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Road Rage, A Symptom of Low Oil

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 25, 2022 12:07 pm

Road Rage, A Symptom of Low Oil

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 25, 2022 12:07 pm

Today Robby helps us understand that being angry doesn't help our situations but that should trust in God and his promises.

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Podcast network. This is the Truth Network Rev. Crane in the symptom of low oil under you ever thought about that but I that road rage is a symptom of low oil today on the Christian part. My friend Bob with both of them thought about the bomb and the learn something not always a day that I am fully aware of the red rage that yes we are so with the drama of the pandemic man world events, even gas prices right. The pressure keeps mounting and with that road rage statistics are going through the roof man hundreds of people are literally being murdered. It's it's really unbelievable and you might even note that the people getting pulled off the planes.

I understand that the percentage of people getting pulled off of planes because of rage is up over 500% since 2019 and as I said, as I really considered this some thought about it. It is a lack of oil.

It's almost like a low oil pressure light that's flashing worldwide. It's like me, low oil, we got low oil.

So what's the solution.

I bet you're wondering, I bet you're wondering Bobby wondering, I'm wondering, I've got something I want to share this with so we could all try sleeping on rocks. We could try that and because that's what Jacob did and he really did when he was fleeing for his very life from his brother writers wanted to kill him because the hairy arm trick got me literally.

He was fleeing for his life. He was low on oil. He really was and so he ran like crazy and he went to the place called Lowe's that the point in time.

It was called that, and you might remember had this Jacobs ladder experience right when I get into that, but when he woke up he did something really unusual and you ever thought about what he did when he woke up from seeing Jacob's ladder, but what he did was he took the rock that had been his pillow and he poured oil on it. I went, I could. Why would he poured oil on a rock anointing is real.

Well, yeah, obviously, but that I want you to just think about that for a minute how many people you know if the if you end up having to use a rock for pillow if you got up after you had an amazing dream.

Why would you pour oil on that rock. I'm glad you asked that and gives excellent talk about on today show. So as you watch it is ponder while Emily get to it in a minute. But why did he pour rock on oil in Iraq and so you heard that, by the way, is a great group. Your favorite Martian that was doing a road rage song is a classic.

I've used many years target show and then Jackson Brown running on empty ride and then there's a really neat YouTube channel. It's just called Christian songs for kids on YouTube and that was them and so as you might imagine a today show is brought to you by Hebrew letter. I know you're not shocked, and today's Hebrew letter is what's called the final none okay and so if you were to look at a final none if I could picture it in your mind. It looks like a nail cylinder ponder there but it's a very long straight line and it looks like in fact a call it a nail and it has to do a lot with faith in a lot with seeds okay and I know you like to be shocked to find out that it is the final letter in the word oil, which is the first time. Oil is mentioned in the Bible is there when this Rockets it's anointed kind that's first time its mission oil and also interestingly the particular rock that that Jacob put the oil on it also ends in a final none because that has so much to do with faith. See some it happened that night.

I thought maybe it happened to you. I hope it has in your life were all the sudden you had sent me didn't have before is called faith like I okay God is going to tell you he was scared to death man. He was thinking this is this is the big one.

My brothers bigger and meaner and he cannot like anything and he come after me, and this is to be good, some fearful moments of sheer right well during the pandemic. We've all been running scared or running out of gas or run out of this run that and interestingly what he got was a big old dose of faith like I man. If God can do this like gone up and down on this thing on and angels and men he is with me in this place and he changed the name of the place from lose, which is the remember to the word Bethel, which means house of God and any promise God some stuff right there so you know, one of the neat neat things is if I actually read this to you.

I think it's helpful okay and so he called the name of the place Bethel, but the name of the city had been called lose it first, and Jacob vowed a vow, saying, if God will be with me and he will keep me in this way I will go and and he will give me bread to eat and raiment to put on so that I can again go to my father's house in peace, and then shall the Lord be my God, and this stone, which I've set for pillar shall be God's house and of all that I shall get. I shall give the surely 10%. Now that's interesting right because now he was worried about it even be alive. And now he's promising God. He's going anoint this rock which by the way I promised I'd tell you.

Okay, in my opinion. Here's why. He put oil on the rock. He wanted to make it shiny because shiny things are more godly. Gold is more shiny than silver. Okay, it just is.

