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Good Dad's Make You Lay Down

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 18, 2022 3:04 pm

Good Dad's Make You Lay Down

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 18, 2022 3:04 pm

Today's episode is a special Father's Day weekend show. Robby shares with us how much a father is meaningful in all of our lives. As well as how willing our Father God was willing to lay down his son Jesus Christ in order to save us from our sin and show His everlasting love for us.


Jesus said blessed are the persecuted and they are suffering big time right now. This is my belief international in 19-year-old Ari was beaten by her own father and violated by local authorities and order crime was simply that she gave her life to Jesus Christ after leaving radical Islam. They need Bibles in order to endure and persevere. That's why Truth Network and Bible teamed up to sin. God's word to 3500 persecuted believers around the world at five dollars avoidable hundred dollars since 20 oh €800 word €800 worth 800 password or give a, this is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

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This is good Truth Network. I said this is how you lay down when you're checking the borrowing absorb.

That's one way to make sheep lie down in green pastures that we were looking at Psalm 23 we say what is the main for the shepherd to make a sheep land-grant pastor. I don't imagine that was the case. It looked very comfortable and it is not position. So what is really cares upon and she is happy as can be lain down tunic had joined the day Intel that she is enjoying herself. The only way shepherd can make sheep lie down in green pastures is when they feel relaxed and comfortable feel like there aren't any creditor. They finished eating for the day and they'll lay down and just chill.

That's how they lie down in green pastures that make you lay down or go so I hope you got the message. So yes good that they really do they make you lay down, but in order to do that they themselves have to learn unfortunately or fortunately I guess I just say that you know how to lay down their own lives, so you heard actually the Iroquois Valley churches shepherd that was just an awesome video. It's their Christian Car is your watch the whole thing and see the sheep get laid.

It's also been a geriatrics. The fifth equals a sleepover and then some to see but anyway and then there was Phil Wickham with this is amazing Grace and Chris Tomlin would lay me down at all of you ever connected these thoughts a few dots in the Bible that has to do with laying it down. But anyway you know we got quite a show lined up for you today. We really, really do this being Father's Day weekend. So today show is brought to you by the Hebrew letters that which the word to lay down to make to lay down in Hebrew is actually one word and that word is robots and so you can tell that it ends with that is that you can hear the disease found at the end of robots and the ideas actually that laying down is what makes you right because that does this attic is the letter for righteousness. So how are you to get right. If you don't lay down. Oh my goodness so much in that word that is just phenomenal and working and going to a lot of that, as you might guess, but on today show. We have some medical things we got before calling in with their new heritage vault which unlocks 100 years of history were to get in and all that and were excited about that. Then we also have the last segment. The latest episode of Christian car guy theater and will actually hear some laying down of lives from both our heroes Christian and executing valiant Plymouth valiant and plaintiff very faithful so it is really really cool and I would also mention that during the week. My good friend Keith, who often calls into the show contacted me to remind everybody that this Father's Day just like Mother's Day. It's her tradition in church and I think it's a wonderful tradition that if your father is past you wear white carnation. If your father is living anywhere read and I can assure you I get to preach tomorrow in Durham and I will be wearing right my white carnation and looking forward very much to force them to go on there so that's in the reminder. I thinks I really think Jerry when you when you see those kind of thing so I don't know if you ever thought much about in the 23rd Psalm the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. But then all of a sudden comes this line. He makes me lay down in green pastures. He is that word that robots well. Interestingly, the same message is brought to you again in the song of Solomon chapter 1, when the show my woman or the church herself is asking Jesus.

How do I find you and she asked the question by saying, tell me, you who my soul loves where you pastor your flock and where you make it lie down at noon. Once again using that robots word well the good shepherd himself. Jesus in chapter 10, he decides to give some of shepherd training here and you know his his word on that is I am the good shepherd right.

The good Shepherd lays down his life for his sheep to see if you listen carefully to anybody from Iroquois that he was laying down his life, to an extent take care the sheep right and to whatever extent you lay down your life as a dad right that's a big part of being a dad is the good shepherd he cares for sheep's always willing to lay down his life as David would take on the bear and the lion in order to protect him and and you think about all the ways that and so I bet many of you know John 316 but do you know first John 316 well is in the right along the same lines, because in first John 316. He instructs us the apostle. By this we know love that he lay down his life for us and we ought to lay down our life for our brothers. At first John 316's a good dads are shepherds. They fend off the predators. Rightly they provide for their families and and most of all they care for the sheep. They know my name in order to know my name after name and that's that. You know that's part of the deal to so well is the time that God taught you how to lay down.

