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Blow North Wind

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 27, 2022 3:30 pm

Blow North Wind

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 27, 2022 3:30 pm

Today, Robby broadcasts live from Morning Star Church in Fort Mill South Carolina. As part of the Man Up conference we learn how even though the north wind can blow our lives in many directions we should let that show what God has done within us.


Hi there Dr. John White Webb, MD's chief medical officer in host of the spotlight on series from our help discover podcast in this special episode brought to you by UCB you'll hear why the color of your skin might impact how your diagnosed and treated for psoriasis letter wasn't about killing myself but more so like a spiritual death like killing the different parts of me that would not allow myself to truly live an authentic life because of psoriasis.

And so it was so many people touched by the blog that they had sent it to the national psoriasis foundation. So a couple of the employees there at the time had messaged me and they're like oh my gosh we love your letter, we want you to come to a volunteer conference and so that very next year.

I was at my first national psoriasis foundation conference. Listen to health discovered on the iHeartRadio app wherever you get your podcasts. This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network by radio show live today. How fun is that we are alive today from MorningStar and while what is MorningStar you could find out a lot about that day on the Christian Car Guy show as well as we are at the man up conference with Margaret from acute cold loft and many from North from MorningStar church and we got some really special guests here with you. I gotta tell you, I'm just absolutely blown away that I have absolute honor of sitting across from Nick Poppa Nick love and Nick was essentially an headman at Aston Martin. Can you believe that I'm in the manufacture of the famous car the James Bond drove in his story is just absolutely remarkable and now he's here actually on the board it MorningStar and I got to meet him and talk with him an amazing man is up and we just Sharon and I was also John Carroll, John Michael and that Nick so good to have you serve.

Thank you think that a beaker and you were born in Athens right as I was.

And his family was in shipping unbelievably for generations from 1800s and you know when you hear the story of how he was just miraculously installed at Aston Martin and then how God used that you can hear the north wind blow at night also with me is Jeff Carol who is at the north wind blown his life a little bit of season radio guy yeah amen I am a fellow radio got it at a young age just you know love radio always loved it. It's an honor to be here and so cool I got to meet him here and he is with the Army rising group with MorningStar's church there there men's group and so, as you heard the unchurched day. I want to tell you that that song I called when Mariah is a miraculous thing in my own life.

That's my daughter's name because it kinda came from that song. His mother daughter's name is test and so she wanted to name this child that we weren't supposed to have because I had cancer.

Mariah and so we found out later that the word Mariah that that's Mount Moriah, the Lord will provide an and so there, the wind would blow and provide the daughter that is like just miraculous in our lives and so then you heard right.

This theme song actually from frozen to which is called always found, but I love that line and really just think about it and says when all is lost in all is found wide how does that make sense well I hope we can make sense as we go through this idea of the north wind. And then of course with the storm raged on your to see the storms of got everything to do that.

So, as always, the Christian Car Guy show is brought to you by Hebrew letter in today's Hebrew letter is the Hebrew letter none in the letter. None if you were to look at it looks like a little plant to sprawl and up it just it just was planted in good soil because it has everything to do with the idea of faith. And if you have faith, then you will bear good fruit you will you will be in the fine and only go so you understand why I chose that letter as it has to do with the word no.

Did you know that that when you hear know I hear the sound at the beginning and now it is grace spelled backwards in Hebrew so it's and none in the hat and that idea of faith ends up with union with Christ, and so that's kind of important because where I'm going with this whole show today and appreciate so much guys listen. Today is in the song of Solomon in the fourth chapter.

You don't hear this. This is the song of songs, which is Solomon. It is Jesus is going to describe his church in 14 verses and in the first verse he says behold, thou art fair, my love behold are very trying to give you a vision help you see something report repeats it twice, because not only wants your eyes to see it. He wants your heart to see how beautiful he sees you not only so that you understand your beauty but so that you can work more towards being more beautiful. Chapter 15 verses of talk about how smoking hot. The bride of Christ is amigos 15 verses which which essentially culminates with these verses by plants or an orchard of pomegranates. Actually, you could translated it's a paradise of pomegranates and pleasant fruits, Tyrants, partnered spikenard and spikenard in saffron calamus and cinnamon, and with all trees of frankincense murder in aloes with all the chief spices, a fountain of gardens, a well of living waters, and streams from Lebanon.

Now, after Jesus just goes through that tremendous explanation of how beautiful we are is his church. What is the only thing that we have in the first that the bride responds with this blows my mind. Think about what she says she her next words out of her mouth are awake north wind. That's exactly what she says she she then says blow Southwind but the idea is income that right.

