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NRB Chronicals 2022 - Wise Women Managing Money

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 17, 2022 12:00 am

NRB Chronicals 2022 - Wise Women Managing Money

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 17, 2022 12:00 am

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An amazing Widow - Mirium Neff and her CFP daughter - Valerie Hogan share insights for managing money

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Ever felt like you were born in the wrong decade. Or maybe it was the wrong dimension altogether.

If you can relate.

Welcome home where Emily, Stephan and Jimmy Hernandez your resident weirdos artists of all trades and multicultural couple and this is your official invitation to join us on our new planet.

I mean podcast called in our own world will navigate conversations about anything under the stars and maybe even pick up a few passengers along the way. Listen to in our own world on the iHeartRadio app Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast brought to you by Coca-Cola. There's magic when we eat together. Well, it's always just pleasurable pleasure to be like hardly believe were back your again but I get off and see friends and see how God can grow their ministries and grow their influence as especially those that seem to just want to serve unique metrics of people that made help adjust for the census or that's what I get a sense always for my friend Beth known for years and years of the Christian car guy is been ministering to widows for years, but then she brought in her daughter Valerie and and they've been on this wise women managing money at some in the book we have. It's been a great adventure together.

So Valerie from your perspective, we were to start with one of my fun questions like members of there's a chapter in this book.

Like I can hardly wait till they read this and so like without making it so they don't ever want to read the book but nonetheless I mean how how cool is it that God give you insight to help folks or maybe need to talk about so leaders ministry for 14 years until when humans speak with a lot of these ladies right on the heels of grief would come financial issues.

I questions about why I never knew we were $80,000 in debt or boy. I'm half owner of a manufacturing facility.

Now, women were kinda being thrown into doing the financing. Many have been doing it over a lifetime. Just suddenly thrown I'm in this would happen with ladies that are widows or maybe even divorced, or maybe they're single and just are starting out, there may be a little bit intimidated by the financial world and what we really want to see is for them to step into it with biblical confidence that they can be good stewards and my favorite chapter so spoiler alert is really to be at the end because the endgame is getting to kingdom purposes of stepping into the service of the Lord has for us with confidence and we can do that. I went to get her arms around, but we need to have the lights on and have water and food and those kinds of things that were in the need to manage money well to do that and it really enable us to come from a position of strength in the service. Just give me a great idea. My daughter Mariah graduates this spring from Stanford University should be a teacher but she wants to work in a real low income position because that's the kind of work. She walked right Christian school. And so, but immediately she's like data how my go to make it when you want to talk to her the book and we would talk about.

First of all, it's all God's entrusted use. Not all, but now she was going to love the third chapter when it talks about how you create your spending plan and she want to do that early in no not everyone does that even mean Bob and I did finances together, probably a little bit at the first, but more so all the time but I didn't do anything and invest until after he went to heaven. So it's kind of like I'm the vintage person here in Bowers, the lawyer of the CFP and next-generation, and we want women to early on, get into the recognition. That's God's alone, and he wants us to be a Matthew 25 stork you want just to grow, so your daughter is going to be uniquely positioned to value every daughter.

I'm proud of you dad.

Yeah, don't tell her, looking for a free book and give that rag get out early for that. And almost every phone call about Esri. I guess you're in college at life is never really come after mom and dad and help you through this that the other at all the sudden you're like oh I'm in have to pay my own insurance and all I'm going to have to pay this bill that and I get the sense this panic and so I really want to give your soon the next time I see her so we live in St. were actually she's in Birmingham so but fun and I know how critical it is because like oh my goodness. If I'd known then what I know now about saving and I have friends that did from the time that they were like when they got when they got out of college or and and began that program, but is never too late is right and we have a lot getting a lot of biblical wisdom over the years the heroes in this area without Larry We got Ron blue wanted to write from a women's perspective for women standing on their shoulders. They've given a lot of biblical truth. Over the years and we just wanted to take some of that and say in your some of the specific interest that women might have some of the studies are showing us a lot of time to select a competent have all the ability but even your daughter's situation and with many women he would say I'm learning early on when you want to go into minutes three or to something we always make decisions. Money can go over here or over there and so shall give up something to gain something and in our faith. We know all about that right we give up a little to gain the great price right the pearl of great price

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