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NRB Chronicals 2022 - Behind The Vault Door

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 3, 2022 12:00 am

NRB Chronicals 2022 - Behind The Vault Door

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 3, 2022 12:00 am

Cindy Yorks takes us on a Journey behind the Vault door, Securing God's Truth


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You know he's looking for the class whatever this man is so wonderful that you keep these folks so their parents can go worship and I said you know what's even more that you keep those parents of these kids can worship and if you want to watch worship output by 25 or 30 up against whatever you got met sanctuary. We came up to Bailey, but Dallas is a big realize that man these folks can worship in ways that like nobody can place right is complete humility like you know my soul cleaves to the desk they get that they lived there and I really feel like now that whole thing happened to get me out of the place was lacking oxygen and let me in an environment where I can grow and my children to be looked after in my old is your typical bandit church awesome youth program where he still connects to the mentors today at 25 years old and that was part of the side completely hijacked as a side door was the first and then go back to how that related to how God was working in your life when you read the one you wrote the side door. Well, I could really write the side door about my child was still at home. Worked on a little riot right then that's a whole other miraculous story which I have on my blog the Domino house because the Lord works in podcast or at a blogger we go.

I'm getting myself but the side door was birthed by the notion that walking along your path you've made up your mind when you are going in the Lord's like here in the side I might want to go out there. This is what so I wrote that and then I actually wrote all three books in a 10 month timeframe and the Lord multiplied it loaves and fishes manner, and I ended up being all three books instead of just one. But anyway trapdoor is the second and it's about your walking along again your own path and I'll send you following today and yes I had to get down here now so it's all about how to embrace got time to and then third book I refined during the pandemic of the vault door securing God's treason, pump, volunteer art, she had the side door which, like okay if you're going over your but joy got a call door what what is at the place that you would never let him in his house that worked door is more place sometimes we have to secure things can during the lot down. I did a lot of contemplation about that because it was a dark time to let you know in that first week or two.

Unlikely to be alive and we I wanted to make sure that anything like that ever happened again continue to happen in space. We don't know what's happening thank please Christians, we don't have to worry about that.

Even so, we've got to remind ourselves only about God's treason promises that we can secure that all our heart and retain hope they will argue, oh, is it so true did not emerge. Ever heard this, but it's really cool him in Hebrew.

Your soul is called and it literally is a believing machine like it's lot in life is to believe something your soul is believing and and so when you believe something about God, especially his word you say your soul takes that into the wall and it and it grows roots right and that's then what if you were to see it in Hebrew the actual letters you can see that it it's like seeds planted in good soil, but it is has to do with faith but it's it has to do with belief and so what I see that in the title of this book is to how I mean, that's really absolutely wonderful. Well it's been a journey for me and I love how the Lord never waste her right and I just want to be an encouragement to people action.

My books were considered very briefly that they were considered for Alcoholics Anonymous because these books that really deal with how to overcome adversity in a way that a lot of books don't especially a lot of that's written by women, you go to go to the bookstore, David Hannity, Mark and Tracy to hearts and flowers me, my books have a different kind of cover area pretty edgy men end up liking it which I was surprised about is I thought out the woman, but I get letters from man and they go through about this paint on page 42 whatever they want to they want to talk about their experience and so it really draws people out. It draws people in, because I'm dealing with the adversity and I'm authentic and transparent about it and then they can apply to their own life and that was really my call this week about things I get there. So I got actually a good devotion old folks home of and so I will reading up stuff that I like to have about papers and came across as got my soul said if you ever consider the word guidance that it ends in. If you want to dance with God better let them lead or he will step on your toes right where that's what we do the whole thing is a dance and the closer we dance more to realize if we don't turn it over to let it bleed were going out the side door were going out down the trapdoor Army. You know how much how many toys I think about your book titles. I couldn't help but like that is kind of what God is habit-forming for some reason the last couple weeks to this is this is so cool and what this is the vault door is a 10 day 10 week so this is 10 weeks is a long time. The water transformation have right because if there taken this 10 weeks of putting it in their heart and their in their vault their soul yes and any other thing about them that a lot of people really gravitate to is the fact that each one is about three minutes to read. You can currently spend more time you know that's like any quiet time right there is versus you can look there's personal storytelling and and all kinds of ways.

I've always thought about.

Maybe I should start writing a steady eyebrow treatment. I've gotten there yet, but I think you're onto something with your dance metaphor in every I thought to myself, you're right. God needs to be headed to dance but you better make sure nobody cuts in all while that's not to the right of God never called me right okay if he does some data and all that but but feel free to jump. Maybe somebody wasn't my idea. I just think it's really neat. My soul grabs onto something like that. It goes in that folder and it stays there like this is something to consider is beautiful and I'm so glad that you have the courage right to step in.

The bad adventure of the courage, the podcast encouraged the blog and put yourself out there because how many specialties mom how many folks have gotten comfort from God right and so now you can comfort others yes and also I'm very authentic about my feelings. You know I had a moment when I found my two euros artistic I would know we had infertility from my husband and I and how it was. I thought it was so magnanimous. Hello Lauren, I don't really care my baby doesn't look like me and I will wait a minute. I didn't sign up for this on something and I remember standing on a grassy knoll that terrible day, I found out he had it in the cold wind blew through my hair and I had this terrible notion came in my head. You let go of his hand, and you won't have to watch many more reading up on a milk carton. Was it really can do that but that moment of terror that something that dark into my head and my heart was just from millisecond like oh no, and the Lord helped me perspective might go on a milk carton but you know really it's very embarrassing to tell and admit stories like that and I think there are some stories about what had this one boy this young man. He was severely specialties one in a wheelchair and that's skinny and his head is talk like that Joshua and Joshua was completely nonfocal except everyone saw he would scream and go like this with a dual headed every time I begin to teach your ERM is pretty hard to keep people's attention and all of a sudden Josh was like we did this thing like walk through the Bible so that you are 130 this and to be Josh was going as mama come in John this is Josh roof.

Everything will become what you go oh that first year we have a Sunday school class from a list of party. Usually we would do the walk through the Bible stuff and show the parent so were going to do this and of course right as soon as I start Joshua goes in and I'm like, go, go, and his monsters Joshua return, you pompous, Joshua is trying to participate in the class.

This whole time and you never gave him a tour and so I listened very next day after this was a class at the beginning the class. I looked at Joshua and communicated with them for the first time right to my class, but is there a person was was somebody that was over there scream right in us, to Joshua, I am just sorry like I can't believe what I said but it is your turn and he let's go once I understood every class. Joshua had his say and he would only do it when it was his turn he knew exactly what was going on. The whole time and he only lived about eight months because unfortunately especially have so much time. How sweet and festive you are all gifts even yeah I get it. Believe me, and I am actually I know this part of what's recorded but I would really like to know how many parents lets all this is record it's going out I you do. I figure my audience knows I'm whatever I was, so thank you to thank you for your book again. The vault door. Cindy LaFave Yorks okay thanks

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