Well I just hope I can get the story and quickly so when I had cancer I took him up. You might've heard my miraculous healing which was miraculous. That's neat story on itself, but we celebrated by afterlife chemotherapy treatment going to Jeep jamboree in Murphy, North Carolina, and when the last day of the Jeep jamboree. I was getting out of Jeep to unlock the hubs and as I was at the back of my Jeep getting my son a root beer. I was lying down my life except to get there and all of a sudden I heard this crackling behind me is the personal bill for me had gotten out of his Jeep, failing to put it in park or setting his emergency brake and so his Jeep rolled down the hill, crushing me between the two jeeps now at this point right my son what he remembers of it have heard him tell the story many times as you never heard a scream apparently like I let out at that moment, but as they finally got the Jeep off me, the one that was pinned me against my own Jeep. I realized that my left leg and almost been severed and I fell to the ground and at what point in time. Just based on my desk. Jesus prompting.

I just did Jesus help me and I can remember it vividly as I laid down on the ground.

I had no choice at this point time I had no leg to stand on really step up as I was laying on the ground.

I remember very very vividly. This God hug.

In other words, you know, in the song of Solomon in the second chapter you here. He says he left he put his left hand under my head.

His right arm embraces me. I don't know if you've ever gotten a God hug. I hope you have but I can assure you at the moment in time when you really lay there. He will be there and it will give you such a sense of grace, of like you are his favorite such a sense of peace. Such a sense of love. I can never ever ever explain to anybody how wonderful that felt that day. In spite of the fact that I do not just about being Catholic and so know just to show what kinda happened that day.

The poor guy that lives Jeep ran out the gear he was freaking out. I mean, because he thought it killed me right and so he stayed in over the top. If it is going. I'm sorry Rosario, he is really really upset and since I was in this great state of mind. I really was, in spite of the fact that is bleed all sorts of stuff going on.

I just looked up at him and go hey dude, how is your insurance and let it immediately. The whole crowd, which was totally freaked out heard that comment and I could say we can't be too bad of you sit there telling jokes when he was laying on the ground and was all it was going on at and literally. I'm telling you it took him over an hour because where we were up in the mountains to get an ambulance up there and they couldn't get air cover that there was going to get helicopter plane up there that day because of the weather and when they finally got there and when they gave me the morphine. It made no difference because I had I was already and I felt no pain. I know that's hard to believe I just experienced it. It was a God hug in a moment.

I needed a God hug but at that point in time I was laying down I is is is (was under my head in his right arm embraced me and I lay down for that forthcoming up talking about the fall and got some beets of him 1110 30 interesting Hyundai theater so much more land down the do dads make you lay down to your listening to the Truth Network and The only way she can make sheep lie down in green pastures is when they feel relaxed and comfortable and dad lay down their right.

They lay down and they also teach us to lay down is all sorts of interesting angles to this whole idea but very cool. We have a Ford historian with us today on a Christian car guys show because now we know that to Henry himself if talk about an old dead EEE certainly gave us a legacy in the car business as of years and years and so Ted you guys have a big announcement would hundred and 19 board. Paul, the online library of the art were cheering a lot of our content free download with the board band wrapped around the world. The hundred years of pictures and brochures in all sorts of amazing like man. You know whatever that car was that was your absolute favorite and I remember your member and a member her name had the Mercury Comet oh, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel yeah she had a 63 Mercury Comet she's to wash with kerosene ever talk to her to go. She wasn't a slacker. Not like that but noted library more than 3000 photos of every board weekend or Edsel vehicle from 1903 until 2000 number project were getting. But then we do have brochures. We have 3500 and digitized brochures of every board product between Debbie, have we don't have everything tubercular. Make the model T in 1908 all the way up until current of those Mercury brochures will be. We sit and look through this was the one thing. Looking back at that. The history and in those old brochures when you first stumbled across your wow is that not cool just one thing is always something to kind of catches you by surprise. Cool characters typically what happened around the brochures that I love looking at the past and you can you could teach a class on American history using the research that you would see that changing – and you'd be the beehive heritage and the emergence of African-Americans in the bursars. The all the different ways that life is change that the past hundred years, but that didn't ourselves change that but it's just that when you hold it. 19. I literally had a 59 Hebert brochure in my hand the other day and that was the year that you can get different colored pop different colored body in the back of it. They got the and will subject 27 different varieties is amazing that your hero Rachel Whitley. We had her on the show.

