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Song of Solomon 4:2 A Verse To Sink Your Teeth In

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 1, 2022 8:30 am

Song of Solomon 4:2 A Verse To Sink Your Teeth In

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 1, 2022 8:30 am

Song of Solomon 4:2 Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep that are even shorn, which came up from the washing; whereof every one bear twins, and none is barren among them.

As  the church reflects Christ's Seven fold anointing this description of the third attribute gives us more understanding of the anointing of "Counsel". Listen as we sink our teeth into this. With a story from our Special Needs class to Illustrate.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is definitely have a verse we can today.

In the second verse of the fourth chapter of the song of songs and I'm sure you get that point in the second as it reads in English died.

Teeth are like a flock of sheep that are even shorn, and which came up from the washing their where of everyone bearing twins and none is barren. Among them, so again here we have Christ describing his beloved beloved and in the beauty of the church in so many different ways and as this is just a really cool cool verse and again getting back to what Matthew Henry said about the seven different attributes of the beloved here is that those seven line up with the seven spirits of God as we would reflect Christ that makes perfect sense as that was his anointing in a course if we talked about last time, you know, obviously, her eyes being wisdom in her hair, being understanding, then today the teeth would fit into the idea of counsel and this certainly lines up well in my opinion with this very beautifully as you think about it that the teeth as Matthew Henry would point out or what. And obviously we have to chew on the word of God and we get to chew on the word of God is and say we have to. But what a delight. We get to do that and so as the priest would eat the sacrifices if you think about that and Rossi points this out as did Matthew Henry that the priest would eat the sacrifices, obviously with her teeth and ends and thus they would be you know creating that nourishment in order to feed the flock, as do the priests of of many churches today and in so many different beautiful ways and then we get up another beautiful picture of how these teeth are described and also think it's worth noting the wonder of how the Scripture all fits together because you might remember back in Genesis. When Jacob was certainly giving his sons all the anointing is when he anointed Judah with all those pictures of the scepter and the king.

One of the things he said was his eyes would be red like wine in his teeth white with milk and again help but see how the milk of the word fits into this and since Jesus is the word. When you think about it, you literally are eating the sacrifice as we take communion and with the wine you get the picture of how this kind to come together and what beautiful counseling is as these teeth would be like a flock of sheep. Obviously there's a whole bunch of them and they're coming up from the washing and the idea of counsel has to do with doing things right and this idea of washing is all about the same thing to be clean and both Rossi and Matthew Henry point out that you know it's it's a very important part of the priesthood. You know that these people be righteous and they stay clean and out. This is part of what we do as we chew on the word.

It makes us clean. I mean, it makes her teeth white, so to speak, and that and that beautiful and then it says each one bears twins and none is barren.

Among them, and the really really neat word of twins is actually formed with the exact same letter as the word truth which is a mat in in Hebrew, and so those words rearranged a little bit make the word twins and and it really means to be linked together in so many different ways with the truth. Okay is that that's why those letters fit together and almost a picture of like in the end of Jesus will look just like the father. The father will look just like Jesus because it's a it's a time of and then in aleph and then MM and and you might know that the aleph usually means the father and the member usually means the sun, and so we put those together you go well in the end, you know, the father is gonna look just like the sun, the sons will look like a father and that's kinda how that works. When you chew on the word and you see how all that comes together. This beautifully for my big from my point of view it's it's absolutely gorgeous, but one of things that you know like I just wonder in your life practically. How does that work like when you sit underneath tremendous you know God's anointed the preacher to really chew on a passage and give you an understanding that mean so much to your life well you know my daughter goes, wonderful church Redeemer in Birmingham, Alabama, and the pastor there. The last time. Or maybe a couple times ago when we were there.

David is sermon on the Romans eight verses that have to do unit with the Holy Spirit.

