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Song of Solomon 3:5 - Spurgeon on Hinds of The Feild

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 13, 2022 8:40 am

Song of Solomon 3:5 - Spurgeon on Hinds of The Feild

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 13, 2022 8:40 am

Song of Songs 3:5 I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, and by the hinds of the field, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please.

Spurgeon's Sermon on These Verses : Link to This Spurgeon Sermon

If we go to the sacred Ark without the right heart like David's friend we can die, the time and place and person have to be RIGHT. Such an amazing verse to study.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is we have for you daughters of well what God showed me this morning to spectacular excited to share with you as we are in the third chapter the song of songs in pursuit of what are the statutes that were spoken of in the hundred 19 Psalm that we might hearts would rejoice in so many different ways and so I think were going to get there. LOL a lot of ways today so as we are now in the fifth verse out which certainly is connected in so many different ways to the previous chapter, and also in the previous verse out when I we left our episode yesterday and we talked about the end of the fourth verse which said until I brought them into my mother's house and into the chamber that had of her that conceived me. In other words, he wouldn't excuse me, the bride would not let him go until she had taken him into her house and into the chamber of her that conceived me and I was I pondered that a lot yesterday and I pondered it and pondered it and I pondered it some more and I have come to a conclusion that I like and I specially like it because it was worth. Spurgeon fell on this as well that the chamber of her that conceived me as we talked about as we were born again what what you know where was that exactly and I thought about it. Just this morning as I was reading Spurgeon on, by the way I'm in the copy of his sermon on these verses is is word for word in these verses and is to spectacular in some of the put that my show notes if you want to read that sermon I I just think it's beyond awesome.

But it was definitely his belief that that chamber is the church and I am in total agreement with him as I have thought about it and thought about it that in Peter's confession right when he said you know you are the Christ. And Jesus said in on that confession, I will build my church, and afterwards when we confess that that is when we were brought into the church and so that is the house no doubt of God that we live in today and I love what Spurgeon I love love love what Spurgeon talked about like are you bringing Jesus to church with the in so many different ways and that you know when we are totally in love and and and were doing were we ought to be. As far as our relationship individually with Jesus as virginal talk about is you meet with him on your own as you've gotten past. You know, and he and Spurgeon said that so beautifully. I hope that you reach Jesus without my help, because you know you gotta get past the watchman to where your own individual where you grab a hold of them and you take them to church with you. I mean, I love love love that and then it's followed by the verse, which were studying today which is I charge EOU daughters of Jerusalem by the rose and the Hines of the field, that ye stir not, or wake love till it please. And so that's not exactly the King James version that's a little bit of the Robbie standard verse because I I think it's important that we translated correctly because of the genders that are involved with those things. So to get to this, what's what. Spurgeon and I will avoid what he talked about it. I'd I have another take on it, but it's interesting when you look at what Matthew Henry said about the rose and the Hines the field with what Rossi said about the rose and lines of you with the Jews teach about that and now what Spurgeon has to say is that what we talked about it's right exactly this exact same words that come in chapter 2, and they come if you might recall when she said all I am sick would love another what she was seeking Jesus with her whole heart. I'm sick would love come for me with flagons RR of Stamey with flagons and comfort me with spreads of apples right is right before that the that he puts his left hand under her head and then his right hand of embrace and then he charged. Then she charges you with the same charge right then in the second chapter will interestingly and know here she was sick would love again on her bed right, she thought, and she went into the city and right after she got past the watchman. Then she found and had a hold of her beloved and once again from the point of being in her arms are hindering her yet.

Her being in his arms. That's where you get this charge again and so here comes that charge exactly again in exactly the same way and again I love what Spurgeon teaches about this that the rose and the Hines of the field are very skittish animals and apparently back in the day, people use to keep them as pets in the least little clap of the hands or whatever and you scare them away. I mean, they're very very skittish animals, and the point he was making was that Jesus you know if if you will bring him to church with you in an improper way that he runs from the church and I actually really love what he taught about the idea that if you touch the ark of the covenant in improper way to keep you know like like David's friend did that ended up getting killed or that Ananias and Sapphire when they lied to the church in their own way. They touch the ark in a way that was improper and they immediately died because the they're getting to this place where Jesus is a very jealous lover and it's a holy holy holy place and if you touch it improperly. You know you will get sick and die as Nepal made reference to those that he seen in the church are becoming sick and in and literally dying and I don't know how much you been in ministry, but as I've seen it all. My goodness, I've watched people as they would appear to be so on fire for Christ and in the next thing you know they get sick and they die if they don't die physically, they certainly die spiritually and we don't see them anymore and they just don't come in and and so when you think about that and you think about it. If we climb to 30,000 ft./s and think about what it was teaching in the second chapter.