Maybe 15 years ago has long time ago and she had the 63 comet that had over 400 and some odd thousand miles on a way to half a million.

She thought and that car had the original paint job in the and she lived in Florida okay so just you know Jerry was a body man I worked in car dealerships all my life and when she told as I said, what's the secret of you.

Keep that same paint job ever since the car was know she does lie what lay it I'm I'm I wipe it down every day with kerosene.

What circuit rest, vitamin A, and you can't argue with her results. I'm not saying anybody should do it to be highly flammable and dangerous. But Rachel pulled it off and her car up from what I understand is in a in a museum.

Now she did finally make over half a million miles in all sorts of people did stuff on it because she was a genius like she got up a lifetime warranty from pennies in 19 like 68, and she had like 18 back. It's Friday right so she is a piece of history that that bit of Ford auditors hang onto because she was a genius in her own way she had a lot of stuff and I'm sorry to jump in but I just I hadn't thought about her in years and so cool, so as as I tried to access this I apparently am fat fingered her son, your week been having a hard time keeping alive… Our vendor wrote it by third party vendor on Thursday morning, when the embargo lifted actually got 1 million it the first minutes of the other servers they had moved to the new server that just checked five minute ago and it was work, but it sporadic and that the goal is by end of day today but by the totally stable totally live in a new, much bigger server farm. It is that the cited board heritage and wanted that been going at the tremendous weight of the look back through before destroying everything is all of the content is pre-and downloadable so you see a picture of the Mustang that you want to you want to make it your computer desktop image. You can do that we actually had student in mind with this I get in California writing a paper in the Mustang was now has access to the Mustang brochures and photos that help with this study student enthusiast media and then just casual pants you want to look at cool old carpet and I can imagine over million summits.

It's Ford heritage yet that's yeah Ford heritage fault. That's pretty easy to and then you got argon but Google and you should bring up the fight like it… I've been working but I checked in our gauntlet that will not out of our hair method when it is working. We had a change. Last night it low. Fortunately for fans or fanatics donate we're getting too much. That's really good news you now like it good or bad till I get an email from the barley. I think that you broke the Internet. Now go pick Edsel Ford this morning after wide network. You know you get a sword well that's a lot on your plate to to to make all that happened and so can you tell thus far, what's the big hit.

I think my thing and then actually Lincoln number two, they will eventually get Mercury and will be there to thank you for sharing that.

Again it's it's Ford heritage God bless you. Keep up the great work there.

Ted great. Thank you all. Thank you. Last were to be back to the homework a lot more good dads make you lay down.

Hopefully in green pastures you're listening to the Truth Network and

The only way she can make sheep lie down in green pastures is when they feel relaxed and comfortable and good dads lay down or make you lay down one of the other.

Take your pick. Today I'm a Christian car guys show and and so Jerry inner during a break you are you are explained in this.

This is got a lot of there's one facets to this particular diamond you stricter you think about landing a life. It means the human side of us we automatically go to. I'm willing to give my life for you, losing your life for course I would for much appetite. I would deftly do that and Rob you would to most of us to redo his peers.

But really when you look at it is, would we do that contingent would we take our sale take a backseat to what's best for our family. That's where Willie gets tough. That's where the rubber meets the road in a way, I mean that because when I look back at it at the place where I felt like I failed the most. As a father is where I was chasing things that were important to me were in. I didn't come home at night and out to my family to the things that were important to them and literally didn't lay down my life and fortunately you don't love covers a multitude of sins.

And in my kids you know, if given me a lot of grace, but nonetheless that you think that doing the time you think you rationalize that you're doing absolutely everything right that that's what that's what that's all about. You think that Jesus never didn't lay down is another merger comes a ladies got a flow of blood or hair come this woman caught in adultery immediately laid his life down completely long before he went to the cross right at and laid down for the lepers or the blind people or wherever was know the he laid down his life. You know, for the sheep.

