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Identity Forever

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 26, 2022 2:17 pm

Identity Forever

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 26, 2022 2:17 pm

Today's episode is from the Truth Live Day at Modern Chevrolet in Winston Salem NC, featuring Robby Dilmore speaking with Nikita Koloff and others about where they find their identity.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting to just seconds.

Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network handyman when I read about his widowed bride leading me D and I so miss to drive the radio show.

You might think what a forever identity have to do with Chevrolet. Well I'm glad you asked, is working to provide you with plenty about today, but we want to give people an opportunity come out and see we got Nikita again the cuticle off the Russian nightmare and and so if you're upset it rush right now, you're like you're welcome to come. Explain your concerns the Nikita hate his ear, but modern Chevrolet 5955 University Pkwy. in Winston-Salem.

If you need the ZIP Code to put in your GPS is 271-052-7105 modern Chevrolet appear on University and there's a reason that we are doing this right absolutely is that forever identity. I want to think about it that with everybody the government.

They have an identity is like when you think of Bob Young. Most people think of Hades the Christian junkyard guy from the Christian Car Guy ship and there's other things like that that is one of my people recognize me from the ascend and be in at 109 you bullet for all the years a lot of people identify me with fire.

A lot of people at bitter family with the tragedy of losing the son, but the thing I like for people to identify them me with the most is God there is a forever. Forever identity for ever and so I gather you as you are you my identity that I try to keep swept under but you know instead of just being a prisoner of my past is to be a product of it and try to move forward and move on in the it's just it's just been a great running. You get me involved with the radio just really big difference maker in my life. Thank you for that. Similarly, most people a lot of people when they see me infect my bosses push this hard for years. That's the Christian Car Guy. They didn't even know my name and I'm fine with that. That's the Christian guard. I had a God to pick about this weekend. His wife, and they remembered you from being the Christian car guy you were on a cruise with them and apparently you made a whopping impact on their life. That's good to hear.

And when people meet him over there, they think that's the Russian nightmare.

In other words, we get these identities and were connected to that in one of the reasons I have this identity is a car guy and have had it for years and years was my father. My father was the car guy before me and actually my father was a great man. He was a great car guy is supposed to me is just the carport I'm a Christian car guy, which that's a forever identity, but it still was like oh man you're Bob Gilmore son and dropped his head in his shadow because he was a big huge deal with General Motors and so it's kind of a neat deal for me. It really is to be here in a Chevy store today to talk about forever identity is when I think of Chevrolet I think of William Durrant and William Durrant was the founder General Motors. You may not know that most people think it was Louis Chevrolet that started Chevrolet but actually Louis was a racecar driver and Lily met William Durrant who actually found David Buick to anything. I know this.

Did you know that David Buick invented the porcelain that goes on the toilet so that's how he made his money to begin his carriage work so that someday he could build a car was. He didn't toilet in speechless right now that is think of selling it was right now. So if you have that rep.

If you have that identity of being the toilet guy right you would want to change it to your car guy write you what you wanted to be the Buick and so you know, that was kind of what happened, but Lily was racecar driver and he was just an and he was famous and so William Grant met him and said we need to start a car company name that he lost General Motors he lost Buick in 1908, he founded it, but after that he was he was kind of crazy duty. He lost it all, and when he got Chevrolet going Chevrolet outsold so many other cars that he was able to buy back General Motors with that included Buick and Oldsmobile and Cadillac at the time while with it in and couldn't help overhearing you talking about identity in and give a story for that we meet we can share at some point, please share it because of those listing this is the cuticle off the Russian nightmare himself, it was clear that modern Chevrolet and if you want to come down and get an autographed by the way, your get biggest hug you ever had your life from the Russian nightmare.

He might, he put the Russian signal on on you if you asked nicely where it well you you may not want to experience that elites not on this this marble floor I'm looking at right here.

The landing is as soft as a wrestling ring.

Why, that's two things come to mind one of the fact that we here at Chevrolet. I literally made a pit stop on the way appear today and had little repair to my cover on my Corvette. Oh my Chevrolet Corvette that I read, it is not red it's it it's cold it's actually all it and that any pacing is like a golden pair of Russian right kinda like the Golden bear yes and but here's the cool thing about I bought this Corvette in 1986 in the pace car addition ragtop and I still have it home and do the math on that. Yeah, 1986 still have less than 100,000 miles on it. So apparently I don't drive it if you already four years old is that I'm not great at math of the helpless out here is it's all well and so anyway classic childhood dream. I sure that is a fulfillment of a childhood dream to have a Corvette, but bought it back in the wrestling days and so where is Kenny going with us forever identity to get there.

