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Song of Solomon 3:7 Jesus' Bed

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 15, 2022 8:40 am

Song of Solomon 3:7 Jesus' Bed

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 15, 2022 8:40 am

Song of Songs 3:7 Behold his bed, which is Solomon's; threescore valiant men are about it, of the valiant of Israel.

Matthew Henry believed Jesus Bed is Your Heart - WOW! and Double WOW! - Listen to find out more.....

Matthew Henry Commentary Song of Songs 3:

The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

This is the Truth Network treasures of the song of songs, which is Solomon's.

There are verses 11 judgment in their verses of encouragement for they will allow. If you're going to take on the world. It is so spectacular, so amazing and so will just jump in and were in the song of Solomon verse in chapter 3, and we are now at at the verse Zion boy is it in so many amazing so others read in English and with and will jump in.

So behold his bed, which is Solomon's threescore valiant manner about it. Of the valiant of Israel course you can read Rashi on this and they're talking about, you know, the allegory being that this is literally you know the Levites carrying the Ark of the covenant through the desert and I get that.

And they certainly point out that the word Solomon as does Matthew Henry that the word Solomon is used very sparingly within this book, but this is one of the times that it's mentioned and when it's mentioned the corsets made reference to God and in our view in the church. It's a reference to Jesus himself. So that gives us a lot of clues as why should we should be so encouraged by this verse, but says behold his bed, which is Solomon's which is saying this is Jesus's bed here and I you know I you gotta ponder that a minute but Matthew Henry gives us some wisdom. Wisdom.

Wisdom here.

He says the bed of Jesus is your heart that is where he rests his grip is if you look in Ephesians 3, you know, come to me all year and heavy laden, and I will give you rest for you.

Resting in his bed, which is your heart. I mean, that's the place we meet with Jesus. That's where the tabernacle is and that is in fact how spectacular is that what we just described. Because in verse six it says who is at the come about in the wilderness like a pillar of smoke right perfume with myrrh and frankincense and all powders of emergent that's your heart that's the church.

This is this is Solomon's bed. It's one of the city at tabernacle is that this is where Jesus is going to hang out in his church's hearts just there so much there and then I you know if you're in the masculine journey. Or hopefully you, you've got brothers in the Lord in some way shape or form. These next verses next few words just mean so very much, and says threescore valiant men which know for those of us in this generation. That means 60 and 60. It is a you know important number in a lot of different ways.

There valiant and then there valiant of Israel to the word valiant in Hebrew is I think are extremely important in this being the gimbal chapter which is the third chapter in his were talking about. It's a picture of the J Manuel valiant starts with the camel and it has to do with the greatness and against abundance and you know that clearly fits with valiant, but then the next letters really indicate sons okay and when you think about valiant sons. I mean essentially, those are your brothers and so a band of brothers is done or what this is indicating is these valiant these great sons. And then there not only sons were there sons of Israel, and when it says Israel. That means there are God wrestlers in our. These are people that pray busy.

These are people that have been trained Israel as the build out of your future verses talk about that. These guys are trained in prayer and Bible study and these kind of things these brothers of which you know are just extremely helpful with your keeping and protecting your heart because here again were talking about this bed and in the word bed in Hebrew again is in is is a beautiful picture of Jesus. It's a ma'am. So that means more that means Messiah.

That means a lot of things, but the first letter is the letter, ma'am, and then attacked, which means goodness satellite.

Jesus is goodness is it's there in your heart right and and then the last letter is a hey so it's like it's saying that this is Jesus's goodness is expressed is his bed is a place of rest and in this is where we meet with them and this is what you know it travels through the desert in working to get a lot into that in future verses because he spent some time on it. But just for this verse we discover all my goodness, how amazing is it that it here. This is come out of the wilderness. It's our hearts and they are in fact Jesus is bed and they are guarded by 60 valiant brothers now you may wonder where these guys come from, well, Jesus makes reference that there may be more than 60 okay infect the Jews teach that 60 is is a way of indicating Enos or like the 600,000 Jews that came out of Egypt. Of the 600,000 fighting men that came out of Egypt as that may be, but in Jesus's case.

You might remember in Mark chapter 10 was you know in around verse 30.

He talks about those who would leave you know, father's mother, sisters, brothers, lands and wives and children for your sake and my sake of the gospel will not fail to receive in this life and this time right 100 or more mothers and sisters and brothers and lands and persecutions.

Okay, sort of need them to be warriors. Here's this here's this amazing promise to Jesus is giving us.

For those and I and I and I am so blessed when I think about it. If you sit down and try to count out your hundred but you gotta you know and some of those might be sisters but more mothers, but these are people that are trained in wrestling with God, and they are guarding your heart and to think about these people that that that every single day or praying for you and and you know coming for your sake and guarding your heart and just think of what a spectacular thing. This is and I and I don't think I there is any way in the world I would've been able to see this is clearly had I not experienced the band of brothers that I have an to say that there are mighty men of valor would be an understatement. I mean, these men have wrestled with some serious serious things with God in their own lives, because I know their story and I know the things that they've wrestled with and and I know the extent of their battle training and and we do these boot camp supporters and we we been together for a number years and although I'm hoping you know that you have such a group, but let me just say you got one man right here and I pray for my listeners every single day infected you know on my way in I you know I always like to pray about those who will listen to this podcast and and asked that God will you know plant seeds in their hearts so that they they will in fact also want to become.

You know somebody else's valiant 60 or hundred or whatever number that the number may be, obviously, is that we come out of the wilderness and all of us make up Jesus's bed. It's gonna be a spectacular thing mighty men of valor, but what an honor it is to have dear, dear brothers, you share with you that are needy without needy out loud to tell you where it is that they're struggling so that you can fight for their hearts and fight for their place where they can rest in Jesus meet with Jesus and commune with him and and so I don't approach to business, just as is you sit there and really think about all the people to God is put in your life that are out there praying for you and for your heart and and again were going to get into this in more detail the next coming verses, but just to see that I and I honestly until this morning. Never really grasp all this concept is that my heart is Jesus's bed, but I am in Soho in love with this idea and I'm so in level and Matthew Henry points out here is that oh yeah, of course, of course, it is the place of rest and when you can meet with him and truly commune with him. I mean i.e. I know your blood pressure goes down your your heart goes down. In other words, you just completely at peace. Where else could it be, but in your heart.

I mean how cool is that. And I'm so glad I got to share that with you this morning. I hope it encourages you home and I hope it encourages you and thank you so much for the journey and adjust to pray for you because it's pretty cool to be somebody else's 60 or hundred or whatever you know Jesus gives us. Thank you for listening

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