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NRB Chronicles 2022 - Finding Courage - Documentary

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 26, 2022 8:00 am

NRB Chronicles 2022 - Finding Courage - Documentary

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Jesus said blessed are the persecuted and they are suffering big time right now. This is my belief international in 19-year-old Ari was beaten by her own father and violated by local authorities and order crime was simply that she gave her life to Jesus Christ after leaving radical Islam. They need Bibles in order to endure and persevere. That's why Truth Network and Bible teamed up to sin. God's word to 3500 persecuted believers around the world at five dollars avoidable hundred dollars since 20 oh 800 word 800 worth 800 password or give a so I love these NRB particles. I call them for national religious broadcasters convention 2022.

As always, God is just man is gifted so many different people was amazing. Different sayings and connections luster rescue people notice that so I am very very blessed to be assertive with the rescuer in my thinking very much okay Ruben check direct yet is actually in our booth here at the NRB and she has a movie. I let her describe a little bit about what this because this movie is all about a rescuer that can you think you will be an entity that pleasure and honor and BC are at the booth with you all.

That finding courage is not something we all need right. More than ever, and that it a bit when you think about it I see very large-scale rescue happening in China and that this is a story that is taking place across China and America. The family story and and how they is faith comes here and I think this is the common thread that we face the time and facing our fears and how do we do that well. The story finding courage shows how one family did that were torn apart by the Chinese Communist Party because they wear part of the family. I believe this and some of them where systemic very hard to have faith and keep it under that type equidistant and luckily another reason for this story needed to be to help anyway. We have undercover footage from inside attorneys laid in this movie that the family put themselves in extreme danger had to get this footage S still putting it out there because they want us in America around the world to know what they've been through and to learn from their challenges and how they've been able to use FA to overcome tremendous hardship and won a pot and so what happens there. We watched the listers to be aware of. It is like this movie audibly like on YouTube.

Should be a lot of places where people could be just as easily have access to it based on the culture and currently nobody will touch this movie with a 10 foot pole. Because so many things are funded by the Chinese.

Whatever this thing is is scary. However, it's received reward award after award after award after award is available to you right now so you make your of all that I think is your here but she just described his wife. There's footage of what actually goes on in these labor tabs and it will make you cry will make you laugh, but yes, this is it is this tragedy that is triumph in the end we like to say the triumph of evil time by the CCP can be done if families done it. And yes, it is this very pot hole and that's why the mini pizza counsel is one award after award at film festivals throughout the US and internationally, and it has that emotional real documentary that it makes you feel like you're in a fiction film because he thinking the real people sent me this real is real life. That real life can be stranger than fiction, but it can be just as fascinating if not more, because this is what real people live through. So yes yes this with this is a negative thing to make you feel better to make you think it is to make you feel that your faith needs to be a strong, strong, and give you the courage you need to get through and also to show you how you can pray for your brothers and sisters right like our we all have an awesome opportunity to take part of their lives, but yet we can't goodbye put on blinders on and not experience that the stuff is going on. I mean, let's take a look and see what what's actually going on so that we can so that we could be involved in and so I just get a little more of the story with Forrester that let me say that I was one of those ignorant people are still a she had mentioned yesterday, the CCP and then she said well but most people know that's the Chinese cognitive parted. I was like well most people category because I did know that now I know what. So when she said. CCP blessed triumph over the Chinese Communist Party, which is a beautiful way to say that because all those people are people to and all those people. God loves them. I mean just as much and like one of the things that we saw through Corrie 10 boom was the perpetrators were hurt.

Almost worse than the people that did all the crimes ride because they had all the guilt and the shame and all that stuff and we start record to help and actually administered all the people that ran the camps and that's exactly one part of this movie so I said this is a family story about a missing piece very important piece small but we needed to know, how can it be possible to people can hurt each other so badly not remember turning communist state and have Megan allow God to be there Communist Party is to be above God, that when you think about it.