We are to get there is so many people they considered himself a Chevy guy or the conservative sofa, for God has you know we won't mention some of the I would even say that. But anyway laughter because my might not use it work right so that people consider themselves different things that my father was a Buick like he he grew up through Buick. You know he he he he rose. In fact, you know some side notes about my father's he brought Opal in the United States so he was really well-known one for the harm he is on the rise presence of General Motors and he was director of national used car for sale for Buick retro national fleet sales but the neat thing for me was he brought Opal in the United States. And so when people asked me already. What's your favorite caramel time. Of course it's a Opal GT penalty want.

This may not be of interest to you, Bob. But here's what you had one now you know that hood had that competent weld. The ones that came over from Germany that was that was a blower turbocharger that was in that in that hump. And so the low four-cylinder that you saw Maxwell Smart car that was in Opal GT right in the headlights. Man, it would be on cool you pulled this lever listing flipped over and looked at you like the Corvette headlights only.

It was the Opal GT headlines and so you know my dad had this big impact wherever he went. People knew like who he was right and all the stuff where you you have a little bit different identity, your dad, you didn't hardly know I didn't do and that's it. That's actually a story by your inspiration. I shared on one of the early radio shows, podcasts that I did tell them that whole story of redemption. How the Lord restored a relationship with my my dad that I didn't have for really 80+ years of his life. 40+ years of my life and but for the about the last 10 years of his life got completely restored to a relationship that were where we had a father-son relationship. And even now found a a clip of his testimony when he grabbed the old rugged Cross that led to that retention story between pretty amazing, but I want to talk about. I did but I worry about identity year to one and I may have some father he might be figured out that I am headed well get that to me talk you 866-34-TRUTH network monitoring like you're listening to the network and is yes to the dress I might say Robbie why is your favorite song. Say yes to the dress. Robbie why is your favorites. See if it has to do with your identity right we get when we are, what happens is we got naked you know after Adam and Eve made their mistake and we can try to put on close ever since. Which are I identity, but the close that we get to put on eventually is the dress of the role the rope so you get the picture.

So say yes you gotta say yes to the dress I get kicked out of the I like that will be left very on the key that he was to share with time.

I would love to hear your identity story, 866-348-7884 yeah let me see if I can give you the elevator version of this and so the Lord really tested me on on my identity and number of years ago.

Yes it ideal for came on here. We were talking about hair or sobs. You guys have anywhere. I have none at this point, but blight but it's intentional. I shave right every couple of days. Whatever. Okay so I BCP a lot of people identify me as the Russian nightmare Nikita Cole law funeral gentle with you know, the whole run the wrestling thing right. But there was a point in time, a number of years ago when the Lord said immediately. I was in a prayer room in Kansas City on the New Year's Eve and he said what you grow your hair out, starting tomorrow, I okay you don't let Mike and argue with them.

Like I know people do right know enough to do that.

I mean, it didn't work out good for Jonah 1 or Jonah here in the wrong direction as well right so anyway so so I just said yes and and he gave a little more specific instruction. He says I'll tell you when you can cut it so grow it out. I'll tell you when you can cut it.

So to condense the story. Esther grunted you look like the Chia pet the first month or so you know and I know that learning to love anyone around my had it. It after a while they start saying hey like how can you not cutting your hair trimming your ago as God said to grow it out ago you like some kind a Nazarene vile thing.

I go nothing Sampson not to my knowledge applied. He said grow your all that to say. Fast forward 14 months later, no cutting, no true mean I had a legit mullet. I made it was. There are pictures to prove it. I you see that in their once the Lord released me my two youngest daughters Colby and Kendra, who, who hated the Herrick is that the ball that's what they grew up on what they they got the clippers up a trumpet, here's the lesson.

The lesson is this the Lord said, I wanted to see if you'd be be okay with people not recognizing you national wrestling Nikita Cole law if you'd be okay in removing that identity is a and I was that was the test. How cool was I so wrapped up in my wrestling identity Ryan so prideful of it that I could could release it and let it go. So anyway that's the story as now and I gotta tell you, you know Bob, that's it. You know that that's a wonderful test that we all get to know and yeah weekly are looking at. Interestingly, if you look in the Psalms that has to do with shame. I don't know if you have thought about that Bob and I like I set up this clip that has to do with when we get naked okay and this is Corrie 10 boom and she's cute and I have listened to her here in a second and she is gonna.

