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Car of Cars

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 21, 2022 1:44 pm

Car of Cars

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 21, 2022 1:44 pm

In today's episode Robby is joined once again by Jerry of Ray's Body Shop. Listen as they discuss favorite cars and the Song of Songs.


Hello this is will Hardy with RAM talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it shared the most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network. This is good Truth Network goes by you, and I am on all radio show and will call our cars today, with carved cars on the Christian car guys show so blessed to have a good friend, Jerry are Christian buddies up with us today. Jerry and Greg be here this my you know what when it sung the lady and I just thought you know what how much easier my world would be if you have any color as long as black.

Can you imagine, I mean really, that would be his gray again. I can't even imagine how much simpler it would still be so much less expensive, which was the idea behind of ever just coming in one color because what that did to the manufacturing process.

As far as making it less expensive, is exactly why he kept it there so you heard the model T song by Darren Clark and then the ballad of Henry Ford by Thomas McGuire and yes you know from my standpoint.

If somebody said Robbie what is the car of cars. I would have to say beyond a shadow without my own world I would say was a model T were to get into that some today there's for sure going to do that without a lot of updates for the Jesus labor. Love is if you're in the world today. I imagine you'd be looking for something simpler to I get one of the shows I get to do is called animal rescue, and yesterday I interviewed in the studio this amazing Afghan fighter. Amazing soldier just that had literally extracted thousands of people out of Afghanistan and when he heard his heart was going on for the people even even gone out there were starving to death because her you know there's no food for them and the other people that are still in the country that still need extracting and then he got all the stuff Ukraine and the got inflation in the Jesus labor lovely poured out.

Oh, this was a tough week for a lot of lot of folks you know and and Robbie sitting think about that.

I mean just went when you just wrap your mind around all the hurt in this world, you know, we we see it in this country. I mean heck it hurts going on the gas pump and put in you and your vehicle hurt Cindy and understood he had enough now, but you just that. Just the seen and heard and so you know along the ideas of simple in that.

And then there we go. I mean the model T was a really simple solution and we can all use a little more simple as that's kind of the idea here, but what's what was your car of cars. He can be. Think about that for you what's what's your card of cars to the model T, you know what made it the carved cars from Robbie's point of view. I hear it isn't so simple. It was a car that people could afford and it was a good car so you know, essentially, you know that the wisdom of that is lost.

I really think I'm Henry Ford because it was his passion.

It was his song to sing, so to speak that that Henry Ford wanted to get a car that was affordable for everybody. And so it started out 1908 is the first model T. It was $850. But by 1924 with all his innovations in the idea behind the assembly line and all he got it down to $250 okay $250 in today's dollars that would be 4481. Now I ask you, if any manufacture could come out with a car that we could purchase for 4040 and $81.

It would and it was a good car it would take the market by storm. It would matter. All the options it well.

It would matter if and only came in black right right it would it would just take the market by storm and what amount of people would take to build these cars put people back to work coming so interestingly along those same lines, because you know I may be headed somewhere.

Jerry knows I am somewhere about 3000 years before that Solomon's return about the car. Cars who have written 1005 songs by the way, five more than the advising country, but in perspective that he wrote this song of songs and it too was affordable to anyone, which is deeper than you may think. And it's a good song.

In fact, the best way to illustrate the need that we have for this song from my perspective more than we have a need for the model T is much as I love it would be the story so there was a famous famous conductor called Arturo Toscanini on probably butchering that, but I believe that was his name in one of the most acclaimed musicians of the late 19th century and early 20th century. He was renowned for his brilliant intensity in his restless perfectionism is phenomenal here for orchestra detail and is photographic memory administered was some subtest committee was sitting one day with his biographers. Together they were listening to a recording of a certain overture and the piece was a complicated one with many movements complex arrangements and sophisticated orchestration.

The two men listened silently concentrating on every note and every emotion when the recording was finished, the maestro turned to the author and remarked, did you notice anything unusual about what we just heard, and he had not. That rendition and then stirring perhaps even exceptional, but the writer cannot imagine what the genius was referring to is that I have no idea. He confessed, but I'm curious what was so unusual about that piece of music to which the maestro said there should be 14 violins in the orchestra and I only heard 13 which Toscanini explained my similarity or familiarity with this overture is great. Believe me I know what is supposed to sound like there should in fact be exactly 14 violins a matter orchestra but in this particular recording of that overture. I only heard 13 one violin is missing. I am certain in the biographer knew better than to chuckle in front of the great conductor, but he was mystified how would it be possible for Tuscany to discern that only one violin was missing and how could he dare been so certain it made no sense.

