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Psalms 119:146 Calling On Our Salvation

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 18, 2022 9:58 am

Psalms 119:146 Calling On Our Salvation

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 18, 2022 9:58 am

Psalms 119:146 I cried unto thee; save me, and I shall keep thy testimonies.

To understand the anointing of the letter Quaf is to call on our salvation - Yeshua then keep testimonies, one more wrung closer to God. I share the story of a Truck driving man that did just that.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the hundred and 19. One day we get to do verse 146, which would be the understanding of the letter close yesterday we did the wisdom so today is looking for. Isaiah 11 template that we use the second anointing would be understanding and I think you'll see how it fits together so verse 146 in English reads. I cried unto the save me and I shall keep thy testimonies and so as we know each verse amounted 19 Psalm starts with the letter that it's of the section that is in and so the idea of the letter close being holiness which has to do with closeness in both time and space to God. And so it's really really cool when you look at this.

The first first talked about. I cried with my whole heart. That word cried is actually the word that they used when they began to call on the name of the Lord and so what's happening here. Just like that word would be of the same word that God used when he called the daylight when he called Adam in the garden.

In other words you're calling on the name of the Lord and Ms. this is what the psalmist is talking about is when you call on the name of the Lord. Obviously, he turns his face toward you and him and we get this idea of closeness right and so is he cried.

Save me. Will that word say in Hebrew is the root word of Jesus, are you Sheila Henson was going to meet that he cried on the name of the Lord. And then he cried, save me, which is salvation, that which is Yeshua that which is all that stuff to do is just absolutely beautiful idea, and then he says I shall keep thy testimonies well.

The idea of testimonies.

As you know is you know there's a New Testament in the Old Testament, and so the entire Bible is no doubt what the psalmist is talking about here, but it's also your own testimony. Where you been an eyewitness to what God has done and is John Bunyan's character Christian would keep his testimony close to his bosom so that he would use it time and time again.

The beautiful thing about this is we keep the testimonies they do in fact, you know, save us to some extent because as I learned this morning. I was really thinking about it that Jacobs ladder. If Jesus is in fact the word of God which is right according to John, so Jesus is the word and the word is God and the Word was with God, well then, as we climb the ladder of the word.

In other words, each verse is another wrong towards a better understanding of God and and so as we climb is ladder we get closer to an understanding of God by studying these testimonies writing by keeping them and so as we get closer. Then we can actually come to the point where you know, we understand that Jesus died for our sins and must be saved and we can understand that when we are not capable of doing something he's capable of helping us do it. Which leads me to the story of again. You know it's always good to apply these things… Actually look like and and as we talked about last last time about I cried with my whole heart. I will keep thy statutes. This time you know he is going to keep the testimonies and so I have this friend.

His name was Lester Crandall. I didn't have said before about him is the band that was prayed up and packed up and ready to go but one of the things that Lester prayed for every single day he called on the name of the Lord, and he asked him if he would have an opportunity to share his testimony was somebody that day and had a particular powerful testimony in the rate that way that it went.

Was it Lester was a big bully. He was about 6 foot four, he weighed about 270 pounds. He was a truck driver. This was not fat. He was a big guy and he was a obviously very strong man.

He was like a set of truck driver and apparently he is to have a problem with alcohol and when he would he would become a bully and he would get all kinds of fight it's an even worse than that at times he been known to beat up his wife, which was just a petite beautiful young lady and and so is unbelievable to me knowing Lester as I did is being on Sweden's old man, you never know. I can imagine him beating up Lucille in any way shape or form. Apparently with alcohol that something that had happened and so the way he described it as one day when he was struggling with all this. His wife was a Christian and she had been praying for him, but he was not in one day he picked up a drink and he heard clearly an audible voice of the Lord, and he knew it was the Lord and that Lori said Lester this is your last chance and he said its ship was that his back like he knew if he took that drink that it would be over for him and and so he believed that voice and he began to call on the name of the Lord, he began to read his word, he began to study and find out about God and he received Christ as his Savior and he completely stopped drinking. I don't think Lester ever took another drink. The rest of his life. It's amazing man but the thing that always debase all of us that new Lester is it man every single day he prayed that he would have a chance to share this testimony was somebody and it was amazing that that happen all the time and he would tell us the stories which were testimonies of the oath of how he shared his story was so many different people. Again, the fruit of this verse right that that is he called on the name of the Lord right that that God would turn his face and given this opportunity to keep in the study and learn these testimonies is so absolutely beautiful and and so as we think about crime in this wrong of this particular verse, and the opportunity that we have to keep the testimonies. Is this just an opportunity to share God.

The best news of our life is sharing as we get closer to God. We get more light, so that we can share God. If we can get ourselves out of the way that we would literally be a window from which he could see God seeing his goodness as

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