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Hidden Trasures of The Song of Songs - 1 - Verse 1

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 16, 2022 8:46 am

Hidden Trasures of The Song of Songs - 1 - Verse 1

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 16, 2022 8:46 am

Song of Songs 1: 1 The Song of Songs which is Solomon's

In transition from Psalms 119 a continual review and meditation of (what is a Statute), as the Word Statute has only two letters a Chet and a Quaf. The letter Chet is the miracle letter in so many ways, the eighth letter in the Alef-Bet and is a picture of our Union with God in Christ. No better place to study that Than in the Song of Songs - So here we go. What is your Song of Songs - At the end I play mine I wrote a year or so ago, just to illustrate that its all about the heart no your musical gifting.


Hidden treasures of the song of songs, which is hundred nine, transitioning to hidden treasures of the song of Solomon. As you know, Lord put it on my heart to meditate on statutes right but you might remember as we were finishing up 119 Psalm when we got to the pay section was the last time that the psalmist asked God to teach in my stats, it said make my face shine upon my servant and teach me thy statutes and so what's we are doing is we're heading into the song of Solomon is in its own way. It's kind of a continuation of that are 19 Solomon like a never-ending quest to understand what our hook up another words, what are these statutes because as you as we talked about in several episodes that that word statutes is only two letters in Hebrew and they are the habit and the cuff and so as we try to understand these letters better that we can meditate on these statutes just like we talked about and prayed about in the Psalm so many times, as the letter hat has to do with our marriage in our union with Christ. It is the miracle letter and that is the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and it has to do with a female, excuse me, has to do with a male energy coming down that would be Christ in the wave of blitzes like Jacob's ladder and then there's a Zion on the other side of the hat which is a female energy that is being reflected back up and that is the bride of Christ and then over the top of that is was called ahead to Derek and the idea of this is, it's a Hooper like the hoopoe that you would be married in the very cool Jews teach that light is what comes through that narrow gate right there, which would be the light of the world. So as we see Christ and as we get more united to him will reflect that light back up and and that is on the eighth letter and so is it is. Is it just appeared to me as I was praying, praying, praying about this idea statutes.

All of a sudden it just struck me as I've always felt like that Hebrew alphabet was building.

Another was an elf. Aleph was building the back of the bat was building the demo, etc. all of a sudden it just struck me like all my goodness, just like John Eldridge sentences is a love story set in the midst of a great battle.

And so when I started to see the out of bed.

In this way all of a sudden I realize all my goodness, the Alice Bennett is telling the love story in its own somewhat well. In other words Howard to get to this marriage is an eight verses of the song of Solomon right that is not any coincidence at all. I don't think that the hundred 19 Psalm has eight verses and I should measures in eight chapters in the song of Solomon and so I don't think it's also any accident all that the song of Solomon has eight chapters and as you may know, those who know me well know I is my been my favorite book for years and years and years.

So as we are transitioning now are still inns and our own way.

Still doing hidden treasures hundred 19 Psalm were doing it in quest of understanding the statutes which has everything to do with understanding our union with God, and in no better place to study that in my opinion, then in the song of songs and soldiers transitioning right now to the first verse in the song of songs you know in English it just read simply the song of songs, which is Solomon's and not surprisingly year to find that one of the key letters of that verse is in aleph. As were talking about that this is the first would be the wisdom of the idea of these eight verses that were gonna find out about the head, neck, and I don't that sincerely no are all are going. I just know this is where God has me go is going and he's also related on my heart to memorize the song of Solomon and so I'm very very very excited to get into this adventure to understand the hat better understand our marriage to Christ better understand the out of bed better in the course be able to meditate on these statutes, which I think has everything to do with our union with God so the idea of a song of songs right it's it's really cool if you study the way that a lot of the Psalms are titled you'll note that their title different ways like a song or the Psalm or Psalm Anna song and it's interesting like if you look at the beginning. In Hebrew, of the 24th Psalm versus the 25th. You'll notice that the 24th of I recall correctly says that it's a Psalm of David.

