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Song of Songs Verse 8 part 2 - Real Sinners Hang In Jesus Tent

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 27, 2022 9:44 am

Song of Songs Verse 8 part 2 - Real Sinners Hang In Jesus Tent

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 27, 2022 9:44 am

If thou know not, O thou fairest among women, go thy way forth by the footsteps of the flock, and feed thy kids beside the shepherds' tents.

The Shepherd's Tabernacle would be a better translation of that word tent and as the comparison of the previous verses both the tents of Kedar, (not spelled the same way at all) or by the veiled or covered companions in verse 7 - Posers.

Jesus had the Tax collectors and prostitutes in His tent and there is where He told Peter to feed his sheep.

How about you do you have that kind of tent with shepherds where you can really share your sin?

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This is the Truth Network treasures of the song of songs, which is Solomon so under Jesus's are the real sinners during the second part of the eighth verse which is the miracle versus were on our quest to understand statutes and well while this verse has so much it's unbelievable. In summary, the whole verse in English and will get to all that so verse eight is if thou know not over thou fairest among women go thy way forth by the footsteps of the flock, and feed by kids. Besides, the shepherds, tents, the last episode we talked about the beginning of that that go thy way forth in the footsteps of the flock, for today we talk about feeding our kids beside the shepherds 10th 10 I guess there's everything that is verse to just jump out at me. One of the gigantic ones is the word tents which that were just ain't tents. I mean, he it's translated this in English and you look at it and most translations and it translates it that way.

But if you check that word out.

In Hebrew, you're gonna find that that word is tabernacle and you know the tents of Abraham and all that are completely different word in that that word tents pitched that Solomon chose to use here begins with a madman if you know the letter Mem has to do with the king and tested to with more than just a tent and so this is shepherds tents is a very spectacular thing and so to me like if you just hone in on that particular word and you realize that that being the tabernacle is answering the question better that she ask at the end of verse seven right. Why should I be like a veiled one beside the tents of thy companions which I mentioned in that episode that that is why should I be opposer in the company opposers right and I left church settings.

I've been to.

Unfortunately, you see a lot of veiled people in the real sinners are there because they don't tell you that there they tell you that they're fine and they don't have anything going on and there's no real struggles and Jesus is not the hero of that story. I mean the real sinners were under Jesus's tent. I mean, he hung out with the prostitutes and and the tax collectors and you know even Peter Hess.

You know that has so much to do with what happens here in this verse because when he says, feed thy kids after he's talking about thou at my heart. Love is bright and and so here's this idea of if you love me feed my sheep right which is exactly what the discussion he had with the sinner who had certainly taken down his veil, which were to be a lot of that in the as we study this book, but the idea of the miracle here is that that here we are dark but calmly and here we are, you know darkens these tents which we go back to that verse and those tents of the Bedouins right that are poor and and have nothing here we come. Untrue that the tent of tents which is essentially Jesus's blood. Okay I mean that's how those sinners get to be with the Lord is underneath his blood, and they only get there by admitting that they are dark but calmly right and end as the tents of Qatar, but the idea is we seek comfort like it says in Genesis chapter 6. We are seeking to be comforted. I may not Genesis chapter 6 Genesis chapter 3 ways that I was afraid because I was naked so I hid.

And so we have mass that we put on all over the place and part of what the Savior is doing is he's making our kids to lie down right as it is to feel safe enough to tell what's really going on in our lives right and and so if you think that that that you don't have anything going on. I mean, I then maybe were sometimes kidding ourselves right and I think I do that a lot, but I love the idea here that he says right feed thy kids, which is again the idea of these young sheep beside or on interestingly and and he uses the word shepherds not shepherd, but shepherds in other words, there is a community there is a community where you're safe enough somewhere for you where you're safe enough to tell what's really going on in your life where Jesus really can come in and be the hero and where he really can help you feel safe enough to eat safe enough to tell the real story, and all that kind of thing. And that's the beautiful thing of following the footsteps of the real shape and so you know, just to give an example of this in my own life.

If I you know wanted be admitted that I'm a real center-right.

It just so happens we have a difficult situation in our home and have for a while and that we take care my mother-in-law and my mother-in-law and I and I don't want to stare at her because she's dark, but she has her struggles with alcohol and other things that we stop only brought into the house, but you know we still have her struggles and unfortunately she fell and broke her shoulder the other day and then they put her on some you know painkillers that unfortunately fed right back into her past addiction problems and she became more and more belligerent and and really hurt my wife to the point that she actually felt free to call the sheriff on my wife that she had been mistreating her and then unfortunately didn't call her back so the sheriff showed up the Department of Social Services just rip my wife's heart out. I mean, because she's done all this to energy.

She takes care of her night and day and all the stuff in here comes the sheriff and my wife is just totally beside herself out limited that I know talk about other people's darkness limited to word my darkness okay so here I am struggling and I'm, you know, the idea of how many times do you forgive your mother-in-law 770 way past you and so I struggle struggle struggle. I really do with anger with her at times.

I don't treat her very nice and such is been the case this week and images this morning and actually last night as I went to bed and of God which is convicting me on how bad I need his blood and how much he did for me that that she deserves my forgiveness and that in that we need to work through this thing because I got love her well because it's wearing a really, really, really difficult situation and I desperately need. He has me right where he wants me right desperately need him because hi Kellan, know how to comfort.

I mean like I my wife only you know I most every time I talk to her. She has some new story of something your mother is pulled and so it's just a constant in interesting struggle that we have and how to love my wife will love my mother-in-law well through what is just an unbelievable situation, but I bet you anything you got things like that in your life. But we gotta take our mass will take our veils off and get by the shepherds and surround people that we feel safe enough like wearing a green pasture and relay in their children are cut with God's word, but in in a real sense with our real sin in front of us and with what's really going on, and so I love love love the comparison between these verses.

When you start with the darkness of the tents of Qatar to Solomon's curtains and then you go from the tents of the companions in Postville. As far as I'm concerned, or are we gonna be by the shepherds tents where we can sit down and really be honest about our sin. We can really be honest about what struggling with and really have Jesus be the hero because he is the euro my story. Anybody that knows me knows Jesus is the hero of the story he just is and and that's the beautiful thing of wow real sinners under Jesus thankfulness

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