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Song of Songs 1:15 - Eyes Of The Holy Spirit

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 8, 2022 9:41 am

Song of Songs 1:15 - Eyes Of The Holy Spirit

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 8, 2022 9:41 am

Song of Songs 1:15 Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair; thou hast doves' eyes.

God knows us better than anyone and here is telling us - PAY ATTENTION _ Pay ATTENTION, (behold, behold) YOU ARE FAIR/BEAUTIFUL - Why? Dove Eyes -

Doves, being that pigeons are in the same family, always know their way home. They Mate for Life. Then they are a picture of the Holy Spirit - which can see Jesus like nothing else - YES - You have that if you are in Christ - You Have the Eyes of The Holy Spirit.

I also share some Hebrew and the 99 Psalm in this episode.


This is the Truth Network treasurers song of songs, which is song of Solomon's WR never-ending quest to understand what are the statutes of the 19 Psalm and I should remark that I just am delighting in all this is.

It's interesting that my word for the year. The God-given gift is given me is the light and so our timing is delightful really doing verse 15 so will get in the English it reads behold, thou art fair, my love, behold, thou art fair, thou hast dove eyes. Oh wow they are so much it's unbelievable in so few words. I mean now I can sale this is just spectacular Holy Spirit, no doubt has some to do this within it. As you note the dove in the end, but to begin with E doesn't just say, thou art fair, he said, behold, listen, you know, it is not. This is big news here. We need to hear what I'm telling you, and he says it twice, which in Hebrew means that were really really emphasizing it. In fact, you can't help but note in Scripture that one time you hear this, thou art fair, thou art fair is ended in what they described Rachel with Jacobs are like she wasn't just beautiful. She was beautiful, beautiful, and so now we have this situation where God is telling us twice. Pay attention, pay attention. It's almost like, verily, rarely like get get get this straight in your mind now art beautiful like you need to hear this because you you do, your heart is not aware of how beautiful you are.

That's, you know, just to begin with. So the word behold doesn't come there twice by accident. He's trying to say but you need to hear this and really really cool. Last night I was with some dear friends. We do the masculine journey and we played a clip from the movie wonder where you little boy is not terribly disfigured from many surgeries to his face and he's got a helmet over his head. He's crying to his mom because he so ugly and his mom says no you you're beautiful, and he says let doesn't count because you're my mom and and he said or she says to him, oh, because I'm your mom. It means more than anybody else because I know you better than anybody, and I'm telling you you're beautiful well who knows you better than God, I mean a unit he knows you way better than you know yourself and here he's telling you pay attention, pay attention here now hear this, you are beautiful you are beautiful, you know, we just need to hear that in the idea of Butte of fair is what you know is being I'm translating is beautiful be saying what are fair or that idea.

In Hebrew is a good and a pay and a hey okay and I know sometimes you wonder why was Robbie going to this will because what you can see in this word is a thing of beauty. It is like the unit is the spark of God right and so here's the spark and the pay is clearly an image of a face. The picture of itself looks like a face and so here's this lit up face, and specifically. Obviously he's going in our eyes we see in the light in her eyes disease and talk about them here in a minute to get the picture of this light of the phase and then the hay is just saying this is an expression of light in the face that is farewell. You know that close you get the God as Moses did write his face shone and so this fairness is a result of you being close. You know that that Jesus lodged all night with you in your heart. I mean, this is clearly what's going on here and because of that man you are fair you are fair and there is a light in your face that people can see from a mile away.

The closer you get to Jesus and and and it's it is a neat thing. If you look at the word shown that was in Moses's face.

It starts with a letter coffin as we described in the hundred 19 Psalm letter cuff has to do with proximity how close you are to Jesus.

And so the closer you get to Jesus, the more you get that shine on and it is going to make you beautiful. We need to hear that we need to hear from the person that knows us better than anybody. So he tells us twice and then he has this word, which would for me. I'd love for it does for lots of reasons. I've observed him for years and years and years and they are amazing animals, amazing animals. So what does he mean by thou has dove as well.

There's a couple things I think there's a lot of things I could go into it would spend the rest of the pot, but to that I would highlight okay and I think I'm a doom in the order that I thought I actually think are more important that number 1 Dobbs Can Find Their Way home. Unlike any other animal on earth okay homing pigeons or does, you may not know they're in the same family as a dove.

But there is no animal on earth that can find its way home like a dove can okay consider Gomez that you know when we have dove eyes. It means right and we we talked about before that the letter bet has to do with how we know our houses. It's a kingdom we have kingdom eyes.

We know where the home is an and to know that this thing our home is it in the thick we made that lightweight we have eyes for home for the real home that Jesus is home is an and the other thing that that dove's eyes are your they mate for life they choose one mate and then they only have eyes for that mate and always this.

This is a lesson for all men that that struggle with pornography, me being one of them that have had this problem that how can we only have eyes for our wives and it's like God has given us this dilemma it so that we can hone in on how important our eyes are in the in the process of being beautiful. I mean, and in really cool. The word dove in Hebrew. You know from my standpoint is is phenomenal.

From its has that same beginning as the word fair. It starts with you and in other words, here's this light and then it survive so it's like assaying a continuation we talked about in the vav how the letter vav always means. And you know and and and and and is making a connection between the two letters. So here's more light in other words, more light, the more that light, and then the letter none, which is very much connected to faith. And don't forget because again, our quest is to figure out statute that the last date that miracle letter makes it excuse me. The eighth verse in the none section or what I would call the miracle verse says I've incline my heart to keep your statutes always, even under the end you see the faithfulness and that you see what that that this is our commitment to God in in these Dobbs eyes and it was no accident that Noah sent the dove out right because he knew he could find his way home and he knew that all those things that you know is just it it's it's something that God uniquely did and then don't miss this, that what was it that came down and it Jesus's baptism in the form of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has eyes for Jesus.

Oh does he have eyes for Jesus and so as we are studying the Scriptures evening Scriptures were talking about today. The Holy Spirit comes in your heart, and says CCC and someone we have dove eyes.

We have Holy Spirit eyes to see that it's absolutely spectacular when you look at the spiritual aspect of this that like here we have this picture of the Holy Spirit is only God eyes for Jesus and boy he can point them out to us in so many different ways. Sometimes you see Jesus and people sometimes you GC Jesus and birds. Sometimes you see Jesus you know, obviously, in the Scriptures it it's leaps out and what's doing that well that's your devise man, how beautiful is that I made since absolutely beautiful. So if you're like me and you're just the lighting in these devise. There's no doubt that I conceive it for me. One of the biggest struggles I ever had was soon and probably still continue because I still know porno is coming at every man all the time you don't care what you're looking at the Internet it what they will try to lure you in. Now it when when that moment comes in my going to be beautiful and realize that true love true life doesn't come from that.

It comes from right. It comes from Jesus, but also comes from my wife like I should only have eyes for her because there is no life. There's no life in looking at any of those other things. There's no life in looking at anything away from Jesus and there's no life in looking at anything away from my wife because it just death and and remorse and in an condemnation that all the stuff that Satan would love to go, you know, don't me and for the next 20 minutes.

I mean, you're right there at the end of that picture and so man of God and III think this is just where he can give us more. This is one of the heavy lifting. Give me the thanks for this

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