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Psalms 119:173 Beggars Can Be Choosers

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 29, 2022 8:30 am

Psalms 119:173 Beggars Can Be Choosers

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 29, 2022 8:30 am

Psalms 119:173 Let thine hand help me; for I have chosen thy precepts.

Here the letter TAV shows how God's Hand will help those who beg for meetings with Him - my story of how God did that very thing for me.


This is the Truth Network treasurers of the hundred and 19 wonderful, wonderful knowledge that we today in the verse of top section of the hundred 19 Psalm is retirement talking about all the way through the tall section that it has everything to do with truth, and we will know the truth. In the end, and even as we talked last episode approved the putting will be in the be eating or know they'll know you are my disciples, by how you love one another. So really call this particular verse, which is the again the is the knowledge, anointing, and this we read in English verse 173 let thine hand let thine hand help me, for I have chosen by precepts so again, you know, as we talked about that you know every verse starts with the letter that has to do with its section and once again as this idea of left is the word that begins about letter Taubman and the idea of you know, the result will be that his hand is going to help us essentially that will be the fruit or the proof of the pudding will be as if his hand is helping you and wow you must be choosing the precepts and the precepts of we talked about many times as I've studied this more and more have to do with face-to-face meetings of holiness growing closer to God. Not only with God, but also with people of God.

So, since people of God have God in them. So when you meet together with groups like Bible studies or church or its Sunday school or men's groups and women's groups, you know, even your own family you know if you're talking about a meeting about God and is in a family devotion, know this is a precept, and as we keep those then were saying. The psalmist is telling us that you know God is going to come in with his hand and help you, like he did with Jacob and Laban write his hand helped and would get those more spotted sheep and goats and so these these two verses are very connected that this is a piece of knowledge that is very very valuable in our precepts as we keep these meetings with God and we keep these meetings with other people that were putting ourselves in a position for God to help us with his hand. And so my story along these lines, I often think about actually I think about it every week because when we were maybe have to tell little bit of the back story is that where one point time I ran the Chrysler store that was up here right by the radio station. It was Scott's now called Northpoint Chrysler.

The time I was there and called Bob Neal Chrysler as the president of that company and when I got fired from that company and went on to start Westside Chrysler that it was a bitter.

Pill for me to swallow. I should've let it go, but I couldn't. And for years I hated the even come up to this part of town because it reminded me of the agony of putting all my hard work into this company that flourished the way it did. And then they might my thanks for that was getting fired from my point of view right and so I was bitter about that in so you know I for me to even go by Northpoint was was it a difficult thing for me and so I knew how I felt about Northpoint. I think it's tremendously funny got sense of humor that I how many times I've had to go by Northpoint. Now that I've worked here for a little over on 1112 years later it's been or even doing in this regard.

I show for years I have to go right by Northpoint because it's right there on my way to work and certainly long since work through this thing, but for right at this point, tell you the story I was pretty bitter and silly even come to this part of town was was hurtful to me and so as I was locking the dealership that David Stu Epperson offered me the job and all that that particular day I had a devotion which I have done for years and years at Somerset and I had started doing that almost the year. In fact, I did start doing it the year that we open the dealership in 1998 and so every week on Friday. Back then I would do a devotion which and incenses a precept right and they were to do it dear dear dear saints that have come and gone. Obviously, over the years of one of which you've heard me talk about was Miss back and it was just her choice thing that I got to do, which was to do these devotions well on Thursday mornings for years and years and years I had Christian business men's committee here there in Marksville, which was another precept, and so by me meeting with my Christian brothers in Marksville for years was was my precept that I had chosen right and I chosen to do them one at Somerset.

So as I am walking back across the dealership the day that I knew I was going to close it and have to change careers or do whatever it was that I was going to do. I started to think about how bad I felt when I where I would go by Northpoint and I said God please don't mean make me hate this place. The way I hate Northpoint and of that. This part of Marksville because I love this part of Marksville and there's two things I mean I understand I can't run the dealership anymore, and I understand them and go away from this and I don't know or you hate taking me but wherever I go I please still continue and I did. I chose that day.

I said can I please still continue to do the devotion at Somerset and I can I still do see BMC Christian business men's committee and miraculously from my point of view. To this day. In fact, actually. I'm recording this today on a Thursday morning is what I did was to make things easier. I made Christian business men's meeting early Thursday morning and I would leave from there and go to do. Somerset so I do actually to precepts every Thursday morning that I asked God to let me do and I do to this day, and I can even tell you the many ways that God's hand is provided for me to be able to do that. In other words, I chose these precepts all my gosh the that there these friendships. These these hundred and mothers. I've talked about that are in my life and and my friends are Christian business men's committee that I meet with every week I met I just have no concept of what my life would be like if I didn't have these people to share God with. I mean, so much of what I share over the years on the radio happened is as as a result of me talking with these two groups long before I did the Christian Garda Jean on Saturday. So what happens for years and years and years as God begins to teach me something I take that to my Christian business men's meeting early on Thursday morning and talk to them about it and after they help me get you know, sorta pictured in my mind that I would teach about that at the devotions same concept same idea and the whatever that was, God would give me then I would take it on the Christian card I show on Saturday and on Sunday I would get to do that with my special-needs class.

In other words, I would need to to to provide that same piece of learning in a way that my special-needs class would learn and so interesting thought deeply away is to keep all these different precepts so beautifully allowed people to rob your cabling to do all his thing that is not really it it it's just like my life is absolutely beautiful that God right because I chose his precepts right his hand.

The providences on me and and so I hope that in your life.

You have some precept that you can continue to choose God clearly seen right this verse comes alive because of the proof of the pudding is are you still doing it well and must be added as the ideal letter Tom is in verse 170. Let thine hand help me. I have chosen my precept

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