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Song of Songs 2:5 - Love Sick Comfort Food

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 17, 2022 8:59 am

Song of Songs 2:5 - Love Sick Comfort Food

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 17, 2022 8:59 am

Song of Songs 2: 5 Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples: for I am sick of love.

We the Bride overcome with love, would seem this is too good to be true need comfort food and very interestingly the first food she reaches for is in Hebrew has the root of Lily - rejoice, as in His presence is fullness of Joy. The apples that in the Hebrew word picture letters looks like the True Face of a continual marriage. Brings into focus the apple of our eye, Jesus.

Nothing like apples and raisins for a love sick appetite it would appear.. Even better is the Word of God itself - Its full of Flagons and Apples - just sayin.


This is the Truth Network treasurers song of songs, which is weird thinking in the lovesick comfort food today. In the second chapter of the song of Solomon again in our quest to understand the Hebrew language better than the letters better and to get an understanding of these statutes that are spoken of in the hundred 19 Psalm and that you know it says our lips will other praise what I was taught as dies that you so rope and that we will build a do that as we understand more about this lovesick comfort food. More tell you whether to so let's explain right here.

You know, in the masculine journey that we do. We teach a lot of John Eldridge is Stefan John Eldridge is taught for years that you know the that the core desires of a man's heart or a battle to fight it adventured to live in a beauty to rescue them. His son one time said, I think it's hilarious that the problem with the beauty and she just doesn't stay rescued well, you know, after the jubilation of being in his banqueting house, and his banner over me is live. We immediately go down the tubes here with we don't stay. Unfortunately, the church. The church does this not say rescued here so we get sick right after.

Apparently the banquet so it says verse five. In English, since they may with flagons, comfort me with apples, for I am sick with love, and of course it immediately begs the question what the flag and maybe never. I've never in a lot of places it says flagons of wines of this very strange word and after much much research has been interesting that when Rashi teaches on this, which is you know in ancient Hebrew scholar that he understands the word ways that there really unique and in a highly highly revered Bible commentator is. He says that this was the ancient way if somebody got really really sick. You would feed them. These sort of raising cakes and spread apples all around her bed. Well the word that is used for comfort me with apples clearly is the word spreads or spreading apples, that's for sure. Can know this idea of these raising cakes or this flagon, however, that works. Whatever that actually is clearly comfort food. Okay. In both cases, both of flagons and the apples have to do with comfort food.

But the thing that you can't help but note, when you look at the verse in Hebrew is the idea of flagons.

The root word of the word flagons is rejoice, which is the root word of the word Lily. That is the beginning of the unit chapter. This idea of you know when we get a good look at Jesus right in his presence is fullness of joy and so apparently these raising cakes which doesn't surprise me. Anything made out a rat apples and raisins, especially if you had cinnamon apparently your rejoice.

We need this stuff so but the idea of flagons clearly has to do with rejoicing and some people say their dainties or or or some type of very sweet bread. I don't know what I know with clearly. When you eat them. You rejoice and and and it's getting back to the beginning of the chapter that in his presence is fullness of joy were looking for it to be in his presence by eating this comfort food which may have to do with why are you stay overweight left of and then it says spread apples right or comfort me with apples, however you want to look at that the word apple of course is used previously in the chapter as a picture right of the fruit of Christ.

And so here we have you know this again idea of being comforted with cheap imitation of Jesus, whatever that may look like because what because they're sick I am and their sick, lovesick, their broken hearted and so you know I you can about wonder why are they broken hearted.

They just had this amazing banquet. As we say the beauty this doesn't stay rescued. Well, if you're like me you know we always have this tendency to go.

This is just too good to be true. No you know he can't really mean he knows my story. He knows what you know and I think we have a tendency to just think it's too good to be true and and that the you know I don't really deserve this or I'm not the law, you know it it's it's it's a it's an amazing thing that our heart does with that and so you know, we unfortunately cannot accept all the love that Jesus has to offer.

And so I'm not terribly surprised I don't gas that if I went to this unbelievable banquet experience. All this that I would immediately start feeling like well II you know what that I do to deserve all this and you know you might be. Remember the movie song to me of song of the sound of music, you know, I must've done something good that song that they sang after they fell in love. Well, I could never think of that unit was just there and so maybe you can remember like a relationship and I certainly can remember like why would Tammy love.

I mean, here's this beautiful delightful I mean Tammy has a personality like nobody on the planet and she has a joy that just how phenomenal and she was clearly out of my league like this is just too good to be true, but I really really really want to be around her but am I really the right one for you and all these crazy questions we ask ourselves, because unfortunately we don't want to stay rescued know how all that works, but then literally daily. We, the cheap imitation we go for the comfort food rather than for for the real thing right so you know we asked to be comfort with flagons info with apples rather than the actual thing I you know and again were to see much more of how Jesus responds to that is coming up. But what a beautiful thing. What a beautiful thing that this is such a real song right. This isn't like that go often the sunset live happily ever after I meet immediately after the big banquet so were sick with love, I mean that is just that's how it kinda goes and and so maybe you can relate to this. I sure can. And it's actually quite reassuring that that Solomon understood this at some level, and certainly tells me a lot about comfort food and I may have to go eat some apples and raisins at the you know both those things.

Well, I should mention that apples, when you look at the word in Hebrew just end with this and so beautiful because the first letter in the word apple is a top and you might know that that is saying true. It's like God stamp on something that whatever this is is true of the word Torah starts with the top of and and you know therein lies that whole idea, and then the next letter is a pay which have to do with the presence and so here's the true presence right.

I mean, in which is what were looking for work, looking for that true presence. I mean, that beautiful than Apple is that and then it's evolve, which tells you that that's sort of a Jacob's ladder continuation of the pay and then above the final letter is my hat which is the youth of the eighth letter, the one we seem to be in search of, but it is the idea of our marriage so it's almost like if I could just take this word and just spell it out it.

It's like here we have the true face of a continual marriage right and it gives you the idea of the apple of your eye. Is this connection. This bonding this relationship that it that has to do with what this Apple is and so is not absolutely beautiful that that is the tree that she describes that Jesus is. Is this true face of a continual marriage like man, that's absolutely beautiful and so the one we love apples to go in joy or comfort food.

Awfully more. The Bible is your comfort food, and it is full of apples flagons,

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