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Psalms 119: Review Miracle

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 9, 2022 8:33 am

Psalms 119: Review Miracle

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 9, 2022 8:33 am

So what does Philippians  4: 1-4 have to do with the 119 Psalm - listen to the miracle and see what God had for me today..



This is the Truth Network treasurers of very crazy morning digging around another 19 all my story in the later so last week.

As you may know, I finished up at the beginning of the week a couple verses left in the hundred 19 Psalm and then since I was preaching on Sunday. On Mother's Day I had been studying the foremothers and did Bible wonders for several days on that and waited for the Lord to show me what he wanted. Next to the hundred 19 Psalm and so as I finished up yesterday. This morning when I got up for as I normally do. I do been a long weekend, so I probably kind of tired but I'm I'm just praying and praying and and and as I get my position is just where I normally do after praying for 3045 minutes asked God where do we want to go today and he was pretty clear that he wanted me to go to Philippians chapter 4 and I love Philippians chapter 4, and so you know I thought will data be interesting.

I wonder where were headed with that is that a Bible wonders just where what you were we going Lord, and so I go over and I reviewed Philippians chapter 4 which is just spectacular. You will rejoice in the Lord always and and you know all the stuff on prayer is just an amazing chapter.

I've always just delighted in it. But actually, as I was reading it I route read through it three or four times to see if the Holy Spirit would jump something out at me and and nothing kinda did and as I was just reading it. I think I drifted off to sleep, but I know I was certainly a sleep at all the sudden nowhere and and I use the blue letter Bible app and semi-blue letter Violet Bible app was on my tablet that I had in my lap as I was sitting there I guess dozing, having read Philippians 4 several times and all the sudden God. Since humor is J Vernon McGee because one of the things in that app is your digging down in the universe. You know you can get a commentary on it and wanted commentaries is the is the audio commentary and so J.

Vernon McGee is speaking and I like it just woke me up a course because I'm I'm not expecting anybody to be in the house but me and all the sudden Jay Vermont.

Vernon McGee is speaking on Philippians chapter 44 and and this is kinda what he said, which led me to where were going will eventually get to the hundred 19 Psalm you'll see how.

But this is what J.

Vernon McGee what it what a brilliant. I've always loved him and I listen to them for years and years. My friend Rodney I know will be delighted in this what fate J. Vernon McGee essentially said was you the course in Philippians chapter 4 is a critical chapter and he said is the powerful Christian living and he said that verses one through four are the source of that power which is joy and five through seven with the secret to that power which is prayer and verses 10 through excuse me verses eight and nine are the sanctuary of power or the contemplation of Christ and then verses 10 through 23 of the satisfaction of that power which is verses 10 through 23 was I heard that it just launched me in a means like the Holy Spirit does gave me that and so that I could perk up if I don't work but that's what happened and when it did, man, my soul just lit up like I know exactly where I'm going once I put that down and got that a little bit organized that this has to do with power and I and I thought about you know. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice that the course, the, the joy of the Lord is our strength from Nehemiah 8 and so I said well there.

I can go dive into some Hebrew and see if I get a feel for where the Holy Spirit taken me so I go to Nehemiah you know, eight, 10, and oh my goodness when I saw what that is and then I looked at it in lieu of of what all it says in Philippians 4, eight, and so just now to get to the part where we talk about the hundred 19 Psalm when you look at the word joy in Hebrew. I'm just gonna spell it for you and then think about this from the you know each section of the hundred 19 Psalm we talked about has eight verses in the last verses American verse which God gives us an idea as if we can reach all the potential of that particular letter are all the anointing's of that letter through Christ and this is kind of where were going so when we look at the word joy that's a different kind of sin should usually I think of joy as a retention Hebrew. This one is not that word.

This word is spelled. That's the joy, the Lord is our strength which clearly I'm sure when you look at this and all the applications have to do with what Paul was thinking because you know course. Paul fought in Hebrew gives he was, you know, a Pharisee separable that word joy that is in the MIA. It starts with a hat right and so when you think about the word. I mean the last verse in the heck section. It says the whole earth is full of thy Hasid or lovingkindness in English, teach me your statutes.

Remember I was just absolutely beautiful and and and think about that when it comes to joy. So the fact that that that the idea of the head. Is that what this is our marriage to Christ okay and it's and that we know that the whole earth is full of thy Hasid and there's all kinds of joy in that. And the second letter is doll. It. And so when you think about the miracle verse in the letter dilated, which is in the eighth verse it says I will run in the path of thy commandments when now in largest our hearts like oh my goodness like okay so as being married to Christ in the kitten with this idea of the love that I have in serving right that that I'm in a run in the commandments that if you love me or to keep my commandments at the idea and were running here in this love while you see the sense of joy in that and then you have a vow of which you know what is just a continuation we talked about that many many times when you look at the last verse of the miracle verse in the letter vav. The last verse in the vav section is I will lift my hands up to the commandments that I love and I will meditate on thy statutes. So here again were get this idea of serving right because little lift our hands up to the commandments of Dominica were to run when our hearts ride and and so then the last letter is hey and you might remember in the last verse of the letter hay is just absolutely spectacular because it says, behold, I have long after thy precepts quickened me in my righteousness. And so when you put those altogether and and then you think about how that these verses. When you look in in in Philippians 4 and you try to figure out why in the world was Paul putting this service of these two ladies together with the idea of rejoicing in the Lord, you can see how much service and precepts and statutes and commandments fit into the idea of rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice. So, again, to read those first for which again J. Vernon McGee, if we read the first four verses in Philippians 4 and we go with what J. Vernon McGee was saying was, here's, you know, essentially the source of the power of Christian living, which are that idea of the source being the joy, the Lord is our strength. Here we go there for my brethren dearly beloved and longed for, my joy and crown, so steadfast in the Lord, my dearly beloved, I beseech you this in beseech sin show that they be of the same mind in the Lord. You see the connection. The service right there and I am treat the also true young fellow right service people are serving to help those women which labored with me in the gospel with claimant also and with other my fellow laborers whose names are in the book of life, then it says rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice. You see the connection. I never would've seen this before. If I hadn't just went wait a minute that's what that's why that word rejoice is so important that that idea of joy from the standpoint of the joy of the Lord is our strength. It has to do with this idea of service all my goodness. And you can see where he's connected that all in this source of power from Philippians 4 and so there you have the ID as we are digging around in 119 Psalm of going okay now we can begin to apply this in other places in the New Testament of the Old Testament as we go, as were trying to understand why certain things are in certain passages we can see how connected us serving the Lord and love is to our joy and as to spectacular my point of view.

I hope you enjoy that this morning.

Be interesting to see where God is motherly.


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