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Song of Songs 4:8 A Honeymoon With Jesus 5 Amazing Destinations

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 11, 2022 12:02 pm

Song of Songs 4:8 A Honeymoon With Jesus 5 Amazing Destinations

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 11, 2022 12:02 pm

Song of Solomon 4:8 Come with me from Lebanon, my spouse, with me from Lebanon: look from the top of Amana, from the top of Shenir and Hermon, from the lions' dens, from the mountains of the leopards.

How amazing for Jesus to call us His Spouse and then to come away and wait til you hear of these five destinations....

The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is fun.

Oh, mood with Jesus gutter where were going today and I think I knew I now have a new verse or maybe the new favorite verse in the Bible all my goodness.

Is this a mouthful and I when we say before you go on that. I made a mistake in two episodes ago I mentioned that I always watch Netflix I watch Netflix. I watch pure Flixster. That way I don't see anything weird.

I want to make that clear that my movies I get off your flicks.

That's much better than that.

In my view.

But anyway to get into this honeymoon with Jesus like oh my goodness, it is the eighth verse of the fourth chapter in which we talked about so many times under 19 Psalm eight verse is the letterhead and has to do with the ideas of miracles, and so man oh man oh man, how fun is this first so out rated. It's a bit hard to understand but that's what makes it spectacular again were going on a honeymoon because what happened right.

Jesus just described as the spotless and now he says come with me from Lebanon my spouse with me from Lebanon look from the top of a mana from the top of the shin, Aaron, Herman from the lion stands in from the mountains of the leopards. So here it goes like you know where we are now his spouse. This is the first time in the book, he describes this is that and I think it's really cool it's it's at. Sometimes referred to as the daughter-in-law in his return that in our last episode. Since God is technically our father-in-law know where the daughter-in-law you know I can help. It is pick up that interesting thing it has to do with his very strong desire of the heart and so here how beautiful is that that our Savior refers to us is his spouse can surely wait to hear that. And so when we do that were to go it says come with me from Lebanon my spouse with me from Lebanon so he repeats it twice which that idea of Lebanon as we talked about is this place of the heart, and I think it's, like he saying from your comfort zone here working to take a wild adventure were to go hybrid and go to the mountains, apparently in organic on the top of a mana. Now these mountains. I'm sure that rushing in Matthew Henry explained that these are like order mountains so you can see all of Israel from the north and the south in the West, but one of the neat things about these is when you look at these words in Hebrew, and so when you look when you hear the word a mana you can hear in it.


And the reason I hear a man is because it's an out of amendment and none and what is and that means faithful. That is the very word that means faith, truth, it did. It's it's it's a very basic idea and so you can think of this high mountaintop experience of faith.

For me that's our first stop on her honeymoon is working to go to the top of the mountain of faith.

How spectacular is that to see how deep and how wide and how amazing Jesus's love is for us first. Upon honeymoon mount a mana and then it says to the mountaintop of Shamir mashing her that while this is the one of high adventure, because this starts a letter shin which we talk about, always, is this idea of refining silver going to the head refinery right here were going into the fire and were going to this place of testing which you know is a how cool is that the now that we have faith were integral guards faith tested some and Anna turned into this beautiful mountaintop idea of seeing what it's like. I would suppose even Jesus experience this as he went out in the desert to be tested in semi-different ways, and I think you'll see where that leads here in a minute. As we go to your fourth and fifth stops, but first we gotta make our stop on Mount Herman and I love the way that spell because my grandfather Gilmore's my father's father was named her moan and it was felt like this, not a GRN man like Herman Munster but AGR MON like Mount Herman and Herman is a sanctuary. So we go from how close as we go from that place of the refinery of sheer to her moan.

This place of the sanctuary being set apart, and like oh my goodness how fun is that on our on our honeymoon and then it gets even more cryptic.

That's our next two stops on her honeymoon is like oh my goodness. So then he says from the lion's den, and from the mountains of the leopards so there you have some questions that you get to be aware that I get to deal with, like, do you think that these Lions bends are, and I'm sure that John Albert would tell you that we are in a battle against, and in Matthew Henry sent draft definitely came down the side that this is Satan, and that now that you are married to Christ, you have an enemy and you have an enemy and it is now become a life-and-death thing and he is out to ambush you which is very much with that line. Word looks like in Hebrew and you now have something that you have to reckon with and certainly when Jesus went on his honeymoon.

After he was anointed writing he got a chance to experience this lien. In summary, different ways but there's also another way to think of lien right because Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah, and that word Dan is really spectacular as it has to do with this place of extreme kingdom and power and so you know it's it's it's interesting thing you can you can take on either side of this particular part of our honeymoon and maybe it's both. I don't know but I think it's really really cool that were to make this stop on our honeymoon and then the last is perhaps the most cryptic is the mountain of the leopards and so in a really beautiful we talked about it in an actual last couple episodes that this idea of a mountain is this starting of God's expression, and so here you know God is going to express us in a way of the leopard and the leopard word leopard in Hebrew. If you could translate it. It's like limb. Or the idea of clearer, or purity.

