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Song of Songs 13:1B - God Can't Be Too Close For Comfort

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 6, 2022 8:28 am

Song of Songs 13:1B - God Can't Be Too Close For Comfort

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 6, 2022 8:28 am

Song of Songs 13: A bundle of myrrh is my wellbeloved unto me; he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts.

Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted what an intimate illustration. The staves of the Arc were said to have protruded into the temple veil so as to illustrate this verse according to the great Jewish Commentator Rashi -

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Yes, our hearts are betwixt our breasts and the Hebrew word that is translated "stay the night" is to lodge and hopefully it is for so much longer than a night- RIGHT!

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is cold today we get to dig into intimacy as I titled this particular episode God can never be too close for comfort and so you know this verse is very very intimate and is it we talked about in the first part of the verse is definitely a situation here where you are. You can see that Blessed are those who mourn in here comes the comfort because the second part of the verse definitely describes that. So to read it in English verse 13 in its entirety, says a bundle of myrrh is my well beloved unto me, he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts and so while today we get to talk about this, he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts and you can see the intimacy of this verse and almost hesitate to say this visit. It sounds a bit bizarre but no doubt that the Jews have taught for years that that the easy quick understanding of this part of the verse is that the two staves of the ark were were so long that they actually stuck in the curtain that separated the holy of holies you know from the holy place and so when you're in the holy place. You could see the two poles of the ark in a sticking end of the curtain which would obviously look like a woman. You know standing there and the point being that you know in between those two staves was the ark and it's really really unbelievable picture of where our hearts are right that you between our breasts is our heart and so what a cool thing that you know our beloved is going to spend the night there with anything about that word in Hebrew is it doesn't say you can spend the night. It what it actually says is that he's going to lodge there and so this hopefully is a permanent situation where he's going to lodge right there in our hearts because if you think about that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit than the holy of holies is your heart and it does lie right there between the two poles and so to speak, and so that the easy quick understanding of this is it is in fact our heart that that is there and I don't want anybody to Ms. that the picture there that their showing of the holy of holies is that place but think about what it means that this is a very holy thing and and and the idea of breasts are very very holy and to give us a sense of this in the sense of the miracle of the number eight in the letter hat and I really think much of what this is talking about when is teaching us the statute, which is the whole reason and we went from hundred 19 Psalm to this particular study is that the two words that are that are repeated eight times in this song of Solomon in eight verses are the murder and the breasts that both repeated eight times and I don't think there's any coincidence whatsoever, and I think they both have to do with holiness in the target about the holiness of marriage. The holiness of tears and the holiness of breasts which when you think about both those that are very feminine there very you know both compassionate and comforting and injustice.

The amazing thing that you can help but say that God's really trying to show us something and I think that the idea of us wanting him as close as we can possibly get it right there to lodge in our hearts. I means absolutely spectacular. When you put all that together and think about it so the other thing that I wanted to spend a little bit of time on because my number one podcast last year. I can believe it is, but it was was Bible wonder that I did on the wonder of milk and and this idea of milk and part of the reason why it is so holy and why it is that it's repeated eight times in this Psalm is there's all sorts of connections between the word shad and the milk of the word okay because when you think about a letter Shin is the first letter in the word breasts in Hebrew, and the second letter is a valid well when you go back to the hundred 19 Psalm which we spent all those weeks on the letter.

Shin think about how much that has to do with the word of God because you might remember that you know that that the first verse was your princes persecute us without a cause, but thy servants hearts we stood in awe of thy word right that that standing in awe of the word is very first verse in an and think about how that has to do with the milk of the word. The pitch we being word stand in awe of it and then the second verses, we rejoice in my word, is wanting to find a great spoil will ask any man on his wedding night, and he'll tell you it he's found a great loving this is some to rejoice in it absolutely is in it so you know, yeah, God, what an amazing thing you've done here and in no wonder were so captivated by this word.I think it's clearly why Solomon didn't just say you know he he lodges in my heart he he made it a very intimate thing because of that letter, Shin and and you know when you think about the whole section of the letter Shin what it has to do with the word is just spectacular and I can't tell you know but I would sure go. Just meditate on those eight verses of the letter Shin and think how that has to do with the milk of the word while the second letter in the word breasts is a doll. It which has everything to do interestingly with service which when you think about the comfort of what breasts were designed for in all respects.

