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Song of Solomon 4:6 The Mountain Top of Intimacy

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 9, 2022 8:57 am

Song of Solomon 4:6 The Mountain Top of Intimacy

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 9, 2022 8:57 am

Song of Songs 4:6 Until the day break, and the shadows flee away, I will get me to the mountain of myrrh, and to the hill of frankincense.

Looking at this verse a second time from a point of intimacy, the Hebrew paints a spectacular picture that our hearts can delight in.

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This is the Truth Network treasures of the song of songs, which is Solomon's characters grabbed a hold you are not done with verse six on the fourth chapter and so is as the above is a continuation.

This is a continuation on verse six because the thing that that he just kept ringing in his mind is the enthusiasm which with a lover said I will get the to the mountain of myrrh and frankincense again to read the verse that the entirety until the day break in the shadows flee away. I will get me to the mountain of myrrh under the hill of frankincense, you know. Clearly, this I've left the intimacy on the table essentially is that you know clearly, this is a point of tremendous intimacy with God, and I don't want to miss all that he showed me this morning as we looked at it from a standpoint of maybe Matthew Henry and Rossi's biblical look at it, but there is an intimate look at it that is in the language that is also in the Hebrew itself that is absolutely spectacular and you know I'll just to the end but then I'll show you how I got there so I wrote these notes this morning and I feel like they describe this moment again I go back and show you how the Hebrew kind of describes this but anyway of us all say this this exactly him or read it word for word out of my notes. Try to picture it. It's in a thousand love movies and Christmas movies. They relate to each other.

They decorate the tree. Together they share their stories. The man gazes at the woman.

The woman kind of blushes and in the spark she knows he's the one and they kiss. That's what God is hoping for with me. The Bible is his story. I share my heart and prayer. I trust him.

He gazes at the beauty of my eyes my hair my teeth my lips my cheeks and my breasts and of course he wants to kiss me till the day breaks in the shadows flee. It's the way the whole book started let him kiss me with kisses of his mouth for his love is better than wine and so I watch one of those movies last night as I am just love movie junkie, especially those on Netflix because it only had to worry about getting some weird nose I love and Netflix has a lot of them, and the one I watched last night was called love game match which we know is just a classic setup of these two that don't seem to get along or two teachers and he's a tennis teacher that split love idea and and a course you know he's conceded. She thanks and all this stuff goes on, where they try to get to the point of intimacy right in the whole movie.

You know it's headed that way. But there comes a point in the movie where they have finally shared their stories where they where they've been in oh intimate with one another and then there's this place of okay that that she is ready.

You know, this is the point that we've talked about with the rows in the minds of the faithful that now. Love has been stirred up and it's awakened and the flower is ready to open in so many different ways and so with that, let's dive into the Hebrew that I missed a lot yesterday and the intimacy of what's there so when it says I will get the to the mountain. I will get me to the mountain. I've never seen this before, and it is so spectacular that the word mountain here is taken from the way that that that Moses went to Mount Sinai and it's a hey and arrange okay and that hey means expression in a rage means the head of so it's like the beginning of the river so you can see that a mountain is the beginning of all the rivers riders where the waters they they flow down but it's also the beginning of God's expression.

That's where God brought the law to Moses and so we've always talked about going to the mountaintop of this is a mountaintop of intimacy. This is the place were Moses and God.

You know they related and this was the mountain no doubt for Moses and God. And this is what he wants for us. Okay.

And then the word murder very important to note in this is where looking at these, the word mountain itself is a masculine noun. This is the male part of this equation okay and the word mountain is a masculine noun, as is the word murder in the word murder if you just look at the book plane Hebrew without getting away from the idea of of of the spice.

The word murder is a ma'am which means water and then arrange and so here we've got the beginning of water, which when you think about murder came from the word drip because the spice. The murder comes from the sap out of the tree and it's coming down and it looks like drips well there you go so you have a male here want to push forth water. I mean, this doesn't take a rocket scientist to go okay this is this is springs of living water by the springs of living water in intimacy. I mean it's completely the mountain that he wanted course he does like any man is just been staring at someone he loves, and they related and they've talked and they've gone through it and and and as I thought about it the mountain, but there is the espousal now. I mean he's ready. He's ready to go and then where it says he's going to go to the hill of frankincense. Guess what, the hill of frankincense the hill the word hill so the word hill is a feminine noun and a spectacular one at that. As it starts out with the gimbal right which is that letter that means you know, fruitful, and also many different ways. Okay it's it it's it is a beautiful letter and where will you know deal bountifully with I serve the Lord blessed the first verse, not a 19 Psalm on the gimbal and then abet so here is this very versatile house, very fertile house and then IN. Which means servant right and so here's a fertile house of this of the servant, and of course, isn't that what a bride is the fertile house of the servant and then the word frankincense.

Oh my goodness what a beautiful word that it would because again it comes from the base of the word heart right it's in its allotment and abet which means your hearts house. Of course that's frankincense Lebanon. It is definitely got the same letters and admits he got the vomit and then you got the bet and then evolve meaning continuing on into an then unknown, which is this idea of faith and when you think about the idea of love. When you look at all those thousand love movies. What happens is it some point in time the woman has faith in the man and woman trust his heart. The woman is ready to flower. It is a beautiful beautiful site that is in a thousand movies and I love to see it when all of a sudden the woman blushes and you can see she now believes she she knows he is the one and in love is been awakened and it's ready right and so of course, of course.

Of course I don't want anybody to miss the intimacy of this verse. Obviously, God didn't want me to miss the intimacy of this verse that the word mountain which again were to see this at the end of the book so it's kind important that we continue on until we get this that the idea of the mountain of murder is a very masculine thing right and and so you know when you think until the day breaks in the shadows flee.

These people are kissing on this is tremendous intimacy, but it's intimacy of complete delight of complete faith of the mountain of murder and the hill of frankincense like I hope that you see this. I hope you've experienced it in, and I hope you see what it's like to have a beloved couple that's just so delighted to each other that have complete faith eat in each other, but most of all they have that point of intimacy which leads to fruitfulness.

This fruitful house is the idea. You know, as we see where all this is headed. As we would have those arrows that come out of the neck of all these children because of the intimacy that we have with God.

Amino beautiful is it that God is telling me this morning and he was. He said Robbie let's go to the mountain number.

Let's go to the will of frankincense. In other words, this is available for us until the days break in the shadows flee when ever we want we can go there in prayer. He shares a story with us through his word. We share our hearts with him in our stores to through prayer and then you know we can get to this place were we meet in our mountain and in the mountain of our hearts right and in the fruitful place. I enjoyed that very very much time with him this morning and you know that in Kissimmee with kisses of his mouth for his love better than one

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