She was in a Nazi concentration camp, and they had her stripped down right and she was actually in the worst Nazi concentration camp after her family help you get out of the country so listen listen to what it really looks like to have your identity stripped off as far as your clothes from Corrie 10 boom's perspective with Tories extermination camp for women located in Germany struggling to get paid was so sleep here in late opportunity.

Come on out it's 5955 University Pkwy., 27105 you can meet them. Russian nightmare himself, you know you can you can get a chance to get an autograph is got his books, all that stuff here, but Marcos you know with the current data situation. A lot of people are thinking what about these electric cars and from what I understand, we've gone from the vault to the boat and so tell me you tell me about the bolt so the previous bolt down was actually electric car was had a guessing who could actually give you big rings you can apply 500 miles. Also, the greatest part about 500 miles to the gallon. DM to get that fast letter about a range of 500 mile range, none in a five-month 500 miles to the gaining of the plan now depending I'll take some that don't actually know it was a guessing and all of the main purpose of it was to actually just recharge the battery to the whole time I was intending hot like you have a totally 4050 miles so you can get them after that time on guessing the return on right now. They actually came in the bowl could be OLT Dowling Sybil Beebe don't actually sell electric does not use any gas whatsoever on the greatest thing about it is you have a guessing you have all changes on not estimating how to do on on this car maintenance is not what you have to do on a regular car so you save your maintenance you say the bar having to go to gas station Philip love the biggest the biggest and the people can worry about is the you know what I do when I'm going to longer trip this vehicle after use at the 240 miles. I have actually own one myself again about 235 to 40 Myself See You Dr. this 240 miles what would you do if you just kind of pets over the Sather today and I had a for over two years now. I have not had a problem with it. Never had a run out of juice engages a significant warning when you're getting really let you see at the critical thing on a Hasid. The weight on the cluster you actually have a spot where I guess you can say you be your your range on any geese you the highest in middle and lowest and what is it doing a start.

I never I never got close like the difference to see if you were to be right back. Come join us. Nikita Cole off Martin Chevrolet 5955 University Pkwy. in Winston-Salem will be right back your listening to the network and We are where a pair of modern Chevrolet and I don't know if it knows how much of the people from modern day for this community there such great giving people and it's a great place to do business in the just just want to get that out there. Yeah I know most modern supports almost every cause you can possibly imagine and have the interim is called modern Chevrolet having been here since late 1930s amendment. Marcos and Marcus is actually been here for 17 years on anything and he is got the market excellence right there on his ring that he get theirs, not everybody gets that yes monetary one more time 5955 University Pkwy. and while you get a chance to meet Nikita Cole. Of course we would love to meet you.

Talk to you when you get here so when we left her here Marcos.

He was sharing a little bit about okay we got there clip ready. So play Corrie 10 boom real quick. Let me set this up again. Corrie 10 boom and her family help get all these Jews and out away from Nazi concentration camps and forcefully she got turned in by one of her own. Somebody from Holland and she ended up going to several concentration camps and she was finally sent to Robin. I can't say it in German but it was the worst of the worst of the worst woman's concentration camp in all of Germany and it was in northern Germany. So it was cold as ever. Listening to her story of what happens when you're actually give this idea of shame when you're on your identity is really pulled away from his cigarette and play that Christian Tories extermination camp for women located in northern Germany. It was also a training center for female SS guards over infamously inhumane and cruel, along with other prisoners were made to strip naked and walk in front of Nazis and their guards for inspection. So still to me Sybil so cool when I see my sister Lisa is still in the and some pieces and across the chart vehicle hello does it take to go from pretty much empty full charge so they won't hello, here's a surface urgings: Evi Sgt. station and I want actually you can fill it up from half a thinking like two hours they actually have an effect or one now that you can go to certain gas stations and I'm sure that technology is going to rapidly play want to have a now you can do 100 miles in 15 minutes. Laugh and ethical thing on a date. You have apps you can download that actually can you through your call itself by connecting it through the applecart player, Andrew, Otto, and you can actually see where these charts and citations are know what you can plan your trip. They again and that's a lot of cents now yet so from a standpoint of electric vehicles used to cost crazy amounts of money are they as expensive as a history is not bad.

I mean the party had the look on electric vehicle to see it paying a little more than what you will pay you should for regular car owner, but the money you're saving altogether based on lessee have special deals to the dealership title was gone all day that a membrane about the discus cost and like 60 $70 every time I Philip and that you got the suburban stuff that that's the suburban sits at home a lot more then east today and that I still take it back and forth to the beach when I get a second transport on the stuff that our local running around. This is done in the smaller vehicle now yeah I understand that and so again we do, we just wanted to give you this idea of identity right and so here you are. You can even work in a modern Chevrolet for 17 years.