What is Julie carrying out actions that led to one that I just victimized just as much as the people, if not more. So we went into the moment. Chinese Communist Party officials and we thickening the movie and what they experience under that godless system has just walked into such an extent that if we know how far how bad it can get. And it really helps value. What we have right now is here in bed be out right people that don't have the freedoms that we still have so yes we have those people in this movie before Matt Chinese, despite officials, many went limited on chemical discounts buried by people want that highlights for me yesterday just because God blessed me with just five ballots because of the Pope myself to look you get to hear and see some medical things for just that I added in-depth interview with the man that used to be Green Beret in our special forces right in our so-called Christian system. Whatever you want to call it, but all my goodness, the guilt and whatever of the things he was called on to do for our country safe and will and whatever I could see is is is I was hearing from him. Some of that stuff. So let's not think that condos have an angle on all the corruption around but how cool to get under that story will because I'm curious characteristics are managed so this family. How did they get how did they get sent to the labor What what actually is the process of what happened. The main character in the movie she so what happened on campus.

1989 she was a generalist she saw how the students were killed in the massacre by communist party because they were asking for freedom and democracy Communist Party crushed killed 10,000 but the propaganda on the Chinese media said the students killed the soldiers. They never said that they killed 10,007 so they always have been covering up their persecutions, the cultural Revolution destroyed all of the traditional faith in China late with that had held that society together for so long, they destroyed it. They replace that with a worship of money. A worship of material things and that is really difficult so then at every 10 years and have not of persecution. Seven. After 1989, 1999 is another huge presentation this out of occasion of the following congruent meditation practice very ancient Chinese traditional practice psychiatry in a set of stretching movements and one of the sisters in the family that a practicing and then ate a fantastic fit in that family decided to stand up and say no, we haven't done anything wrong and that I had a banner in Tiananmen Square.

Rather into sisters at different times were all arrested and the product was put into prison 13 years in prison, and Vista was killed in a labor camp body so that now that's a whole another story had to hear about that in the movie elective too much away. We have all the evidence and one sister survived and she managed to connect America and she didn't know what to do, but she found the courage to tell the story and to help you have brought it out of prison and we watched him heal in the document that in the movie young people experiencing PTSD and seeing some of the combat it was. It was absolutely phenomenal to continue these people said they that's what they went through a persecution in China and they this is one persecution effect it hasn't been crashed to the weight as more and I and that's what other political persecution.


Thinking crushed people can cut across faith breaking summer spirit so I think it's a lot of fun encouragement of the people while so they came out and they wanted to make this but at first it wasn't such a easy movie director all my goodness me. This is gotta be one of the hottest. Maybe you can make it gets its attorney story that where an American we speak English okay is a big problem there. We have attained epithets of time how to get footage and such are not the Chinese party controls all media.

We had to get undercover footage and that's difficult. We had to get access to the family is very protective and worried that about the safety best of the family in China. What could happen to get access to all us that we have to get the trust footage they chose us in a mathematics moving Danley distribution we had film festivals.

We noted that if taken money from the Chinese Communist Party at the advertising things that the requirement has been known movies about about Taiwan will follow the but some film festivals fired the CCP and gave them a beat-up award with one best picture. Not only does document you also invest picture of you descriptive films except festival that saying something. people think of us as learning that none of this is for entertainment value in the taste of you make this progress was a good domineer think of Mandel world really shook that all that is no, not not and I have made out movies before knowing that it's a hot spell because getting the truth can be really getting the truth not to be very there people who want to block it and but doesn't mean that we stop. I really I know I have faith I have faith that I'm doing right thing and that we have to care about other people have to inspire others to get through these challenges.

If I can't do that myself and my work at that impact so I have to find ways to push through and that people in the story help me push through and I keep asking you know I keep asking what it meant doing the right thing am I doing the right thing for the time and I can answer and I keep taking another step forward and none and we get to be here at the Truth Network with these wonderful people, what order on honor and privilege to write and and and here I am talking to you and and got people coming to watch movie and we just noted, when you're in that movie watching it with your friends, family, laughing in a cryogenic gas at the same time and at the end you gonna feel like there is hope and there is always hope in this world. Always keep your money to look up knowing the inside, the hundred 19 Psalm ever like the way I love to Bruins arm of the studies of the Hebrew letter should this often.

In fact, some people say structure which means also have the second of the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and yet you can see one of the lines about section of the Psalm because you got a verses on every zebra letter about her going to talk all start with the last statement, it says I hate for lying, but the Laidlaw dorm and so then. Fascinating thing just waiting Hebrew and witches. This is the way God speaks through the suppression of his letters in the whole Bible is made up of these letters which are all the word of God, which by the way, means are all Jesus.

