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New Car Smell-Love Potion #8

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 4, 2022 2:07 pm

New Car Smell-Love Potion #8

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 4, 2022 2:07 pm

Today Robby and Bill give some great tips on how to keep our cars smelling like new.


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But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network and radio show new and love potion number eight today on the Christian wing get you there is so yes love portion number eight Bill the ultimate new car smell today on the Christian progress shows that you've never thought about how these love potions get numbered but I have I have a sense of that day that I think will put together for wonderful excellent yeah yeah so what you heard, there was the searchers from wonderful song from the 60s. Don't you remember that song.

I do remember it will and so we were very excited to bring to you some new car smell tips today that maybe you've never heard before. I need those kids are very, very, very rarely buy a new car used car lot down in Fayetteville. I go by every year in a big sign that everybody drives a used car after seeing that side always had a hard time put down the money for new I understand that we have we have a few secrets that were to share that I've never actually shared on the air that we use to you. No attempt to, as we recondition our used cars. There's a couple little things you can do a course to think you gotta do first is get rid of this.

Think about pull it apart and sprayed it down at the car wash. Glad that I could tell you that was part of it. How you get rid of the stink because it's all sorts of ways to do that and and obviously those fit in sometimes to air conditioners and so is retirement air conditioners were hoping today. Besides all the new car smell and the other places were going for you is that we can save you long gas because the air conditioning usage, especially this time you hear a lot of people don't realize how to use it affects effectively and because of that they may not need it.

So much so working to get to that, but you might've noticed and love potion number nine. She said she was given make it up right here in the sink. It it smelled like turpentine and it looked like Indian ink.

I held my nose.

I close my eyes. I took a drink. You know I did know if it was day or night. Did you bill.

I started kissing everything in sight. All if you know if you think about it.

If we had such a potion.

Like new car smell. Think about a person like that the struggle that I have is, it takes nothing to diminish a new car smell. I mean it like one of the inferred 22nd I go to the beach just, you know, one time that people get in with wet bathing suit. Whatever happens, it takes nothing to diminish new car smell and she noticed it, but you know I spend all his time in the Lord early in the morning.

I hope you do too and you get to this place where you describe how your Jesus is wonderful and I leave the house and full of joy.

I am full of love and then that phone call or whoever pops in my office or whatever in the world happens and the next thing you know Bill, you're my latest but actually smell like turpentine and I look like Indian ink that class of free and am pretty sure nobody wants to take a drink of what all that is okay to say but there is hope, there is hope. And so I was studying. As you might guess, because I'm in that whole podcast series right now on the song of Solomon and my never-ending quest to try to understand what is the statute because you know I work so hard. My hundred 19 Psalm and many many many times. He said that you know he was going to keep statues teach me your statutes, and I thought well this is really important thing to know what is the statute, and so as the more I dug into that. The more I realized it's cold it's connected to something that's engraved in your heart and something that is connected to a song okay because he learned anything, Randy. I statutes are song in my house of my house of my pilgrimage so what better song to study than the song of songs and as we study that and we get down little bit further what we talked about last week. There is a potion that the beloved.

That would be eyes to church mixes up and she uses three ingredients that you're very familiar Bible ingredients you heard of these, at least two of many many times to talk about the first two. First, we'll talk about the last one.

Later in the show. The first thing she used was spikenard and the way that that's it says it says that while the king said of it is table my spikenard send a forth the smell thereof, and if you ever want just an amazing sermon to read Spurgeon to the sermon on this that will literally blow your mind.

