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Psalms 119:171 Gushing Praise

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 27, 2022 11:42 am

Psalms 119:171 Gushing Praise

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 27, 2022 11:42 am

Psalms 119:171 My lips shall utter praise, when thou hast taught me thy statutes.

The fruit of learning the statutes is the counsel anointing, I Love the story and this episode


This is good Truth Network treasurers of 19 oh I love you all and which were in the top section we talked about that letter Tov has to do with the truth and especially the truth.

It comes at the end of the story that you know this is this is the end of the stop. And what a truth we have today of Ms. hundred and 71st verse, which is the third verse in the top section, which would make it the anointing of counsel. So we talked about this all through this all met in Isaiah 11 we have the anointing of the Holy Spirit gave Jesus. But since the truth of the word of God itself is Jesus that every single letter has these anointing's and we believe the psalmist is expressing these understandings of these letters through the first seven verses in in the eighth verse would be the miracle verse of each of the letters. And so when we get to this third one. It would be the Council of you know the letter Tov and clearly I think you'll see that it's absently spectacular. As we read this verse in English. It reads verse 171. My lips will utter praise when thou has taught me by statutes. So, as always, the verse will start with Tov and the word that starts with that letter.

Tov is the word honor which is spectacular word in so many different ways and has everything to do with letter Tov because this word is the idea of prophecy, and specifically the prophecy of Miriam when she would sing to the rock that was the well.

It is called Miriam's well of the rocket was in the desert that rolled and it would spew forth water and so this idea of praise not just utter but actually to spew out this praise that that is what the psalmist is talking about. And so, how cool is it that his lips are going to spew out this praise. As a result of being taught the statutes well a really really spectacular idea that is here to give us overall an idea of what the Tov means is this idea of praise. Here is the word to Hilla and to Hilla. The Psalms themselves in Hebrews, are called to Hilla. In other words, this is the idea of us all, and so clearly his lips ever utter this praise. This is the end of the story is ease uttered so much praise is unbelievable because why because God has in fact taught him the statutes that he's asked to be taught throughout the song rightly been asking and asking teach me thy statutes. And here, King David is giving us this counsel you want to sing praises learn is statutes you know and and specifically the one we know that King David knew also. Well was love the Lord thy God with all my heart with strength and with all by all vice like that that I is are all that, there it is, because the idea of me owed everything we have and that's the wholehearted King David that his lips just uttered know everything he had in it. As a result of learning the statutes so you know we we talked about these throughout the Psalm, and here we get to this fruit. You know like if we learn the strategies is what's going to happen and and we've gotten is hit all the way through. But this, this is just so cool.

As a result of what is happened is King David is certainly delivered so many Psalms to us and and it just also gives us an understanding of how much truth is in the Psalms because the of of what God did at taught David it's it's it's absently spectacular. Why because it was his heart that he wanted to be taught and and so here's the first of all that and so I have a wonderful story.

My daughter is graduating from Stanford University in Birmingham Alabama on Saturday and she had been trying to get this job, and we have been praying and praying and praying she did her internship or you know of student teaching and at a school there in downtown Birmingham it's a Christian school that teaches to the inner-city school. The under privileged kids and she is really really really loved it and was hoping that she would get the job and she did one interview than the second interview. She felt like she didn't do so good with the headmaster of the school herself and she didn't hear, and she didn't hear, and she didn't hear for weeks and finally headmaster called her and told her that she hadn't done so good in that interview, but they wanted to give her 1/3 interview by the chairman of the board of the school and because I really thought that there was a chance that she could be a teacher there and so she had that third interview and when she did I ask lots and lots of people for a hit everywhere I went. You know, we prayed so I you know I have a group that meets Thursday morning we prayed my Sunday school class and we prayed for Mariah and and then when my Bibles study that meets on Saturday night we prayed and then last but not least the Tuesday morning of the truth broadcasting does devotions every morning and we prayed for Mariah on Tuesday morning this week but Tuesday afternoon my cart. My daughter called me. She was just ecstatic and and scream. You know I got the job. I got the job and it was just spectacular and she said, but I gotta tell you what happened. That's what happened and she said well I was sitting in my parking lot just processing what happened to me. That was the last day she had classes in considering whether what next was her chapter in her life and she says actually listening to secular radio station was in a secular song and all the sudden Mike radio took control of itself, and somehow switch the channel over to a Christian music station, which was seen which was playing a song by Brandon Lake called gratitude and she said have you ever heard of that song Betty and I said yeah heard that song. I get to that more that there in a minute.

She said, and right in the middle of that song. I was just worshiping you know God I'm so grateful for all you give me then write a memo that song headmaster from the school calls and tells me you know congratulations you now are teaching at the school that she was so hoping to teach at, and so you know, and I thought it was unbelievably spectacular because what she didn't know about the song gratitude by Brandon Lake is.

That's one of the songs is in the chosen movie and so last December, my wife and I are actually back in November we got the tickets ahead of time were so excited about going to see the chosen and and we sat down to see that the the thing but you know they had this wonderful worship music before the actual episode that there were in a show of Mary in heaven, Jesus, and so you know, one of the songs that that they sang in this and we are in this theater in all excited to see the chosen and here's his beautiful worship music and Brandon Lake sings this song, gratitude, and when he does I don't know what happened to something touched me and my eyes literally gushed tears. I mean like I've never had tears come out of my eyes does flowing down my face and my wife actually looked over and said was off, I think that no not directly escorted across the aisle or anything that they were literally gushing out of my eyes like I've never shed tears in my life and and as a result of listening to this song and so I can't help but think of the relationship to Miriam's well or to the idea of my lives rather praise on this case.

My eyes rendering praise when I heard that song and when my daughter called me oh my gosh I did it.

She said when she told me what's up that they were playing.

I mean I was like you got to give me this is the song mean so much to me so I thought you might enjoy. I am going to actually play that song now for you gratitude by Brandon Lake Montral home could see these as it is so so so is an and

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