Every single letter is Jesus day all the way the ship is the beginning of the word peace, shalom the ship. I so like all good things that you be completely made false and that's flying in falsehood fascinatingly. So when you hear the shin don't necessarily always something to be absolutely marvelous because it is the beginning of the word shalom and and is is several other beautiful words of the thing I wanted to highlight is the letter Todd which is the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet means truth while I'm getting an amazing lesson here is fantastic ruling and so what they teach on this is that these last three letters of the Hebrew alphabet all stand on one leg, but tops Genzyme to because the truth stands permanently and that there is a lot more falsehood and lots more falsehood.

There is truth, but the falsehood is always going to fall apart pressures only stands on one leg is say, but the patrol stand firm foundation and when all the other stuff is gone then the family then we stand on the truth and so is as I'm listening you all the journalists that are out there that are selling their stuff from having to find a compromise orders over stuff while others are standing on the truth which is long, so there is not a there is much truth, not immediately. Good nurses stuff is complete its fits its truth and so truth doesn't go out of fashion always true, beautiful, so I know you're listening around Robbie. How How can I watch a lot of what's my next step so out of go to finding courage finding courage you can stream the movie they just purchase a deputy keep pages that you can also you get the book which has all the newbies on the CCP officials and equity streaming on some other platforms you can see the links if you're at the screen he got. We are screaming out for your project by them but finding courage.

Something about disk for family like I can't even imagine the courage it would take to put undercover like you're going into a Chinese work chip with a undercover camera on you like oh my gosh, and how God will honor God, like artist God is in this like that didn't happen by act like writing possible absolutely.

Absolutely. I should tell one more story to eligible stores so years ago, the Billy Graham Association called them and wanted me to interview a North Vietnamese pastor and the guy do not speak English or understand your struggle and he had three interpreters with them at all. In one of so I'm trying to do synergy right and on like so telegram at the administration of our organization want to meet. If you what did you want my audience to hear about an ovarian ally, unlike one is prison I should prison and or strips your imprisonment.

North Vietnamese leaving the typical American that IMI destroy everything North Vietnam prison.

You know I'm thinking Rambo three. I mean it was like a swamp with you guys got leeches on him and he goes mom should swamp your imprisonment is swamp ghost hello are you in the swamp seven years for doing a swamp for seven years. I said how did you sleep standing up. What did you eat what was in the small, what did you drink how many people were in the swamp all about a thousand right so I'm sure there were the sky. In swamp for seven years right and so I'm on the cross. Rambo doesn't I'm on processing all this and I was like what Doug give you always given somebody when he put you in something like wow he always gives you somebody survives what to give you a shot. I got the minded personal if you want to read something really cool.

Sometime think about being standing up in a swamp with people dying all around you because there were there were carried out. More people debonair put been alive almost matched from the small and and as I was sitting there processing it. While I was on here with them was redivided first on my computer know that much about body for some fun and all the sudden it struck me that I'm not terribly surprised the goddesses could sustain a man in the swamp for seven years.

I'm not surprised me. I don't know how he did it. This guy should divide like what blew me away and I just started gushing tears was what I asked the guy how did you get all the swamp in there like no good behavior is like good day. What well he was leaving other people in the swamp decries is pastor and I went all my gosh God. All of those other people in the swamp. Probably should've been in the swamp. Mother would generate those murders leave whatever caused them to get thrown into the swamp government server reason I thought you know I'm not surprised to God about what blows me away is God sent those other people are pastor he was sending them a rescue and swimming to this movie and I listen here, it gives me that that common theme, but I know that these people are just think of.

There's no hope in oh yes, there is. Oh yes, there is an and he's got his people on the inside of old that hope that rescue and note it gives me perspective because when I look at my life and I think oh I'm really struggling with this hat and I think about these other people and what they got through the 70s and the swamp 13 years in a Chinese prison. I am thinking I'm okay. I'm having a PRI lateral and I can see I'm okay this is a blessing that I have. This is what I've been able to survive you, what got and what I can given because that's where it all comes from. So I think the stories really helped and finding courage for the marvelous title that's the name of the movie to go to finding finding courage finding courage movie theaters out of the movie Wow thank you Kelly what okay I'm sorry thank you K this is been spectacular like kinky Robbie thanks so much

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