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Right Here With You

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 23, 2022 3:32 pm

Right Here With You

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 23, 2022 3:32 pm

You are never truly Lonely and that’s not any different on this episode Robby is Joined by Stephanie Thiessen and his dear friend Bob. As they both share their own personal stories about how they realized that they were not alone & God was right there beside them. Stay tuned and catch episode 27 of Plymouth Progress.

The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Causes reward your mental radio podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds.

Thank you. You're listening to the Truth Network and of the component shadows to Nike yes you can between alone, right here, which been here all alone in car radio show yet right here which you know he's been here all along bottom. I mean, I love that clip is from the movie bagger Vance for Legend of bagger Vance and while there's a lot of story that goes into that but if we only knew right the Jesus lives in the eternities so all time is with him and he was there every moment of every single second that you been on this earth.

And so the question today. I really have he's been right here, which is sometimes we advise the CM of the times we don't. So when was your first Easter. In other words, after the resurrection. He appeared to Peter and he appeared to James's brother, but when did he appear to you right what was your appearance or your first one or maybe even exciting when was your last one and so you know if you've got that we would love to talk to you with the idea of the Christian car guy shows me love to hear your testimonies of when God did something in your life, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and that you know here with you is the Songhai wells that you heard right after you heard bagger Vance so Bob I know you've got a story right.

When was he right there. Would you rather it when you first asked me, drew a blank and and because I couldn't definitely say the first time and then you mentioned that you inspired last Sunday at a church in Asheboro. I believe he said and I spoke last Sunday at our church and I did the children service is a short service and that I had no idea what I was going to talk about and it was just, Lado me to speak about a certain thing and years ago I was working at AT&T second shift and they called us it was snowing profusely that day and they called us Martin said in a don't come to work today were going to, you know, second, she if first noted raisins and so I went to this convenience store real close by and got some bread and this and that Galileo can and so have stuff so would have stuff at the house.

There and when I got back out to my truck. The seatbelt had slid that is older Toyota should and the seatbelts would slide down behind the seat occasionally and as like now I'm just going right up the aisles less than a mile from the house so I didn't bother would get the seatbelt out and sticking it back to the seat and headed home and I didn't get very far and a lady in a Chrysler New Yorker and in the mid 80s. They were good size vehicle. All of a sudden I see her rear income out into my lane and she had lost control of her vehicle and then passenger door hit me square in the front end. As you can possibly he and here Bob has on the seatbelts we hit so hard it busted the drinks I had in the vehicle they were spraying all in the vehicle bus to the Gelman meal. Not my boot off crack my kneecap my head eat the windshield into steering wheel up 5 to 6 inches from the windshield.

I mean just split my chin up and cracked, and he Does pretty severe incident, it was just right that the you know dear and that I was just, you know, I was concerned about this and that no other and having to direct traffic and it's all a really big blur that the you know it just I didn't have my seatbelt on and I would've been in much better shape if I do have my seatbelt on and last week after I told him that storing when God was obviously there to keep me from getting killed. I should go very easily could a Diane. They were like looking at me like with what's that got to do with Easter will when Jesus hung on the cross and died.

He became our seatbelts and protect us from RC and will remember to could you know click our seatbelts are Jesus Bales every morning will be protected from RC in won't be protected from harm or this or that, but ourselves will be protected from RC and I had is a Christian car guy solution to the Easterbrook deceitfulness out in the in the congregation abilities throughout acid you baby sit there thinking now what is that got to do with Easter about.

