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Song of Songs Verse 2 - The Ultimate Kiss

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 17, 2022 9:05 am

Song of Songs Verse 2 - The Ultimate Kiss

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 17, 2022 9:05 am

Song of Songs verse 2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.

God's Kisses help bring down our walls like wine frees our inhibitions. The amazing word in thgis verse is this Love - Daelt Vuv Dalet - my explanation and how my wife demonstrates that for me....

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Treasurers song of songs, which is no and the song of Solomon one verse two and I'm sure you're to see like I do this unbelievable verse and I will so we just dig right in. As verse two reason English let him kiss me with kisses of his mouth and I love better, I know how full Solomon himself speaking in originally expecting God himself of the Messiah, which will get to why that is. He thinks that in the next couple verses you can see some spectacular things but right now the very first thing he asked his being needy out loud.

In my opinion Psalms just telling Solomon is just telling Christ what he really really wants and what he really really wants is to be kissed with kisses of his mouth and as he describes it, that's better than wine.

In the course of those was out of the 60s did remember to remember the song kisses sweeter than wine. But this is better than wine.

That's a different word than sweeter and so as we dig into this.

In Hebrew there are so many amazing, amazing things to talk about but one of the neat things are to start off at the end is the wine right so it's better than wine and I love all the Jews teach about wine that that they have this idea that wine breaks down the walls and as we talked about before in the Jeremiah passage where you know God's going to do a new thing. The bride encircles the groom that we all build walls around the things that we really want because were afraid to ask for what we really want because we don't want our hearts broken that we won't get them and so this is the beauty of what King Solomon is doing here as we are, you know, imitating Solomon and saying this is this what you really really want is it you want God to kiss you with kisses of his mouth, and they for sure are better than wine. Love the idea of breaking down the walls and sends this what we really really want because wine has that in the physical world, ability to get people to drop you know there walls to an extent, to be more relaxed, to be more free with saying what they really feel and and so here you know the psalmist is explaining that the kisses of God are better than that and that they drop our walls and kisses when you think about them.

They they do like speaking bring you in the present time, like if you remember the first time you kissed your spouse or maybe you know favorite aunt. Whatever the that the feeling of that because it's connected to your mouth puts you immediately in present time and it and it puts you in a in a place of comfort and end of joy and of pleasure and so all those things as they come together, they drop down the insecurities so that you can express love and so the key passage is coming excusing what I would say is the key word here. And it's a word that were see repeated more than 40 times in the song of Solomon and something that I love the way he introduces it right here is what he says is that your love is better than wine and that word for love fascinating lay at his very fascinating study in all of the self and probably we could be about five episodes on it on gift giving it a chance to because it's repeated 40 times the word that is translated love here will be translated the beloved and it is dollar five dollars and that may sound familiar to you because it was Solomon's father's name David doubt you can hear it dollars five dollars and so is it interesting.

I mean, I find it more than fascinating that the miracle verse in the doll and as you recall, which King David certainly knew the dog well is I will run in the path of thy commandments when now in largest my heart. And again, the idea being that doll. It is a servant and in order to run in servitude right that you can have this large heart and so this idea of the beloved being serving so you know if you're married or maybe a you will just take some understanding from somebody's at this point in time 66 years old when it comes to romancing your spouse. It comes from a point of how can I bring you pleasure.

Right. How can I give you what it is you're looking for. In other words, that that that that the idea of love is if you believe me you will keep my commandments.

If you love me. Excuse me if you love me you will keep my commandments.

And so you know, Jesus gave us this unbelievable insight that to love is to serve in so many different ways and obviously with all our heart is the idea of David himself, and that the fact that his name was doll involved. All it tells you why he was the beloved right is very name meant that and Solomon hones in on that idea here as he understands that God is if he came to serve us in amazing ways and is he brings us pleasure in any way shape or form. He is serving us.

And so as we drop down our walls with these kisses of his mouth were asking for what it is we really really want you know that is the idea of allowing somebody to serve you which it's interesting that it's hard for us to admit what we want because it's kinda hard for us to be served but that's what God wants to be able to do. He wants to to find out what you really really want in the course. He really has his wants to, and we would love are what love to be better than wine that it would help somebody drop down there walls and the other aspect of wine is it gets better with age right and so you know this is another beautiful concept. So the idea again as we are in the song of Solomon in understanding we hope.

Of the hundred 19 Psalm and what are statutes and as we talked about yesterday want to make it more clear because I was kinda confused. As I said it.

As I listen to my own apps that the song of Solomon has eight chapters that would again be the number of the letterhead that but also would be the miracle of the letterhead from my standpoint, which is the miracle letter every chapter in the verse and every chapter in the hundred 19 Psalm also has eight verses which we've talked about were that we broken down in the seven anointing's of God and then the miracle verse being the eighth verse and so here we are with this idea of love being the key idea here, in my opinion the reason why we want these kisses is because we want to experience God's love.

God wanting to give us pleasure, right and no better way. In my opinion when he kisses us with the kisses of his mouth. He's doing it with his word. His work comes out of his mouth. And so if we want to experience kisses from God at any particular moment in our life it from my perspective is to get into his word or if it even better. If you have it in your heart you can remember.

For God so loved the world… Whatever scripture you have.

It is a kisses of his mouth and if you go back and think about that Scripture whatever it is you immediately go right in the present time just like a kiss and you realize how much that love is better than wine and and their two aspects of the Jews teach about wine one as it brings down walls and the other aspect is that it gets better with age and and oh my goodness I'm sure as I've gotten older I've got an opportunity to grow closer to God, which is made me better through his love and and you know again wind as being a worldly example of a spiritual truth that Solomon was aware of and now he's going to share and and so I guess is you look at who in your life right.

In my case is my wife Tammy right that kisses me with kisses of her mouth, but she does so many other things like she knows I love homemade bread and so last night she was up all hours making homemade bread are another thing that she knows I left, which is then connected to my mouth.

Another thing she knows I love I love putting in should put pieces of cream cheese and chocolate pudding with just out of this world and all I know that tonight when I get home to this Tuesday night is when she makes me plenty after only way I know that every one of those experiences are kisses of her mouth and she loves to give me pleasure. She loves to give me the life and and I love to do the same for her and as we do, were able to break down those walls on what I really want really out loud. It's an amazing thing and again have a chance

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