You know, praying for us with. You know that we would be made into the likeness of his son and in then. Interestingly, you know, as Romans 828 comes right after that, you know all things work together for those who you know are called according to his purpose, etc. and then night to be made into the likeness of his son for those he predestined right would be made in the likeness of Christ, and so went when you think about this this this pastor had digested this in such a way that I'd never seen the combination of those versus having to do with the Holy Spirit, constantly groaning in my life that I be made in the likeness of Christ, and so you know I I see that constantly when you see things that look absolutely horrible. And then it works together for good in some way and you know we had it horrible tragedy in our special-needs class this week. One of the young man there will be known for years and years is named Brian and he had a brother that was just a year or two younger than him, and unfortunately they look. He was single lid behind the house there were Ryan lived and his mom and dad, you know, kinda took care of him as well and he had gotten Cova got really really sick and then we thought was on the mend. Unfortunately, this week, his mom found him dead in his room is just horrible and then to make that even more complicated frying being severely autistic and very very much connected to his brother's name was JJ everything in the world was coming. Ryan love JJ and constantly talked about JJ.

Can you imagine the task of having to tell Ryan that his brother was dead, and from what I described in what they described to us yesterday in church about those conversations that you have immediately.

Like all of us. He just denied it. No no no no you know he can't be. And then he said that his mother said that he came a little while later and just laid his hand on her leg's head on her shoulder and just wept and and that you know this just like how could this happen to such a unit of his family's been through so much yet. There was their testimony that they told about because Ryan loves, loves, like a lot of autistic people. They have things that their folk that they hear. And that that just catches their attention much more than other people in one of the things that Ryan loves. He loves fans, but another thing he loves his loudspeakers wherever they are. After speaker somewhere that's playing some kind of music or saying something he very much attention to it. If the speakers don't work.

It really really bothers Ryan as you know, the speakers in our classroom, which is to be in a piped into two give announcements to the classrooms and all that have long not worked in so you know he loves it when I put my phone upon those speakers and he can hear things. It is just you know had to stand there and jump up and down in and just because he loves for those figures to work well. He asked his dad after his brother died if they could go to Lowe's and if he could hear his brother's name called from that loudspeaker right arm is in a beautiful request because that would mean so much to Ryan and his world. That's how I understand that and so his dad took in the lows and of course talk to the people there at Lowe's and it didn't take long to make totally understood and that they called out. Actually, Ryan's name first and a few minutes later and I was there walking to the store all of a sudden I heard he called them JJ but his name was Jason all suddenly herbs and Jason battle, Jason noticed, and a course I can see I wasn't there, but I know Ryan I know the elation that when he heard that over that loudspeaker what that would be like, well, you Ryan has another caregiver by the name attack Darrell and so he was with Darrell the next day and he asked Darrell if they could go back to Lowe's, hoping that they could hear the same thing that he personally get in the Lowe's licensing of course. But what happened was in a Darrell said now I'm not going to do that. Ryan, because you know that we don't want to continue to bother the store with things like that. So Darrell told Ryan that he wouldn't go talk to the store manager to do that again. And he did not tell him that well is there walking around the store about 15 minutes later. I guess somebody within the store. Whatever God had in mind that Ryan was given here this and so is Ryan was walking through the store without Darrell asking that this happen all the sudden he hears Ryan Mandel Ryan Matt Winona course you can get to see Ryan's phrase just just delighted in a course. A few minutes later he heard Jason battle. Jason met in my goodness, and in what Ryan himself connected with this and what he explained to his father that it was God that that had that happen, and it was reassurance to Ryan that his brother was in heaven now.

I mean it's an unbelievable thing. But you can see how God use this to fashion Ryan in so many different ways into the image of Christ.

And if you could see Ryan's elation in his worship as is he sees God in the way as a Ryan sees God you know is just an absolutely amazing thing and so glad I get to tell you about it this morning because you know as we chewed on the word of God and we begin to understand all things work together for good in semi-different ways because the Holy Spirit is is is is is praying for us interceding for us in the clearly were interceding for for Ryan through the situation and so, as always, I am just blown away by the Council within this Council verse of RT that's good counsel if they would be made white with the milk. Thanks for listing

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