This well you know my stories that they tend to come full circle. It just takes me a while to get there so what you're actually saying is is you are preparing for the message in its own way right Jesus gave you that insight about the seatbelt right about seatbelt and that's what he does manage gives you the unbelievable pictures of how your story fits into his story and and and how cool and you know that I'll never ever get to forget that story, so I'd even tell your also that you can call in with your story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and coming up in the last segment of the today show. We've got the 27th episode of the Plumas progress somehow fun because Edsel evangelist is going to come share with faithful and and a Plymouth valiant about what's going to happen in Vanity Fair. Another tease can give them a prophecy. It ain't gonna be pretty. And so that's coming up in the last segment today show and I'm sure you want it all on you Robbie. What is it sure brought to you. I know they're supposed to be Hebrew letter well and I don't want to get Bob story out there early consensus to good so today's today's Christian progression was brought to, but Hebrew letter shin, and unless you've ever thought about that letter much but it looks like fire but it's the second letter in Jesus's name so if you've heard the word Yeshua batch sounds a shin. It's the same shipments in the beginning of the word peace, shalom or its in the beginning of the word, Sunday, or by me and Saturday Argus Shabbat East that would be no that whole idea of is it's unbelievable piece in it and it comes through a lot of purification and so it's kind of neat that it's Jesus the second name. But here's the thing I want to think about it. Maybe if you want to find Bible drill. If you go Robbie gave me this and I go do it. Okay whatever Bible after years and I prefer the blue letter Bible app. If you just put in third day I just type in third day and do a search of where all its in the in the Bible that something happened on the third day because you're right. Remember that it Jesus on the road to Emmaus usually told the disciples you know that it that he had to be raised on the third day according to the Scriptures will see what's happened on the third day prior to Jesus's resurrection are all you have to do is type in third. Don't do it like me. I put in a three and RD that didn't work. I could out shift. Liability radiation has to be TH IRD day and one of the most spectacular to me is you know that it was the third day that God appeared to the Jews at Mount Sinai.

They told him to get ready on because on the third day God can show up well just saying that's ahead of what's going to happen and so in a very fine I've got a really cool story coming up in the next segment and but none of those stories compare if you don't share yours so you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884's a number to call in and give us your Easter appearance. Maybe it was your first one maybe was one that just happened this week in a whatever it was we would love to hear it because again as people hear your story's like you hurt Bob story of Jesus the seatbelt is only heard on the Christian car guy said you know so many people could be encouraged by yours and so we would love to hear at 866-348-7884. Well we got a very common and when we come back only got a story for you only got a story for you, sucking so stay tuned. A whole lot more, this is the Truth Network Nike yes you can between alone right here with you been here all along you know when was your Easter.

When did Jesus appear to you were right when was he right there with you in the and you were able to recognize that while very very fun. A couple three weeks ago we had a boot camp know those who know me well know that I do that with Bascom journey and that we had a boot camp and I get a chance for the first time ever, Bob, to baptize somebody find a lady and actually, I happen to have his name is Rob Pete and his sister whose name is Stephanie Stevenson is actually on the phone with me right now. So welcome Stephanie.

How fun to have you on the show today your husband Josh will relate a story to me at the campfire that night of the boot camp that is one of the most incredible things I've heard of heard a lot of neat stuff like that, that God's done, but your story is so spectacular of when God was right there with you, and you got to see it, but there's a couple pieces to this story.

One of them was when you were really young and you were driving a was at a rhino tell tell me little bit about that.

I might add, right now, and Iraq well able to scare the back tire got caught on around conflict and let the ATV completely threw me out of it and it landed directly on my now that you know when I feel I get on the ground and I needed to get myself up because I figured out we just racked and I looked around and I didn't see Josh anywhere has been on until I was trying to push myself up and I thought Josh and he said don't live don't stay right and I remember him kneeling down next to me and he was praying kind of went out like what happened after that I my dad was there and he was just looking over me and they are planning I can find me in every air carried me. I remember getting helicopter Stephanie my dad ask you because you happen to have the radio on your phone on speaker. Okay well no worries your sound and great keep going south to airlift you like low.

Okay, go ahead yet and I left out the door and I remember you and Josh is right there and down that would be a really long drive to UK. They had all time together while I was being air care.

There I had no idea that change my life forever. I knew that I didn't. I remember getting fighting their way to content.

I knew I live hearing like my dad and my mom and Josh after the fact that I held it completely shattered shattered like black. My law brain letter like my stomach area is really bad, you are telling the doctor the time my family to get a bad hand on tipping mentioned about being John Shane. He ran over to this machine completely off of me and rolling over to help the light drank that now I know.

Looking back, to get that 2000 pound machine on top of me completely off of me.

Here there with parent that can be anything, they were already thinking I wasn't going to make it where they are and put helicopter flight coming out like my pelvic area that they figured that I like my wench. There's no way to stop that bleeding. I would've just blown out and according to the hearing. My pelvic shattered going to be I would never walk again and I would never be able to hold a child pelvic because of how shattered life. Now whenever I came to you now. I started to realize just how loud I live through all of the people praying for me all of the people showing up all the cards I'll get. I so for those listening. Let me just tell you this is only one half of an absolutely phenomenal story of Jesus showing up and you got a hold on your seatbelts on the second part of it so we can have more from Stephanie and more from you if you'd like.