The next day the man began to do some research and to his amazement, Tuscany was precisely correct.

One of the violinist had indeed been absent when that recording was made due to an emergency they had to go to. So yes, if you think about what I just told you every one of the song of songs. Everyone has a note. Everyone has a song right and if you complete God symphony. He made us also that he could hear your note. Everybody has that special note that only they can play and if they don't play it.

Nobody else can and the maestro of maestros can tell by the music, whether or not our part is missing, so the wrote this is incredible that the idea of the song of songs. If you know me you know it's my favorite book in the Bible, and you may know, I've just started a new podcast study on it, which is amazing but the root of the word song in Hebrew is the same as the word gift okay so if you think about what a gift is song is and I could give you all the Hebrew that would dominate that image. Explain all the reasons why Vicenza was my podcast get all that but the idea is all my goodness.

Our gift is our song, our gift is our song back to God and it it's it's really amazing when you look at the signs in the Bible the first of which is notable is Moses is song right after that the Pharaoh was drowned in the sea and and listen to how he puts it in the song that he sang back to God as a reflection of what he done in his life right and so as we get into this whole idea of the song of songs. What might be.

I mean I understand what you're carve cars 866-34-TRUTH 7884 I would like to know what's your song of songs. Robbie needs that there we talk about that you think about take a moment think how many times it think it breaks my heart. As far as Christians going in their walk with Christ is how many miss what their sound is because there don't humbled himself in the things that God puts in front of a man but God has the path forms were like Moses, when, what, no, don't not mean anyone to be able to choose from that, a lot better than me having another man's we do that. Isaiah 80 of the yeah yeah you yeah that you're exactly right that you know we have got to humble ourselves so that we can get the music, which by the way Solomon wrote this song so that we all could tuneup the play are solid freely in a little of that but I would love to know what is your song of songs or what is your carve cars 866-34-TRUTH 8788. You're listening to the Truth Network and you only leave me as far of today on the Christian Car Guy. So were so delighted that you are listening this morning as word talking about the simplicity of right our song of songs were the car of cars and what might your song of songs or what might be your carve cars.

We would love to hear it.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 and clearly as I feel like God is called us here at Christian Car Guy sure one of our songs of songs is the Jesus labor leverages car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis.

And I gotta tell you that it waives heavy duty this week. Just a whole lot of stuff going on and generally one of the things that I have learned one in the death of the many things is hurt people hurt people. Right all absolutely and so what I've told anybody who's ever volunteered with the Jesus labor. Love is you know these people are hurt and are hurting and and and sometimes they're difficult on the star because it is not easy like you talked about, to humble ourselves and admit we need help.

And then there's a lot of lack of trust in all sorts of things are going on so and honestly, I had lots and lots and lots of texts this week from especially one particular applicant is down in Concorde who desperately needs a car she's literally living in her car as she's told me numerous times she has no place to go to the bathroom. She has no place to brush her teeth and her car won't start to help her to get to work and so it was much as we try to get that cargo and it is really just appears. She needs another car, so if you know somebody in the Concorde North Carolina area or Charlotte area or even in Lexington or somewhere like that anywhere on the we can we can get them transported said that's right. That might have a car, then this this young lady would be blessed you know and you just think of what good you know this well just anything you can do is really better than doing nothing and I'm just like that Afghan fighter I was I was looking in his eyes and I saw the passion that he had to get his fellow fighters out of Afghanistan. Their lives are literally these people are heightened every day. They have no food. They have no which by the way in front God puts on your heart for that.

That's linen but anyway there's just a lot of stuff like that out there and so if there was ever a time that we need to be singing. I mean now is is certainly the time so very cool. We have lots of folks calling with errors. First off, we got to Mrs. J is in Greensboro, Mrs. J, you're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning Mrs. J.

Are you with me.

