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Song of Solomon 3:1 - The Empty Bed

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 7, 2022 11:34 am

Song of Solomon 3:1 - The Empty Bed

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 7, 2022 11:34 am

Song of Songs 3:1 By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not.

Christmas morning for a 6 year old little boy would not be near the fun without the anticipation of the 0ther 24 days of December and so it is with the wedding bed. What does that have to do with Statutes and The Letter Gimmel - Listen to find out.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is fondly get to digging in chapter 3 today chapter actually in our study, which is really really cool.

So as we enter into the third chapter, I thought I would share my suppositions with you number one that we were studying the song of songs in an effort to understand better the statutes as we finished our study in Psalm 119. The idea that David made time and again. Love you, and teach me thy statutes, which clearly had to do with our proximity to the Lord and our marriage to the Lord. And so what better than the song of songs gets you know there's a relationship. The song in that as well and so you know where definitely seeking to understand the statutes, but also as we realize that there are eight chapters in the song of Solomon and the idea being marriage that it seemed to line up with the letterhead which is the eighth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, the America letter. Some people say and it has to do with our union with God. And so if we follow along with that logic, then we would be doing the other seven letters of the Alice bet on our way so we start off with the first section being Allison and we discussed that a lot during the first chapter the second chapter we finished yesterday with the idea of the bed in the house that we feel like Jesus was building by not coming after his bride. And so now we would reach the letter demo today as we are heading into the third chapter and the ideal of demo to a great extent, is to prosper and so it's can be interesting to see what all we learn about that letter and statutes as we dig into this chapter. And certainly this verse is along those lines, I think you'll see that so underrated in English verse one says by night on my bed. I saw him whom my soul loveth I sought him but I found him not. And so you know clearly there's a couple times that were seen in seeking I guess the thought is to bastions of have sought have seeking out and about that and so you know that idea that Jesus talked about that, seek and ye shall find this point time she sought twice, but didn't find and and then it's interesting by night on my bed and so as I was studying this the word bed.

It has got a lot of sexual ramifications to it. And there's no doubt that that is is part of what you know, our marriage is is a marriage bed and so here she is on her bed and she is longing for her communion with her beloved and he's not clearly be here at but interestingly, when you think about this with the idea of prosper that in order to prosper you have to seek right hand know what a neat thing for me personally as I just this week realized that you know I asked God every year for a word of the year and for the last number of years I've been on this track where it the word that I got. I think it was four years ago was prosper and so that has everything to do with the letter demo and then interestingly, the next thing he was loved by God, which is the letter doll into a some extent because the beloved right is that the doll involved all and we thought she talked about throughout this and so I was realizing is that God had given me these letters and if an order like the demo than the dollar than then the hay would be to engage in than this year.

My word for the year is the light and so you know, as I started to think about how is the five connected to the delight when you read the above section right you'll you'll see that there's a plenty of the light that happens in that in the hundred 19 Psalm so the idea that I found in spending a year on prospering in the idea of the letter demo was that it's very much connected to him who asks receives right and this idea of seeking and oh my goodness is is that you know in order to to really enjoy our gifts. It it helps if we have to have some anticipation is all had to say what will maybe not. All I had to say. But anyway that you know Christmas day. Just think the same about Christmas.

Even if your little boy and you're hoping for a bicycle. In my case I was open one time for this army set that I was really no. 300 and so on pieces and what have these missile launchers all night long.

I had visions of sugar plums dance through my head and then when I got up Sunday, I mean Christmas morning and there were those toys laid out. Oh you know it was it was that much sweeter and I had I just gotten it as soon as I wanted it didn't have the same effect.

And so know there's nothing like earning art not earning but really really wanting and then it being provided and so we see here in order to see through the next couple verses that there's a whole lot of seeking going on and the fact that it's in this bed. I think it's his condo. Another thing that I want to land on here is the word bed in Hebrew starts with MM and the second letter is a shin now.

That combination is extremely powerful because when you say can hear a man and a shin right and in fact when you say Mose Shea which is Moses in Hebrew again your hair MM and a shin and so no fascinatingly vital.

If you ever thought about the connection between Michiana and in the idea of the anointing and the idea of Moses being drawn out of the water and all these things begin with that letter, ma'am. And then they have a shin and so interestingly very interesting. So does your bed has this ma'am and then a shin and so you can see the power of that and and and the power of what happens right as we're going to build this house in order to prosper. We have a marriage bed right because, otherwise how you have children. That's how that works. And so it is interesting very interesting to me that here we find you know, as were fixing to enter into this idea prospering the house and I think that you will see that this bed is not the first time is going get mentioned in this chapter, but it starts out right here right as we enter into this idea of prospering and and and the marriage bed and what an amazing thing. If you think about. Obviously many of us have no anticipated our marriage night right and and what a beautiful beautiful thing, nothing like picturing the wedding supper Lambright and the prosper. This could happen at that particular event. But you know every bride. You know they they wonder about that night in here we are there still at this point in time in their relationship in the gimbal section or in the third chapter you know she's not got the one her her somewhat. Who's her soul loveth, but then we even think about that. You know what and what a neat thing that she says no. I sought him whom my soul loveth you know it's a beautiful thing. We even think about that obviously is is Solomon was writing those words. His soul did loveth Jesus a mean and any got to see that, in spite of some of the mistakes of Solomon made in his life. But here he understood what it's like to be without Jesus because he found them not and and again where were going to go on further than this, but I don't want anybody to miss the idea that in order to find, we first have to seek and in fact the first place you find grace in the word in the Bible is is there when Noah came in is is that Noah found grace in God's eyes. Well, in order for Noah to find grace in God's eyes. He first had to be looking for and so another question is, as I was talking about the dream that I had here a couple episodes and how I saw Jesus and didn't find them at night until I had receded was recited a whole bunch of the verses in other words, that the harder you have to look for something, the better it is when you find it in your member. Jesus talked to a few parables about that idea that man when you really really really search and then you find it been there yet. There's a lot more value to what it is that you're looking for and so what anticipation we have as we go into this prospering of this relationship in the third chapter dishonest

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