And when you endpoint something you make it shiny, which gets you the closest thing you can see to God. So when you see God's glory. It shines and so he anoints the oil because he wants to make it shine and so he gives you an anointing Bob so you can do what shine and see the connection to oil and why we need that oil in our lamps because we gotta shine all night long and so our out there in the middle of being scared and terrified and all these other things right that's going on in your life. If we could have faith, God's gonna get us what were not getting or not good and not be healed were not gonna not be okay if we can get to that point of faith. It's oil in our lamp its faith okay and it shines, like the toughest times in our lives where God mixes that carries this case, my connection and you had shine the light on that committee. I Ludden quite sure where you hated with the threat well in the other thing that he did was he said at that pillar, which is a place of standing is something that you remember and and and so you know and and he promised God some stuff that he did.

And by the way he came back to Bethel and he anointed that pillar again at another time when he got a really low place in his life after his kids killed all the people were you know in that town that had messed with his daughter, and I was brother. It's all those boys kill those in he went back to Bethel and he anointed that pillar again and God talk to him again because again he got scared and again in he got a boost of faith and he immediately turned around and gave God something back okay because that's part of the deal is if you want to get more you have to give more and so here here's what here's what I'm thinking that if we want to get more oil we gotta give moral I just it's the way that it works right, Bob. You've experienced that in your life that I don't know if I have enough time in this segment but in the next segment I will get to that end it. It's just is the cornerstone of my giving and I learned so much about that and the way this table we were getting serious about building that the church Lori and I both agreed that we needed. That facility tremendously and we increased our giving and just two weeks later a guy from the TV station showed exit hey Bobby Nita TV commercial. While I laughed at the guy and we found out that we could start out realizing everything and that this when medical Marshall and how there such a story behind that commercially good to hear while you're thinking about that. I do want you calling his share so what was your Bethel moment I when did you realize and get some faith.

It's that you anointed the pillar. How did you anoint that pillar. I'm very interested in your story like Bob is don't talk about or maybe how would you gave you God. 866-34-TRUTH disseminated you're listening to the Truth Network and Rev. Crane Road rage is a symptom of low oil incidents, gigantic flashing light for the whole world saying the world is low on oil right and then and met with.

It is low in faith have got to play that song for cutlet individuals and I used to be the red radius driver. There was because I was always in a hurry. I had to be here had to be there and enough, doubt it back quite a bit and and I think I'll live longer and is much more stress-free way and Raven that I was pretty pumped up behind the wheel for years and years.

I and it's interesting thing enough. I really and in that my kids would tell you right my dad's on the top wrote on the radio talk about leverage. He's like the king and you know it is that's in some I've admitted for years.

It's not my struggle with and I guess that's why you like you talk about, you know, you think it makes you disqualified.

But it kinda makes you uniquely qualified to date with. You've warned that she's you know I am most likely to have road rage on vacation the time you're supposed to be relaxing right but I'm out of my element. I'm I'm not I'm not getting the oil that I normally get on vacation right because I don't spend as much time with the Lord. I don't do the things I normally do have assisted in analyzing that right this minute like wow because when we really are with God and enjoying God. We we shine man in the end. And so we want to figure out a way to take the problem out of the situation were driving rather than add to the problem of of whatever people are doing whatever and so it's an interesting thing that this oil that we want to put a sign on.

We want to put a shine on the world. But then there's this also this idea. This pillar of of me remembering and how it is that you anoint things remember things.

But when we we left our hero Bob we're talking about. We we give in order to get to some extent, and it is not a matter of giving it in and expecting a response that were going to get, but it's just interesting to me. If what we need is more oil and we clearly do we need more oil of faith that we obviously have to give faith in order to get more faith and part of that way that we give faith is by the thing in a given layer on substance which is what Jacob did in the situation I will. We were in the situation where in the churches we were voting in and Indochina moved toward figuring out if the church wanted to chat and everything and so instead of just talking about it. We went ahead increased are given didn't know if would be able to do it for really long time or not our business was still pretty fresh in the end we just yell increased to given the guys show that talk me into doing the TV commercial. We did the commercial two months after the commercial started for every dollar were making before the commercial. Two months later will make in a dollar and 1/2, a significant increase in our in a in in our business and and things just kind of went crazy from their that the unit God showed me that I we never gave it we we didn't de-escalate our giving anything at Hyannis is it's really cool thing when you when you look at the word oil okay which is what were talking about here is it's very much connected to fat right in the way you get oil with the student to a great extent this is from five minutes of similar substance is fat right at any ideas how do you get fat while you have more than you need right answer and so what what Jacob is saying is you. You can give me more than I need and what the part that that the extra part of many used it to bless you back is part of what the idea of of giving back what it is you know he gave you more than you need. Otherwise we wouldn't be getting fat and if you look at me, you'll know immediately he's been getting more than he needs a light supper last night I had a little more than I needed that Stacy and and so what we need is faith clearly in these times right. I mean there's there's a lot going on for everybody there. There still another fat reserves are down from the standpoint of faith because they were worried about getting sick worried about the price of gas worried about this and worried about that you know all the the trouble and unrest and it depletes our reserves and is your reserve start to get down and also we start to get worried is just a natural thing and so interestingly Bob, this very week. I was like ma'am we've been a lot of folks been dipping into the Jesus labor love coffers here.