In fact, I have that in my show notes my podcast if you want to see it. II did a whole podcast on this first but the idea I want to convey right here is what Spurgeon said is the operating thing is here is that it's because the King of Kings is at the table that if you take the coldest most frozen apple tree in the forest. If all the sudden the king is sitting there. The sample warms up the leaves come out, it blooms and it blossoms and then the fragrance goes forth in other words, if we could really sit at the table like when he stands at the door Knox and we would get at the table with him. Then hours spikenard just like the woman in Luke chapter 7 right. Her spikenard went forth, but there was no ingredient to what she was doing with with you might remember she was a prostitute and she was at the table Jesus and she took spikenard, but then the next verse in the song of Solomon, says a bundle of murder is my well beloved under me and that murder item is you've ever studied it much, but it's an amazing substance in the word murder is the root word of the word Mary by the way, has to do with better in morning and here's what in order to make more what they do is they cut a murder tree and when they cut that tree. It weeps sap and that sap actually looks like tears as it goes down the trunk. Those who live out west. At some point in time the life they know that pine trees often look at the side of it when you see these tears going down the side of the tree well murder trees would weep these tears lead to simply take the tears off the murder tree and they burn them over hot coals and you got the order of murder, but it looks like what tears so I'm sure like me that you can see that here's at least two of the three ingredients in the biz love potion number eight. The reason why it's number eight is for the letter that we are. You might guess, the today show's brought you by the letter hat which I love that letter because it's the first letter of the word statutes, but it means our union to God and it's the miracle letter because the number eight is always connected to miracles while the miracle is that Jesus did what he did for us and it was on the eighth day after the triumphal entry that he rose from the dead, and it was a miracle okay and so the number eight is why I'm calling it love potion number eight and the idea of tears and murder very much connected to that when when you think about it and and so she was crying, weeping, wiping her hair on his feet with the tears wiping his feet off now if that's not a love potion. I'm just saying you know she loved much because she'd been forgiven much. That's what Jesus said I and and so here's the question that I would really love for you to ponder with me today is what makes you cry, what makes you shed tears 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a member calling and share that but in my case, you know, I watched the disparate war room on pure flex and I love pure fixed flicks, and so my wife and I watched it weeps. We seen it two or three times when it came out because I love the movie so much and oh my gosh it was a tear fast. I bet I could. I don't even know how many tears I cried.

It was interesting because the day before. I studied this verse was the day that Tammy and I watch that and I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried and the thought is that interesting that there's a lot of crying in that movie. If remember because a lot of people are surrendering their life to God. A lot of people praying and available idea of war room is you know it is, is to get into the presence of God. And when you do that you have a tendency to cry. You might remember in the public progress when Christian came to Christ, he leaped and leapt in weeps and leapt and often as I get to hear because I bet I've interviewed more than a thousand people and heard their stories home since have been doing radio and it's almost always accompanied with tears when you hear their story.

But other than that just recently. What made you cry and what you think it did 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Part of the love potion number eight is the idea of murder and tears.

We got some more coming up as new car to your listening to the Truth Network and and potion number eight today show the ultimate new car smell, something that would hopefully last longer as we get closer to God and we can sit more at his table, and we are been talking about that issue but also to get some new car tips on how to get new car smell back.

Maybe if you're interested in, as well as American commissioning tips for the summer and maybe some gas tips as it all fits in the same kind of equation, but the other thing is part of the new parcel smell/love potion number eight that I've been describing requires tears and so you know what makes us cry II think it's a fascinating subject, and I would love to hear your take on it because I'm just been thinking about a been pondering it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You know I don't have to think about my mother much went to be with the Lord and I can cry.

Oh my goodness in an almost similarly with my father. You know those things. Interestingly, will put me to a point in morning but another interesting thing that will make me actually and maybe you heard me tell this story. We went to see the chosen is Christmas special and I literally when we saw that the home. I think his name is Brandon Lake.

He did a song called gratitude in my eyes literally gushed. That is the most I've ever seen tears come out in my life was when he played that song gratitude LF. I told the story to motel again that about three weeks ago. We've been praying and praying and praying that my daughter Mariah would get this job. She was just graduated from Stanford University to come be a teacher in the inner city somewhat in Birmingham, Alabama to Christian school. There is what she was hoping to get that job and she hadn't heard back and she hadn't heard back and she hadn't heard back and she was really thinking she wasn't to get the job and she said that I got I would. I did my last day of student teaching there and I got my current is actually tuned to a secular radio station and all the sudden somehow my radio miraculously went to the Christian station and that song by Brandon Lake called gratitude.

She goes that if you ever heard that song and I was like well yeah, she goes with that song came on, and as I was just worshiping to that song she said that was when the headmaster from the school called me and told me that I'd gotten the job and the tears came again as I went and played that song a couple more times gratitude by Brandon and again the tears came. And so maybe for you it's a song or maybe there's a particular scene in the movie. I don't know what it is but I'm just I'm one of what gets touched inside of your heart that turns on the faucet 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

866-34-TRUTH is clearly this woman that day. She was with the Lord and she had been forgiven much and she's given him the most valuable thing she has her spikenard which that stuff was really really expensive back then and then the tears came which are current correlated to the whole idea of murder and test like oh my goodness there's there's such a picture.

There and I what I really how much you bill it makes you cry yet there's a Jewish legend that after the temple was burned down that they had tear jars were tear valves and use the Jewish tradition where in the synagogue, they capture people's tears is when the vial is full. Jesus was to come back with the Christ come back while you ended. That's what she's talking about. Nice is a bundle of murder which should be like a wallet or sachet or whatever you want to call it. That was their money bag and so money bag full of murder.

