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Song of Songs Verse 12 - Your Chance To Anoint Jesus

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 2, 2022 11:32 am

Song of Songs Verse 12 - Your Chance To Anoint Jesus

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 2, 2022 11:32 am

Song of Songs  1: 12 While the king sitteth at his table, my spikenard sendeth forth the smell thereof.

Here is the Link to C.H. Spurgeon's Sermons on This

Wow, this may be my new favorite verse as it has so much to do with our quest to understand the Statutes of Psalms 119.  Yes as Jesus was anointed three times reflecting back on how the Three in One Bedazzle's us, we now get to use our own Spikenard to anoint Him - sending forth our own Amazing Fragrance in our offering.


This is the Truth Network treasurers song of songs, which is oh what a spectacular. We get to dig into today.

It is the 12th verse of the first chapter of the song of Solomon and it may become my favorite verse. Always remember more.

I verse the more I love it. I go ahead and ring it.

Read it in English and, boy, you're going to be excited to dig into this today. I believe all my goodness, so verse 12, while the Kings seated at his table, my spikenard send forth the smell thereof so I would be remiss if I didn't share with you that one of the joys of life is to cease virgins sermon on this particular verse like Mike Koch what he brings to the forefront on this verse is just absolutely spectacular. And the thing they point out immediately and I couldn't agree with you more, is the reason that the spikenard send 1/4 it smell thereof is because the king is at the table employee puts in so amazing.

He said if you take the coldest dentist oak tree in the middle of winter frozen with fat barely burning, barely moving within the tree that if Jesus now is sitting at the table with that that coldest of persons right sitting actually with Jesus at the table right now holding onto the door and now is going to come in and sup with you. It is stable to sit at the table with Jesus and the sap begins to run and the bloods begin to bloom and the fragrances set forth. It's like oh my gosh oh my gosh, what a picture he he pointed they are out and I just got to tell you I know I'm plagiarizing virgin but man I mean it is just so spectacular.

What is talking about their intercourse, you know, I would definitely be remiss if I didn't connect these verses together so we talked about in verse 11. How you know we will make the borders of gold with studs of silver that there was a weave there. The idea being that of the Trinity. And so Spurgeon points out and I couldn't agree with you more again that it is a threefold anointing that Christ gets both at his baptism right because you got father the son and the Holy Spirit as well as he was anointed while he was at his table 3 times right by spikenard. Specifically, in a one time on the head, which is very famous obviously and the other two at his feet. One time, with hair you know it's a spectacular thing that that in those cases, when they were sitting with the King of Kings. You know the word malic is the word king in Hebrew and understand what that is. There is really only one king is the King of Kings and at the end of that word Malik you can hear that case found that is a hook and that letter have had so much to do with desire like we desire that king in ways that we don't even begin to understand and so with that desire. When he sitting at his table like oh my goodness, then this spikenard okay and the other thing that I wish everybody could see all that is in the letters. I wish I could see all that was in these letters that are in this verse but the letter none you might know has to do with grace and fact, the word grace starts with a hat and it ends with a nine and we might know it's Noah spelled backwards, but the beautiful thing about grace and what Spurgeon obviously knew and in fact, his sermon was was titled fragrance of grace, that it is our graces that come forth when were sitting at the table with the Lord right. FTP brings out the best the best the very best. The graces the things and again that the word grace as we are on this quest throughout this to understand the statutes begins with the same letter that the word saturates begin with, which is a hat and so you have this hat that's with grace and a hat and a none so when you think about the none that's in the letter grace.

It has to do with that. Of course you might remember the first verse manner 19 Solomon and that none section is you know thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path because that none is like a candle.

It is artificial it's our souls and it is spectacular you think about the last verse in the none section is what I'm inclined my heart to keep thy statutes always, even unto the end, so there come three nuns real fast right at at you when he says spikenard.

Okay, so you can hear that and in the nard which is what was Jesus was anointed with when he was at the table but you know that idea of this light of of of nard and and then the letter is arranged which attack about the head of something in beginning of something and then a doll. It which is a service like. Here's this grace loving service that is being poured forth bright and that and that word that send it you might know is Nathan which I when I think of send if I was think of Nathan the prophet who was bringing Dave David the messages, but Nathan is the word sending in in them. In Hebrew, and it has to nuns in a variety it is a none and then out of, and then a none so it's like a none that brings the end of the story that that's idea this faith that brings the end of the story in again faith and and wow I mean is just spectacular to think that our spikenard is going forth.

And that brings this smell and the word smell in Hebrew on that is translated here smell is this again. Another spectacular word and from my standpoint, is that that's where we find the hat is in that word in that it is a race meeting the head of something like here comes the beginning of the smell and then a year would which again is that idea of a spark of God. The light itself and then the hat unit which we find in the word statute which we find in the word Hasid which we find and where or or or searching for in our marriage with Christ, and so that smell comes as a result of our marriage or campus telling you it just does. Because when you're in God's presence. When you become married with him. You send forth the fragrance and the point of all that is in a just like in in the second or the third verse that we talked about because of the fragrance of thy good ointments thy name is a person, point out that was the case of Jesus well as he pours out that his name you see, it makes our perfume, our graces as as we get in him to go forth with amazing things that we do because we been sitting at the table with it and I just did a devotion at the retirement home and I read an old story of red many times that that is such a picture of grace. There was this story during the depression of a man in the Idaho which is where I'm from that work to best produce stand in these young boys is you can imagine. During the depression of some of them are hungry and they had no father in the home and their mother was sickly and so you know the old man would barter with them for marbles may be for the storage spectacular and he would always say, you know. Consider be young boys that there I am is pleasing say you know you know what you like those peas son Jim would say in the sun with that and the boy would say well I would love some sir but I don't have anything to pay for with me goes well.

Have you gotten I have never marble with you in always got one and let me look at it well at you now that that marble is blue and I really want to read one I tell you what I give you these pleas you take among your mom and and then you bring back that red marble course when the when he came back with red marble is the man's wife to describe to everybody that came in a course he would ask for a green one, or whatever the case may be. With this man's funeral. These three boys in town that had gotten vegetables all the way through the pet the depression were now one of them was in the military. Good haircuts, clean-cut young man and there they were at the casket of this wonderful old saint who obviously had been at the table with the Lord who obviously was putting off this phenomenal fragrance in the acts that he was doing of love. These young men and their under his hand as his wife would show the person the story were three red marbles right I mean you get the picture. Like oh my goodness, what grace when we are in the presence of the Lord were able to love like he does, and love the unlovable. I mean that's even if even the what Jesus taught about what grace is it to you when you just love those who love you because it's again if we sit at the table and don't miss the dock.

Clearly, it's the Lord's table and don't miss the 23rd Psalm that says you know I pray I prepare a table before you. The presence of an enemy betting what he anoints red with oil. It's all there like bad time again lives. Can we get the message here and I just think man this verse. This verse, this verse can I please sit at the table and he stands going to answer come in and sup with us told to listen

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