Is she there Christian, can you tell I keep talking this is an area where this wonderful wonderful so Mrs. J what you got for us this morning our employee explore and have that one now with the green car mileage.

I never even thought I would even get you driving a school bus right in Greensboro is that I have them not found it found 91 and I can even thing a little boy what you please and be a good play of the loan that my mind that this is my goodness in an a cappella, and everything just awesome.

What is song and in your hearts on it so much coming from your heart. You know, we can see that and that's what songs do that they come from our hearts from the really deep place and God bless you. Thank you Ms. J appreciate you calling so much the day you have a great day. About one that is correct according to I think it's the first Kings six second chapter. Some like that. It says I like 900 not done yet yeah I read about 807 to go before I get to go thousand live you don't go there you go. God bless, I appreciated Mr. you have a great day bye-bye and so one of the neat neat things about the song of songs is that as I mentioned, it's for everybody and I love that in this hundred 19 Psalm it says the entrance of thy words giveth light giving understanding to the simple. In other words, no matter how simply I think that whatever level I think there's a phenomenal understanding with the song of songs would you just think about the very first verse in the song of songs is let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth because his love is better than wine. I mean, you get the picture. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to grab that one, that you know this sounds good man. This sounds really wonderful and so one of the things I get to do is I work with special needs folks and my wife and I do that and have for years and I have one of our students. It's been with us forever by the name Andrew and Andrew is in a group home in Marksville North Carolina and rerun the Christian Car Guy show good morning I am. I am absolutely blessed to have you on today of day when you get back what can you give us a weather report enter when we get back. I didn't realize I was coming right up against the break the we come back. Andrew has this song. I can tell you from listening to Andrew many times with his song to sing as he loves to give the weather and so when we come back we'll have a weather report from Andrew and we need your call 866-34-TRUTH 8788 Ford enclaves in Raleigh-Durham to your listening to the Truth Network and will show car of cars. Maybe what would be your song of songs well did we hear one message.

We would love to hear yours, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and we will after hero Andrew Andrew still with me.

One of my favorite people actually just absolutely wonderful friend Andrew have known you long time and so one of the things I know about Andrews. If you're looking for a weather forecast. You've come to the right place of anger. Are you ready let it fly.

Betty and I agreed and we can leave in the weekend. I think I learned at 180° down and doubt.

We are down and and a downward when I think it will only moderate day a month going imploringly 80,005, and we do have the radar killing meeting. By the way, I showered. I thought that America IL plate taken and that they think hard to go ahead and think the liquid ran and get ready to be already. And if you are in bed.

Please be careful and make sure that they'll make sure that there winery and died in Kohlberg number. Hopefully within the data window down a little bit… You is your little buddy that I need to I need to help her list is to understand how cool it is what you just said to Cassandra's blind so he would leave anything. I just tell you that's all for members memory and just absolutely spectacular. Andrew and the reason why he keeps mentioning Stokes that was because that's where my wife lives with me and Eddie lasted a love to talk to Tanner. She is spectacular should be so excited to hear you called in today I got a dollar. Xander said that around the thank you my friend has always your awesome I will tell her I will tell you shared. Thank you buddy I love you all in her moms and live in will thank you and we love you bye-bye I got play is in Raleigh-Durham player on the Christian Car Guy show good morning play we can try to contact you all week. At least I got you on the air will go toward it. To get a hold of you" card were like a regular guy would call you or you would call me and then I will go you and go minute like a good so you know what I find it interesting that you're talking about something like this because I had my very first vehicle.

Years and years and years ago when I went into the military would 77 Cutlass supreme, and it was a mother-of-pearl like The bucket seat and peacock male T tops well they leave and I had to use a little bit of glue and it was political.

The car, but you know yesterday after my counseling session I was able to listen to this radio station not treat regularly.

I get intrigued a certain thing and by the way, I will sure I would like to share with everybody. I will not listen to the theocracy got it on any other radio station.Wallace in the current radio because how the Lord blessed me with being able to find and being able to have people like Brother Robbie and Jerry and everybody else there.

Now you know glitters you are very fickle to look at her house.