That's her tears. And I when you think about it and apparently of great value. There's a purging there's a cleansing that you've got a load you carrying a problem you carry in and get there certain stages that you go through when you lose somebody at once you get through that stage once that the tears of dried up. Then you into a whole new section of dealing with the situation that there's a purging of getting rid of some of the. The inner concerns and problems you have. I would think that our heart gets touched when their set problem that were holding some guilt about an were trying to process. We haven't gotten to the point to effectively say Jesus you promised me to forgive my sins if they were bitten and that I'm sorry, Dale feel clean and there is a essence of cleanliness that comes with the tears to have their living water actually become out the spectacular thing.

I can't see the lines lit up.

I'm shocked somebody I thought would have something for me. I was hoping, but I'll give you the number one more time just in case you're feeling at 866-348-7884. So as promised. No new car smell is something a lot of people like man I get back what's going on well for many people they don't realize that one of the ways that their and my wife has been a problem with this always.

She is never managed the recirculation button on her air-conditioner properly and because of that if you leave your current recirculation. This time a year anytime the temperature gets over 80°. You have a button in your air conditioning system that may look like you know a big arrow going around in a circle that's telling you that it's gonna take the inside air. The karma recirculated which when the temperatures over 80 yes you do need to use your recirculation button.

The problem with that button is if you keep recirculating the same air. It grows bacteria and mold, and pretty soon your car will smell like old socks. I can prove that, especially if you live in a humid area like North Carolina. It will not take long in a week or two. You can have gym sock smelling car if you leave it on reconditioning. So when you get your car in the morning or in the evening when it cools down. By all means outside air interestingly kills the bad bacteria in the air. And so by using outside air.

It's an it's a natural disinfectant that bit as you switch your car over to taking outside air and bringing it in. It automatically kills the bacteria, which by the way you first take off is you cars been part if you got it on recirculated scrimmages take a really hot air and burn the heck out of so by all means when you take off always they can offer is to get a few more tips like that and even thinking about it now, what makes you cry. What makes the faucet from on 866348788. You're listening to the Truth Network and and the Christian car guy. The ultimate new car smell. Jesus would provide get a set really back to our original thought would be love potion number eight.

I am calling it but you know we are we been talking about the idea of how the beloved in the song of Solomon. She had the spikenard which, again, if you do you see the picture of of the girl in Luke eight and anointed Jesus and then with his feet with her tears that the picture is spectacular and we got one more ingredient in love potion number eight, we will get to hear in the last segment but right now I just, I still would love to know for you because I think a key ingredient in the new in the love potion number eight is tears at that that that because again Jesus told the woman at the well right that that when you drink this living water. It's, well up in you a spring right of living water will tears if you think about it or living water. They have actual enzymes in them to make you feel better. Like you said take you through morning and and all that kind of thing so I'm still very, very curious what turns on the faucet for your eyes.

You did been some miracles that it happened when I prayed for something and right after that, there is absolutely no doubt that God was solving a problem in their Phuket occasions I can think of that really turn the faucet.

It does you have a sense like your in his presence and in like oh you know he is here only people you know he does care well. I should've known that looks I would love your story 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so during the break.

Bill and I were discussing cabin air filters which I'm not a big fan because to me, we'd be managed very well for years and years and years without such a thing, and now we just have a another way for manufacturers and dealers to make money by selling them. No doubt you're right that they do collect particles and then they collect moisture and so you get bacteria away you go. That I bought a gently used vehicle from your son one time that had a little bit of odor to it and I did everything I could think of at one of the things I always recommend is that you change that air filter so between all the cabin air filter. I have an air filter and then some dryer sheets right to put dryer sheets in the area.

In this case, the air went through the glovebox right so that put a few. The dryer sheets in key spots which helped it it it helped. About 50% scenario that's that's another one of the ideas and no doubt getting things clean our are critical because most the time you got smell you've got bacteria somewhere. I can't tell you how many times over spilt milk or even French fries. Whatever we found were the culprits. All my goodness, because we know if you recondition enough used-car you'd be shocked at how many things you find so obviously if you can get new car smell. The first thing you do is find out what the culprit the bad smell is and it would be really good to know if you could try those away, however, that will but while were on the subject of recirculation and air conditioning and want to move on without mentioning that yes during the summer when the temperatures over 80°. You do need that button pushed because you conclude your car off a whole lot faster and a whole lot easier with it on recirculated because a lot easier for the system to cool down 70 were you know know 78° air than it is 95° air. The air inside your car, 78° and so is your recirculating it's cooling off the cooler air, and it does much much much more effective and to the point where you know not a bad idea for my perspective is to turn off the air for a period of time, especially if you're in town and you leave your windows down because again it makes the car smell better insufficient. It's effective and it's also fun.