And so you know what an opportunity we have right is dads and shepherds is all those things to to take this lesson in one of the places we get to do that very fun for me is through the Christian car guy Jesus labor of love and so years ago. We have pastor Tim Heath with us and we had a contest one time for energized written ministries, which is a ministry to pastors gave a race and a NASCAR trip for the winning pastor and Tim was the recipient but this week I got a call from his wife that they had their they have a lady in their congregation who is in desperate need of a car, and so we need a cart. We need somebody actually lay down in life we knit we need somebody who has a car that would be good for this situation so pastor Tim share what's going on. I am delighted. I was so excited that your wife called me that she thought of me and so excited that you could be on the show with us today really quickly.

Jesus mother.

Her husband left couple years ago would check in the dark about school got some cute. We do still love the kid and she just had a hard time trying to making meaning she finally got a good stable job, but the pay take a take type thing with three kids on a single mom. Think of in a car in the engine and are cards you got going out in just on a good dependable automobile she can get back to work. You wish you meet me chicken for $6000 Nugent installed and what had the quotes you got and just that it would we call about you and in new jihad for the outreach footprint area and in that we can get her some help. Need opportunity really is because the Jesus labor. Love is always been just people that had something connecting with the people he didn't have something. And so you know this is somebody might have a car.

They were not traded in the couldn't get enough order or they got a car sitting on that they're not using the mean time and again people think what this car would never be a good donation will people don't care what that looks like it they can get to their job if they can take kids if if the air conditioner doesn't work. Ozark does not deal breakers at all and so if you're in the North Carolina South Carolina area because Tim's wife told me they would drive anywhere to go pick up the scar and will make it easy for you because we have a 501(c)(3) for the Jesus labor, love, or that's a donation if you need that and all you have to do is just go to Christian car and you can see where it says donate to the Jesus labor love and say I want to help.

Can we use her first name is beside Lori Marie so just put in there that you want to help Maria. You got a card to donate. Believe me, we will be all over trying to do that so Jerry and him and pastor Heath would you guys join me in prayer as we just ask. I Jesus we know yet that you're in charge of all these things and that you have cars everywhere and so Lord, we just pray you would put on someone's heart to make this donation then and for Marie that she would see your hand in this and that that all the congregation and the people hearing what would see how you provide in so many different beautiful ways in and I thank you that we got a chance to take part in this, and I just pray that you would get the glory, for it no matter what goes on and I just thank you again for chance to help in Jesus name I pray, amen. Thank you Rob: I am so glad you thought of us and hopefully will be able to follow up with a small call to get you that car you tell the story how God blessed you and blessed you with a nod to the starter motor Speedway. I remember that one to go. Same here Blessed.

Thank you Tim God bless you I Rob before you get off that ominous bulges we never know when you hear this somebody's here in this, you may have had that call you maybe just thinking you know what I just of a few dollars a you know $10, $15, $20, whatever it isn't going to make a difference yet, but the collective nests of it all were people were just given what they can and it all goes directly for that purpose and end in and to the name of Jesus Christ I was you would meet the need in more ways than just one is not just been somebody behind the wheel transportation but is also letting them see Jesus Christ working from the community of believers. Also in your brothers and sisters out there. I also ministry and just cursed me for some people I know gonna Christian Car is not easy and so we got the phone number we give it out every week and you're welcome to call and say I got a car or you're welcome to call and say I want to get you whatever the situation is we can accommodate you.

It's 866-348-7884. The temperature on the air were disconnected in a take your name and number and will get back to you.

866 is the number 866-348-7884 and if you're digitally gifted. It's just one 866-34-TRUTH I love that because I work for truth broadcasting and in so you know, in the as is.

I was mentioning in the song of Solomon.

There is this passage that says his left hand is under my head in his right arm embraces me so as you lay down and I'll talk about that God hug earlier and I just spent some time enjoying the God hug. Actually this morning to try to isolate everything that I think that you can experience if you can actually get there where you lay down let his left hand go on your head and let his right him embrace she's dying to do that.

By the way I know is, and so as you do the immediate thing that you will come to realize in that position you are face-to-face with Jesus. You can't miss it that that lot like you are face-to-face and in his presence is fullness of joy. In other words, you are going to feel joy like you have never felt ever to Robbie. We stopped, that among Gulag.