Listen to the enemy and all the air they came and said that there were top covered option and a 1947 or 52 SLR Mercedes went for $142 million while and I'm like, you know, I wish I had that much money. I don't think I was left of the carpet I could do more with it now is silver and 11 really only a minute it is silver. One of them is in the Mercedes Museum that was only one is owned by publicly owned brother. You're happier now. What I heard you talk about your talk about song and you know where I got you know I you know before I found three great you're talking to a guy that cared for country station on the radio.and mail it out. You know, a brother guesswork six years next week you got a song of songs for me to seven Cutlass now is a good okay I you know I used to listen to country music. Nothing that I still build the people would trade at country music when you hear country are singing a song about Dragon and all the there are several songs that have meaning to them and to really have meaning to me RRR stand out and I don't if you know that you remember Greg Craig Morgan now that I'm not you are, that's okay. I'm sure a lot of our listeners to okay he was in the airport and he does a lot of service work that he.he also knew the Lord will hear currently good accident and it was very trying time for him so he wrote the song called the father of my son and the Holy Ghost, you will Google Docs all and listen to it. It is very heartfelt and has a lot of meaning behind it because of what he went through and I mean issues were, and then the other song is our service Savior, Mr. Josh Turner.

I don't know many people know out there that he had great cancer and it was felt that he might not be able to talk anymore.

But you know you did long but trade that you listen to service Savior by him.

I know in my heart that being able to be done objectively. God's word.

The also the meaningful sound that are like you and I do. It has a lot of meaning to me. You know, and I'm just so thankful for that. This awesome play.

I did see that one, then sent cool thank you my friend said that I got to talk to you where I nearly threw a little bit of a curveball over the course of the play. I love that I love you.

Have a great weekend. We will talk next week.

I'll bet will try to connect little brother to keep doing what you hear what you Lord is blessing you continue to do that because of the person that you are no I give thanks for you and you think you're everybody out there because you know is it helpful enemy you don't. You never will forget when I remember the movie good man, you can't handle the critical a lot of people can't handle it. But you know what God the father created treat radio and that's what you were, therefore, to do what you're doing break without were not very technical, meet Jerry you know is I had talked about one of the things that we know God put gave us this opportunity right to reach out to people that are hurting and and honestly, you know, when you go to the grocery store and is four dollars for a loaf of bread. I'm I'm not giving you my wife and and you know gas is five dollars a gallon is a lot of stuff going on, and so it puts you in a pressure on the people that are already hurting and and unfortunately where they would normally take better care of their cars do their finances.

11 realized the significance of change in their oil and whatever.

So all this becomes, you know, a pressure cooker may start Deming still try to make decisions and choices with every dollar you have anyway you it was important that they would feed myself. Are you my car is missing a little bit but I just keep going with and also the least of a bigger problem to a bigger problem in hand when a tough time right now and so you know it. It's a fascinating thing that I think part of the reason God gave us his show was just to point out that if you're in that situation and you got something going on with your car that old Fram commercial you can pay me now or you can pay me later. Right. And when you if you have to pay later rather than get some fix that all significant about.

I used to use always in my summary of Ashley's again this morning. Got some like that going on man hit it handle before it ends up costing me a fortune will be right back with more on the fires in the songs of your listening to the Truth Network and You only may be worded at somebody wonderful call today and they continue because we have and is in the Huntersville this morning. Good morning and you're on the Christian Car Guy show. How are you are you with man. I do now. Yes I were ending. I think that where it might have to give the flight United thinking I would like their path and realizing that the stop start of the Lord that night and I know they career three in a commercial theater 3D movies by the a lot of fun.

But God really opened the door and my heart and wanted to kill call the dentist and I that when I went for their banking with Caroline in 2000 and pick them better. I meant doing faith that met but do everything at a function and then Bobby Delmore knew that I had done and not of anything but maybe we could do it sometime in 20 you did very theater shadow and I have heard it and I and iconographic. We were granted the brazen anyway, so I can't tell you how glad I am and even like we are trying to get out an episode this week.

I think it's absent 28 there finally coming in the Vanity Fair manner. So many characters that are coming on board for all the different characters in Vanity Fair.

I can get it mixed, but how wonderful is it and what a song to sing right where Dr. Gottman and I learned it. I had that effect on financial wrote: preaching the word on three brilliant it was his song right and then and then when you think about actors like Jesse Corti and Alan Johnson, and their songs get to play and ended the harmony of all that is all these people play their note and even our producer today.

