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Song of Solomon 2:9 - My Favorite Verse In The Bible

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 23, 2022 11:42 am

Song of Solomon 2:9 - My Favorite Verse In The Bible

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 23, 2022 11:42 am

Song of Song 2: 9 My beloved is like a roe or a young hart: behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh forth at the windows, shewing himself through the lattice.

To me this verse hit me like a ton of bricks years ago and I explain why in this episode.


This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is the day we get to dig around has been my favorite verse.

I know our say that this know this particular verse. I can tell you the first time it hit me what it meant.

I bawled like a baby for hours and hours and have gone back to it many times to revisit it is any time I feel too far away from God. This verse is just absolutely spectacular to me as I realized that Jesus is family love with me and essentially stocks me as a result of what I hear this verse so it is song of Solomon chapter 2 verse nine and has a lot to do what I know that that that we are in search of the statutes and the things that are engraved in our hearts in this verse is engraved in my heart and has been for years and it means so much to me and asked me after I dug around in a more today. It means more to me than ever. So verse nine in English reads in the King James version.

My beloved is like a row, our young heart, behold, he stands behind our wall, he looking forth at the windows, showing himself through the lattice and and so the reason that entered me so much for years is you know when I was like in ninth grade I just fell head over heels with a girl by the name of Susan Seamans and she was my square dance parts or partner in in school, you know, I had no idea what to do with all those feelings that I had for her, but I found it where she lived and so I quit often know if you ever watch my fair Lady, and they were on the street where she lives. Well that's what I would do. I would hang around on her street just so that I could get a glimpse of her.

I had no idea what love was or what it meant it.

It just awakened something in me where I could do anything just to get a look at Susan season statements and like all my goodness what that means to me and so when I saw this verse for the first time in the way. I know that it's meant is that Jesus has been doing that for us for a long time. It's interesting some things that are mentioned in the verse that he standing behind a wall and clearly that's our wall and it even says it's behind my wall so you know it's it's an interesting thing eloquent. Matthew Henry points out that that wall is a wall that we built to protect ourselves so that you know we don't get hurt from our perspective, but the situation is God is such a gentleman.

He stands behind our wall and peers through the windows and the look that he has and that word in Hebrew is spectacular it spectacular. The word look there is only used three times in the Bible and the I think it's Psalm 39 I believe it's the reference work out says he's looking out of his habitations. There you see it again and the way that the word is in Hebrew is spectacular because it's a shin which is this idea of oxidation are burning and so yeah you know when you I was definitely burning for Susan Seamans did know what all that meant but it was burping and and then there is a gimbal which that that is that letter that means greatness and and you know to bountifully you know if this is a great hot look, I mean this is really spectacular. The last word is the word that that amine is the letter and the word that were in search of the hat that idea of our union are intimacy with Christ.

And so here's this look where it literally is just madly in love with us and I hope I hope hope hope you had a chance to have that look back at him, which is what the second part which says is that he is showing himself through the lattice and so that word that showing himself is actually this idea of a glistening or a glittering. It's his glory, and sorry just saw this sparkle is just unbelievable.

Unbelievable that that that God is so spectacular when you actually get a chance to look at them such that that Moses's face would shine for days once he just got at the least little glimpse of him and so that story that that really touches me on this as I was thinking about it this morning when you just get a glimpse, just a glimmer, it changes everything right. I've seen this happen so many times at boot camp. In summary, different ways, but last Saturday night we went to the team TiVo foundation dinner with lantern rescue.

As you know me know I'm the host land rescue and the man was speaking about this woman named Victoria and Victoria horribly and lantern rescue. By the way, helps people out of sex trafficking around the world. Victoria lived in Honduras where there were gangs, horrible gangs when she was nine-year-old both her parents were killed in gang warfare, and so she became a orphan of this gang. Unfortunately, in Honduras, and so they took turns for years just raping her and just abusing her and tell unfortunately she was in this happen for her every day just as miserable life until when she turned 16 she got pregnant and when she was pregnant they were. She was of no use to them. So there like you got a get out and that she couldn't get out because of you get out and everybody knows you're in this other denier to die in the streets of Honduras and so they said well you can stay but you gotta pay rent and rent means that you got a murder. One of those opposing gang members every month. So every month you gotta get your rent and you got a murder want and so apparently she got pretty good at that, unfortunately, and had murdered nine different but the other gang members, and so she got put in prison and that's when this man from the team TiVo foundation went and visited her in prison and he is the way he described the story is when she got done telling him what I just told you. Only, she wanted a lot more graphic detail of all the things that have been done to her. He said she was a mere shell of a person you would never guess she was only 17 by the glare in her eye and the coldness of her heart. She grabbed hold of one of his hands and said what you think about that gringo and immediately he started to pray like you would like what you say in response to bad he knew that God had sent him in there and for whatever reason, he knew that in that culture the father. The Padre is a big deal. And so God put on his heart to share with her the story of Isaac and Abraham how Abraham was going to offer up his son the way that Jesus would be offered, and that Jesus this son would die for his father that did you know we would be clear from the sins of murder and all of the horrible things that we have done and apparently the story touched her because, as he told her the story. She grabbed his secondhand and started saying words in Spanish like Padre Vista you know whatever, he didn't really understand all that she was saying but he could tell she'd been touched by that and it was no longer quite the cold stare and about that time they said well visiting hours are up, and you know we need to go back to yourselves on the way back to the cell. For whatever reason God told him and he felt very specifically to kiss her on the cheek and say goodbye and so you it was a very casual thing is that adios kissed her on the cheek and walked out. While the next day the prison officials got a hold events of one the world. It happened with you and Victoria and he said well I do not told the story about Isaac and maybe she came to Christ because what he she's like a whole new girl this is unbelievable. He said well maybe she came to Christ and said no I don't think it's it she's talking about this kiss and you know he went back and visited with Gloria coming with Victoria afterwards when she said to him was the reason that kiss had had the impact you know you told me about what Jesus did with that with the words, but when she got the kiss. It was like a kiss from the father and she got a chance to get that glimmer right. She got to see that through that lattice.

What Jesus actually what is love looks like the way this verse hit me the first time that you like oh my goodness this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life and when she saw that glimmer which happened through this man.

Then she never was the same right and I maybe have a story in your life. III have several were people saw that glimmer in me and it changed everything that never did have anything do is really what I was doing what had to do with this. For whatever reason God allowed me to reflect him for just a moment and in that reflection of people get a glimpse right there never the same. Though this verse the ninth verse which has to do with the other letter Ted, if you think about letter line has to do with goodness and inception, good verse to think wow Jesus is God that is looking through your window man is try to do anything to get a look at you because he loves you so intensely and if you can ship gives us by chance see that glimmer that glimpse changes everything. I hope we all can reflect Jesus, thank you for this

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