The spices there of my garden would flow out. The idea being that as the north wind, which is always the idea of adversity right that things are going to really group it has to do with the north wind on your left if you're facing east and the Trileptal for the enemies always came from the company or from a weak side and so as as that enemy is approaching right the bride knowing that she has faith in God. You see, because of her face. She says bring it bring the north wind because with the north wind will blow our graces amongst those who know me well know that I had was diagnosed in 1996 with killer cell lymphoma. Only three people. It had it. From what I understand of the country and those didn't lived for three months and I was a baby Christian III been in the faith, maybe two years and I was working at the dealership.

There is a general manager and I had these tumors. All of my body that were in my skin, and you could see them all over me I look like Gerald and I was back in my office and a pastor there in Winston-Salem by the name Richard little came by and he said God spoke to me today and said there was a man here that needs to be healed to know who and of course my finance manager Celeste of the Robbie sit back and his office.

He has lymphoma and were all worried about him and you know it looks tragic so here comes this little man in his low man in a course. I don't know much about being a Christian. I certainly had never been a Pentecostal church were heading idea of of the idea of anointing with oil or laying hands on somebody, so this'll duty comes in a poor soil in my head and I was like okay that's okay I'm not saying that I had the faith to be healed in English. I knew that I was in deep trouble. I knew this man wanted to pray for me on my good, that's wonderful. I know that God apparently told him to pray for me that's even better.

So whatever he's doing this to be good so this was on a Friday afternoon story, absolutely. It's in the book of my divine miracles and been published all over the place that I had to resort all over me on Friday and Monday.

It was supposed to start my first therapy treatment and although I probably had hundred and 5200 tumors in my skin on Friday.

On Monday I was clean as a whistle, you couldn't even tell they'd ever been there and when the bond when they did the biopsy to see what was going on.

The report from the: the pathology report was that the cancer returned on itself and eight it's well while or in other words, God did something like amazing well. As a result, all these people all of a sudden wanted to hear my testimony right and due to the north wind blowing in my life right all these people wanted me to come talk and and again I was not known to be a public speaker and an God open the door for me to share that story because the north wind had blown although I wasn't the bride that was here and said okay come on so as I tell that story and you think about that. Wow, it was the worst of times it was the best of times. How does that play out in your life and I would love for you to call in today. It's a little awkward because my producers didn't have to text me when she gets a call but we watched a call at 866348788486634 and tell us your story. When did God do that in your life and we come back you hear this amazing story about aftermarket and find out more about MorningStar the man up conference with you to go off and course you talk about and adjust story selection stated you're listening to the Truth Network and the blow Northwind is the name of our show today on the Christian Car Guy show we are live from MorningStar church amazing amazing facility here in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and with this we have really Nick Poppa Nicklaus who was the former chairman of Aston Martin and what a story that is and were talking about how in your life to the Northwind below and as a result, people got to see Jesus in you.

He's your faith signed an interest in doing so it's kinda interesting as the wind blows pollen so your faith is blown about by the Northwind sometimes at and that that great that faith can then spread is that that is it hits good soil, it it can take root and in other people come believe stronger as a result of your store so as always, if you've heard the stories on the Christian Car Guy show man. I can tell you that they forever make my day so I need to call 866-348-7884 your story. You are the stars of the show, 866-348-7884. Who knows across the country who might be encouraged by how the Northwind blue on your garden and how God used that in other people's lives are one of those stories we have in front of us is Nick story so Nick was in shipping and unfortunately, very fortunately I shouldn't say but unfortunately for Aston Martin. They were in bad trouble right they were being run by a couple of British men that were rented in the ditch. Yes, this was in the early 80s and by 1980 the end of 1982. Basically, the labor force for all artisans because the car was completely handbuilt. There was no regional automated production line so they had to mold the from Brickner starting with rectangular pieces of aluminum that they've mold the whole car by hand. And so with the labor force walked off and the factory had basically shut down by December 1982 and I had been involved with him from starting from three years before that by buying into the US distributor which was owned by the two English guys who own the factory and sold by December 1982 I was already the through the holding company of mine was the 100% owner of the US distributor and I also owned a 10% share of the of the factory and then the factory closed down so arguably my US this distributorship investment had gone to zero because I can get in cars to sell all over America and at that point, one of the two British guys that owned the factory. Each one of them own 45% was having trouble with his other business which was the PM oil products. The distribution business is a guy by the name of Victor gauntlet of a British rather arrogant and so she came to me and he asked if I would be interested to buy his 45% share of the factory and so we did that deal in December 1982, at which point I was now the 55% shareholder of Aston Martin and at which point I went in his CO with admission to really make this investment worthwhile and we did think tank. Thanks be to God within the first 12 months after we took over that factory had opened. We had double production and we went from a a loss that they had had a 1.4 million pounds during their last 12 months to a profit of 1.1 million pounds that I love the line here and I love the story of how you did that right because you called that that that Mr. gauntlet which was aptly named tonight to New York and engineer relate that story of what happened in those discussions. Will you know he, having lost his other business was asking me to retain him as CEO of the company. I repeat, I was.