So now that we've had a chance to be at the mountaintop of the refinery.

We now get this idea of the mountains of purity. These leopard mountains and and when you think about a leopard of them adjust to the Majeski of majesty of that even the snow leopard. If you've ever seen that thing you know I've seen on National Geographic there spectacular spectacular animals and so here is this place in the leopard is often in iniquity and image when you see it in the painting or something of life and death to life and death struggle and and so obviously is are we go on this adventure with Jesus like oh my goodness. We are on a life-and-death struggle.

But it's not any longer are life-and-death.

It's it's it's all these people that God has sent us to on this amazing adventure and only ever thought about this but but it's cool to me that Rashi describes this verse as going in exile that the Lord will be with them when they're in Zach exiles anything coming with me from Lebanon from Lebanon. He sang the going out of Israel and you're going into exile is interesting thing I've ever thought about it, but in the book of acts when the church was post to go out and share the love of Jesus, the gospel of all the world, when they didn't do that, 70 A.D., came about in this huge inner dispersion of the Jews throughout the world.

They were exiled in her own way again. But even the disciples were defiled around the world so that the message of God.

Got out. As a result, because they were all sent out into the world and so maybe there's an angle of that is of American Christ like he's gotta get is out and about so that we can show him off. You know, in the mountain tops and down and that in the unit with the leopards. All these different things that we describing here so you know there's all those things to think about when we are on our honeymoon with Jesus but Ike I can help it. Tell you what this looks like as I have so many beautiful examples of my life of people that have gone on this honeymoon to the mountaintop of faith to the place of purification in the in the refinery than the beginning of the refinery to the place of the Mount Herman of the sanctuary and then to the lion's den and then obviously to the mountain of the leopard so I have this friend. His name is Annie Bowersox. He does his ministry called energized ministries and is a ministry of mostly recreational ministry for pastors. Pray for your pastors, you know he wants to be a friend. The pastors who it's difficult to have friends in the congregation because you know they find out anything you're doing. They might no go bad for you in the church and so here he has this unbelievable ministry and I've known them for years and years and years, but I have known him to always be this person that when he has some instruction for God. He goes on that honeymoon.

In other words, he goes to that place of faith.

He goes to that place of the great refinery and and and the purity that that's made him and that ministry of his.

It's just unbelievable like right this very minute.

I know Andy is in Kentucky looking for people that are in floods. Churches that need to be rescued. Last year he was there with the tornado victory. Victims finding money to put a roof on a church he's always doing something amazing.

I got it does tell you this one story that to me is like man I just can't believe it. So he he.

When I first met him as kind of a broken builder who wanted to start this ministry and it seemed kinda crazy to me that he was a recreational ministry to pastors but nonetheless God used it in and it was growing and he was raising money to go out and do these things for pastors because it really was his heart, and even really really really loves pastors and he really mean he he stands for them in the gap in summary different ways takes these guys places dozen ventures with them actually kind of.

He has his own mountaintop retreat anyway.

He was raising money for his ministry and some are another. He landed Matt mar to do a benefit concert friend. I understand that ma'am are you know Lord, I need to that song. I mean this guy. It was a major is a major major name obviously draw if you want to do a benefit concert and he got them right.

It is church in High Point spectacular and he called me and asked me to be the MC for this event and wow I mean you can imagine the love offering that there were and get for his ministry was gonna be huge. And what what a wonderful opportunity for energized ministries to have the have Matt mar do this benefit concert here comes the mountaintop expected so the day of the concert and he calls me right I'm MC Rob you need to tell you that the Lord is put it on my heart that there is is pastor, that was a biker church.

I think in Trinity anyway to have a horrible accident and he was in the hospital and tons of medical bills and their even having to teach him his memory again.

They didn't know if you get every B and reinstalled his ministry and he said Robbie it is for like the Lord put on my heart to give the offering tonight every thing that goes. As I recall, to this pastor and select what I mean. This is his operating budget is work so hard to get any got Matt mar in all this and now he is going to buy faith give this all to this needy pastor like oh my goodness I come in alike and so that night.

If I'm not in on again my memory is been a number of years ago. I think they raise $20,000 right and and and he was in a little bit glad about giving that money to that pastor he was.

He was couldn't be more and more and more excited I could probably tell you 10 or 15 more Annie Bowersox stories diseased as well as people that God gives them something and he goes to the mountain. I mean he he goes up there to get a good view and he goes on this honeymoon with Jesus because he will take you out of your comfort zone. He will take you on adventures that are just absolutely unbelievable home, but it requires faith requires a trip to the amen mountain. It requires that faith requires the refiling of sheer and it requires the sanctuary vermin.

It certainly requires the dandelions and the mountain of the leopard. Oh, and for him to hear for us to hear all your my spouse, Lord, I pray that all of us will hear that

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