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Song of Solomon 2:15 - False Comforters

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 1, 2022 8:59 am

Song of Solomon 2:15 - False Comforters

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 1, 2022 8:59 am

Song of Songs 2:15 Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.

As foxes are sly so is our enemy with the lies and falsehood. The word fox here begins with the same letter as lie in Hebrew a Shin as the verse in the Shin section of the 119 Psalm -"I hate an Abhor lying but thy Law do I love.  I spend some time on different types of false comforters that destroy young fruit.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is what joy we have indicative of this first day team will be the second thing that actually Jesus answer belie his beloved to do and so we get into dig into this and know this verse I spent years ago I spent hours and hours and hours trying to understand it and boy the more I understand it, the more I like it and it is just spectacular and a commandment that I think we could all use this wisdom anyway. Verse 15 in English reads take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines for our vines have tender grapes and so you know clearly one of the questions I always had was what are these low foxes it's translated in different translations, different creatures, and you know I can't picture foxes eating in a grapes or whatever but all that is made. I think that the references clearly to foxes which are wives which our enemy has great wisdom and even the little ones have have great great wisdom and I know is can take as I can explain this part with the Jews. Rashi has long taught on this verse that again you know they're telling the story of the Exodus and all this kind of stuff and so from their perspective when they talk about these little foxes, you know, back in the time of Moses and Miriam. The Egyptians were killing the firstborn right which were clearly these buds on the vine and from their perspective the way that one of the ways that they did. That was what they called little foxes because what they would do because the you know the Jews were obviously hiding their male children and they couldn't find them. So what they would do is they would walk into a Jewish home with another baby because if one baby cries, it makes another baby cry, and so they would walk into these homes with an Egyptian baby pinched the baby or do whatever they need to do to get that baby to start crying and course this would cause the Jewish baby to cry, and thus they would destroy that baby before it ever had a chance to become the deliverer, which obviously you know Moses got past all that God got past all of it but the idea here is still that here's this false thing that's happening and when. So you look at the word foxes in Hebrew like you might imagine that it has to do with something false because it begins with the letter Shin and you might know the word lie. As we talked about in the hundred 19 Psalm right. I hate the poor lying because lying begins with that Shin because it it means the word checker in Hebrew, which has to do with something false and so what what this is, in my opinion is all sorts of things that we would call in the masculine journey agreements right that Satan plants his little bitty lie in there like in one of the lies that he planted in my life was that you know you're never gonna be able to learn a foreign language that mean I struggled with school with both Spanish and French never could figure it out but I really really really wanted to learn Hebrew. I met with some are just my heart wanted to do and so I did take a course in Hebrew and I just began to study the alphabet and the more I study the alphabet, the more God pointed me to this that the other in the Scriptures and and then obviously they are study the hundred 19 Psalm is still me trying to get into the actual building blocks of the Hebrew language, but if I just go along with that agreement that I made. I'll never be able to understand foreign-language agreements are like that. There things that Satan slips in their you know I never want to talk to that person. Anytime you hear, never, always know that stuff does not come from God that way and and it's a good example of the little foxes and aggressors all sorts of little foxes, but agreements are really something that we do every single day that take an you know, abundance forming and just kills it so. Had I taken the bait on I'll never be able to know. Think of a foreigner and learn a foreign language all of the fruit that would've been killed on my life. If either gone along with that agreement and there are so many little agreements like you know that we just make out here comes again. You know my life is going to be in this remembers every single day there's little little foxes that come in that destroy the vineyard.

But you know something about this and you know we really go back to the masculine journey. The idea of false comforters right that that we seek life and all sorts of false ways we would we get it in food. You know NS I thought I could just sort of organize these in three different categories because the masculine journey.

We know at least the masculine artist's got a battle to fight and eventually live in a beauty to rescue will think about all the false battles that Satan gets is involved in and how many tender grapes with destroyed because we get into a stupid battle over predestination or all sorts of other things that will certainly destroy some young grapes and I've been involved in some of that is just horrible. Or, you know an adventure to live waterfalls adventures all my goodness, how many hours and hours of video games are all young people playing on the falls, adventure, or even TV shows or movies to some extent, or false, that they're not our adventure live in some else's adventure, whatever that may look like when our hearts were meant for real adventure, which happens out there with God walking with him pretty hard to walk with God through videogame although I imagine somebody could do that but again the ideas he wants us to come away.

He's been asked is twice you know to come away with him and now he saying don't go to the false go with the real deal.

You know, don't don't don't take the foxes bait and and end up in this trap.

And so the third one is falls beauties to rescue right in the false rescues that we get involved in again that the idea is, unless we walk with Jesus we don't stand a chance against the fake against the falls and so we need his discernment. What is true here. What is the truest thing about us and you know even when you think back to the Shin section of the hundred 19 Psalm what is it say I hate and a poor lying but by law, do I love right. I mean, what a beautiful beautiful thing to have down in your heart to say wow I hate in a poor lying. I hate the falls false masks.

I hate the falls and put this with this way of truth in our way so you know when it comes to these little foxes. Oh my goodness, they're all over the place and only I could spend too much time just going through all the different agreements and all the first false comforters. I mean all the pornography addictions alcohol food. I mean I can't even begin to think of all the little foxes that are just false ways of getting life because what we need is life and love and what we need is Jesus right and spending time in the word.

Oh my gosh, what an adventure is that as you are doing today right Your Honor, real adventure, try figuring out some of these passages having there's an adventure for you in and out of you know on on adventures with your family and all that kind of thing you know is very very fortunate that my father always took us on real adventures. He would take us up to the mountains. He would take his hiking.

He would take us camping. He would take his fishing. In other words, all those things meant so much to the young boy's heart and and I know it meant the same to my sisters. In fact, my daughter Tess went with my dad and I one time fishing up in Colorado. She will tell you is one of her favorite trips of all time. One of her favorite memories was going on a real adventure with her father and her grandfather old man.

How fun is that. Don't go for the falls go for a real walk with Jesus in a real battle to fight a real adventure to live at a real beauty to rescue horses are all John Eldridge's book, while the part that's where I got that.

But you know we teach this all the time. The masculine journey master if you join us at boot camp sometime but anyway, thank you for listening and enjoy your adventures today

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