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Song of Solomon 2:17 - Chapter 2 Wrap Up - Come Lord Jesus

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 6, 2022 9:32 am

Song of Solomon 2:17 - Chapter 2 Wrap Up - Come Lord Jesus

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 6, 2022 9:32 am

Song of Song 2:17 Until the day break, and the shadows flee away, turn, my beloved, and be thou like a roe or a young hart upon the mountains of Bether.

The amazing House that Jesus is building required the mountains of Bether - find out why in this episode

Wisdom for the Heart
Dr. Stephen Davey

This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is Solomon's final verse, chapter set out on this chapter on 30,000 a minute before given details of the last verse you know we were or what I had supposed that the first chapter had to do with letter ally from the second chapter would have to do with the letter bet and we talked about before that the letter bet would be a house in a house mean so much more than just the building.

As we left the last few verses in the aloe section, you will not remember they were talking about their house being with beings of cedar and and Cypress Galleries. He noticed a beautiful picture of this house in order to have a house you know it takes her family. In other words, you know the house of Jesus requires a bride and so to me so much of what we are experiencing in the second chapter is Jesus securing his bride and if we see that anywhere clearly in this chapter we see it in the last verse in my view, as I've seen it the smoking like the day does break as this is the beginning of this verse says as I rated verse 17 in English. At first it's gonna sound confusing.

It took me a while to get to where I think it's going but stick with us here. I think will be worth the journey. So verse 17 in English reads until the day break in the shadows flee away turn my beloved, and be thou like a row or young heart upon the mountains upon the mountains of the third say oh there's a lot going on here and and clearly we have a problem. In order for us to be married to Christ, you know, we have a sin problem. We have a heart problem. We have all sorts of issues that we need his help with, and so I'd love love love how Solomon's Holy Spirit all work through this particular verse and I guess I go from the back forwards because to me the important thing is, Jesus had to die on the mountain on Mount Calvary and I don't know if you would call that the third but let me just share that the idea of the third is the idea of the sacrifice. In other words, that word is the same word as the two halves of the calf. That was the covenant that Abraham did that but you might remember the smoking pot in the fire torch went between and so this idea of separation and we have a problem light were separate from Christ.

And so we needed him to be high in your right. Remember the beginning of this chapter.

We started out a low place because we are lilies of the valley where lily of the valleys or the Rose of Sharon, which is actually even down in the swamp so you can help and contrast here between where this really low place, and he's in this really high place, the mountains, as were the apple trees that were growing up in the mountains and now we have this row or young heart, which fortunately can navigate the mountains and fortunately, as we found out in the earlier verses right that he is leaping upon the mountains and he is skipping over the hills and so here Solomon is asking him to come to that mountain of covenant rightly in order to have a house in Tibet have a bride and we gotta have a covenant of marriage and so I just love love love how they use that word.

The mountain of the third and this idea of I allies you've ever studied that when you know Abraham got his covenant and he laid the two pieces and he had the vision or the dream as it became dark in here you know it's dark right and the fire came in he had his vision, but it was only God that went between the pieces of the thing and so you look that word your inner find it again in Jeremiah 17. I believe it is where God is mad because they walk through the pieces of the of the calf and they didn't keep their end of the covenant was a way that was back in those days. From what I understand the tradition was that when you split an animal like that and you walk between the pieces that you are saying. If I don't keep my end of the bargain that I will end up like these pieces of the animal.

Well, you might note that when Abraham made that covenant with God. He didn't walk through it. It was God the firebrand and the torch that went through it and just like on Mount Calvary/before there was only one person of the and that they made the walk between the two pieces that that that paid the price for us and so you know you I love love love that.

And so the idea is, interestingly, as we follow the whole story of this chapter, you know where here we have this bride and she he keeps trying to get her to come away with them. But you know he's asking Arias or the knees. Even she even goes into the secret place of the clefts of the rock right and he's asking to see her face and hear her voice, but here she still scared right. She sang until the tell the morning dawns and the shadows flee like she is.

It's dark and she scared and she's asking her lover to chomp right once again those mountains and and to comfort her and in order to do that right. He he is the one who comes through the mountain of the third and he came after his bride. And again, even so, Lord Jesus, right, and so as I see the beauty beautiful ending of the second chapter you know that that we see this picture of what would take place in my picture in my opinion, that's what were seeing here, then how does that look in your life right in and so interestingly on Monday night 4 July at this horrible dream again and so and I guess God to teach me stuff through dreams. In this particular dream there was a horrible war and I was on a side bet and want to be on that side and that side was evil and I couldn't seem to get away from evil wherever I went.

It was evil and they Wanted me to do things and I couldn't do it because I knew they were evil, and it was just so evil, evil, evil, and they finally were going to murder me or whatever is going to happen. I woke up in the dream terrified again only this time the terror wouldn't go away and I in our tried his left hand is under my head on my pillow in his right hand up and brace me but this time it didn't do it. I was I was so scared I was still terrified and and so I I'd love love love what God has done in my heart you know he had me memorize this song of Solomon and so I began right now I'm up to this very verse that we talk about so he I you know Monday night I started out in verse one of the song of Solomon and I just started saying you live and kissed me with kisses in my mouth and I went right through to you know the rafters of of of the Cypress Galleries in the end the Rose of Sharon and I sat down under shade his banner over me was love all these different things that are in these two chapters, and, and, interestingly, as I proceeded through it. I finally got a sense that he is a column right between a jumped over the mountains. He'd skipped over the hills and and I was once again in his presence, and I was once again you know, in his presence is fullness of joy and and able to overcome my fears and and so I like the shoe the right woman or whatever you want to call the bride and the song of Solomon moment I'm asking Jesus. Would you please please be like a role our young heart on the mountains a bit better skip over and Beverly Hills and leap over the mountains and conference. Thank you for listening.

Love love love this second chapter, which I think very much Jesus building his house

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