You know it has a lot to do with that in an and then you think about this is interesting to me and some just to ponder is that you might remember the third verse in the shin section says I hate and a poor line but I lost my love well you might remember that the fourth verse in the Dollard section.

As I recalls the fourth verse it says remove from me. The white way of lying and grant me dialogue graciously. Well, if you listen to the and of the Jews when they talk about teaching on the letter Shin they call it Schechter and that it's a false you know that it's sort of a masted that can be worn to look like you're something that you're not well you know it's interesting that both in the in the shin section and in the Dollard section is the two places where we see this word lying and and and how were to import an insulative think it's fascinating that the word is truth. Right in and in the milk of the word would just innately just be anti-lies in so many different ways or means only things to ponder here that it's absolutely spectacular.

From my standpoint. And so the idea of he, of wanting us to just snuggle right to just be there with the Lord all night completely intimate in our hearts. I mean, what could be sweeter than that and land upright against assuming however that works.

I can just tell you I've always found it fascinating that that my wife you know for for her. She just she loves to snuggle and that's a wonderful, wonderful thing because that is intimacy in me meant that is, you know what we want from God. And so you know it's neat neat neat to me that he gave us this beautiful amazing picture of intimacy and holiness value.

I remember that when we started the cliff section that had to do with holiness but it also has to do with proximity and so there you get a sense from my standpoint you know is is is you think about they draw nigh that run after mischief, but they're far from my law will that word when they say they run night that run after Mr. that word mischief, that word has to do with sexual immorality and and and this is the people that are unholy, but the holy people make this this whole idea of love and and fruitfulness is a completely holy thing. A very special thing was very close and near to God.

God's heart and obviously you know he if you must render the ark, you must run, but you know when in went the wrong placement in all these things, you know, this is just off-limits.

This is only for those people that he wants to be intimate with and and and that's that for them to know and in the something that's between him and them. And so what a beautiful beautiful thing.

This holiness of intimacy that that were seeing here again we get to revisit these words murder and breasts seven more times and each time he's teaching something very spectacular about intimacy, about love, but I don't want anybody to miss that I had been on my mind when I started doing this I think will obviously there's some connection between the first chapter of the song of Solomon and the Alice and and you may know that the word love in Hebrew for most times that you can use it is the word Ahad, which starts with an Alice which is kind of telling you since we know that the aleph is connected to the father. Will you put an Alice and then a hey which means the aleph expressed is like God's love.

But when you put the bat in it. It means to his house and so it's almost like those people that are in his family are going to experience his the expression of how he feels in which is the people that are intimate with him are going to receive that love, but they gotta be under under his umbrella, so to speak, in his house and so the only way you're going to get to these staves that are there, next to the ark right is to get into the holy place and the only way you can get to the holy of holies.

Honestly, is to have the blood of Christ and then when you have Jesus you can experience a closeness that you will never be too close for comfort and he will lodge there in your heart like the ark, I would be remiss if I didn't say that this but inside the ark. There were three things right there is the law. So as we study and meditate and we get his word in our heart we memorize it on my gosh it, that's exactly where it belongs in the manner was in the ark right in and so that's what you get daily as you go to study the word you get this food which nourishes you which you might remember and honor 19 solemnly talked about by word is pure, therefore, that I so love it that it's just absolutely pure what our heart needs. As we meditate and study on the word and then the third thing that was in the ark that we know of him was the was the rod that butted in that rod that butted was an omen branch in the arm and branches.

The first thing the buds in the spring. It's firstfruits, and the rod is always been a symbol of leadership and so is Jesus okay and he is lodging right there in the ark in that rod that butted along with the law and other words, all these things are in our hearts is God's is picturing all these things that we would know and be able to treasure these as we get closer to him and and as we study him. You know it's just an amazing thing. Just even in a read this verse you can see the contrast and I'll say it one more time to spectacular it says a bundle of myrrh is my well beloved, he shall lie all night betwixt my friends. Thanks for listening

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