But the 25th is backwards like that of David, a Psalm and and so there's a significant difference in like the 25th Psalm was actually David song where the 24 song 24 Psalm was like a Psalm of David.

Well you may know, according to, you know, second Kings chapter 4 verse 32. Solomon spoke 3000 Proverbs 900, which by the where in the book of Proverbs, and he had 1005, songs, silver, landing here that this is number one on the hit list of supplements up on you know you more songs and midwives. But anyway I can. I think it's fascinating.

His passion and obviously I'm not surprised that he wrote thousand five songs but this one is the biggest and the best there is no doubt about that in so many different ways. The Jews have taught actually that this, in fact, they still teaching and taught forever that this is the holy of holies of the Bible and other words of all the books of what they call the tenant all their cannon of the Bible. They will tell you that the song of Solomon is the holiest because this is literally in fact, when they use the word Solomon in the Psalm.

In Hebrew, this is one of those words that so holy that if they got it wrong and they didn't capitalize it in the right way when they wrote it in their Torah scrolls they would get lashes because they felt like Solomon's name and this was so holy, because it is a picture of our or in this case Solomon's relationship with Christ. But again, you can put your own name in there you can put the church in there you can put the Jews in there however you want to look at if you're God's people. This is your song right and and and it's gonna take is there not just a song but the song of supplements is an and you may be arrived at left on my socks to know that that that word sure in in in Hebrew starts with the shin. And then there's above and then there's a rage when it comes to the idea of the song right and so when you look at that word in Hebrew, and we do our little hundred 19 in test Anna to look what that would look like in the miracle verses of the of each of the letters of the word song. It looks like this so it starts out with the shin.

We talk about is his beautiful fire word that has so much to do with judgment and testing, but also so much to do with peace and shalom and Shabbat and all these things so the shin. The miracle verse was. I will keep your precepts and testimonies all my ways are before the and so you know, here's this idea of cherishing these precepts and testimonies and clearly as we head into the song of Solomon. You know, we are cherishing this in a big way and you will not be surprise at the second letter is evolved because it has everything to do with praise and worship said letter involve the miracle verse is, I will lift my hands up to the commandments and I will meditate is that I will lift my hands up to the commandments that I love and I will meditate on your statutes. Well that that's exactly what were doing is written into the softness. Solomon and so there's two of those when it comes to you know the song of songs we get visions into loves right there is beautifully and then the last letter in the word song, which is a reddish is thy word is true from the beginning and every one of thy righteous judgments endure with forever. As we talked about before that were judgment has a shin in it as well. So this idea of like working to get some refining to go through this particular fire of this song which is the song of songs and so many different ways.

Matthew Henry, one of my favorite commentators on the Bible.

He wrote about the song of Solomon that it was the deepest of the deep that an elephant could swim around in it and most of the Puritans and and all held to that same idea of this being the allegory of Christ and the church or in this case I'd like to do it as me and Christ. And so as we head off into this adventure. I wonder about your song right. We know that David had songs and Solomon had songs and so what would your song like look like if you wrote a song maybe already a songwriter but what would your song of songs, be well thought out that for myself and actually year before last I took it upon myself to read, learn the guitar, which I cherish when I was young and I either learn to play classical guitar when I was very young and some of the moves on the song classical gas came out. It was always something it'd been my challenge to learn it and I wanted to learn it for boot camp and and so as I set out for that. I unfortunately dropped into my little fingers to make it doubly difficult to learn how to play but nonetheless I finished what I tried to started out doing when I was 13 or 14 years old and finish learning how to play classical gas. The way I like it anyway and I did that without the use my little finger will after I did that and ended gotten you know better, really, at the guitar than I've ever been in my life. Not to say I'm good at it but I was at least feeling like I was making serious progress guitar I wrote this song and and so that next spring. My producer bet then you might remember just an awesome awesome friend she recorded it and so I'm in a play my song and it pretty much speaks for itself, which at this point in time.

Of all the songs I've written, and I wrote a lot when I was younger, but never about God. So this was this is Robbie's song of songs is these Solomon I ran and as things is she's an nine seeing deep sadness love as fast a new started as an essay is an change in our time

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