Got one more segment coming Christian car guy will be right back. This is the Truth Network Nike yes you can between alone right here with been here all along been right here with you all along, and we left our hero Stephanie wow she was in the hospital horribly broken pelvis to the point that it looked like she wouldn't walk, nor ever have children and wow I know it was a long, long time on the road to recovery from that right Stephanie Stephanie, are you still with me. Yet we can yet it was a long journey to recovery at all, let me to our Savior Jesus and you know whatever I was being called all that horrible news in my family is being told that horrible you now I knew that that wasn't the truth.

That's not the truth of the Lord had for me because he kept whispering to such encouragement and love and grace.

You know to me that I was going to overcome and and that was after you and I got out of the hospital that I started going to church with Josh that we met when we were 15, so you know he was my best friend and so I started going to church with Josh and his family and we went every week and I would my whole intention was, you know what God was with me. I want to know about God and that's why I went to church in 2012 I was baptized Jesus that you know my Lord and Savior and you know there is several years of sanctification that is going to Reno. After that, you know my like to just immediately change but I welcome the Lord in my heart and he you know has just gone.

Just working, Josh and I know we are now married.

We got married in 2017 and like I should mention before whenever they were telling me that I never walk.

I knew I was gonna lock and I remember being a laying on my hospital bed down the basement at my dad and stepmom have and I got up and I started walking my dad and I just remember like inside.

You think I'm trying to get emotional and I would just my mind would know you did see was that the boot camp to and is somewhat of an emotional man so I can imagine what he went through when he saw his daughter walking and and then not terribly long. Well, just from my standpoint on terribly long, you know, you guys actually have children yeah yeah I myself how to lock out with the Lord's guidance in 2019. We conceived our daughter great and we knew what her name because it was by God's grace we were able to have her and I held her and she healthy and perfect and the pregnancy was perfect and down, then three years later we had our son Caleb and now we have our grace and we have our Caleb and we are just so grateful, and worse though you just so grateful for the Lord's provision and all of this is you talked about the there's that sentence case we all go through and so you think will I give my heart to Jesus was can be just but it wasn't that way at all because that the second accident is the one that I really I just blows my mind what happened there. So yeah 15 foot again before we were married we were still evident because we were living together and we were not married but we were trying to fit God truth and our little in box and so we were up in the mountains of Pennsylvania, one night and we had clear driving home.

It was late at night it had been like 1030 and we had missed the stop sign. I was driving Josh interstate there's a stop sign that we met and we had went flying over like an embankment. Is this really a straight drop down yeah yes it was like a mountain and it was just so steep and I remember you know us flipping and I remember that sensation of the tire sliding and flipping and then write whenever you know everything stop moving. Many times conflict so you know I wasn't counting about it was it was several.

I mean I would say you know I really don't now I dining several times probably 545 maybe seven or could we just kept going and I just remember though we were going and so we were down at the bottom.

You know, the car finally stopped moving and I was just stunned. What just happened, and I remember pushing open my door.

Kind of like tumbling out of the car and it was dark. It was raining. It was like he couldn't see anything up in the mountains there's not much lighting at all and I remember looking down at the ground and I like my goodness there's something Fahrenheit my eyes continue to be raised to a person.

It was a man but I did not notice the man's face. I didn't notice the man's hand, I just saw his body and I heard his voice and he said are you okay and I said yes yes I'm okay and he said let's get you to the top of the unit itched at the top and you know I got Josh's hand in hand and I were starting our way up this mountain with this man. And when we got to the top of the road.

The ambulance was pulling in.

I looked to my right to see that man and he was gone. He was no longer there and you know from that moment the ambulance was getting our attention getting us into the ambulance you are trying to make sure we were okay and we never even were able to. Nobody else was there with us, you know, but that man was there and I was like oh my goodness, the stories you you go over this embankment really literally almost a mountain and you get down to the bottom of this.