I went in his CO and so I asked him to come to New York to meet with me and when he came out first meeting I said will explain to me why did the labor force work off and so he said well they they they asked for a big salary increase that we could not get them in*how much was the salary increase that they asked for and he said oh I don't know 25% and I said okay and when was the last time that they had a salary increase and that's where the arrogance to come out and he said well 00 I don't know she's had five, six years ago so you know I'm thinking what's 25% divided into five or six years is for 5% a year. You know it's it's not something that you shut down the factory over especially when you're selling the most expensive garden in the world and so and then I said to him I said okay if you gave everything that they asked for the labor force that 25% increase 25, 26%.

What would the consequent increase in the cost of each car be Aston Martin was making four models at the time of the top-of-the-line was a four-door car which was the gondola and then the words was the Aston Martin Vantage which was the high performance Street production car and then there was a convertible and then there was a basic car and so amazingly when asking that question. He said I don't know. And so I was sitting there thinking so you shut down the factory because you didn't want to give a 25% increase after not giving them an increase for five or six years and you don't even know what the cost. The increased cost per car is coming. That is a model of Miss management and so I said to him I said that Victor go back to hotel put all the figures together and come back tomorrow morning and let me know what the consequent increase in cost for each one of the four models is going to be and so he comes back the next morning and by the well preface this by saying that the for example, the top-of-the-line model which were the gondola. Me being the distributor I knew that we were sailing at $450,000 at retail.

But it was costing us $75,000.

Wow. So unfortunately we got him a break to hear that music that you can see that there might've been some room for some increase the wait till you hear the rest of the story. And of course how God views this is really help a lot of folks.

A lot of folks but we will be right back with lots more Christian car only got one call lined up in Raleigh and we would love for your call 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and will Mariah let the north wind blow today on the Christian car guys show and we've got a wonderful wonderful set up here at MorningStar like one of facility you have to see it and it when you look at it is actually a picture of the Northwind because those are familiar with Jim and Tammy Baker story. The north wind certainly did blow in Fort Mill, South Carolina, but to see what it is a from what I understand in my right neck. There are over 20 churches in this area that used to be heritage USA yeah there are MorningStar I think if you look at it worldwide in the in MorningStar there are more than 10,000 pastors each one of them has a congregation so you can imagine the size of all my goodness he I and when you think about this facility like oh my goodness and and they have all sorts of people living here and is just gigantic mother's people that live here is Jeff yeah and it is absolutely beautiful really get into that. The minute we get a finished mix story. When we left those people at that Aston Martin, there's a big labor dispute, we gotta get into that.

But before we do that we got a collar in Raleigh and I would love to hear your stories so collar what you got for us hello Ron you're on the Christian car as sugar morning good morning dear. Here are the first caller so you just go ahead and tell us your story. What a miracle. MorningStar only hopefully help now.

Some people out there only while 15 Q about drug and alcohol court. I learned Joyce feel like he's more well for a kick.

Allow me was that I'm interested I'm sorry had a car accident. Many car active in many motorcycle wreck over the years that I know way I lost many friends along the way from other motorcycle and call back. So what was it that actually happens and you kinda take us back to that moment where he went from dark to light all long line on that I realized now.

And because I knew yeah I realized the other night I felt I did not my and I went back to what I thought.

Now I understand we don't we all.

To some extent it suites is that while God bless you. I'm so grateful for your call and sheer testimony or courage to call in the day is beautiful. Now why didn't you try thank you all and banging and I wrote that out. I don't want my life so will have to write it not all you know that's right that's right my friend Bob Young is my Christian junkyard guy says it this way because he too was involved in drugs and alcohol. At one point time asking to teach a Sunday school class and he thought he was disqualified, but what he figured out was what he what made him disqualified actually made him uniquely qualified to write that that that that happens with thank you so much for calling and God bless. Have a great day.

Thank you.