So clearly it was all about the season was all about the season and so the season has to be exactly right that that you know us is the beloved said you know the time of the singing birds is come the feet. The green of figs are green and end up in the vines are giving forth their smell. In other words, love is got to please. It's gotta be delighted, and so it falls down on this word in my opinion it falls down on this word, that is, the word delight that ends the and less you know, don't awaken the lover, stir it until it delights. And so when you look at that word in Hebrew. I really think it gives us an understanding is critical to our search for this idea of statutes that would and others were in search of throughout this whole thing because the big the word delight starts with the same letterhead which has to do with your union with Christ. And so, yes, that's very much worth their love happens right is right there in that union and then if you look at the word delight, which is what were supposed to not awake until it is delighted is this union and then you have a pay okay so you have the hat we talked about and talked about but then there's a pay which means literally the presence of God in your presence to another words if if you're going to talk to Christ if you're gonna be in communion with him. Gotta be completely present and he's gotta be completely present in in in all that has to do with your whole heart and and completely there that K this is very much connected to a wholehearted idea, but the last letter may be well. The key to what were talking about here. In that letter in the word delight. Interestingly ends in as Addie and other words that letter. That means right. That means righteousness right if you look to remember is that a section of the hundred 19 Psalm has to do with things being right and so you can't touch the ark unless it's right and you can't have a love relationship with Jesus unless it's right or he's gonna snip off the vine is just exactly what happens in so to have delight. It needs to be right.

You need to be with the right person. You gotta be in person and and you have to be doing these things right and only then do you really feel the complete delight that love should bring in so what this charge is is there she is. She's finally in the place that she has longed for but is the right place and it is exactly the right time, right the time of the singing birds is come, okay, Jesus was calling her right yearly know.

So finally she gets up. Finally, she finds them. She should. She hangs onto them. She brings them to church and it is exactly the right place and the right time with the right person. Okay you know you when you get the whole picture like that. I hope you see this because him him unfortunately in our lives.

I mean I like, I can think of. If I can't die to myself that I can't get to the ark right. If I can't be holy and I need to die to myself and and what mice my self interests and unfortunately what I've seen people get so hurt in the church. It was about them. They were living in a smaller story and however worked out in their life and in their hearts were had been cleansed by God which he desperately wants to help us get cleansed by God. But as we get more cleansing we get more wholehearted and only one where wholehearted can we truly come to this place of the ark, and this is it.

This is hard work, and so you know, without using names. I was in the ministry and and and the ministry grew and prospered and it was just absolutely beautiful. And then, all of a sudden, for whatever reason, one of the members just touch the ark. From my perspective with self-promotion in mind or where it was about him.

I don't know how you put it. Other than that, it does seem to be nonetheless. What happened is it just exploded. Oh my goodness.

I watched you know Jesus. It was like Spurgeon said man the behind flew in and everybody. I mean I can't. I can even think of all the hearts that got broken as this happened. However, I will point out that God continue to restore that and and he continued to bring all the players back to to to continue to seek him and and and and, interestingly, with the ministry is bigger and more vibrant than ever and and I see that completely. Jesus return, but it requires all of us within the ministry, bringing Jesus to church with us. In other words, based on the light that he gave you in in times where you had completely died to self and a lot arrived there at the ark in your heart right where where you have a testimony or you saw him and he is working on your soil right and and he is planting those seeds that they will bear much fruit, and it's absolutely spectacular picture of the garden and of course the Rosen Hines in the field are there and I love that my my my own interpretation of course is Rosen Hines only come in season you know when they're in season, and if you if you they they only do things when they're in the right time. And so, with the right place with the right person.

Thank you for listening. I appreciate you so much for

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