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Song of Songs Verse 9 - When Did God Silence Your Cry?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 30, 2022 8:30 am

Song of Songs Verse 9 - When Did God Silence Your Cry?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 30, 2022 8:30 am

Song of Songs 1:9 The Complete Tanakh (Tanach) - Hebrew Bible Version: At the gathering of the steeds of Pharaoh's chariots have I silenced you, my beloved.

The KJV reads so differently:  I have compared thee, O my love, to a company of horses in Pharaoh's chariots.

There are two major differences the word translated Silenced in The Hebrew Bible and Compare in the KJV. Clearly even in the Inerlinear the word is Silenced and the idea is that of Exodus 14:14 when God came to the rescue and silenced the cries of the Hebrews. This will also help make sense of the following verses relating to the Jewels that were plundered as was the sea.

The other cool word that is translated differently is At verses To, which is how do you want to translate the first letter of the verse which is a Lamed as is the case in Jeremiah 10:13 a similar verse and even the KJV team translated it At.

So for me this is a critical way to see how Jesus is telling us His love story for Israel, but also in my own life - I share my story in this episode of how he Silenced my cry.





This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is so day on the ninth chapter of the song of Solomon talk about some controversy. Well, I you know jump in and make it opinion here.

Very interestingly, the Jewish Bible or the tannic. The complete Jewish Bible translates verse nine just completely differently than any English translation that you would find and as I have researched this and studied it. I really believe it's much more accurate of the translation for lots of reasons that will go into.

So if I'm reading this year.

Donnette is not selling anything I've ever heard in the song of Solomon's because it's can it is completely different in the way it's translated I'll explain why. So verse nine. The way that I would translate that which is in the same way that the that the complete Jewish Bible translates it is at the gathering of the steeds of Pharaoh's chariots. I have silenced you my beloved susceptible you know it to compare that to the way that that is in the King James version you just so that we get the comparison on the table it says I have compared the all my love to a company of horses in chair in Pharaoh's chariots, and so you know there's a big, big difference. Obviously being compared to the fair. Close chair hits and being silenced at Pharaoh's chariots well you know when you look deeply in the word there. That obviously is either being compared to, or is it silenced. I'll have to go with Rashi and the Jewish commentators that clearly this word is silenced.

I don't understand where they got a mean, I know where they got it, but as don't see how they did it because the idea is being compared to the is the word, I would suppose it's pronounced in Hebrew, but that isn't the word that is used in the script. When you look at the actual Torah which even you know in the English translations, they show you the way it's spelled which is a dollar than a man and a good well the word Tom had which is the idea of comparing is a valid NMM and a hey and so you know again if you look at it from the way that we're looking were gonna go ahead and look at it. I'll see if that doesn't make more sense like. Here's his transition to me. It's a huge transition from where you know that the beloved is speaking and now we're going to get to hear a lot more from Jesus that you know he's just told her where to follow the tracks of the sheep. So now is going to go somewhere else and where I think this goes is the whole thing is telling the love story right is telling the story of how God came after the Jews in so many different ways and what happened in Exodus, you know, specifically 1414 if you go look at that verse, which is why the Jews use this here is an example of that is you know, God said that he owed silenced the crying of the Jews you know when they when he was initially part of the Red Sea and drown that the chariots and and so the idea because if you see what's gonna happen now is going to be in the go and all these golden jewels and all these things that happened as a result of what God did when he rescued us from the Egyptians which makes sense to the whole idea of you know my mother's sons were angry with my mother's children were angry with us, which many commentators say has to do with Egypt and so much of this story has to do with Egypt and even of course nobody argues on the fact that he started about Pharaoh's horses in Pharaoh's chariots.

So what's the significance of that from my standpoint is you know, if you look at the word Pharaoh in Hebrew. You can see that is often compared to as the neck and the idea that you might hear a lot of people talked about that the longest incident in the world is the 18 inches between the head and the heart whether there was mean that what's between the head and the heart is the neck and and so the idea of you know the people saying let my people go, you know God saying let my people go in chair. It was an Pharaoh was the restriction between what you know people going and not going where the idea of God loves me and he's for me and my faith know it's my neck that restricts that to him from getting to my heart okay and so we know in our own ways. Our neck is Pharaoh, so it takes God's rescue right he's cut apart the Red Sea says that the keys chariots of Pharaoh will be drowned forever and that that we can believe what it is that her head reckons as we go through the Bible, but I think that you can see clearly that so much of what the next verses are to make sense if we see here God came to our rescue and get another one of the words that is different between the translation is, you know the word comparison versus the word at because the very first letter of the verse is alignment and so Rashi believed beautifully points out that in Jeremiah 1013 that that is the same La med and it's at the sound of the multitude of the waters is the first where that llama starts and again it's translated add it's not track light translated, you know like it is in the King James version 2 so when it says to the company of horses, that's that would be where the llamas would be. I guess if you're doing it in English. The way that they did it at the idea from me is like that llama.

It is is always an idea of love and when you see this idea of God loves us and because of that he came to our rescue and the question that I have is, but it's just a personal experience of seeing this is when does God come to your rescue to the point where he silenced your crying right you know this is clearly what is what is mentioned in Exodus 1414 and I couldn't help but think of as I was thinking about this morning is when you know I got crushed between the two jeeps right here comes this car down the hill and you may have heard me tell the story before. I just finished my last chemotherapy treatment and we went to the Jeep jamboree and the guy uphill from us didn't put his Jeep in gear and so when I was in the back of my Jeep. Now here comes his Jeep down and crushes and specifically my left leg which crumbles underneath me and creates a compound fracture which goes for my leg and I'm laying there bleeding up the mountains and everybody's freaking out and I cried out for Jesus and I got what I have told everybody for years was a God hug and in the more I thought about that this morning it silenced me, but it was the most complete hug under what I mean. It was like you go from this total terror to like it's going to be okay and it makes no sense that it was gonna be okay because I was hurt as bad as ever been hurt my life and all the sudden I'm in complete peace. In fact, the guy looks down at me that it ran in a liturgy putting your any scream at me know. I'm sorry I'm sorry and I don't blame them because even he's freaking out because he just crushed me and looked up at them in complete peace and just said how is your insurance.

And it was a joke in a just to lighten up the whole thing because that's how I felt I was fine and and actively when they finally took an hour to get the indolence at the end of the mountains that day.

They couldn't get an air vacuum because of the weather and when they finally got up there and they hit me with the morphine and didn't feel any different than I already felt because I was fine and again III have always remembered that hug just not unlike I'm sure the Jews would remember the day that he came in, silenced them when Pharaoh's territory, and after that look like it was the end, but instead it was the beginning of something absolutely spectacular and I think as we see in this story that this transition hear from Jesus telling us where to go to how he is Artie delivered us, especially through his love is absent in and so I hope as you ponder this verse your own heart. Remember a time that God silenced thankfulness

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