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Song of Songs Verse 8 - Follow The Footsteps Of The Sheep

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 26, 2022 11:41 am

Song of Songs Verse 8 - Follow The Footsteps Of The Sheep

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 26, 2022 11:41 am

Song of Songs 1:8 If thou know not, O thou fairest among women, go thy way forth by the footsteps of the flock, and feed thy kids beside the shepherds' tents.

The miracle verse of Chapter one is no let down, The Good Shepherd Himself is telling us - The Way.  Simple and deeper than anything our minds can wrap around - love this episode

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This is the Truth Network treasurers song of songs, which is all right. We get to dig into the miracle verse eight verse of the first chapter of the song of Solomon I know is this a miracle. In fact, it's pretty clear that we have to do to episodes what is going to cover the beginning part of the verse, which is not a long verse but it's packs it's perfect because it's such a miracle because again you might learn from last episode that the shoe might woman it ask you know how to find him and he is now going to give her the answer of answers here, which is, by all means a miracle in my view. The eighth verse in the first chapter.

The first part rings reads if thou no not O thou fairest among women go thy way forth by the footsteps of the flock.

So as we talked about you know that were in the sheep metaphor and she asked you know how I find you and so here you have this amazing amazing amazing statement from the Lord, where he says most beautiful or most of the fairest of women. That's an amazing word in Hebrew as it essentially would. It's a year. The end then a pay and with those to increase the is this idea of the light or the spark of God in the face, and I don't know if you're reluctant to face many children in CMIS but it is interesting. I went to my granddaughters had a concert the other day and and and there were all these girls singing. And this one girl just stood out like a bright shining star in it. She had that innocent look like that of a child and and you know that idea that this is how Jesus sees us. He sees that light. His light that's in our eyes and that's what makes us the fairest of them all. So is meek and which is critical because this is Ito mirror mirror on the wall here here's Solomon's version of that before it was ever written.

Obviously, of who's the fairest of them all in.

And here in a Jesus himself is saying that about us and then he is answering this unbelievable question of how I find you and he gives this answer that shows how much is in the 23rd Psalm and this verse has so much to do. The 23rd Psalm and have so much to do with what Jesus talked about about being the good Shepherd has so much to do with the book of Revelation other words, wherever you look this idea of the shepherd all the way through Genesis here we have where he says follow the footsteps of the flock.

Well, you might remember in the 23rd Psalm that the last verses are surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Will that idea when or if you read the book is wonderful book by it's called the shepherds guide to the 23rd Psalm where he explains that sheep are the animals of the Golden hose and this idea is that sheep when their well pastor when there'd had the good Shepherd, so to speak. They leave behind them green pastures because they eat the grass. It just perfect levels will continue to grow, they fertilize it as they go and you can tell where the sheep have walked by these beautiful green pastures and so the idea of goodness and mercy following us is is good sheep to the Ben Shepherd well leave tracks. These tracks of the sheep are in more green pastures more places to eat more things a little that are behind us, as is the point of what good sheep do, but it did you know when you get to the 23rd Psalm of the very beginning.

He explained somewhat of how were to follow the tracks of the sheep because what is sheep do what you know if your sheep what you looking for you're looking for food you're looking for Stillwater's and you're looking to rest that's what you're looking for and you know it, and obviously to be led in paths of righteousness. But all that comes together with the tracks the sheep.

So what is sheep eat while they eat grass and then they chew the cud.

In other words, that is the word of God like I don't know how many like you everybody listening. I don't guess you'd be listening to this if you don't love the word of God and if you didn't eaten regularly in this particular pasture.

You know that it is is just a spectacular thing and that here Jesus tells you where to find hits all over.

When you eat of the word of God, and it is just absolutely amazing. And then you got the living water that this in a metaphor that goes throughout the whole Bible, and no doubt water is the Scripture is as were told time again.

Time and again and still waters are obviously Scripture that we can ingest it with it that can refresh refresh our souls, and then you know that whole idea of getting us to rest the thing that I think is worth noting in this is he, he doesn't say follow track of the sheep or a sheep. He says follow the tracks. Another words that words plural footsteps follow the footsteps of the flock, which is more than one. In other words, if you if you look at, you know what I believe are the you know unbelievable Saints over the centuries you know their their love for the word of God and how they fit on it and certainly they left behind themselves. Green pastures for us to feed on more and this whole idea of of being fed and feeding it is something that you know is is very much part and parcel of how we find the good way right because he's easier. Jesus is telling him that telling Solomon installing the beloved. You know how it is that that you go about finding and in this is simple. Simple. Simple stuff, however, so profoundly deep and so profoundly wonderful. So one of the key things to think about indigo a little bit deeper with in my opinion is this idea of footsteps, which is obviously significant to this part of the first part of the verse, and that that word in Hebrew begins with the letter I in which you might remember the miracle verse in the letter IN I steam all thy precepts concerning all things to be right and I hate every false way you see this idea of the good footsteps.

There is they hate every false way you know in the idea of an ion is that of a servant, and is of that is following God's vision. The second letter is the Hebrew letter Cliff which you might remember the miracle verse in the letter Cliff is concerning my testimonies.

I know that thou has founded them forever with that idea of the close being proximity and our proximity to forever is eternity. And here you go separately" when you get this idea of serving eternity by going this right where me is pretty spectacular and the last letter in the word footsteps is the letter bet which may no means house in semi-different ways and so it's like relieving the steps relating his home, but the the again getting the idea of statutes. The miracle verse in the letter bet is I will delight in my statutes and thy word. I will never forget. Again, getting back to how it is that we eat good fits perfectly in this idea of the footsteps and and being in our way home, which were gonna get a lot to in the next episode. So again apply this into our own lives like wow like even this morning. I'm sure you I you know I hope that you got in God's word and you follow the tracks of the sheep that that there is the food and all my goodness, just what I saw this morning and that very word that I just described. I just sat there in the light and delight and delight in the high law. I hope you did that as well of tomorrow's episode spectacular. The way this this verse finishes as it is the miracle verse like the miracle that Jesus is going to tell us the way. As we will continue to learn this and next time

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