You know when over the last two months. It's as things have gotten shorter and I just did a quick study of that situation. I went all my goodness, look, we had a result we had a good reserve in the Jesus labor love coming into 2022.

But we have more than cut that in half. In other words, we don't have 1/2 of what we had as a result of the of a lot of people being under pressure, but what anything I thought well you normally give my part.

I'm I have faith in, and I'm just gonna trust the God's gonna bless that. But the other thing that that we've had a lot of his people that actually need cars and so you know we had that pastor: last week from the Greenville area that desperately needs a car for that lady in in in his area and unfortunately we didn't hear anything. I had another lady call me from actually Winston-Salem that was in desperate need for her family said she just lost a baby. I it was it was enough to make you want to cry. But again it you know if if we give of what we've got Bob, you know, this is this is for the deals I want to tell the story myself is not my story.

It's it's David Parsons's good friend of mine and he was going to go to this event that was promise keepers in Charlotte and he had promised 200 men that he would get tickets to this promise keepers event and somehow or another that slipped his mind to get those tickets and so the day of the event. They literally had a bus show up at the church for these 200 men to get on and he had not shared with anybody that he did not have tickets except the left early thinking he could get down to the Coliseum where it was being held in Charlotte and get those tickets well. I know you like to be shocked to find out when he got out of the Coliseum. They didn't have a single ticket. It was sold out, and so the story of oil and tickets can we come back. He goes and if it's one of the most amazing stories, deliver, and it definitely illustrates the fact we need faith we need oil well you're listening to the Truth Network and Road is a symptom of low oil pressure and low oil. So you know, the idea is, interestingly, when Jacob got this Douthit dose of faith, he realized that he could. He had served that God would give him more than he needed and he was able to give because of what God had given him and so you know, far faith was really there. You know, we would be able to given in in so many different ways even our faith right because it's it's conic. If you want more, you gotta give Mormons it's it's it's it's it's an interesting thing. So anyway, when we left our hero David Parsons. He was waiting at the Charlotte Coliseum. He got down there and there were about three about busloads full of people headed down there that were expecting 200 tickets when he got there and he will and they were in route buddy and I mean he is not using the pickles so he makes himself on the signs. You can imagine need tickets but only the guys that another made tickets right and so you know we finally like EEs, Outlook and everybody is a come through.

You need tickets and some he gives into tickets literally finally after stand there like 30 minutes.

He's got two tickets only need 100 now in 198 short sale United is about three minutes later somebody comes up because I need tickets because no no you don't understand. I need tickets because all man I had I brought these other people or they believe thought well shoot, I'm not on it a lot currently and Emily did with three gives the guy the two that he taken right and now he's got none. Again inserted along another guy comes up just for the guy give 68. Whatever he gets. And then surveillance shows up. I need for it because well I don't know if these are words and ideas out before and you know in the end, and this thing went on right.

This is for two hours, the root of the hour and 1/2 it took for the people to come from Windsor to Charlotte and and he said I was given tickets and getting tickets and I was given tickets and get tickets and and sure enough, when the when the people showed up. He had all the tickets he needed, but I've never forgotten that story right with all some amount of faith is noted. This is going to be handed a piggy ever waited the left and again. But the point that I'm making is the point that I God's making.

