situation and and who knows, you know you want to see your neighbors the phone into all the sad web of Mormonism. You just don't circle again. Utah partnerships for Christ rest.

These are station manager on KU TR AMA 20 in Salt Lake City. Thank you Robbie awesome so awesome thank you

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