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Song of Songs 1:14 - You're Smelling My Jesus Perfume

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 7, 2022 8:36 am

Song of Songs 1:14 - You're Smelling My Jesus Perfume

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 7, 2022 8:36 am

Song of Songs 1:14 My beloved is unto me as a cluster of camphire in the vineyards of Engedi.

Verses 12 the 13 and 14 line up amazingly with the famous Exodus 6 passage used with the 4 cups of wine at a Passover

The Spikenard - Is the coming out of Bondage we see in the woman of Luke 7 who anoints Jesus being a prostitute. Verse 12

The Myrrh - Are the tears of bitter bondage and free to have Jesus in our hearts as our master not Satan. Verse 13

The Camphire - Is the redeeming blood that smell covers our stink so we can be fruitful being connected to the vine.

Exodus 6:6 Wherefore say unto the children of Israel, I am the LORD, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will rid you out of their bondage, and I will redeem you with a stretched out arm, and with great judgments:


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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is in pitch perfumed working in the song of Solomon and oh how it brings with it some really interesting things. I am is always just blown away, but let's just read it in English and will take off so it says my beloved is unto me a cluster of campfire in the vineyards of in Getty and it is campfire but it is campfire horror actually would probably be better translated Hannah, but nonetheless the idea here is spectacular when you understand that the word that is translated here campfire which is often translated, Hannah. Are these flowers that certainly grow in clusters there in the vineyards of in Getty but it is exactly the same word, and obviously Solomon knew this as the covering that was over the ark of snow that was the pitch that was what he called the pitch that he was to put over the ark best being the idea of again the ark cover which is Jesus's blood and so it's a spectacular thing and it relates right back to and no doubt that these three verses that we just did it.

If you ever go to a Passover Seder that I spent a lot of time on Exodus 6 and the three and 4 cups of wine with the fourth one being the one that Jesus is given a drink with us in the kingdom, but the three that that there highlighted always and are highlighted here and I think he goes on the fourth Is white as well, but first time and take you out of slavery then secondly I'm going to take you out of the bondage that you are still experiencing because of that slavery. And thirdly, I am going to redeem you and so you know what we today were at the redeeming part. In other words, when he when they covered the sides of their doors with blood. He was he was redeeming them. In other words, when they when we take Jesus's blood, then we are being redeemed and in by all means were being covered and the really neat thing. If you think about it is this is the Jesus perfume that's covering my stink will you know my beloved is under me of cluster campfire in. In other words, his smell is so good that it overpowers my stink is just an amazing thing to think about because he does redeem us and he is surety for us in so many different ways and so I hope when you look at the overarching thing that what's going on here in this love story is Solomon is not only telling his own love story are all of our love stories of what Jesus always does he always takes us out of slavery.

He always takes the bondage away that we've been held in because of our slavery and he almost always covers this the next thing is he's gonna take us to be his people and the girls really get to that next, but it's a really neat thing that these certainly line up with that when you look at verses 12, 13 and 14 sent for your you to ponder as you think. But then the second part of the diverse is in the vineyards of Vendetti and when you look at those words in Hebrew, the amount of desire that's involved. In other words, it's a it's a bunch of olives and hoofs and and those two letters. Both have to do with desire and crowning, and all these things and so this idea of the vineyards of Vendetti is a very very fruitful place a very, very, a place of desire, a place of fruit. In other words, and Esther. He covers us he he he. Then obviously wants to take us and unite us with this and the other thing that I wanted to highlight here is here again in this very second word works is my beloved organist see this use of the word that week that we can talk about over 30 times in the song of Solomon, but the way that word is is a doll involved all and we talked about before.

It is the same exact letters that are in King David's name and it has this idea. If you look at the ballot section of this very humble servant who hopefully is going to run in the path of the commandments, but consistently.

Do you know like like Jesus said if you love me you'll do my commandments, but also some really really need about the letter doll. It especially if you put your head before a doll and you get the idea of hand right and and and you might've heard the word yada which is is the is the word to be fruitful in other words, when people yada each other, then there can obviously have a baby are when they know you know when they knew in a biblical way and and so this idea of the beloved here is almost when I was more I thought about this is almost like hand in hand. But you know, just like the Beatles would sing. I want to hold your hand. Well, your God wants to hold your hand and obviously as were serving and we usually serve them with our hands.

You know and work with your own hands or that the common theme in the Bible.

But the really neat thing of it of here is. Wow, if I could do my work hand-in-hand right that it if I truly am serving Christ that I not only serving Christ with serving Christ with Christ. It's pretty easy to serve correct it's not so easy for me to serve Christ hand-in-hand with Christ at and that's the idea here.

I think in the doll at five dollars as you could see that that is kind of like the serving drive serving more serving and and and these two hands that are coming together to make this serving happen and I think it's a beautiful concept so with all these ideas in mind with this fact that we are covered in Jesus's perfume so that we can be extremely fruitful and and obviously as he is our beloved and were hand-in-hand. You know the thing that I get tripped up and sometimes and just I think it would happen to anybody who's on the radio and that kind of thing is is sometimes people gush all Robbie are just so awesome well there just smelling my Jesus perfume I mean is what it is. He covers my stink and and as he teaches me stuff I try to share because it just blows my mind every morning and occurs when I do my shows is the same thing that God is given me everything it is that I'm I'm sharing and and I could be more delighted about it in so however that works know he gave me whatever gifts are there in his as well. But the point is, is this a mine. It is Jesus's perfume is the. In other words, this is it says my beloved is my perfume here understand that and and cellular, some for me to learn and this is is I mean sometimes listeners just really gush at and it's really hard to listen.

But if I if I just focus on what I'm trying to focus on think about is while they're really gushing over where they saw Jesus, and if I could give him the glory for all that in that moment and say wow you know you obviously see Jesus a matter that is just beautiful because that's the idea that that the home of any teacher is that that we would be a window into Christ that that didn't that you would get me completely out of the picture. Just get a look at Jesus is clear as possible and I hope even in this verse right that today as you go through this day that you realize that man you can reach through that window, grabbing his hand and and and be fruitful with him because of our community. What hopefully as we go hand-in-hand today. I will remember this verse. Thanks for listening

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