I love my dad and he made the point to me this morning actually had a completely different show on mine and he put the story about Jacob and anointing this rock which just really just I was like I was to sit there like a good disciple like okay God, why did he pour oil on this rock I mean it's really strange thing is in a none of his forefathers poorly poured oil on the right is the first time we hear about this oil in the rock deal and then the more I thought about it. I've been studying imagery in the Bible lately and and and how certain metals like gold is more valuable silver because it's closer. It's shinier and and and you know the when we think of heavenly things, they are more translucent, they are more shiny and all that stuff.

So here you have this rock and so I want this rock to be a good rock and think out if you ever polish the rock onto her pretties rock when you polish and see your take on the heaviest things you can think of in this rock is really blessed Jacob this point in time because it was the rock that he had laid on and he made it that way now the thing of it is if you think about about in those days. Jacob couldn't pull out a piece of paper and write down all today.

God visited me are united in on his iPad.

In the United ever notes feature on his iPhone so you know he was trying to make himself and nobody is even he knew that Satan loves to steal these moments from you. When God showed up and did something spectacular.

We need a memorial stone of some kind and so Jacob is making a memory is what is doing. It's a Kodak moment for Jacob email feet elderly time with this man is like a it always made everything shiny and and is making promises to God and and and his life changes dramatics drastically and if this is the first time is going do this by the way he makes several of these pillars and he anoints him every time and and is just part of what he's doing is taking his substance because oil in the day. I mean, that's that was the expensive stuff.

It was a mean I was, you know, the oil was what you really made the stuff taste good. Now that the so he's not point something didn't cost him nothing right. He's torn out the best he has on that stone to make himself a Kodak moment and so when we have these Bethel moments right when we realize God is in the what what do you do when you said that in at least the beginning of heavenly faith and is the beginning of many many things well are giving change in and the the building of the family life Center was directly right in front of us being asked to work with the youth and that was the greatest blessing and I was telling somebody the other day. It was Rob's birthday and eyesight with don't you think that God knew that this will was going to pass. Years later, and he got me prepared by giving me all these other kids. He placed Jeremy and shown in my life.

He placed all the kids in the youth group in my life because he knew that I was going to have avoid common and that I needed all these young people to fill that void and Sean and Jeremy have been blessing does and all the kids in the youth group and all the things we got to do together was definitely a you you and I are thinking the organist serving and they ended up serving you. They are given out oil you're getting way more back your given tickets for you in ways that play is in Durham, North Carolina Clay, you're on a Christian card. I should why it's great to hear from you what you got forced well you know what I'm thinking that you should do later on. We could be deleted. I guess you could create WW work week.

People like Brother Bob and yourself in the oil but if you go farther south like toward you know the goal critical to Earl down there. My lands go you know the one thing that I heard you talking about before you go. I got to be able to talk you now is that you talk about being shiny and you know the Lord showed futile idleness to turn that bring the light.

I remember years ago people or somebody you know if there were any closer would be burning. Coal would be calling all farther lately because we all put the Lord shone like were easy to so we can get that I like I said, it's been a nice week, especially with the announcement yesterday and I got to go see the movie I got to meet a lady is run for Congress. Recordings yielded got to see the movie to the yield left right and not okay you. The Lord is like like he Sgt. what he needs to do especially when you're polishing a rocker you polishing your current unit polishing your chair or bed to bring up Sherman Booker delight wherever jalapeno carpeted that Shari goes for your like I got to do something about this stroke. It's interesting to me that the Lord, you know, again I will say I study to God the father for purity of the code of the message is the pastoring boring all on the radio you get here.

God given blessing. You can only say thank you Jesus. Sometimes, thank you that will not let you know I got it is when do we feel that we get low on oil when you're getting good to disobedient, because it is okay what it will look what happened next.

And I never hear Pastor Charles Stanley preach on you know you don't ever doubt or question what is going on, and God the father would've the warmth of what is going on repeat is I got her sure you are start out here with you real quick how the Lord shone a light yesterday before I would get together. I got the Greek cover of the brothers is Lord Ascot backseat got to meet Mr. Merritt and he, he called the hat that could easily crated all and he looked very good. I love your pet allegedly Monday and he could go. Lord appointed this moment unitedly and look at me probably 30 know what you like and greatly to that because you just never know where and when the Lord will create that carryover got out of so you know and are sprinkled it out for you. Think of the boat Bob or everybody else ditto interest radio and am thankful for the moment that he create the current owner the cadets would look important and it had to be polished. It could be you could just stand there straight. This is what needed to happen in 19 already seen it. Well we got Sarah Linda Hannah Hannah still got lots of color Summit is and we need your story.

