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Psalms 119:147 Before The Dawn

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 23, 2022 8:01 am

Psalms 119:147 Before The Dawn

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 23, 2022 8:01 am

Psalms 119:147 I prevented the dawning of the morning, and cried: I hoped in thy word.

Here in the counsel averse of the Quaf section we get the counsel to not only speak out but before the dawn and then HOPE in The Word. My story along those lines


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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the hundred and 19 fun to be back on home today around in the coach section in the third verse actually will be the Council anointing of the letter coffin as we talked about that letter because of his beginning of the word. Does short holiness and I have everything you do.

Abaddon and so the Council of this is, hopefully helping us to see how we can both get closer to God and also spend more time with them, so I'm sure you see that in this verse, which the first time I read in the King James. I really struggled because I didn't understand the word prevented in this context, but so will get through it with me. Verse 147 says I prevented the dawning of the morning and cried. I hope I hoped in thy word so that idea of preventing the dawning of the morning it's it's like he was venting before the morning preventing the ideas that is actually getting there before the dawning of the morning and cried and we did that whole episode back.

You know what city rose at midnight to establish praise because of his righteous judgments because of God's righteous judgment that that we talked about thinking David would get up because of his heart that would spring up make it he would get up at midnight and begin the praise and and now here we see this concept again and it's great counsel right to get up before the dawning of the morning and crying that we hope in that word hope there is so beautiful in that it also it has a lot to do with waiting on the Lord. And so it in a way he's not just crying his he's waiting on the word of God as it were, in this big particular example.

So I think that it's a fantastic idea for us to, you know both draw close to God in the morning and you know as early as possible. You know, wherever God has you on that range. But the cool thing is, it really is a way as we get closer and we spend more time with God. You can't help but get more holy communion that the light will help you see things like you've never seen before, especially if what you're doing in this time before the morning is talking about is hoping waiting on thy word, and so you know clearly in my own life. This would be just one of my favorite verses because it is really what I do and have done for years and years.

There is, I'd love to get up before the dawn, and actually save the Jews teach that David would would pray for the salvation of the people of Jerusalem and this time, and so he was when he was hoping in the word what is actually praying was for the salvation of those people of Jerusalem, which we know would come as Jesus did, and in very neat and the word in the way that it was given.

King David himself, but certainly when I think about this verse in the way that God brought it home to me was when I have the brain abscess and you might remember had disinfection in my brain and unfortunately they had had to do a biopsy and that biopsy got a staph infection and that staph infection. You know it. It was horrible. However, you know, I had my Bible there and the things that I wrote in my Bible at that time I wrote in Reading amendments that before and so the really very precious to me in the 38th Psalm is especially so because if you look in the 38th Psalm in the fifth verse it says market wounds faster than were loathsome right because of my foolishness. And so I definitely could relate to the idea. This is an infection that's spreading throughout your body and this is what I was experiencing and trying to see know what was the these wounds and the interesting thing is a dentist physical wounds is talking about because you might remember in another Psalm. He says my heart is wounded and and I'm needy and he's talking about the wounds of the heart and and so when I think about when God arrested me. At this point my life are allowed these things into my life to stop me.

My wife and I were talking about this last night. She said yeah before all that started to happen in your life. Your real jerk that I had these wounds and those ones father wounds etc. drove me to think that I needed to prove to the world that I had what it took.

I needed to be a great man like my father that I had all these issues that I had to struggle struggle struggle and there was all this pressure and it and it led me to not spend the time of my family measured and it led me to to be really really driven my wife would tell you I was certainly worked all in and so unfortunately a lot of times I prevented the dawning of the morning by going to work and staying there until after dark in the car business. It would be easy sometimes to stay there till midnight and so it was crazy and no doubt God use this idea of my foolishness to to allow other wounds to fester to get my full attention. But any get down to the 15 person 10 verses later he talks once again in the 38th Psalm, like he did in this Psalm that his hope is in the word right, I mean it's really really beautiful Arriba 15 verse 44 in the Lord, do I hope that I will hear old Lord my God, and so that verse was not my just held onto right because I knew this is where I was but I knew that my hope was in God and as I went through those times you know it's really cool.

Look back on now and see how he was dismantling my life, literally, dismantling it through illnesses and some other things that happened with my jobs in order to get my attention so that I could get to the point where I could delight in the morning I could delight in in in where we are going as we prevent the dawning of the morning and I get a chance to grow closer to him and see more light, and if you get more light you get more life and and this idea of of early is also early is also the word East, which again has to do with time and space and so we look at this letter throughout this study so much of it will have to do with time, space so as we get up with God before the dawning of the morning were actually spending time draw close to enjoy it as much as I do the next time

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