So we gotta pick up the labor crisis at Aston Martin and you had sent Mr. Gottman how are back to his hotel to figure out how much the cost was per vehicle to increase if they were to get this 25% increase. Nixon tapes and take it from there yet so you know it was incredible. Of course it had not gone to that calculation himself when he was CEO of Aston Martin but nonetheless I sent him home and as I was saying before we we took a break. I knew as the US this distributor that we were importing the Le Grand at the time that a landed cost of right around $75,000 and we were retailing at 450 and so anyway he came back the next day and he had the figures for each one of our four models and I remember that the figure which was the incremental cost to us if we acceded to the labors demands to be $637 a car and out, and this is why I give all the credit to God because it's not that I was you know some genius that came in and redesigned the factory and how to produce the car no, all I needed to do where God put me was to be decent and to have some common sense, decent to my fellow man and have some common sense was all that was required of me and so you know it was a it was a handset hands-down decision an easy decision in we went on down through the list of each one of our four models and I remember them for the basic model the incremental costs were something like $300.

So at that point I told him I said look, here, here are my instructions to you. I said I want to go back to hotel.

No, I want you to pull the leaders of the labor force and set up a meeting with them for tomorrow afternoon at the factory.

The factory at the time was in Buckinghamshire in a place called Newport Bagnall is I want to go back: and meet with him tomorrow afternoon at the meeting.

I want you to tell them that the new owners have acceded to all their demands and there again. You know you so that British class arrogance because he said but I couldn't possibly do that in a civil why not and he said because that would be a tremendous loss of face and I said well Victor, it's either loss of face for you or I'm gonna find another CO and so he agreed and I said and I've got a second instruction and he said what sent them a set I want you to gear up the factory to double production and he said we couldn't sell the concert we have and how you can assail double the production and I said yes but you made a strategic error is that you focused on Arab princes and there are only so many Arab princes of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. We are going to focus on the American market and so she went back and he did that. We started an advertising campaign in America with the high-end print magazines like Town & Country and we would run a whole page ad and that would be to beautiful mansions that we we we shot it somewhere in the suburbs of Chicago and that would be a beautiful hedge dividing the two properties and so the guy on the left in the print ad would be parting the leaves of the branches of the hedge to peer into his set neighbors in the driveway and the neighbors driveway. Of course it was a brand-new Esther Martin and underneath in big letters. The ad said the moralize that I neighbor and so it bliss. It may not appear of a Christian, but it was it was a very catchy advertising campaign and the result was that we actually double production.

When we sold everything that we produced and so we turned the factory from a loss under the two British guys to profit within the first 12 months of we took it over and again I repeat you as I think back on the experience. It was that it was of course of a happy experience for me but it wasn't that I was a genius or some dynamo or anything like that.

I really feel God put me into that position. All I have to do was to be decent and have some common sense and a course to workers and they were very happy and you know who actually that you know the final fundamental part of any company is the people and and wow is beautiful is a beautiful story. We've got more about MorningStar reports getting to man up conference for Jeff sort of event with all that and hopefully your calls 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and hello Northwind today on the day and were excited as we can because we are at MorningStar's facility here in Fort Mill, South Carolina with Nikita cholos man up conference. Okay, it's been absolutely spectacular.

For those of us have been here last night we had a amazing international evangelist by name of Frank Shelton and talking about manning up in the Northwind.

He describes something I never heard the story better than I want my listeners to hear it because it's so neat. He described the Eagle and I never knew this, but the ego is the only bird that can look at the sun is not affected, Google map. This morning I found out that the Eagles according to legend hold their young chicks up to the sun and if they don't keep looking at the sun and they turn away. They kick him out of it out of the nest, so they gotta be able to look to the sun so this ego. This atheist was studying Eagles and he saw this ego get attacked by a hawk in a falcon and all these other birds came after the Siegel and when these other birds attacked this ego. What it did, clearly outnumbered and should have been wiped out.

It flew straight for the sun and is it flew straight for the sun. You can imagine that for the other birds in order to see the Eagle. They would be fighting that side of the sun which would burn their eyes but the Line is you think about that picture.

And the idea of the Northwind is that we as Christians are the only ones who get to get close to Christ. In other words, when you go to.

That's that sacred place.

The secret place in the stairs you can look at Jesus, and you can look them in the eye like Moses can. You can go to the throne of grace. And when you go there is no demon can follow you. No demon can follow you because what they can look into the sun, they can't look into the sun and and and pastor Rick Joyner said this in an earlier session. He said if you're struggling. We now one of the problems is you've lost your somebodies moved away from Christ because in his presence is fullness of joy in his right hand the way are pleasures for evermore, which is in Southland and so that idea of manning up right is come on Northwind bring it, bring it because Jesus is going to take what was evil and and he's going to use it for good and and we seen it so much here and I also Nick since I've got you here and you. You've been along the journey on it with MorningStar, what would you share with a listers that they may not know about MorningStar.