What was your role as play well I got John last nothing to hear your story. 866-34-TRUTH 7884 will be like that you're listening to the Truth Network and Rev. Crane overage is a symptom of low oil, low oil and so we're having a discussion during the break Bob that that oil clearly. I mean, when you think about it. If this can make you shine and when you shine, Jesus, shine, and all of it is entered your anointing. It makes you shine so very exciting for me as we increase our faith. One of the things that have always increase my faith is my good friend Sarah Linda Susan Port Orchard, Washington. Usually she may be somewhere else today hello Sarah Linda how are you I bet you have a shiny poem for some to schedule right see you had an advantage of Jacob. He didn't have a pencil or anything. All I had a smile and a rock so that was following roadway. Loyally silly if you're not if you do not receive new anointing. The rocket take a bigger pillow. Poor on oil and your appointing that you and full will flow Dan cranky. You rock will glow and shine through you to know Christ there still need to go with joy at three trials here below so it's kind that gave shine, that's a sign or signs like a done for saying that that is a gift you have. What a gift you have in you know that is anointing in itself is you know you really signs the way you can make those words and point out something that really increase my faith like he will. He awoke to a different you know he went to sleep llama rock man. I mean fun, but he woke in a whole different state of mind and lately all the cold beer where it can make this song or poem and it like how got it, but it did make it all flow together some beautiful sermon. Thank you so much thank you thank you thank you I can always act. I I just love what you do and so glad you do it and you keep up the good work. Okay you will real you. All they think about it we got and is probably unthinking are you and Charlotte and I thank you and I look up this morning and saw that you called me at 9 o'clock last night and I thought oh and and doesn't realize I go to bed like a 30 but anyway I'm so glad you called because I actually felt. I'm a man maybe and needed me last night's are you doing okay. I. I read and I all I needed to toil a lot today. Everything totally crazy and my life and people going to death and all that data, but also my dad was an airport worldwide to fly black and blue Jack that he drove the same way and he was my role model.

I work at it with God.

I do, but I know I work at the church 7 miles of my house and I pray before I drive because I know I did, but the other day driving a standard mile, the church where work of the file cabinet that Everything at 55 and behind me. I happened to look at the video there and I think it way way back at the white card Sarah Lane you know really feeling it just takes your piece right away like this is you now that the cranky are out there anyway that the very fact, the driver looked like being like bin Laden and he came I I am both feet. Now And I My break. I like these, like the sunlight. Let Lolita got family picture that were open and I think that I think that's unsolicited, you know that those are way murders on you know people are crazy, you know, and so the question is how you defuse that you know is I am with you as I see those as they come up on me and so it's almost like here's here's what I'm hoping based on my show today I'm tied it God's teaching me that I thought he always gives me these for me.

I know because he gave me the show. It was not what I was gonna do this morning.

He was very clear he wanted to talk about it, but I think it's from me that it's it's like okay Robbie your low oil pressure light is flashing you, you feel yourself getting aggravated. It's like me, you and I insist like an we just tap there is a warning light. Here we have your our passenger side of this, Jesus got the car with the telling somebody there number one remember you guys not here right here but I did not know that you know the Lord God alerted what I hate you. It is getting to the point where, and I really try to be very aware that the is is is no light is flashing and ended in his really say how I think are when you mix are you ready for battle. Arts and challenges know anything about it. We can't give the other driver any oil I write is just like that the virgins were beaten on the window want Noel lights because the bridegroom is coming. We can give anybody else anymore while we just responsible for our oil and if we get enough oil and we can share it so that we shine enough that people go yeah man, you knows like the Davis trucker I was in a really bad place, trying to get out and this truck stopped and let me out and I was like man brother. You are good and you know I like good feeling that I was bearing good fruit right there like that guy really helped me out in a in a situation where no I was not gonna get out for a long time and I needed to grandpa and so now what apparently in order to give in order to get we gotta give oil is to start right now. Give me a landlord.

Thank you and I said I would be remiss if I did mention Jesus labor love put on your prayer list go to Christian Car you can see it there if you got some extra oil we could use if you got a car that you need to donate all my goodness, do we need him there.

Some people really hurt. Thank you for listening. All remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done 33 years. This is the Truth Network

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