From my standpoint, you can hear the outside world and it's just a whole new world out there when you're actually sitting at a stoplight and you got your windows down.

It's different like your you're connected more to what's actually the you're doing instead of looking at the screen or doing some. Another thing I did was you can get a great big economy, bag, baking soda and I put boxes in the flue or the car with you a really late Saturday and let it sit overnight three or four different nights that helped another 25%. So in one of the get to some tricks in the midst absolutely tricks that when you think about it what's going on inside of all. Apparently what I did not know is that my stack isn't working okay so I don't I and so we do have phone calls is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, so I'm no wonder I couldn't think we didn't have any phone calls to get to those tips here in a second, but if we've got scholars I would love to get them so we got Kathy's from North Carolina online one. Kathy on the Christian progression of the morning. Kathy your syllabus. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. So what you have force and make you cry, you everything will read, watch it, probably like. Data right with you. I am absolutely with you I want to say oh yeah, and I can tell you that my producer.

He he wears chosen shirts. Most the time I ever see him. He's got all those different slogans and and they're escaping me right this minute. I'm sure he could tell you but the hour were big fans. Big big big fans. In fact, you have had a chance to interview many of the you know different producer ethanol is now not cast members.

I never got a chance to do that but you know that Allison and the other producers and stuff like that. I now and it's really really my idea is that they really have created something that feels like like you're actually very you know all absolutely crazy. I'll be watching it, and I'll actually start crying before the and that awesome what did you go see the Christmas special at the theater theater in my town is on the app now you can you can see it and that is it's got the music with it was Brandon Lake, but actually they have that Christmas episode where you marries have in Jesus. So is not around and one ugly. I have never, I don't think I've ever seen anything as well. Can we all sat well directed, well scripted, I mean the stats are just spot on everything look so genuine. The acting is running. They can't that will mean there's not a person in there that not exactly what is so awesome with what I'm talking about.

Mary has Jesus, but then she talks to she she's talking to Mary Magdalene about the details of Jesus.

Growing up, specifically when she's did the Magnificat and then married Carlstadt to its yes, it's the Christmas episode of 2021 so I'm just sharing that's awesome meds and scroll down far enough that yeah other features will thank you so much Kathy. God bless you. Appreciate you calling in the day. Welcome. I'm so glad that I'm right with you that one so moving.

While we have Keith my old friend, who I'm sure is in High Point so keep your on the Christian progression of the morning.

Hello Keith, it's great to have you here. I'm sorry will, for whatever reason, this that usually would show me my phone calls is not showing me my phone calls are what players probably make the tears flow medical issues.

Five years ago to now is in my business. You know you do your job going around doing the no big deal, but after I got out hospitals couple years ago: mole customers in the parking lot is a black gentleman in the start: what it happened. Buying my manhole blog people what it happened but told him what it happened in eight he started current and he said you know he's the you always used to make a million melodic feels so good when we came in there.

You never saw color decree is just like you would anybody else tell me the story about what he experienced not at my business. You know I was going into a store to go to shop there because they could not get my car and I to start balling on the start praising God for. Thank you Lord… For years. I just push in the rocket that he'll watch it roll back down to that guy. And since gotten out of the hospital five years ago.

I've received a lot of comp events like bad when I hear him at first glance is thank God Thomas had his lap dances.

That was when I had not thought about it just absolutely beautiful. Keith can you hang on for through the breakers with us to go to one and will talk to on the other side and if you got something that makes you cry. We'd love to hear from you. 866348788. You're listening to the Truth Network and and motion number eight today new car smell like the ultimate new car smell and when we left her hero, Keith Weir talk about what makes us cry and we would love to hear your you know what touches you and where does that touch you, 866348788 Forster Keith had told us the story about meeting this former customer is interesting. I was actually Bill having dinner with Adam Draper last night and he had a very similar story and I saw his eyes well up as he talked about a friend that it shared you know that he was a light to them that he had no idea he had been in Ike I could see that like oh my goodness I got to be a light to somebody is is and up is a beautiful thing right Keith, where does that touch you all over you like a good way to describe it because I never thought myself but had to get out my business people to my customers on the languages I go home.

A lot of times I come all and argued all monies beside my bed and I'm just start crying you know. Thank you Lord. I had no idea I had no idea colleges.