Oh, I'm happy to answer that, but if I could add with your permission. Something about the baldheaded Eagle league, which allowed people don't know is that the founders when they were trying to figure out what the symbol of the new Republic was going to be the new America pretty soon they settled on on the Eagle as a species, you know, for obvious reasons, but then they had to pick from the various sub species within the Eagle family which one it was going to be in one of the reasons they settled on the baldheaded Eagle is because they said it has no semblance of a crown on its head while that was one of the reasons well so I thought I'd add that this beautiful tutu to what you said no as to MorningStar II have the privilege of the honor to sit on its board and by being on sport for quite a few years and it is an incredible ministry. It took over this this campus which used was developed by by Jim Baker and of course it was completely dilapidated. That was about 20 years ago and I remember coming into this building that where we are right now when there were no electric wires hanging out of the ceiling and there was. There were places inside this building where there were internal rains so you'd be walking down here on Main Street. And over there, you'd see in the rain what's going there.

Yeah, it was incredible so so the ministry is to just on by God's grace is an incredible job of revitalizing this place and it's not community. This particular facility here used to have 500 hotel rooms and it was the main hotel now has something like 250 because a number of the apartments at actually the rules have been converted into apartments and their full time residence here. It's called a heritage community, and I have the privilege of being one of those and so what they did is they took in some cases to former bedrooms and some of the cases free-form in bedrooms and made them into a sort of have a nice one bedroom apartment with a kitchen and so forth and but more importantly, the fee that the preaching teaching that takes you to place here. The various programs that they have the worship music and of the different orchestras in all bands that exist here etc. is it's a very, very rich, spiritually rich environment and every time I come up here I die I live in Florida but every time I come up here. I get completely recharged this.

How lucky am I that I Got to be here. The David here is like wow I am so grateful one of those people that live here is Jeff Carol Ryan and Jeff was in radio in Los Angeles right you were syndicated. Yeah, sort of regular market talkshow host yeah and so will your story will have a lot of time but yes you could give us the elevator version is amazing how God orchestrates things and it's a blessing to be here in his honor to be here. You guys here today map conferences and amazing my journey. Basically when I was a little boy kind of in a nutshell, there's two things I love cars will collect hot wheels are a good guy. Yeah, this very young age and you can win it like some going to school and my brother went to our call Art Center College of design in Pasadena my brother is in heaven but was world renowned Peter has worked in the Guggenheim and whatnot but anyway I was just younger brother. I would go charts and of cause design.

I walked in there and I saw these beautiful concepts. These designs of the futuristic cars I thought to myself. I love to do automotive design so and then the but there's also the part of me where I loved the idea of radio listening to top 40 radio back in the in the 70s, and that utilizing the act yet exactly over here for a JJ site up with that in the music and the excitement living in, so I was somewhat high school when I was in college I said I was looking automotive design is looking at radios kind of torn and so I did. I took a automotive design class or a art class and the instructor was kind not. I wasn't feeling it and I took a broadcasting class by I remember this teacher. To this day. He was a big inspiration my life name is Al Miller and he he took me under his wing and even encouraged me. So from there I went to Columbia school of broadcasting and I learned a valuable word while I was going to Columbia called internship and I got internship at a rate of station Los Angeles compound six is a number one station in Los Angeles at the time and so I that was where I learned the business of broadcasting learned in a street promotion.

I learned life events, things like that.

How to get people to listen longer rightly on those terms but the keyword was. I was. I remember praying in this before I got say that I was praying right right right.

Lord you know if if if you develop my career and had this this vision be driving down PCH through a tunnel sports because I'll do anything for a large right so I was able to parlay that into working really hard in an international basis. I've got Jeff right here were vomiting in pursuit for those here or on the Truth Network will be able to hear that here in a minute.

For those others, you can always good NMI podcast Christian Carter enlisted Jeff podcast and I want to remind you that all those verses we talked about the song of Solomon or my daily podcast, which is all their Christian Carter as well as all sorts information about the key to co-op shows and all their Christian and and and of course I want to thank Chris Nick for being with us today would honor Sir to have you here and really a car guy. One of the few I've ever had a chance to interview actually is a car guy from my point of view, which is little unusual that he is

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