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NRB Chronicles 2022 - Father Me - A Documentary Produced and Directed by Sheri Pedigo

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 12, 2022 8:00 am

NRB Chronicles 2022 - Father Me - A Documentary Produced and Directed by Sheri Pedigo

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 12, 2022 8:00 am

Father Me Web Site

Sheri Pedigo- recording artist, song writer directs this Journey that is near and dear to her heart.

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Amazing amazing stuff. Just how God uses so many wonderful folks and gives them gives them just so here again RB 2022. I don't know what the best, just 17 years and I've never seen as many or as powerful, and it seemed like for such a time as this, because there's so many heavy-duty things going on. It's unbelievable, angry, and some so thrilled to have Sherry Petty go in front of me and she have done a documentary are you doing I just finished Burbank international Festival in September of last year and the documentary is bother me.

Father made so yeah just that speaks story all over it. Especially for those of us who actually do boot camps John Mobley's boot camp. Talk all about father wounds and and and oh my goodness is so so amazingly important that Jesus come into this right it's an epidemic. Worldwide is just America, it's well yet because Satan's worldwide nose that this is a very tender place and so tell us about what documentary was going on. Well, it started in 2019. I had written a script actually and I really felt like it was about to people on their journeys with their fathers, and I really felt like the Holy Spirit what you did documentary and let your interview go after these people that you know any industry salmonellae and I contacted Odette Cerny was one of the first was I was a worship leader in Ojai Presbyterian Church and he was a Christian and Jewish money returned to me because what's that, because the charge because it is my and so my fatherly song is a thing of the charge and was very moved and his wife, tell me know. Dan's really touched by this time, so the way but a backup. He heard my father gone so is Ida. I apologize, is that the song that you wrote. Yes I did.

I'm sorry.

Yes, I direct us on the song came to be first in my spirit and I really felt like I was just download and store your recording artist. I am so give him some more to you so your record so you have us all.

Father be.

And God gave you that your spirit wrote the song and then they were playing at your church thing out and play guitar and piano player at the church after I just finished the composite and 12 okay because I know this is a fast enemies, to get to the specific fear when I decided to do this documentary I approached, and because I reading, and he knew about father meet project right they had read like Rick they had read my script that is also the song. This song is so is is like the forerunner for this documentary and it's so powerful. I mean when you when you see this documentary and at the end, I have the song playing because I wanted the song to be tells the story of anger, of forgiveness and how we get there because it's so anointed should never write something so profound is this bridge and I will tell you the bridge father to the fatherless, I finally understand you took the nail out of my heart and placed it in your that's only ahead and written bridge.

Now the bridge is like Bob Outerbridge is right, so that was that time to tell how that how that came to me. I can just tell you it was divine thought contains completely divine intervention of the Holy Spirit and had a flat tire and I was very angry and guide that flat tire gave me that bridge but I could understand bridge by the state and the anger see anger is a very it's it's very very toxic and we have choices in our life choices and outside touch on this, but white kids going gangs because they don't have fathers again becomes the father, anger, rage and anger that she's Medi-Cal they go to prison for the rest of the lies we have a problem with anger with their kids because they didn't get the lead they needed from the father and a lot of kids had to grab fathers and when the fathers are too busy working. The kids want to be attention to the neglect decree to skip Bob stop the patient get in trouble because he wanted mother and this is coming. This documentary is always much more than a film guide and touching people and it's just so this is out on a platform yet, but I saw you know I have been doing enemies prepping to release that okay so the song is out how to get well you can you can actually see it through my trailer right now as I don't have a little thing out yet because I'm doing a touring documentary and I haven't released it out because I'm careful about who can elect distributed right now because it's gotta be for me. I have to have the right distribution for this in my distribution portal right now is a touring documentary's I'm doing looking I'm speaking I'm teaming up a foundation of the foster care foundation watched on it and were just drawn money after the foundation. I'm doing whatever I can to help the people that need it the most.

I'll never ever actually went to several of his projects began to understand the father situational fatherless situation, how much I needed God when the light came on and then God started just because of what I do.

He started pouring his people in teach me things that I really feel compelled to share with your out there doing this so we have this exercise that we do when were doing the that your to go back and think about all the fathers and God brought into your life up to earthly father and so what you do is you start thinking about all there was this coach there was this Boy Scout leader. There was this man lived down the street that always helped me fix my lawnmower. Whatever it was, father, did you take these pictures and begin to realize that God had been sending fathers into your life. The whole time and God is the backup plan.