So you're in the field that's in literally the middle of nowhere. Like it was late at night like tonight like 1030 11 o'clock at night so you're the bottom of the sill somehow miraculously, there's this man, and from what Josh told me the roof of the car was down on the front seats like there was no place for you guys to even be in the car now know there was and we left without any further that really did have some braided on like like shoulder but that was that. You know, we didn't have any cut any kind of sign that we were just so there was this man just happened to me just happen to be at the bottom of this mountain in the rain and the rain and and then I did you guys call the ambulance or from understand how templates Chris just was leaving if you were familiar with this area nothing up there. I mean, it is not black, it was in the middle the night. It was raining actually a huge snowstorm with common and that we know about until later, but everyone was off the road. I mean, I don't even know how the ambulance got notified to be there and how they got there so quick. You know, I don't know. I have no idea what to do and so really cool some that got our attention at the right and down. You know, we decided that our time in Pennsylvania you know that we were in that whole learning experience that we were why we were there were living there at the time we decided it's time to go home and it's time to establish ourselves in the root Jesus and the truth of Jesus and it is time to really start our life you know and start our ministry together. Well time but there's one little piece of this one minute left. Well, fortunately, have 11 Christian Car Guy theater episode, so we just got a few more little short time to then was it your brothers somebody said that they were the Bible study or something and they said that use that you guys had seen an angel but didn't even know I got my sister-in-law, Josh's sister, she would admire and she was shopping just going about her business and from a random person she'd never seen her live comes up like you know just like acting like he knows her and she's like you know hello and he said I know a lot about you and he said something on the lines of you have a what someone really close to you in a car accident and they saw an angel at night and she just turned around like who are you what are you talking about, and it wasn't until later that night she knew all my goodness that was based on that night was just me. I cannot tell you how much to share in this powerful message appreciate Josh and his brother Rob like that since baptize myself before God and your family as result of all this works. Thank you for being faithful right now coming up. This is the Truth Network Christian Car Guy theater episode 27 was passed through the wilderness faithful chance to look back and saw one driving after them and he was is my good friend eventually stop revenge was come up to them all your help close my good evangelist seeing you again brings to mind all your past kindness and your faithfully done for welcome week of Angeles company is was how with you my friends, since the time of our last and how value faithful to all the things that happened to them the way and how, with what difficulty they arrived at this place for and for that, despite continued weight is very pricey right this thing for my sake. I have so is coming when both so we shall rejoice together since the crown is so broad that you take some set out and after they have gone far for another comes and takes fast.

Therefore, to what you have let Sudan take your cloud, your knowledge of how to go to the shock of the devil you know three sisters going to just strive to succeed call and behave steadfastly concerning things is that nothing that is on this side of the other world and talks to the loss thereof since your face is like a you have all power in heaven and on your side. Thank you. Let's speak about help the rest of the way we know you are a prophet and can tell us of things that might happen and also resist and overcome yes dear Edson Tellos parcel you have heard the words of the truth of the gospel that you must many tribulations enter the kingdom of heaven.

And again every six bones therefore expect more without farms and afflictions some sort of you have discovered the struggles as you soon will very soon see the town next majority set who will be determined to succeed, you can be sure that one or both of us. His testimony with so be faithful to give you a crown of life. The one who dies and perhaps very better off companion because I but also because of his show comes to town. This happens you remember me. The things that I have spoken about what is the name of this town so the name of that town is vanity in town year-round market called Vanity Fair as its name because the town that hosts the fair is only concerned with things that are important rain all sold at the fair is likewise worthless and so this is no newly erected business interest in 5000 years ago there were playmates driving to the celestial city, then Beelzebub, probably on their companions perceived by the road that the plaintiffs made their way through this town so they conspired to set a field will be sold. All souls and that it should last all year long. This prayer all such guys such as house loans trades places on titles countries lost pleasures like some sort is pressed wise masters. I logged on. So go pleasures is not. Moreover this for several times to see children keeps things names and rose that of every car soon for the next exciting adventure in the Plymouth progress now dear Danny dipstick Randy radiator to review today.

No, they told me it was long before you know what you will about getting to squeal on your on and you have been there again like I headed my way. I would follow my whole life on low life appeared the previous testing dog went to get their hearts right. I think you passed out on the Ferris wheel because you had five deep-fried Twinkie. I can't thank you enough for joining us today on the Christian Car Guy show how fun is that Christian card I theater you can find out all about the cast and crew. and I would point out is by Alan Johnson in today's episode. I have as also find out all about the your listening to the truth and because what you meant talk radio podcast are missing is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds.

Thank you

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