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Psalms 119:148 - Chewing The Cud

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 24, 2022 11:50 am

Psalms 119:148 - Chewing The Cud

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 24, 2022 11:50 am

Psalms 119:148 Mine eyes prevent the night watches, that I might meditate in thy word.

The Psalmist now shares the MIGHT of the letter Quaf. To beat the nightwatchman to work on digesting the scripture, both time and space seeking Jesus. In my world that is a place of sheer delight.

I share a story along the lines of Sheep.


This is the Truth Network treasurers of oh I love digging around in my teens home and today we get to dig around still in the cook section. Actually we get to do the fourth verse in the co-section which would be the might anointing again were going through the anointing's that are in Isaiah chapter 11 where you got wisdom and understanding, and counselors of the fourth one is might. And as we noticed in the fourth verse of each. The section the course of each verse, start with the letter of that section so today's letter being the cuff. The letter that means actually has a lot to do with proximity in both time and space and as we get closer or further away in time your to see how that lines up and again. The fourth verse. If you go through each of these is quite often that the fourth verse is not only the mind anointing but actually gives you somewhat the definition of the word that would align with the letters of the letter codifies the word cuff and this idea of preventing which means to come before so it verse 147 in English. Excuse me. Verse 148 is what Ron today in English mine eyes prevent the night watches that I might meditate in my word. Again, the word prevents means come before and we talked about last episode, how King David would rise at midnight because of his heart that the wind would change directions.

As it came to the heart. That would make a sound and he would wake up and so here we we don't know what's right night watches and there is much much discussion about exactly what time this may be, but the point is still is obviously really early because his eyes are going to be open and what are they going to be doing. According to this verse is in time he spending time with God, but he spending time in God's word and he's meditated and so really really cool.

As we see throughout the Scriptures. This idea of meditation and and what were going to get to the letter. Shin later on were not terribly far from that section. Very cool. It comes up the second to last letter, but this idea of meditating is a lot to do with chewing. It has a lot to do with processing or refining and and so as we meditate. I don't know if you knew this but it really really cool little word, lamb, or sheep begins with that same shin nor the word shalom starts with the shin or the word Sabbath starts with the letter, shin, meaning that this whole idea of processing the whole week.

If you're talking about Sabbath or piece it has to do with not just as a peaceful, but actually you know processing which when you think about the sheep and the reason was sheep starts a letter. Shin is that they are constantly chewing that that there yes there clean animal because their hooves are covertly not touching the earth which is cursed. But then there also constantly processing and the idea of our hearts. Processing God's word is everything to do with this idea of holiness right. That is, we spend time right was we prevent the morning with our eyes studying and meditating on the word you see that's going in your heart, which then processes it, choose it and then it it provides that nourishment for our souls.

And therein is our strength right because in his presence is fullness of joy, the joy of the Lord is your strength and so you get all this idea might right here is if we spend time processing that we get that so again the app live is in my life.

You know what is this look like an and I know that that really has to do with the sense of that that book teaches Jesus's love to me in a way that no other book teaches it, and I can experience God's love. I can experience Jesus's love it through that book and went in a way that I can't really experience or any other book, and so I know when I first came to really process that in chew on that part of the word as I was knitting up early which I've done for years and years and study study study that book. That book perhaps more than any other was something that my soul needed that I did.

I spent months and months and months. When I first started reading the book because Matthew Henry said, you know, in this book you know is the place that when elephants can swim because it's so deep and so much has to do with how Christ loves the church and early on in the first chapter I you know it just totally caught my attention, and this is where it grabbed me initially and I feel like that I began to chew on. It was, you know, the Shula, my woman asked the shepherds, you know, where do I find you know, my beloved. She's asking the question, and they tell her in the King James version. They tell her go thy way forth by the footsteps of the flock. In other words, and in some translations it's follow the tracks of the sheep.

Okay, this idea of the sheep again of the people that are processing the people that are just adjusting the word of God and in summary different ways but you know if you read that there's a book called the 23rd Psalm bite from shepherds perspective, which is absolutely spectacular. And in that book. He talked about at the end of of the 23rd Psalm rose. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

That sheep or the animals with a golden hose because where they graze. It makes a really really green pasture, which again makes it really easy to follow the tracks of the sheet that you know where you've been. If your pastor by the good Shepherd, and this has everything to do with the shepherd, not the sheep okay and in this shepherd is is is the deal and because the shepherd does a great job of not over pastoring a sheep.

In other words, I don't take the grass down work and grow. They leave them there just enough time to really leap they leave their manure, etc. to to make the grass grow green and so behind a good sheep you will find great tracks and that is the goodness and mercy that will follow me all the days of my life and this is what the that Psalm was pointed out to me as I was thinking about you know the great saints that we know that have left this green pasture for us in order to find the shepherd because of we find the shepherd with finding the one her heart loves and in order to get to the rest of the song of Solomon. You gotta get the feel of respect before you get to the good parts of the song of Solomon. You have to find your beloved will you find them well.

This is such a beautiful passage of follow the tracks of the sheep.

Well if you must know when I think of any of the great sheep that are out there you know you policy is Lewis. He spent them all the amazing amount of time in the word of God or Spurgeon or or you name it. Paul write all these different wonderful shape that we can experience where did they get their stuff when I got it from the Bible itself, like oh my goodness. And here again if we want to find the shepherd of follow the tracks of the sheep. It's is absolutely spectacular. Verse again.

You know it's in the song of Solomon chapter 1 verse eight and I think it for me. You know, it clearly was a way that I sat there when I meditated on that completely understood it in my course, I saw that after I read the book on Psalm 23rd Psalm by the shepherds perspective.

It really gave me an idea of how here's how I find Jesus and simply know how many great, great, she have left their tracks for us. I think you listen

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