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NRB Chronicals 2022- Grid Down Power Up

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 24, 2022 12:00 am

NRB Chronicals 2022- Grid Down Power Up

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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How amazing you start there on the floor. The RB Arabic Chronicles 2022. So here's a different one grip down power up like oh my goodness. We have David device suppression of the producer of breakdown power and so I'm guessing that some time ago and so tell me what's breakdown power up so great down power up as a documentary where the movie is going to try to do and this is about the vulnerability of our power grid power grid goes down, not just short-term interruption but for six months, 18 months, maybe a 75% to 90% of Americans who die and this is truly fixable. This is a bipartisan issue. This is an issue that's been known about for some 30 to 40 years.

Frankly, our legislatures haven't done enough about wow so how did you come across this information. Well, I've been worried a bit a bit of a proper for a while. Time I've actually had the highest ranking KGB spy who defected from the Soviet Union in my living room, maybe 15 years ago and this gentleman talked about how it works with the Russian side with the Chinese about how to how their plan was to bring down the United States and so I bent a bit of a cold warrior but actually, there are issues out there.

Not just requiring a nationstate terrorists took command in knockout nine different substations with just a few guys like we saw that California was this talk about on 60 minutes in late February this year or there could be a geomagnetic storm there be a solar storm. Amidst these massive gamma rays could wipe out the electronics on this so it doesn't necessarily require the state actor to bring down our great and so sounds like your documentary like it says nobody is going to do something about it. What when you say there's an easy solution by I'm I'm with you a bit. If if the power went out that the this catastrophic effects it trickle down this like we see as a result of covert.

Who would've thought that now you can't get biscuits in the grocery store because gig biochemistry is like an all the different trickle-down things.

What what is absent okay so you made a great point Robbie ended our government typically does not prepare us to well I mean we did not have enough mass ventilators, etc. they have not prepared us for this we have Newt Gingrich we have four-star generals talking in our film about this. Ted Koppel actually did a book in 2015 talking about the vulnerability, the power grid from cyber attack, and therefore what needs to happen needs to be better regulation of our power grid needs to be one person in charge there needs to be an effort to was called hard name the grid to protect it from some of these various nefarious forces that can be done for just over $100 per citizen but unfortunately we've had obstruction is taken place. A lot of times at the utility level from lobbyists and therefore there needs to be stronger regulation utilities have essentially been regulating themselves. There is equipment out there that can be pardon the substations and substations represent the lifeblood of our grid security. All this was interesting. Robbie is our missile defense are better strategic command control for our military or military is known about this hard name and protecting their infrastructures for decades, and unfortunately our civilian infrastructure to completely wow and so when this is a movie out yet. Movies going to be out soft launch in May hard launched with the premier of freedom best in Las Vegas July 15 and right now you can go to our website grid down power register, you can see your trailer you can start spreading the word.

Frankly, we need a movement. We need American citizens to stand up and let our legislators know that there's no reason that we can't do this. This is a truly fixable problem. This should be a move this movement akin to contract with America for the tea party wow so I'm curious why why did you come the Army. I came down RB was involved in a movie soul surfer you know I was one of finance saved 10 years ago and so I was on the set every day at a small role in the movie. I'm still friends with Bethany Hamilton. I was there. We invited you know 25 Christian broadcasters to the event to life to be on the set. So very familiar with the religious broadcasters I know they represent middle America. American citizens have the silent majority need to stand up and we this Christian audience. Obviously cares so much about family care so much about patriotism or commonsensical they realize a risk and they realize that the American men solve this problem. So, from your perspective, David and I love the fact that you're involved in sole-source I'm sensing you have a relationship with God and his kind appointed do you feel like this is some is put on your heart. Specifically, he really does Robbie so I've been concerned about this for a while and I heard about the dome that was.

I thought it was 70%, and frankly it was maybe 30% and so I felt God calling on me with my background in home with my patriotism. I had some time on my hands.

I had the police there. With this experience with this Russian spy you know and and some geopolitical instincts.

I felt God was tapping me on the shoulder and tell me, David. You need to do this. Wow. Absolutely spectacular. So what would you recommend I mean obviously we can be praying that that God will pick this up and then push it and in the people so that when actually something gets done about it.

But how would you have our listeners respond to say here this I would say go to our website again grid down power they can register for the film. We will keep you updated about events when the launch will be available and then spread it to your friends were playing in a pay it forward movement very similar to what the chosen has been wheat we have 20% of our proceeds going to fund 501(c)(3) organizations that are going to be fighting on the ground to be able to go up against lobbyists to make sure that our legislators take action so often movements end up failing because of poor follow-through, and allow time to just run out of money working to find a super pack. We have an organization set up called deceased week energy Security Council is going to provide the infrastructure and organization set follow-through and help legislators to craft right legislation is working to help them overcome out so spectacular. David Tice grid down power up.

Thank you my friend. God bless you with their

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