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NRB Chronicles -2022 Bold: Living Intentionally in Today's World

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 24, 2022 6:30 am

NRB Chronicles -2022 Bold: Living Intentionally in Today's World

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 24, 2022 6:30 am

BOLD ~ Living Intentionally In Today’s World encourages believers in Christ to be intentional in their daily lives in serving God and sharing the gospel.

Testimonies of ordinary people who stepped out of their comfort zone and took a risk to serve God will inspire you to live YOUR life with intention and boldness. Examples from the lives of heroes of faith and people in the Bible who bravely stood for God no matter the consequences will encourage you. They were BOLD in their faith, in large and small ways because they were intentional in their lives and decisions. You can be BOLD too.

This book will motivate and inspire you in your own walk of faith as you serve our mighty God.


Always so amazing I NRB we get to do their NRB Chronicles where we talk to these wonderful folks to come up with all manner. How does God take their passion so many times to do so many amazing things and this is my second time actually to talk to this young lady is Nikki Wyatt and she's younger than me so I can color your lady way. Nikki is the author and your previous book, the one we we all did the last time. It's not enough pie all yeah it's not about the I remember very good. This one is bold, living intentionally in today's world.

And this is like today.

Not years before covert or what the world and Ukraine and all the stuff that's going on so living intentionally in today's world. So what's going on this necessarily the third book I was going to write back as COBIT started actually in Idaho a week after we locked down. We had an earthquake can supply things going on. I just now got so on the throne he so sovereign. He still wants as to serve him and glorify him and and encourage others in their faith and so I kinda transitioned my head and I thought about people who are risktakers and they step out in faith and you think no matter the consequences that I knew so I asked him to write some testimonies and I wrote around each of those stories. And then I thought about people who died like Jim Elliott Corrie 10 boom, Amy, does how people Spurgeon Sirota section 2nd section has to get them about people in the Bible and I said the third section is bold in the Bible is like Daniel and Ray have been dated and disciples and so I grew the project got bigger and bigger Take on radio that's an interesting so what is right about Rita. She have to hide them despise.

She didn't have to help. See you now so but God had a plan. She's Jesus great great great great great grandmother or whatever and you plan to use her and when that when it all fell apart. Her place was the only one standing. God used her in a mighty way and she was fearless. She didn't have to help anybody but she didn't. I think we we need to be more like that. We need to not just be complacent in our house and I thought about rack fliptop.

This is kind of different, because I teach special needs adults that are like premade 25 maybe so they have autism or Down syndrome and most vocal actually and so I wanted to teach. Actually something from Byington Salm on how God through the solace for King David is talking about his grandmother seven times. He asked God to teach them the statutes and seven Scott is Jericho because they went around the rides for a week in the last day they went seven times a picture my class.

I have them all dressed up in costumes and were going around the walls of weblog trumpets that were actually just like noodles with swimming for their blowing the trumpets and were going around seven times and and what occurred to me as I was teaching that I've never thought of before, because it fits it always seems so bizarre to me that God wanted everybody in the city of Jericho dead except Rahab and her family so it almost appears about ever thought about this before is all that was to rescue Rahab because most people had been abusing Rahab you know and you may know that you know she married into a big family yeah actually was Boaz is like mother like this is you like and like if there was no Rahab, there's probably no Jesus, there was no there was no there was no you know nobody for Ruth to marry.

There was nobody for David to be born. To me this was a significant thing and I think I think that's the way it is with our lives to write and point of the book is we all have a plan. We all have things which was to do and we should be careful of doing that we have to. I go out of our comfort zone maybe beats a little uncomfortable or it's been a little bit we have to go ahead and do the same. Wow we have to go to Afghanistan or or Sudan or something like that because we can just go in our neighborhood, especially when got to do it and that's the point is how you hurry bold about. I can't even imagine. So how far you have one story like I need the story. So what was that story is kind of felt like my life. They work in a dangerous area. I can't name them or anything that that was very influential in through the years 20 years of knowing this person and the ministry that they do things that they do to me like you don't go in and talk to princes or kings of other countries and just be fearless about it and share Jesus with okay I just kept thinking of this person and then I just thought how you know we really need to see what our purpose.

You know what is our plan that we should help with what's type of thing.

What's my role God has for me and my first black eye. Not really a princess.

I was a writer and it still is kind of amazing to me that I'm doing this ministry not this late. My life Texas are mobile like a few years ago in my late 50s all the black you know and and now three books later it's all snowballed into other projects and it's like okay I'm a video series. Now I started all this out, but I'm 63 years old. You know that God wants us to keep working till then so there's no discharge of this war right because Bridget so beautiful, beautiful. What are some of the other stories and their one of the highlights. Well, there is simple things lay my brother in law who has led several people to Christ and why he he shares why he's had faithful men mentoring him and that was that something that led someone who does neighborhood Bible study. I several of them and she's just faithful and that she does on there so that text assembled and then there's some people that you know there's a couple missionaries and how they got to that point where they should go somewhere when it was really something. One of them said it was really what they wanted to do and things just kept happening for them to do that. I think that's the thing.

God is trying to do something we have to take action and follow through on it and as these testimonies start coming and they were necessarily the thing that I thought they were sure about was fairly what they shared that I thought okay but that might be what the Lord wants me to understand or even have a story about turning right so my so I have a friend Gabrielle. She I was going to law school in Las Vegas and she had a burden for human trafficking and she did all sorts of research and work and she ended up creating legislation about a bad past through their legislature on how to do it.

How many years something I don't know exactly what the bill said, but usually 25 years old. She's making a huge difference because everything she does. She does intentionally and with purpose and you know I think we get so complacent in our lives. You know, go to church.

We do this immediate side and help with this and that you know but what are we doing, that's more extreme to be doing understand I understand the book is bold and so Nikki I would imagine at this point in time you have an offer website yeah I have two websites I have my Nikki website has all my stuff. I link to that Colossians 312 ministries website which is resources for compassion's fees like widows and orphans and addicts. So yeah, I have those both of those and then my new video series is a Facebook group live boldly on its people can join up and they can watch the videos every week off but it's always such a joy. See what God's doing harborage see what's coming next.

Effects thank you

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