I have got a one thing, and I try to do and I do not encourage people to do this is just take either in the morning or whatever time will you know that you can just isolate yourself, not no one around and just sit in stillness you and our Lord and Savior, and the blessings that accompanied that no agenda know that just as your city Lantana Savior yeah yeah you couldn't be more right. It's exactly what I was doing this morning I was just laying down and like I know this is the deal so as I was doing I was just writing down.

I want them I'm experiencing okay the next thing I experienced after you know obviously got to be the joy of his presence is like a much-needed Jerry but I'm his favorite. I had do you think that in other words, you got grace man I mean is that this idea of favor like you know when people really really like you and when you're in their presence. You just know that we their favorite well. Or maybe your parents you were their favorite hour that worked. That's Jesus like he is full of that stuff. I made full of grace and truth. But by all means you gonna feel like you're his favorite and then I also wrote down that I felt alive. I may feel more alive. Maybe then you ever feel when I felt warm and I felt known like yeah you know me you know you know all this you know all that stuff and it feels right, and there's no shame, and there's no guilt and there is no condemnation so I hope that all fathers get a chance to lay down a little bit this weekend. We like to take naps and when you do maybe think about how you can layer down life down to show your sheath out how they can do that now.

Stay tuned. A Christian Car Guy theater coming up all my goodness it's a laydown episode you're listening to the Truth Network and value, Vanity Fair, and for just having said they would buy the truth, they had been beaten and be smeared with dirt and hung in a cage garage all the town. The car can there they laid for some time and were may be objects of sedan support or malice or revenge. The great one of the fair laughing still in a mall that befell them.

Looks like you two bought some trouble. Not true. Two lunatics never seen such as these letting these words to their charge to see the truth follow tie looks more like something is no forgive them for they know not what they do or do now you're going to enjoy this cracks yells mainly the guys coming soon. Kind she's not me calling you why so no harm you're leaving them alone and he ran hear my actually is cage garage. These two that's you had this coming for years. We told you to stay out of again.

The police were called in. Then were those too poor sedan before the examiner again. You is what you are a real good and make sure you know what to the buyers and lead change my down the fair terror to others less any enjoying themselves under them and receive the condemnation and shame that was cast upon them. With so much meekness and patience that one to their side, though, but if you in comparison of the rest, but several sedans in the fair. This put the leaders of the fair, into a greater rage, insomuch that they concluded that they should threaten the two sedans with death that the cage nor ion should serve their turn. But the patient died for the abuse they've done and for diluting the sedans of the fair. Then they were remanded to the cage garage again until further order should be taken with them so they put them in and made their tires faster than stocks here.

Therefore, valiant and faithful called again to mind what they have heard from their faithful friend Ancil evangelist and more. The more confirmed in their ways and sufferings by what he told them what happened, so also now they comfort each other and whose lot. It was to suffer, even he should have the best of it.

Therefore eat sedans only wish that he might have the preferment but committing themselves to the all wise disposal of him with much content they abode in the condition in which they were, until they should be otherwise disposed of then a convenient time being appointed. They brought them forth in their trial in order to their condemnation when the time was calm. They were brought before their enemies as is presiding. See you will.

Where has the endless handmade and town is the law you leave kindnesses.

We have only set ourselves against which has saved itself against us.

And we do have the right to defend ourselves.

As for the disturbance. Why make none being myself a sedan of peace, the parties that will one to us what one might be holding all truth and innocence and they are only turned from the worse to the and that is for the king you talk of since he is Beelzebub, the enemy of our Lord I do for him and all his angels says in again seems to us and then it is and we this is 25 NV superstition and three excellent and these prisoners and other exciting adventure in the Plymouth progress.

Now here's Danny and Randy radiator to review today's episode where Claude and I said when we take a deep look into these events and faithful all the way through this time around with to resist the hate with love directly at Judge Haygood and all the other temptations might be stuck with with the hate really really worth in them than they got mud puddle at this bond and remember that by any remind me of the Scripture in Romans 12 at five if your enemy is hungry, feeding him if he is safety. Give him something to drink. In doing this you will heap burning calls on his head, will laugh very sad to not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good low blood identity thieves like things like that and faithful that they were staring at kindness in seeking truth in this town with really keeping calls on by you know Danny have condensed guides.

Yeah, Judge Haygood and they will still be one way long 999 anger netting. No common can think of the better code of the theater.

It was great how to lay down your life as both valiant and faithful in spite of all I've returned it all with love. So if we Father's Day we have fathers teach our children lay down their lives and this is the Truth Network

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