Marcos and so but when your little daughter Mary is not okay so you gotta get a wife and then you're not so when your friends meet you what that whether there how do they expect you to be hard and mostly all the biggest thing I wanted everything to talk to me. They want the cars I know what goes in our everyday we went winter, I will love people and you know we meet a lot of great people meet everybody you know I had had the good with the bad. So unfortunately for me I was the same way that when I whenever I went anywhere when I was in the car business. That's all. People want to talk about was cars a little they know is not really what I want to talk about me I type mad whenever bad talk Jesus out of our cars out a lot on the you'd like a different conversation and what blew my mind was the first time that my wife took me to church.

We went into the Sunday school class always. People were talking to me in the right friendly and stuff and you know anyone about cars and I was like how refreshing is this is people are nice to me and it's not because they want to buy a car is just being nice to me like what's wrong, what's up with these people and and the idea again of I you know they didn't look at me as a car person they saw me as a person right there that's on student right that's got that situation and all that stuff. So it's very interesting thing is we put on identity and I'm told by my producer that they're pretty sure that the audience heard the clip we could not hear that that you've had a chance to hear Corrie 10. And I'm just so you'll know what it says Bob like and you can talk about it with me were we talking no Cory I don't know what I how is this is that when right. Can you imagine being forced to strip down naked in front of all these Nazi officers and all the stuff and she said she it was more than she could possibly bear. She couldn't consider in your wildest dreams how she was going to take it standing there anymore and her sister Betsy was right there next to her and she said Betsy, I can't take this is too much eye contact and she's what she said was that what she said was all the sudden I picture Jesus Christ on the cross and they'd taken off his clothes and so he was naked. And if I could understand adjusted balance of how much he suffered than I can than I can bear. And so is she saw that she was able to take the suffering of standing there naked in front of Nazis. I've never forgotten that and you know what she said because she knew the Bible said it's interesting the word of God assured her in that moment that was just unbelievable thinking they cannot jump in here for a minute because I heard you talk about Corrie 10 boom and in it really resonates with me because I I've got this call from her that actually speak a lot of my men's conferences and in what you guys just describe what hopefully listeners listen to about this if you just try to mentally ascent into which we never be able to do it do into one of those, concentration camps, which by the way, we talked about my dad. Earlier, he liberated a concentration camp in Germany didn't really my dad did and he gave me a vivid description of that. But here's the call for Corrie 10 boom if you look at the world you be distressed if you look within you be depressed if you look at God.

You'll be at rest match that cool come from some of who you just described.

Strip down but naked you interrogated at me brutal eyes writing can sister was was murdering her sister died right there 10 days before you 10 days before she was really affected semi-go go go watch. I want to twice the hiding place just recently go watch that movie in the life of the 10 booms and numerical you never complain about another thing I know there's a documentary actually impure flicks which is spectacular, which takes into things that they don't show in the movie, and rightfully where I got that soundbite that is just it's it's phenomenal what she experienced on based on your quote okay and hundred and not excusing the 16 Psalm 13 Psalm it says how long will I seek counsel in my own soul. Having sorrows daily right because when you look inside right that there is no closing there. You can't put on that forever identity inside of you. It's it's something that you get when you put on Christ. And so it's it's a really cool thing when you really think about this is interesting about the hundred 19 Psalm King David says this is all that my ways were directed to keep your statutes then I would not be ashamed, when I had respect, meaning, when I could see all of your righteous judgments. No words. When we put on the Bible in which we can put it on the word of the time as you go to read that thing then you're replacing your shame, your your short time identity for that long.

You're listening to the truth and I the moralist that's on them.

I really love it. Actually, if you watch the movie where Harry Met Sally at this statement.

Last seen the geysers when you finally figure out who you want to spend the rest your life with. You know you want that to start as soon as possible. Or how about when you figure out where we want to spend eternity with. When I get that start as soon as possible that's that's the deal in and in doing that every time you read the word every time you pray every time you with other Christians you get a chance to start forever. Now it's is the best time to start. I've got admit I've had a lot of restarts and glad you not have periods where I just delay the charging station and get to that and get back on course is 15 minutes. According to Mark today and I may have to do is show just on that Marco sent me but since I actually have, you know, I spent most of my life known as a course and that isn't necessarily the identity but everybody wants but since I happen to have one that loves and I like tell from the moment I first met him that he loved doing this and so that so that people that you wonder about car salesman. Okay I'm here suggest good guy. He gets up every morning at it and why does he do that if he wants to help people to select a car in an and I can tell you, you can tell how much you've worked on understanding the electrical vehicles and in so when you need right you want good counsel you want to go to somebody that really has studied this stuff, but really what's was just innocent subcontractor markers.