Like if somebody lost her father had a father that was alcoholic or whatever God was a backup plan. He is the original plan for every single human being right, and he's a big greater of all the fathers been sent into your life like ever since you were born because he realized what was what was at stake and how Satan would try to drive you to be fatherless and have that sense of spirit of my father lost his damages nine years old that father. My father never talked about his father about my grandfather until my father had a heart attack in 2015 and his dad died in the hospital. My dad never tried to escape the hospital that what you have a heart attack. I just got heartburn that he was like you know very distant. My dad was never really acting as my graduation and he just wasn't presently provided. I need father was abusive father was, you have lost the father lost in there so many other judge wasn't joint the apple of his godlike budget was meant to be like like Jesus his own father stood over him. This is my beloved son, Manuel. Please see the was attentive and of Jesus needed to hear that from his father. Think about it Jesus to hear about from the heavenly father which barely did because when baptizes what happened, how much more do we need to hear about it so I can see that you know for all of us what happened with me as I was dating on these guys had father issues as I was looking for my father Brian and I started I work with say passages, which is that of limits on the California and I icing at their their functions and I teamed up with me with my father may song she was young she was abused by her father and a lot of these girls in coming to these battered women something horrible relationships.

The veil had father issues these guys have moderate she's a abused MH is that really needs to be looked at and be broken and I really feel my documentary. It's opening up people's hearts. I can tell you that when I showed it to group not long ago, one of the guys in years. I'll probably never knew that his father said he starts father and his mother's anger is coming on this ever was, and it as open at people to talk about it, get angry, get to it and think of to accept it. If you can get it out of the light of the new got a chance to bring healing and source as I was saying God brought people in my life to realize as I was interviewing him Satan's show aware of this strategy has been using it to true unbelievable harm that when you look at it you're like oh my gosh, here's what he did some historical things of that the slaveowners especially in the Bahamas and in Haiti that was a diabolical plan to remove the father from the family and create all this sexual security because they knew that if they came out of a family. There were so much easier to control what they had, or from spirit. You are so I and in this thing is been. It was it was poured out on those countries and so what's going on in Haiti what's going on in Barbados. All these different places that suffer with this huge father was in Jamaica June alcoholism, huge right and then North America and like oh my goodness this in your you're exactly right so this is huge and in the neat thing really that here we are the generation of this time with so much stuff you and I were both state documentary last night and think how the Chinese people love their family is all so close and we can learn from that we can really learn from went there the closeness speak when Larry Elder the other night I so funny on them California and writing about a form that I did know visually. Legalism ran into my friend from DayStar DD and interviewed me for my documentary was my first interview that I did and when he found out I was doing a documentary on father Hattie handed out actually speaking amplify the link about his father and he said I been saying this for so long even a bomb attached on it because Obama father state spoke about this and he said no and he is here is an epidemic and it's in our prisons in Alamogordo and an email need incarceration yeah they committed crimes they need love and any father and a need to be understood and sealed this and if we await arms and feet of Jesus and we don't praying at least I'm doing my part, I cemented to be done.I performer behind this. This is changed my life is such a destiny and purpose, and I just listen. I'm just putting it out there. I know on that cylinder so Netflix an honest given its network to dismember that one time to be done. No way. This is a documentary that has to going and I made a turn this into a series. It's the Lord's directories and put it out there. I I'm just gonna let that and I I want to do as many showings of this you know speaking engagements Q&A is so true for you. If you're listening is Sherry Pettigrew, PDI, Geo, write her song father if you go to get to the songwriters your website or other me the father made the documentary value, and somewhat of a trailer and be praying right by God is not is up to something that she'll have the wisdom to give it to the right distribution way and that and that if God wants to continue the vision by doing a series or whatever he does, I'm not beautiful with demigods, given it was passion, and this burning for such a necessary thing for him and I said I'm so cool. I was looking at what Angel Studios is diameter Planning and what they cannot smoking a man, I'm going to do what they say can be like that song is been going on and on, the management company because they didn't like this at work S&L know this is God's name and he put it exactly where it needs and I am not worried because he is the director, writer and producer.

I'm just a vessel that he gives put it out there. Thank you for sharing with the truth blessed and honored that you would do that, Sherry. God bless you, thank you for showing treated

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