It's is to say that she through some really really cool. I can share with you that after this part with the with the spikenard and the Murray Morgan to get to the Hanahan a minute then the Jesus in the in the story of the song of Solomon heat. He begins to say all that most fair, most fair of women right it was long before first of the all non-Cinderella. He starts saying how fair will that word fair in Hebrew is is it hey and Anna United which guess what that is. It's the light in somebody's face and and you know that light is a reflection of Christ and and so you know he gives it to us through his love and that's what makes us beautiful, not cool. Love think about it. Think about our lives redundancy group that we call by the weeks laden and then knowing that we are at. We are the luckiest of the force that is mind blowing every day can bring tears to your eyes every time it does delay allotment might be you are still there's certain things Bill going home alive.sometimes have a little pity parties in a land that the TV commercial, only show them children from Shriners Hospital nine dear start, again, I thank you Lord please forgive me.

You know million.

These children got a whole life ahead of the damaged will be a struggle. And here I am having a PD party for myself. I am so grateful to call by the end list look forward to some more tears with thanks keep you too bye-bye I got John is in South Carolina.

John you're in the Christian car guy show good morning good morning what you got force knowing that I don't deserve getting what I deserve alone thing that I've given that I was able to talk my mother yesterday and reconciled variegated care read met yesterday and her telling me as a child about the church that she saw that lighted me by the church. The sacrament and kiss your description of the harlot and her tears on Jesus feet was enough to start spiritual warfare bell right now and I need all the prayers it to get through it. I knew my son and I don't forgive the lesson the battles continue with this thing right now John, Jesus, thank you for John, I think you first converge to call us and to share this morning when so many of us in all of us have all these dark spots Lord somehow or another you knew all that and even more than we have yet done before you went to the cross for us and yet you still you still did it, and you still came after us. You still made us aware of your presence and your love and you put wonderful people in our lives like her mothers and fathers.

Or maybe God fathers or other people to show us more about you, Lord, I pray that you would strengthen John. He would since your presence because in your presence. Satan cannot hang out.

So if you would just crawl up in your arms. However, he can get as close as he possibly can get. Lord, we know that there the accuser can't get at him. Pray for that from for his closeness and his holiness.

In Jesus name, amen.

Oh, God bless you, thank you for your courage to call in this great made my day. Actually, John, God bless by RI dwelling going to try to get a few things and quickly.

I told you that there were some secrets here. Some car business secrets okay leather. If you have leather in your car, a leather cleaner if you can will bring out the smell of the leather in leather makes it smell like a new car if you got the rest of the smell out whatever you can do to make the leather in your car smell like leather again a lot of leather cleaners include things that actually make you mother begin to smell like leather again. When that happens you get you get a little bit of that well here's a really unknown secret that not many people use his formaldehyde don't use much test I mean just and and cut it with a whole lot of water but there's formaldehyde in carpets when they come from the factory exactly where do you get for Mel and I that day. Any biology that a lot of people Internet and dissecting frogs or whatever that you find some formaldehyde don't get as much if stuff is potent is is you gotta really cut it with water, but the see there's a lot of formaldehyde in carpets and when you smell you go smell that before all that's why and and said just did and it bit you know that's the that one is and then vinyl in a vinyl also has an older clean vinyl has an odor, and there's all kinds of vinyl cleaners that are in there but which all speaks to the last of that love potion. We we talked about.

I wanted to make sure we got them all in their weekly certainly talked about the spikenard we talked about the murder but we did not talk about the Hannah which is the last thing that the beloved mentions before you know he goes into the next section and the idea of Hannah's. It is exactly the same word in Hebrew as the pitch that arc was covered with and so essentially it's really a beautiful picture of what Jesus would do right be. He covered us with his blood right in the Hannah in his own way. It's exact same word as that is the cover that's over the yard for the cover that was over it. It's it's it's really a fascinating thing that there were these grapes grow in just vast numbers in the in the vineyards of NJ that they would harvest grapes like four times a year. That's how fast the grapes grow that you and anyone you think about grapes and wine and blood and all that's involved in that.

You see this connection that these Hannah that they would use to to make those that the smell of which is covering everything else. So we stink.

We do with our sin. We know we tried for that or whatever and then he covers us right with the smell of Hannah and and then that I haven't smelled it but I understand it spectacular and so there you go some to think about as we go into the whole idea of new-car smell is first saving – just try to keep your windows down you know is you sit in the stoplights and remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went.

That will help save gas to an got it. Thanks Billy leftward for you.

It is you see a chance to make a difference in someone's life. Remember were supposed to be a time of refreshing. Think about it pray for David, this is the Truth Network

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