What's your favorite thing about selling the car people this job you actually get to meet people, and a people person in the the recent Lashley joined the site. I need you not like interacting with people. Since my first job and all.

Here you get to help people in large me do we do a lot more stuff the people realize no just like you were saying. Most people come in with the idea that car settlement was just there to try to get them in on this one since self personally have to try to guess you do not set and I love Trent decided it heaviest to see down in endless. It didn't take your guard down a little so you can let us help you. And unfortunately, it happens most the time from the beginning.

Only one of the meal. I wish I could say that every customer walking with the not just taken office is he's automatically ready to cannot believe everything the same in unfortunately have to you know get to talk and see down here other situation got DIFFERENT stuff have you know what it feels like it on himself and relating back to the day right they had this family. They desperately needed coming there car was broke down. They desperately needed help their credit was a mass and and all the sudden you know you you you got to see got you started. Pray right and you got see God work through an and you got to feel like man I did something today that was actually worthwhile. This is seen on you know you made this people, a lot of ending on the just and unfortunately I think you have is everywhere on I think is just in car business and think is everywhere you go to you go to the beast set up or you go to you know to hardware store whatever in US money for help and need. Expect people are sitting there that they will actually know more about what you looking for then you do the recent laughs take it when I go and I want to talk to wherever you are today you might be in Washington in Iowa you might be in Salt Lake City you know when you're sitting down with a car salesman and you see scattering on this and several aims got a bunch of diamonds on it like that mark of excellence is a scene he didn't even somebody doesn't last.

In the garbage you've been around a lot of they don't last in the carcasses today. Marcus if they're out to get people that that that the lies don't get you very far in life, truth is really helpful to all customers as well make successful, you know, and repeat customers is what was our biggest thing is that the yard if you make people happy day they'll tell somebody come see if you satisfy me if you do them right and everything that if you make one person and that there 15 kn comes here that was set that I had to learn really quick at the yard and that did take time with each individual and and and try to handle each situation a little differently but just treat them all as very best you can never know what you meant really do and I may be the gathered school and not via a big customer or small customer treat them all the same, but sows that small customer situation may change in may turn into a big customer and it didn't even sweat when God taught me.

I like at one point in time my career looked like it might be over and I work my way up to the general manager Crown, and I remember praying on what this is all about what I've been working out all my life.

What is this even mean who am an Asus to me that that fit explains it all.

From my perspective. He said Rob you know when it's all said and done forever. It won't matter how many cars are sold, how many wrecks she fixed how many cars you bought it won't matter how many cars you fixed. He said what can the matter is how many people you really helped.

And so you could see that it Marcus said that that see heat he wants to help right makes of his life better and and and then believe me there are car salesman and there are service people and there's people in every industry all over the place and I got up this morning I because they want to help somebody you know right because, as you get to do that. That makes all the difference rental absolutely, absolutely. It's the year I think will be judged on how many folks we helped along the way. None not of the staff and now it's about you know at some point time.

Obviously we gotta make a living right and and you and you gotta pay the bills and you got things to do just to survive. I get that, but again it's it's a really neat thing to be the place where I know several of the salespeople here have been here a good long time which tells you something about management right like you don't you don't keep people for 17 right if if if you're article, I hear you know what I'm saying right and so you know when you work with somebody. It's nice to know what you want what's the background of that but also you know like when God gave me the message for this particular show. This idea of forever identity. I that what happens is I'm constantly wanting to put on shame. I indent the natural thing today I want to hide. I tried to hide behind a faade that is is whether or not I'm for Christian car guy.

I'm trying to hide behind, you know I'm Tammy's husband. I've had my met with members right but the only way that I can take off the shame and put on those close right is is actually to have a direct interaction with God, which, again, the easy way to do that is the Bible right as you begin to read the word of God because of what Corrie 10 boom knew it right at that moment in time when she was standing there. She said the Bible said that they took his close will. How did she know the Bible said that she'd read it and so you know at that moment and how many times is a piece of Scripture hit you in the midst of the situation and you and I know what that I know if it is well I know that music is its calluses shows a list over. We want to remind you that were here were actually out here if you listen on the truth that you close by. Be here till 1 o'clock with Nikita Co. lost the Russian nightmare.

You come by get his autograph and we would love to see you work monitor Chevrolet 5955 University Pkwy., Winston-Salem company Marcos is your opportunity electrical. This is the Truth Network

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