Christian Snyder is coming up this work were getting to start with a new truthful character and he will bring a lot better person than the something researchers broadcasting anyway.

How funny, and I do have to get to suck but that is absolutely. I love the thought of it, and that in the harmony that's going into that… Right, okay. Thank you, thank you for calling, but I blessed by some as you might guess, I would at least whet your appetite a little bit for the song of songs I can get intimate I was just oh this week I had like the delight of my life because I just love the song of songs anyway but I just home in on I was to do a couple more verses but I just to verse three the verse three in English reads because of the savor of thy good ointments thy name is an ointment poured forth, therefore, to the virgins love the course. This is the new bride talking to the bridegroom, which is Jesus which is us. Okay, this is us talking to Jesus and what what what interestingly the bride is saying is that your name is a perfume poured forth, or oil poured forth. Well, if you know the word Christ means the anointed one and obviously Messiah is the Hebrew form of that so the word Christ is literally ointment poured forth as I studied this this week. The root word of the word ointment or oil. In this case is name. I'm not kidding. And so if you think about how your anointing is your name by Ed Knotts.

Just not the case for Jesus, which is his anointing is his name is Christ is an ointment poured forth, but you too you out there with a note to say okay, your name has to do with your anointing that that best lead I made to Abraham, the father, and he named Gideon the mighty warrior and obviously you know it went on and on throughout unit Jesus love Deming got left to give people special names like Justina Peter became the rock well your name right has to do with the smell that you put off. I'm just telling you that when you may hear the name Hitler and as a smell that comes with that right and so is is people come to know you your name is poured forth and it's one thing to smell an ointment. It's another thing to have it poured on you which is what Jesus does. He pours that little on anointing on us with his blood and then no wonder the virgins love the okay and and if you study that word virgins, which by the way is totally hundred percent virgin the same idea of Mary and she clearly love Jesus but the virgins this is requiring talking about are the 10 virgins who are waiting for the bridegroom and that would be me and you and you might remember what those virgins had to have.

They had to have all oil just saying it is now enough oil.

Specifically, good oil then were in deep trouble. All right, you know like we don't want to be caught outside without the right amount of oil well let me to share with you that the more you hang out with the giver of oil right the anointing on the one whose name is a perfume poured out in the way to hang out with him yesterday prayer yesterday dear believers, that you love and hang out with all my goodness. If you spend time in his word is the way you get the oil for lamp because he will pour it out as you go in to to find out how much she loves you so. As I told you the beginning my never-ending quest to find out what the statute is considering 119 sometime again is as you learn what the statutes when you study this verse, my name is perfume poured out. You will find if it was my podcast to go into great detail of why that is a statute why this verse is a statute and it says you know my lips will utter praise when I learned your statute. In other words, when we get the idea of this, we can't help but sing like a canary, or even better, like Mrs. J like Ms. jaded today), absolutely yes unit part of. We have a responsibility and that open her heart to humble ourselves and talked about earlier. Just know what be the vessel to receive something nor pull it poured in right and and so again I would be remiss if I didn't bring us back to the Jesus labor, love, and the needs that we have right that we can pray all of us can pray and those of the Lord puts it on his heart to to to to jump in and take part in that.

You know I have. You know you know Robbie Sitton. This is been a week and as you talk about labor of love and Stefan and the need with with with people for an automobile you know this is, this past week when my driver's house burned down the leasing.

I have five kids got out step, but I sell the community around reach out and end there to help them. He was the same thing I always say you know don't take away from your local church. But the gospel in your heart no go online and look to see Jesus labor (there is so much need there and is is is the color earlier lipid sister. Jay called and said you know what a difference. That car made me we can make a difference in somebody's life. Maybe just spend some money fixing the car getting another car, so if you have some dollars… I got where you only put that Jesus labor 11 great opportunity. You got a car. Sitton noticed again that the driveway that that this finds you donated as Christian car is where you'll find the Jesus labor law parties remember Christian car I'm so grateful I really am the Charles joined in the show today called in those for all of you listening out there. We so appreciate your remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went. All done in 33 years. This is the Truth Network

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