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Song of Solomon 4:12 - Hunka Hunka of Burning Love

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 19, 2022 10:06 am

Song of Solomon 4:12 - Hunka Hunka of Burning Love

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 19, 2022 10:06 am

Song of Songs 4:12 A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.

The Garden of the church here is in full bloom and behind the locks and seals is a raging storm of love and fountains of delight all unlocked in the Hebrew here...


This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is so today's episode I'm all a hunk of a hunk of burning love the Holy Spirit just kind of hit me with that as I get done you know contemplating this idea of a spring shut up and so this idea of the Lombard verse of the fourth chapter of the song of Solomon, a garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse, a spring shut up and a fountain sealed.

And so as I thought about this and really bad and pondered it inside and thought about it I mean it was just it was really amazing thing that when you think about really valuable things in your life you lock him up right you keep them behind us some type of vault, if at all possible right that the more valuable it is, the more you try to keep that locked up which is exactly what we have here is this idea of two locks and a seal so obviously what this is is extremely precious and I have to say that at that Elvis help me out. I guess her close to his birthday because again that that word is translated spring there really had me going because I just couldn't seem to, as I we talked about yesterday's episode.

I just couldn't understand how they you know everybody seemed to have translated spring but I see spring and that word at all because it is a gimbal and alarm. It and the idea of give Mohammed is the idea of rolling because you know when Gil dolled of the stone was rolled let you know when to roll away your reproach and contempt I could says in the hundred 19 sound like Jesus.

The stone was rolled away while the idea of rolling is like waves like your heart beats in waves and so that ideal of the La. It is this like wave and so the more I studied it and the more I thought about it and then I came to this and this 42nd Solomon verse seven it says deep calls to deep that the noise of I waterspouts and all thy waves and my billows have gone over me. Well, that word billows right there. That is this word, that word billows and so this is a storm.

This is a rolling storm and so as you begin to think about that. I mean, you can't help but see that this is somebody describing the love process and so I mean they are rolling under the sheets. I mean, from my standpoint this garden of delights is in full bloom and so let's get this party started right by me.

This is how the church rolls under the seat right literally and I know that sounds awkward but is so true, so true that that the passion that is involved. Here Jesus is not going to spit you out of his mouth that this is locked up, enclosed and very intimate and hidden, but by the same token, don't miss out on the fact that this is rock 'n' roll on me. Mrs. this is passionate passionate love right here and so these billows is waves of you know, for anybody that understands the human body knows that all these things happen in ways maybe you had waves of pain at time in your life or waves you know of other things but obviously in the lovemaking process. There are billows and this is a storm and so you know, a hunk of burning love kinda describes what it is that is all locked up here and again you know this. This is a very passionate church that deeply deeply loves its room and so when you think about where that starts right.

He says you know that you are a card and enclosed with that idea of a garden is is is around every corner and she lived in the walking and gardens and I do is some new surprise some new delight ride.

Maybe it's a maybe it's a bright orange mushroom that is grown up and looks huge, as all of those yesterday or maybe it's a blue Deco or the lizard that skink that's coming out of the or or you know a beautiful songbird that's that's in the garden and the words or something around every corner that just an absolute delight. And of course it's enclosed. Of course it's like that because it is so full of delights, which is what Jesus is describing and then owe it billows okay. It's this is a this is a full passionate storm that is going on in here of love as this this give Mohammed is this great you nudged that the demo begins the word great because it has to do with this a tremendous thing and so here's this tremendous wave feminist tremendous Belleau that's going on, and so you get the picture of you know the passion that's involved in that and then you get to that last word where he talks about a fountain sealed. Any changes the way that it's locked the other. The others are locked up behind sort of a deadbolt type a lot, but here we got a seal in this field is described here is the seal that you did like in the book of revelations can be several seals in other words, this is sealed because this is something that you know it's kind of for your eyes only Jesus, it just is sealed in this fountain is described here is the same fountain that Solomon described in Robert Drive 16 where he is talking to the guy about not gone to the wayward warming and let Ms. fountain be in the streets in the all that stuff right. Read Proverbs 516.

That's the fountain is talking about and that fountain is quite clearly has to do with procreation. It has to do with making babies here okay and the woman is just as involved and that is the man from the standpoint of fountain and what a beautiful thing.

What an amazing thing.

Really when you when you let the awkwardness go for a minute and realize what a beautiful, lovely, passionate ecstasy that all that is and all I can say is he a God, right because is assisted to beginning this meant I mean this this that the church behind closed doors, sealed and and in its proper bedroom is the ultimate lover it, it just is. Why, because it has complete faith in the groom complete faith.

You know there was talk about oaks by you know that the stream and that what you from the first. Solomon is mentioned in Isaiah, but yesterday I was I was on my walk through Mike garden Montville and there was this gigantic beach tree that was thereby the little brook that runs through their and and this thing and I don't know. It might've been 10 feet around.

It was huge it was gigantic and its branches went way up and I thought about it that it it was so it's rude to gone so deep into that water that it was just this documentary admin just was able to grow to unbelievable heights.

As a result of having the living water that it needed so readily available because it's roots. It's on so down deep into this little brook. I mean, it was absolutely beautiful picture of what this is that as we take our garden of delights and we sink it down into just absolute faith and trust in Jesus, like oh my goodness, are we going to bloom. Are we going to open up and we are going to be a we are going to be this enough for lack of a better word to submit just this billows of of love of of of in order to be fruitful that others might come into the same garden and an extreme in exchange those those same ideas of the billows in the fountains and all that's involved in this close garden wreck.

That's the idea of love as we get light as a result of that. Another words, new babies are made, and as those babies come we bring the light into the world and so of course it's a spectacular passionate thing and so I you know III feel like the Holy Spirit is really shown me something in this garden enclosed in this idea of the billow that has been in a deadbolt. It and the fountain you know that is sealed for such a time to create life like it's never been made, and I thank you so much for list and how fun is that

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